Do Sanjin Labai Xiaoding (Shoji).

The Guardians describe the principles of the Collection as such. The three-legged artifact does indeed resemble that of the Collection (Colder). There is also the expression Dai Ding, as there is Xiaoding, which refers to a larger gathering of "groups" … "collections (colders)". With this great ding, the race is sunny and recognized as one or more of the great tribes.

There is a woman in front of us who is the cause of the Valley Country gaining this Collection.

"... um, I didn't know to bake apples like this"

"... ham, it's pretty good to do!

"... hello"

Pushed by the pressure of her two first daughters, it is Pinjeroy Salier who is holding herself back.

She was the daughter who succeeded the head of the Bagna village lord family.

When she first rushed into the valley, Porek, who greeted her, immediately came to reward her by mistake of being the edge of Kai. Since it was the moment opposite Kai that I found him to be a total stranger, Sallier could be said to have been quite fortunate.

He is the lord of a stuck and bottomless village of management. There were no negotiating bills (cards) with her, and she was still determined to seek refuge in the king of the valley by offering herself, her daughter of her age. Therefore, there was no stray in the action.

Sallier was not the daughter that she was extraordinarily beautiful.

The meat on his cheeks has shredded due to daily distress, causing his cheekbones to float. Blushes are noticeable and the skin's blood tone is poor, and the hair has lost its moisture and it is crunchy. It was obviously Salier who was in a tough situation as a woman, but Kai accepted the proposition lightly to the proportions against her, who desperately complained that she would be a concubine, as did the Aruets. It goes without saying, of course, that the indigenous sub-daughters made a scene. Kai's narrow defensive range (strike zone), which is only aimed at women of the same race, would have been their bad luck.

It seems that something like the novelty of an unfamiliar young man could barely have noticed Salier, who was also in tension. She was an understated daughter who would not even go out into public much discreetly, but she did proceed to negotiate once she understood that the other man had a 'magic' of reproductive instinct. It did not take that long to secure its place in the valley as a fourth wife.

The excess food in the valley quickly restored the age-appropriate adoration that Salier inherently had. And her domestic abilities, which had been elevated by years of dowry training, were regarded as a threat by Aruet.

There were many parts of the same household that were unique to the people, and they could easily overshadow the advantages of Aruet, the time spent in the valley.

Aruet and Nirn, who identify themselves as the Second Third Lady, may have increased before to a little god who would easily react to Salieh's little behavior. Not only would it stab the nail if he was too inhuman to get his hands on Salieh before he put his hands on the two, but the tearful effort to stay in the valley and always stick one to Kai continued.

"You're in a lot of trouble too."

"Don't worry too much back there"

"What a woman wants is proof of a strong warrior. I thought I was working, so I wanted to make a baby."

"Ko...... don't be weird. 'Cause I'll be in good shape soon."


Aruet sitting back and grabbing the hem of his clothes said a good thing! I pulled my clothes as I nodded. It is Kai who shudders in any way at the constant drugging and the disobedience of being depressed but preferable.

Most importantly, if the medicine can be used constantly, it will be just as resistant. Kai immediately changed his expression with one sigh.

Nevin, who has been completely treated like a consultant in the valley, will represent the current trends of the pig race in several stone places distributed on the map.

"I'm trying to be busy plowing the fields, but I'm not alarmed. We have quite a few soldiers lying on the border with the people."

"A leading lord of the people has entered a thick land, surrounded and vigilant."

"A new realm has been created to the east more than planned. I guess I didn't even think that stubborn stubbornness or dew would let my little girl step on the community too. You scratched the prey in front of you, and, haha, that guy's cue was ringing in a weird voice!

I didn't mean it like that.

"I know. I guess that means that she had a lot of decisiveness."

The night of the round of talks where the 'Guardians' gathered.

The 'Guardian' Urban pressed for one verdict, and a group of my sheltering pigs gained the freedom to cut off the territory of the people occupying the marginal soil. Even though the votes were equal, the rule of favouring the opinions of the elderly pushed Urban through.

'Guardians' cannot go against the resolutions taken in the rounds.

The victorious Urban declared the village of Bagna, just waiting to be occupied, to advance with the dawn. It was thought that the Pork (Aug) invasion of the soil was no longer a fait accompli.

The village of Bagna, where the daughter of one of the tribes who succeeded her late father, was a wind lamp for unexpected actions, will be protected.

When the strange meeting of the "Guardians" was dissolved, the other "Guardians", with the exception of Urban, followed each other wanting to see the kingdom of Kai's valley before returning to Negijo. They wanted to see this good view shared by thought, and with Nevin's recommendation, Kai was to hold their welcoming party.

In addition to his hasty preparations, Pinjeroy Salier appeared.

"... who is this guy"

Kai, who had many faces on his mind when he heard of his guests, realized that he was somewhat of a face he had seen in the village of Bagna. but Kai didn't think he knew anyone who had never personally spoken.

A daughter kneeling before the king, knowing that it was unknown to any horsebone, unusually wandered Polek put her hand on a dagger on her waist. If Kai hadn't taken control of it, or her daughter's neck could have been flying.

"I am the head of the village of Bagna. My name is Salier, and I am the head of the Pinheiroy family."

I guess Kai's use of people's language made the conversation possible.

Seeing Kai, who remained silent, she wished, without straying, to enter the valley country of the Pinjeroy family.

"You're human, aren't you? You betray the race."

"... it was at home that I was betrayed. My father was murdered, and now the village is about to be sacrificed to others of the people. Nearly six months after my father died, I also kept waiting to see if I had the king's help. I kept waiting even as the villagers starved to death. And then I realized it was just a silly, thoughtless assumption."

Kai was wearing a dwarf mask then.

It was the same as Kai who had some thoughts about the treatment in the village of Bagna, and when he saw Salier, quietly overflowing with tears as he stared at himself, he understood so much the despair and anger of those sold by his compatriots.

Sallier stopped waiting.

I stopped expecting relief, and thought and acted on my own.

"Sometimes cat tribes come to my village. I heard from him about the kingdom of this valley. And I have come to the great valley to know that there is a king of kindness."

A weak daughter who had just inherited her father's trail came in to divide such a great midnight forest with her life.

It would not have been so difficult to reach the valley now that the various races had begun to settle and many paths were being made in the woods. but still doesn't give reason to doubt the strength of this daughter's determination.


Kai allowed the Pinjeroy family to enter.

I really felt something warm coming through from Salier. With the arrival of 'Return', I put more and more faith in Salier's words.

The country of the valley proclaimed the possession of the village of Bagna. The fact was also recognised by the multiple "guardians" who happened to accompany them, and the feast prepared for them was made a festival of celebrations that embraced a new God as it were.

Tomorrow morning, the pigs (orgs) will be on the move. Whispering feasts ran out. Kai issued a decree, recruiting warriors from the tribes that were coming together under the shelter of the valley, and heading south through the woods. A total of more than 170 cluttered warriors along with dwarves, deer tribes, palm horse (Potro) tribe 20, sweat horse (Caballo) tribe 40, and pig (Shaga) tribe 50 followed Kai in the lead.

Raymay, the head of the Khan Horse (Caballo) clan, claimed to be a pedigree praise, and because Polek endorsed this, Kai, who leads the way, is dressed across Raymay's back.

The subrace had deep-rooted values that strong things grew, and Kai, who was only a man's boy, looked far from those values. Integration with the Khan Horse (Caballo) tribe, which falls into the larger category, has resulted in a beauty worthy of the king of the subrace.

In its arms was held Salier, which was a guide to the village of Bagna. Although she tried to solidify the treatment, Kai did not allow it. Hopefully Salier will be Kai's concubine at the banquet table, and with all the blessings that have been accepted, he must be protected as a man of connection. Kai, like many neighborhood men, firmly believes in what she protects.

Thus Kai and the armies 170 of the valley country completed their journey to the village of Bagna without waiting for the sunrise.

"What! This is stupid!

The pig (Aug) tribe, who had come one day in large numbers as predicted, was to see unfamiliar military flags lined up above the barrier in the village of Bagna. Its obviously a flag of haste...... a round red was painted on the white which brought a great sense of ready-made vision (deja vu) to Kai, but I am already convinced that the chiefs gathered that the red circle represents the valley and life.

The difference between the "Hinomaru" and the "Hinomaru" would be the small diameter of the circle and the small distribution of the crests of each race on the edge of the flag. What the flag means is rather closer to the spirit of the 'Stars and Stripes' than the 'Hinomaru'.

Seeing the cluttered sub-races lying on the walls, Urban moved forward as Urban made a breakthrough as the poisoned Pork (Aug) tribe was bewildered and stuck.

Its cloudy eyes captured Kai, who was arm-wrapped over the walls, and it goes without saying that fierce protests by thought took place very often.

'Guardians' must abide by the decisions taken in the rounds. That is to say that 'guardians' must not dispute with each other first. And no matter how dissatisfied you are with the resolution, it was a clear violation of the resolution for Kai, the same 'guardian', to stick his neck in the matter of the village of Bagna without saying anything.

Thought waves due to immense magic were fierce protests enough to cai and inadvertently block my ears, but just not enough power to overshadow reality.

A few moments ago, the subordinate relationship between Kai and the village of Bagna occurred last night.

Already, Kai was a party to this whole thing.

"... here, my village already"

"... Huh?

Kai laughed a lot at the voices that had fallen out of the mouth of a thousand years old monster.