This was not the case when it came to whether a group of pigs and their ass-held 'guardian' Urban gave up easily the dispute over the affiliation of the village of Bagna.

Rather, they stuck abnormally to the village of Bagna. Because the village was the closest to the subhuman realm of the Great Forest, the "corridor" that connects the country on the North Limit Plain.

The Great Forest, which forms the northern border of the peripheral soil, does not attract creatures to the living. The number of land gods is also sparse. When it becomes a path that can cross its depths, the number decreases a lot, and there are only a few key 'paths'.

The path used by Kai in his quest for the maharajah of the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) is precisely that, and the foggiest forests in the deepest part of the country are only accessible by such major roads. One of the few treadmills that would have to be immediately abandoned if the nearby large clan had to maintain a landmark cloth draped on the branches of giant trees had become a valuable route through the side of the valley country to the village of Bagna.

The village of Bagna was also an essential strategic hub for the vagrant Foss tribe to make their connection to the country secure.

"The village god said he had surrendered..."

"Well, that's the place"

Urban can't back off if he asks what's going on. but something like a code as a 'guardian' self-bound him.

A warrior named Adal, who became the head of Foss Clan 6, a leader of the pig clan who felt that the "guardian" had rubbed against each other, dared to give his name and stand on the arrow.

"Kono Village, We Want Shii"

Adal was one of the orphans of that great great great warrior, Adura... an armored warrior who fought Kai dead. Even the large body of the large pigman species is blessed with rigid muscles.

He slammed a giant iron axe on the ground like a cane and dauntingly distracted himself from his chest.

It was nothing more than a declaration of war against what lives in this world, what eats the weak, and there was no power to hold it back on the Guardian (Urban), who is only a bystander of the times.

Though the same 'guardian', Kai is a close parent of the Pinjeroy family, lord of the village of Bagna, and a party to the conflict of interest. Adal, a pig (org) warrior, figured out Kai as his "protector," and tried to make him look bad.

"The God of this village gave himself to me. Do you want to take mine?"

"Souda! Kono village nai, I lano dead"

"... let's see. What to do, Pinjeroy's daughter"

In the sight of Kai, Salieh fought against my fate, which he could hardly avoid.

My predecessor's father died and the majority of the village men were forced to die in retaliation for betrayal. Farmland, with few cultivators, is abandoned in desolation and is returning to the wilderness in a dry manner. The villagers, who had no choice but to share their scarce grain and grudge their hunger, also fell from the powerless, and ceased to move while resenting their unreliable lords.

The village was facing a crisis of survival. An incompetent lord who does not intend to show either will or ability weakens even the one and only one God of the land.

Until the previous generations, the neighborhood of the Pignoloi family, which indicated "three years of age (tres)", has faded to such an extent that it is no longer discernible as "two years of age (doi)". Probably no match for the Pork (Aug) warrior Adal who shows "Four Years Old (Kwart)."

"... I'd like to help."

Sallier pulled the hem of Kai's clothes hard as she remained gripped.

Though there is sweetness as a woman, it is no different from the schematic whereby the village of Kaito asks the Kaito family for help.

The first collection (Kolder) that occurred in the valley country…… Kai, knowing its privileges, can no longer sit on a pillar called the village of Bagna. As king, Kai accepted the plea.


Clashes between the Pork (Aug) tribe and the valley country will begin.

The Pork (Aug) tribal power counted a total of 3000, but it also included actual old individuals and young children, and it seemed to be about 2000 that would be purely combat power (females are not eligible for asylum).

In addition to the 170 that had been led from the valley, the strength of the country in the Valley was only slightly above 200, even if combined with the potentially warring men and women of the village of Bagna. But there was one in the cluttered camp that caught the attention of a single pig (org).

With the iron axe of the pig tribe given by Kai in one hand, there is a giant body that sweeps around from the walls of the village. It looked like a very large Ash Monkey Man (Makak).

"Monkey Ga, Nazeil"

"Yatsura Valley No Country, Lower Thanoka"

He was Zendl, the previous king of the Grey Monkey Nation.

Even though they are sub-races of different shapes. It would have been roughly impossible to distinguish an individual, but only its white furrows, unique from other Grey Monkey tribes, apparently gave the pigs (orgs) a hint of information.

"Monkey no king species da!

The vigilance spread among the pigs.

To the extent that the "oldest clan", considered a noble species of the Grey Monkey Clan, can be distinguished by its beautiful white hairs, it was also known by the Pork (Aug) clan, which has been hostile for many years.

Zendl, who had lost his place in the country and was about to be picked up by Kai, was just a useless waste of rice eating and sleeping in a nest on a tree revered in the valley. In the valley country, where all the gentle races of the mind gathered, Kai repeatedly spilled Zendle, who was a historical strong man only because of his figure and his powers, and behaved as a tyrant indeed. Now I'm completely timid and stuck in my nest, but I'm forced to drag it out when I use its wasted health.

It was a clear Zendle with dissatisfaction on his face, but that seemed to the pigs to be a warrior of the warrior Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe.

"Kid, give me the East Forest gray monkey now..."

"...? Yeah, I'm just keeping this guy"

"... I'll keep it,"

Kai just answered the facts honestly.

But Urban, who was good at public knowledge, thought. What does it mean to keep your precious royalty in an exotic country?

When a race defeated in battle comes under slavery to escape annihilation, they often offer the king's son to the hostage as collateral for betrayal. And in many cases, the hostages are given shelter together. For the most worthy person in this world is the protection of the Land God itself.

And Zendl had exposed the neighborhood in advance of the battle.

At that time, the pigs were visionary of the tens of thousands of Grey Monkeys, the great tribe in the eastern realm of the Great Forest, behind the armies of Kai and the valley country.

Slightly inferior to pigs as an individual. But the pigs have also suffered greatly from the stone rubble emitted by the monkey arms with their terrible power. Only if it were the Foss tribe, which occupied the eastern realm of the Pig Nation, would it have been possible to have felt an affront to years of hatred.

No matter how powerful a 'guardian' named Kai was, if the Binding Pig (Aug) Nation 2000 could strike as close as Yunxia, it would eventually be able to knock him down. They also know that the "protectors" were unmatched and powerful, but not invincible. It would also have imagined Adal declaring war to the point of facing Kai in front of him without fear of death and crushing him in numbers.

There are no enemies... the logic (proverb) is the same even in the divided Foss clan, which has only 3000 people, and the survival of the clan is at stake when it is avenged by the tens of thousands of Grey Monkeys who have left the kingdom of this valley.

Above all.

The question was how to solve the situation in which the Great Grey Monkey (Makak) forces crowned the eastern part of the sub-racial world were in such a way as to offer royalty to Kai.

Doesn't that point to a more threatening than expected degree of existence called Kai?

"... did you scratch it while it was in the north?"

Urban's grudging whisper reached Kai's ear.

Was it half-minded, Adal didn't realize it.


Urban said.

While watching the pig (org) warrior looking up with cloudy eyes, the monster turned to Kai as he stepped on the giant.

"One strike, please"

"... what, why"

What Kai holds is a broken iron spear that remains borrowed from the Moroccan family. Will it be about 1.5 times longer than Kai's height and weigh 50 pints? Shake it gently and jump from above the fence to the ground.

The long pattern of iron spears was a preparation for the multitude in Kai. He decided to leave the village defense to gestures and challenge the army of single enemies. Honestly, I was prepared that the army of the valley country I brought with me would not be able to return half alive.

And if you're going to win. If you're about to lose, run back before you're wiped out. Fighting the pigs (orgs) was always like that for the people, so there was no strange straying from Kai.

"I was gonna bust them all."

"Let's follow these to the victory and defeat of the one hit of Warrior Adal. We can't reduce these guys for nothing. You're breaking my old man's face."

"Well, I hope so."

Kai nodded, poking more and more iron spears at the ground.

Warrior Adal also slowly moved forward as he breathed as he was prepared. Seeing the face of warrior Adal, Kai remembered a strange sense of vestigial vision. And I saw the black armor in its body, and realized that it belonged to that armored warrior who had once killed each other.

but I won't say anything extra. Perhaps it is his trail that is here, and his nose is turning rough to kill. The red and black neighborhood floating on that surface looks about five years old (synquester) or four years old (kwart).

I guess the God inside is still the same. I felt a sign or smell.

(... you've faded a lot)

Compared to that of the armored warriors who overwhelmed Kai at that time, the divine authority was clearly fading. The fact that Kai is abandoning the land where the cemetery is located and fleeing, rather than devouring the divine cord (Shen), would have also sharpened its power.

The battle between the two, which began quietly, was no longer inclined in the first integration.

When weapons are bounced against each other with full force. In contrast to Adal, the warrior who stomped on his face, Kai was barely even slightly moving.

Warrior Adal ate down.

That's what risked his life to come to the meeting, but he couldn't even put little Kai, the overwhelming soldier, behind him as a step.