"Guardian" is what it takes.

'Guardian' Kai, the king of the valley kingdom, who defeated Adal, the first warrior of the tribe, only by foolish force, was undoubtedly strong. As a child who defeated Adal and stuck an iron rod to the ground, the Pork (Aug) tribe seemed to have forgotten to lay their weapons in the light of the neighborhood.

In contrast to the enemy's quiet return, the families lined up on the village walls were greatly motivated. The pigs (Shaga) and others, who continued to be oppressed by the great northern pigs (Aug), stomped their feet in praise of the king's delicacy with enthusiasm and cried out for a death to the loser.

Many of the Zero Fallen Races, who had been uprooted from their lands and deprived of their dignity, and who had dwelt in the valley country, believed that the insanity of this world, which had brutally forced them to sacrifice, should also descend upon the mighty pig tribe. The pigs (orgs) fought for the land of the village and were defeated. He said that after defeat we should only lose what is equal to what he asked for, because he tried to take the land of others.

In this case, it means taking away 'God'.

Kai, who was poking an iron spear at the warrior he had lowered, went into a move to take away nature and its' divine stones'. The stood pigs screamed in unison at Kai's sleigh as he tried to exercise the rights of the winner.

"Divine usurpation, no"

"Valued Na God"

"Foss, doom bu!

The same was true when we took the stones of armored martial artists.

A race that has been rooted in the land cannot abandon its delusion to the God of the land itself. At the time this warrior showed his willingness to take away 'God', he knew he would be made a rebellion, such as Urban's promise before the war.

Kai looked at Urban. Results should have been visible from the outset, such as a showdown between representative warriors. It was also natural that this millennial monster was interwoven that the outcome of that battle would be trampled by the paranoia of the race.

Its gray cloudy eyes captured Kai and gave him a fussy snort. It was a long time later that I found out that was Urban's sigh.

"You can't give that god back now. If you give God back while he invades the cemetery, the Spirit will be taken away by the 'new breeds'."

"That's convenient for you. If it's the first thing you need to do to restore God, you just have to give him to my family."

"If you inherit God without land, you'll be cursed. Don't you know? Are you prepared to accept that danger?"

A means of countering spiritual thieves.

Kai also knows the horror of being cursed to the cemetery.

"Let's show you another consideration"


"Let me give you a hundred from the tribe. Let's take a hundred 'Divine Stones' as consideration."

Saying something rash and horrible.

I didn't think such conditions would be indicated by Urban, who was supposed to have a stray pig (org) clan, Foss clan ass.

Conditions are, of course, added.

"I'm sorry. I'll decide what I'm offering here. I can't even reproduce it. I'm going to be an old individual, but for that matter, the myelin (shen) should be rich."

Survive young solids at the expense of those near life expectancy that are not very useful for preserving seeds. To the words of Urban, which can be described as cruel, the pigs shout out words of rebellion, but a group of people coming in from the rear pushed them away and threw themselves down to worship Urban. Those were the old ones...... the elders of the tribe and 100 without an old age to be revered.

Urban saw Kai again after talking to them about him in a conversation.

"Together they will gain much more power than the stones of warrior Adal. So why don't you put the spear away?"

Kai also sees and contemplates the personal servants offered.

At the edge of the village fence, there was Nevin trying to see him, and I thought we should talk to him. but Kai shook away his weak heart that I should make up my mind as king.

100 "Divine Stones".

How much good will it do to the future valley country, if they have helped only marginally by feeding them to their families?

Of course, the protection of the valley country remains weak. The inevitable battle will take place somewhere, and only then will their lives be protected by their own power. It was also necessary to gain experience and feed the medulla of the 'Divine Stone'.

but is that it now?

Although we could have won this time because it was somehow a favourable arrangement on the part of the country in the Valley, Kai is also aware that if the killings had normally unfolded, we would have been in a rather painful situation.

I honestly don't know if I stand on the line, the weight of responsible things... there was something paralyzing about the position of the king who drives those who have admired me to the battlefield to death. Even if he fell on the battlefield as one of the miscellaneous soldiers in the village of Rag, it was just the end of an individual named Kai, enough if he was even convinced himself of the irrationality of my death. I couldn't just admit that a world that was so simple had changed dramatically.

(... from now on we shouldn't fight without thinking)

This time there was a strong reason to protect Salier and his land.

I'm glad I was lucky enough (...) to take a ride, but the next thing I know, I might be forced to spill the blood of the things in the valley kingdom all over the earth.

Anyway, the Pork Nation 3000 is nasty.

See the pigs in front of you.

If you turn your gaze properly, you're looking down on this one, the predecessor 'Guardian', Urban figure.

The wisdom of this guy... and the lack of understanding at the bottom.

Getting only a hundred stones doesn't seem very likely that the situation will prevail, etc. Behind my chest, I felt like God had moved.

Kai takes his breath away after inquisiting his thoughts. Reach out to the choices you can believe are best.

"Fuck you. I don't need a 'kamikaze'. Instead, you go back to your nest."

Kai made her gaze stronger as she pushed the words back.

What I looked forward to was a monster named Urban.

"From now on, your mouth will be empty. Quit shielding the pigs."


The gaze poured from Urban cooled.

The pigs also look at Kai like they've lost their words.

"Their precious God will not be lost either. Fuck you. You can live a hundred lives forever. The price is just for you to go home to the nest. What do you say," Suggestions "?"

The word 'suggestion' and so forth came out with his mouth, but without confusion, Kai's soul embraced its intrinsic meaning. I suddenly feel a widening of my horizons like I've gotten smarter. Kings need the wisdom they deserve, and if it is useful whether it is knowledge of unclear provenance, it must be accepted. I thought so.

I found Urban hard to read facial expressions to be awkward.

"Unfortunately, that's unacceptable. They still need a back shield."

"The loser's luxury is different."

"... Shit."

It was a silent Urban along with the obvious tongue-piercing, but it looks like he noticed about the direction Kai wanted the negotiations to take.

What Kai is looking for is to protect the valley and the families under asylum, and to ensure the safety of the village of Bagna, which has just passed through.

Urban is guessing the national circumstances based on the situation of an extremely impoverished army such as the gathering of the valley country. That blown, flying, weak force is about to bark and drag backwards, unfamiliar to the old 'guardian' Urban... he snorted a much more nasal congestion at the current state of affairs, which can be described as hilarious.

You see how emerging nations like this bubble of weak races have enslaved the Grey Monkeys. Guys, the threat should not be ignored... That's what the wise monster decided.

It's the same thing with me that I have these protectors, the vagrant Foss clan. I couldn't have prioritized things differently.

After the tour, Urban chose to make concessions.

"... while Non's eyes are open, he will not let the kingdom of the valley point an axe at him. Let's make them promise not to invade each other's land."

That was a contract that couldn't be different between 'guardians'.

It was the moment when an inviolable covenant was made between the country of the valley and the Pork Foss tribe.

Thus the Pork (Aug) tribe 3000 gave up the Bagna Village offensive and moved east, opposite the Great Forest Herald. Targeting the land adjacent to the forest is inevitable if you want to communicate with your home country, and as a result that triggers the tragedy in the village of Tepe... but there didn't seem to be much to think of the person who pulled it off.

"… it was a superimposed agreement with that group of pigs. That's Lord."

"Looks like they took the pillar or the pillar that took the land god of the people from then on. I heard from Lord Salier that the gods of the villages taken away can be revealed in the gods of 'Tepaelanica', 'Three Years Old (Torres)'"

"It seems that the pigs formed the Collection (Kolder) by taking the end god (Hagami) of" Two Years of Age (Doi) "as a pillar for" Tepaelanica ".

"Oh, yeah," Kai replies heartlessly elsewhere, and those gathered are arguing flourishing as they write new information on the expanded parchment.

There is only one Collection (Kolder) in the valley that says so elsewhere. It's just that the same Collection is barely made up of end gods (grass gods), and it's formed of a war-class god, which seems to be completely different.

There would have been some mood to float in my first victory as a country. Dressed as a bunch of unhappy breeds of womanizers who want to talk about the kingdom of heaven as they please.

Next to Porek, the head of the dwarf, and Neuzen, the elder of the Deer tribe, and Drunk, the head of the pig (Shaga) tribe, who also has brave teeth, are holding their heads together, and Talain, the head of the Palm Horse (Potro) tribe, is swinging the scarlet hyena (freshly), folding her small body smoothly and rowing the boat. Raymay, the head of the Khan Horse (Caballo) clan, is unable to enter the building with its giant size and eats grass outside with a shade of discomfort.

"… seems to be solidifying around."

"It also seems to enter the Shattura Forest plainly and secretly devour the other end gods. Xiaoyi of the Hole Bears and the Grey Monkeys have been kicked around and the Collection (Kolder) appears to be spreading."

"Again, many fruits of the pigs' new realm are due to their hidden privileges (...)"

"That's right, big folk don't fall out."

"Be the soul dare to build your own behind while still refraining from a full confrontation with people. Suppose you're trying to spread it behind your back while pressuring people..."

Something like a map has already been born on parchment.

What they write in it is the connection between the point named 'God of Land' and that point for each force… a collection of lines. That is the true border, he said. I think Kai is blurry that it's like "Mass Eye" in "Strategy Games".

gathered here are the heads of each race that make up the kingdom of the valley. I am also familiar with things about how this world is made up and how it is hidden.

On the other hand, Salier, the representative of the nation's forces, barely had the knowledge of this hand. So I'm sitting in the corner of the rally point, staring at me with my hands shabby. I guess I'm still not used to the atmosphere where all the subraces get together. Perhaps only Kai, who sits on the upper seat, is at the edge of his heart.

Kai, who is not so attracted to Salieh as to be worried by the Aruers, is so uncomfortable.

And that's where the man jumped in.

"Or God!

He was a deer man on the lookout.