The population of the Pork (Aug) tribe 3000 was an overwhelming force in the eastern realm of the soil.

The hegemonic tribe, crowned in the age of man, has passed its peak season, and its prints of fat and fat are dying without blood. The people of the peripheral earth are frightened by the external enemies, who must be said to have invaded their bellies, and still show hesitation in their resistance to life and death. A group of pigs (orgs) swirl slowly at their opponents who are not just alert.

The old village of Tepe, which was eaten from the superficial tribe...... they seemed to have stopped moving to take root in the land of 'Teparanica'...... they were still active in their aggressive actions behind that out of the sight of the people.

As the people of the soil saw them and were frightened, the pigs (orgs) also did not see the people with sweet eyes, etc. The atrocities of the number of the hegemonic 'people' engraved in the blood of the species have all prevented hundreds of years of pigs from entering the South. I've killed countless people, but their countrymen have been crushed just as much. The White Bulls (Blagands) of the West, the Grey Monkeys (Makaku) of the East, and so many more in line were their long-standing enemies.

"First you have to lay the foundations for nation-building."

They obeyed the life of Urban, the 'guardian' who guided his vagrancy.

While some young lions tried to strike at the people who were bloodthirsty and turned their hateful eyes, without arrows or shields, Urban pulled back well and deflected his much wasted vigour in another direction.

The land doesn't have much to gain from just holding down the land god. There are also a limited number of local fruits that can be nourished.

The carnivore of the species Pigman, who stores and tries to fatten up all his flesh in order to become stronger, should no longer be called an industry. It took considerable land benefits to feed and fatten up as many as 3,000 of those people.

The Pork (Aug) tribe was one of the males of the North Limit Plains, on the other side of the Great Forest, inhabited by the Subhumans, but its vast lands were always full of only tens of thousands of its compatriots to feed. Without the excellent daikon and goro potatoes that their ancestors have continued to improve their varieties over the years, they would not have been able to increase their numbers by even half.

You have to squeeze the grace of the land out of God a little more in order to create a series of them that suck up the earth's nourishment in a year. It was only one of the minimal prerequisites for them, such as gaining privileges through the formation of the Collection (Kolder).

"It doesn't matter if it's the end god! Cut as much as you can!

Land gods also exist in the great woods where giant trees thrive, as land gods scatter in the wilderness of the limestone soil.

Forest god's graveyards, which are slightly more neglected than flatlands, are often occupied by smaller tribes that are not large in body because they are less likely to benefit from the land.

The Pork (Aug) tribe first attacked the Hole Bear (Woon) tribe, which crawled out of its nest stimulated by the commotion in the world. When they swam through their scouts and searched for the location of Yi (Mura), they immediately ravaged the land with only a hundred small units.

Although the welcoming Hole Bears sought rescue from the returning Grey Monkey (Makaku) tribe and attempted a retrograde attack... it would be a great mistake to be drawn into the trap of every single Kurpa clan of the Grey Monkey (Makaku). The Krupa clan took 200 brothers and attacked 100 pigs (orgs), but it was the small and easy ones that were the poisonous feeding of the pigs to blur their original dominant forces.

Scattered by tenfold hog soldiers who lay low, the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe fled throwing out their enslaved species in the Great Forest Southwest. Unless it's also about their own land, they don't come desperately down to eating...... for the Foss tribe, who have bordered and continued to fight with the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe, such finesse with them was familiar. Soon a messenger will be set up and the 'extinguishing of fire' of the conflict will take place promptly. It would not have accumulated in the Hole Bears who have continued to contribute to obtaining asylum.

The Hole Bears still had some Yi. The pigs rushed into two more settlements, roughing them up. but this one is already on alert and allows the clan chief with the key land god to flee. One of the reasons why the pigs could hardly extend their power to the Great Forest was their physical movement in the forests with many obstacles, which really did not make the small tribe quicker.

The retrieval of the Land God was painful, but still the legs of the pig tribe did not stop. They head northward through the Great Forest, as they pass through the edges of the eastern forests dominated by the Grey Monkeys. Located halfway between the Grey Monkey Nation area and the Emerging Valley country, the forest near it had several species of small tribes permanently clinging to a weak land god.

Both the Big Ear (Brillah) and Thorn Raccoon (Ispani) tribes were enslaved to the Grey Monkey tribe, as were the Hole Bears. The confusion of the Hole Bears tribe in the South was transmitted, cowardly and weak. They also fled the settlement as soon as possible.

There is always a thin mist around the area, which is already plugged deep into the forest, and the land is also moist and unsuitable for normal cultivation. Step further into the back, and it is already in the fog of milk.

It was them who were surprised by the sudden infiltration of the Pig (Aug) tribe, but they have learned from experience that even after bringing out the Land God safely, they have to endure and wait, and that the land of the Gracious Ruthless is easily abandoned. He lurked in the nearby woods without wasting any resistance or anything, and kept waiting for the outrage to pass, but after a while he realized something was wrong.

The same thing was happening to all the land of the Hole Bears who took God without gaining.

A total of 1,000 or so pig squadrons began to keep small squadrons at each base. Running away was the overriding survival strategy. It was not as if it was a trick to stay and fight in a small village. In each of its bare settlements, the pigs began to build fortifications as robust as they surrounded the graveyard.

That was a manifestation of the pig family's determination not to retreat. The fleeing small tribes ascended to the motion for permanent control of the land. He had just fled without a thing, and was completely taken over by the intact mother house.

All the food that the race was sigging in was also taken away. They served as bait to sneeze the pork people's mouth without leaving a single seed potato behind. The Big Ears were struck 100 tribesmen to kill ten pigs, although they waged a war, and their carcasses were corrupted by the bait without any margin. The Big Ear family, who dropped off the former farewells carried in their luggage as' meat 'with despair, sliced them off to the Grey Monkey tribe, who wouldn't even try to rely on them, and fled west. The Thorn Raccoon (Ispani) tribe followed suit.

They decided to rely on the king of the valley kingdom to be tolerant of the small tribes.

One by one, the weak escape from a strip of forest. The hands of the pigs grow deeper and deeper into the Great Forest so as to make its empty nest.

By driving the small tribes in the woods and taking their land, the dominant areas of the Pig (Aug) Foss tribe will visibly swell up. I let many of the land gods escape, but I took them in well. I also got a few pillars of "sheltered" that I killed. Though lean land inside the forest, the corresponding benefits are created if the conditions are met.

The god of the land makes the Collection (Kolder) with the Ding.

And once the Collection is complete, it becomes a stronger Group (Initiator).

The lush grace immerses the hardened land of the pigs. The cultivated land around the old village of Tepe, which gained visibility and momentum, will be covered with even darker greenery.

This world glorifies strength.

Be a great nation with strength, and be allowed to flock together.

A country with a history in the eastern part of the soil… The Pork Foss tribe was interested.

The old village of Tepe, Kaoru, flooded around the graveyard of 'Teparanica', said it reached the village of Bofoy, a people's territory that separated ten yurds. It was a rich smell of flowers for some, and a cool smell of water by the river for some.

The toddler, who was looking at the view of Tepe far from the shore of the wheat field, made a noise because it smelled like his mother's milk. The soldier around stroked his skin when he felt a sunny fever from the north.

Still, people were still getting high somewhere in their minds, even though they were afraid.

Only one lord's house... only two or three villages have been taken. There's no way we can feed 3,000 giant pigs on just that much land. Somehow excessive grace seems to be evident, but perhaps getting older must also be a critical kitchen circumstance.

Many Lords of the discerning void also said this one could gain more strength over time, thanks to his untidy enemies.

"Big Boo, Yippee big Kii. Potatoes, Don't Spread Building"

"Is it going to be enough to eat?"

"Hatake Shoshi, Foot Linai. Demo taxane takeover. Mori de"

"... a lot, yeah"

"Guardian," Urban nodded again and again as he responded to Fu. He was like a grandfather to his children.

He also lowered the offering arranged before me to the belly-up toddlers, and spoke to Adal, the chief of the tribe, sitting at his feet, like a conversation that was not enough to take "it does not seem necessary to wait until the new year".

"You hunt out the grassroots of the retrieved God and the race. If you don't show up, I don't care, 'curse' me."

"God, weak lu. Loss Srl"

"It's inefficient to drill. of it."

The heads of the six clans that make up the Foss clan, including Adal, are listening to Urban as they listen to a map written out on the ground of the earth.

This handwritten map was made by Urban. In fact it is the witch who serves Urban who paints it with the branches of the tree...... a young woman named Rani. Adal's younger sister, Lani, with the protection of "Two Years Old (Doi)," listened carefully to Urban's remarks.

The map shows the connections between the dots and the lines of the new realm of the tributary countries swollen from the land of "Tepalanica" to the Great Forest and to the north.

Rani listened to him and walked out as if he had been begun.

The figure walks on the map of the ground and sticks the branches of the tree in his hand on the ground at the northernmost point of the print. And ran.

"... connect the roads."

Deep in the Great Forest.

There stands an old forest that sinks into the original mist. The Blank Land of the Land God, where the Brotherhood of the Foss tribe, having lost its place in the country, came over a few months ago with a glimmer of hope (...).

"Now we can call in reinforcements."

Contact with the country blocked by the valley country is restored. That was exactly what the Foss tribe 3000 wished for in their hearts.

The path through the depths of the forest would force considerable difficulty. It is said that there are monsters crawling around in that land without a land god, eating the lost traveler without even a piece of his soul. The way out, which many subraces cut at great sacrifice, has been subtly maintained until future generations.

Their sexual inertia, which did not turn much attention to earlier hardships and so on, rejoiced innocently as children in the sheer light shown.

Watching as he did so, Urban narrowed his eyes. I guess he is undoubtedly merciful of these giant subhumans as my son.

much, Urban brought its long neck and looked up into the sky. What I saw was a southern sky more than the land of 'Tepalanica'.

It was then.


Far away, that's exactly as far away as the lightning rang on the other side.

Suddenly the wind blew. The breeze was a flash, but oddly enough it was blown from those who were not north or south, west or east.

The greenery of the stretching platter deflected greatly so that it could be pressed. The pigs at the same time nodded, trying to hold their heads together.

The wind blew from above.

(... the clouds)

Urban kept looking crumbly at what had happened, as he tried to read some kind of weather.

"Finally, you people..."

The clouds are low.

No, it wasn't the clouds that were low, it was the sky itself.

The sky that was above the people fell.

Kai, who ran out of the assembly center, also saw the sight.

Because it was the edge of a valley at a slightly higher position, or the divine grace of Kai's own valley, in its eyes was a better view of the vast earth without any way being ruled by the people; even the streets of Baltavia, the state capital on the other side of the 1000 yurds, seemed to Kai at this time.

The wind blowing from above deliberately rocked the Valen Cedar Forest.

It was quite a breeze, such as shaking the thick branches of the trees.

(... pull yourself together)

The god of the valley warned clearly.

Something bad happened in people's countries. I also found out about that for Kai, who has little experience as a 'guardian'. It was also something I had just been taught in the first place.

"Heaven has fallen"

If a better king stood, the sky would be higher.

It was a simple story. If the pillar named King, which supported that sky, falls, the roof named Sky falls.

Kai found out that the king was dead.

It's also the death of an unemployed man who remains unprepared for anything, just like his predecessors, Hitoshi Nishi. That's why things spread so suddenly.

One by one, the families gathered around Kai. The enthusiasm in the name of the homecoming they give me wraps my back and calms the feeling that I was about to be disturbed.

"Something happened to people. We need to find out."

"Let's see what we can do."

To Nevin's voice, Kai snapped when asked.

And I also decided to return to my birthplace for the first time in a long time. After they had dropped off the king and the guests, the families moved out to each of them. Even it is a valley country with a small number of inhabitants. Now that the king has moved, let them not waste their time.

In the cabin at the bottom of the valley as time goes by.

Elsa, a woman of the people, Elsa, the king's wife, who had just been sleeping unconsciously, had her eyes open.