The sky is falling.

That terrible natural mutation manifested itself so violently that it was so close to the central king capital of the people.

The sudden hurricane sneezed and scattered like a yarn ball with people trying to escape, knocking down a luggage truck with household belongings like a toy.

The earth was shaken dry and torn apart.

And the walls of the sand tower were crushed, and the trees of a hundred years were knocked down.

In an instant the sand dust that covered the surface swallowed the people's snorts and the toddler's complaint. How many could have moved into a voice for salvation full of alleys?

God save me.

Ancestral Spirit, Great King of the Beginning.

Please protect people.

Much of the 'shelter holding' to protect them has already been debated, and those who have been chased after the land have been exposed indefensibly to the harshness to which this world has been subjected. They could no longer but pray for miracles.

The dust rising in the wind will soon be booked in the world.

The beautiful scenery of the land of the Manchukuo, which reflected the prosperity of one of the world's most prestigious people, was permanently lost to the border, but at this time it would still be the majority of those who did not understand its inhumane reality.

After some time the dust had subsided, people's sights never opened.

And the world was covered in white mist, which gushed, so that it might replace the book of sand.

"Princess, you're safe..."

Looking up at the caring house slaughter, the girl grinned bitterly as she paid for the sand on her body. Spit out the sand that entered your mouth and softly plush up with your sleeves.

"Not really... you're not safe."

My hair, which I used to comb in fat and knit before leaving the castle, is completely flaky and sandy.

I also tore my clothes sleeve when I fell. When I walked outside, I liked it and wore it on the top, but it looked like it was unbroken. In the first place, it is a delicate tailoring that assumes the degree of city walking. Though it was not something that should have been worn on such an uninterrupted 'outing', I didn't see any other clothes that I could possibly use roughly for her holding.

Is this going away in the first place?

I laugh while I laugh.

She abandoned her home many days ago and went on walking day and night in madness to death. That was not something to represent in such light words, etc.

Varma corsarouge floris...... Floris, princess of the public house of Varma, was on its way to procrastinating towards the northern lands.

More than thirty brothers in the Varma family.

Amanda, her mother, the righteous wife, and her daughter, Floris, her sister Fairi, her brother Hachez and her sidekicks. Ten or so other servants whose housekeeper, Sedon, is ordering them to return their fallen luggage.

The luggage loaded with household goods has progressed slowly and the carriage has moved so cursorily.

My mother and my sister, my brother, who have lain down tired, are full of carriages that are not even that spacious. Floris, of a temperamental quality, took the initiative of his own, sometimes with slow progress. Jiazai didn't look good, but he had missed Floris' selfishness on the grounds that the carriage was narrow and that the Brotherhood was surrounding him.

But it seemed that he had finally changed his policy to the pitiful appearance of the princess of his sandy home.

"Please return to the carriage"

"... ok"

Floris, who listens honestly, tries to return to the carriage while paying for the rest of the sand. The carriage, on which the family rides, was also leaning against the shoulder in exposure to the storm, and I saw my sister making noise inside.

It was then that Floris sighed unexpectedly.


He pulled his hand behind him, as he panicked a little.

A housekeeper, always calm, revealed his surprise to the south...... stared at the rear where the Varma Family Brotherhood Party had walked. His eyes were raised to discern, because his vision was covered by thin fog.

At the behest of the housekeepers, all the brothers and party stopped by the shoulders of the carriages, and gave way to those who came from behind.

When it comes to Uncle Varma's house, it is quite a well-known and leading aristocrat in Nakahara. That they gave way unconditionally, because the impending were more swordswallowing arrangements than

Its streets stretching north include countless other refugees. Those who noticed how the Varma family was doing were still fortunate. Those who did not clear the way immediately were speared and relentlessly struck by the wretched human horses who appeared at the exposures.

A warrior wearing a monk's cloth ornament on his characteristic armor was a special soldier who was forbidden… called the Possessed Divine Soldier (Deur). The veil, draped to conceal his face from the headscarf, is stained with a mark reminiscent of the neighborhood of 'holding protection'.

Soldiers of God.

That means the group that showed up after that.

"Let's be the ones to bring to St. Kushal."


It is the most venerable family of blue blood that gives birth to the king of the kingdom of men. It was a so-called royalty.

A dozen horse escorts on horseback pay for the streets.

From behind there is a giant carriage...... of the Varma family. A carriage like a hill runs to the point where it looks like a child. No, that wouldn't even have been exactly a carriage.

It was not the horses that were pulling the cars, but the alien subhumans, and it was the wretched ones that were whipping at them, which revealed the neighborhood.

Livestock the warriors of the alien species captured and pull the carriage to run. It was a self-manifestation of the powerful, and an old lesson to show the royal authority.

That unusual carriage passes in front of Floris. Jiazai and the Brotherhood just round their eyes and give them a view. The refugees flee to the shoulders of the streets and lie flat. Many cut the mark of holiness and pray.

The fog on the street rolled backwards.

The rows are hard to break. The royal journey also seems to be progressing with a great deal of luggage. Some of them were unusual pull cars surrounded by numerous monks. Is that elongated cabinet-like load wrapped with straw an important load that is in the great monastery of the king's capital? As they passed, there was a slight smell of matcha.

Ten carriages pass conveniently and stay away from noisy noises as well as when they come.

The people who dropped him off until he could no longer see him on the other side resumed his journey as if he had finally regained his tranquility.

The people of the Varma family also moved cursorily.

The light, fog-covered scenery continues everywhere. The sun, which should have plunged into Jomtien, is now only a blurry white light.

"The king must have gone into hiding."

My lying mother spit out in mourning.

Floris blamed the reckless remark, but her mother begins to pretend to fall asleep like a dissatisfied child. Even if everyone thinks so, they don't put it in their mouth. It is believed that the moment you speak, it becomes a curse of words and a reality.

Setting his butt in the slightest clearance available in the carriage, Floris looked out the window.

The white separate world seemed like a blur without going to Yellow Springs Road.

The irresistible smell of life stuck in the carriage… The smell of sweat and dust, which cannot be dispelled by burning incense trees, was like the starch of a long journey on a one-minute tour to this point.

I stroke the head of my sister and brother holding me to my stomach with a cheek wand on the window frame. Neither the heat nor the bitterness will shake her heart any longer. Rather than get used to it, it's a slim one. My heart.

How long will it take to get to the soil?

She blurred and thought her own way.

It is Baltavia, the capital of the province, the main city that centers on the doorstep of the marginal soil, out on a wide meadow where people's livelihood is extremeless and emerges after a few days of progress.

The state castle, which houses a number of sprinkling castles on a small high hill, can be seen well from afar. In front of the city gates in the state capital, refugees are spreading their household wealth to form settlements. They must be poor people who never made it into the city.

New refugees step on that cluttered square.

There seem to be other aristocrats like the 30 + Uncle Varma public houses, and I can see a number of carriages being stopped in front of the gate. Is it hassle getting into the city, or is there just a bunch of carriages you can't get into?

While I had a bad feeling, Floris' carriage also came to its city gate.

and so the guards at the gate ran out of the stall like they panicked, and began to scatter the crowd by a few people. Less time passes, and an army of frivolous men advances from the state capital side.

"The seal flag belongs to Uncle Kaito."

He opened the carriage door and snapped to Floris, who had half a body out, so that the housekeeper could make him listen. That group, led by several well-dressed warriors, was a group of about 300. Riding is probably a 'sheltered' in quite a position.

A few monks are also included in the group, who show their good legs in front of them and follow them to the 'sheltered' and others. There is a perception that monks who preach and go around everywhere in the native kingdom are masters of militancy by making the five bodies robust. Since the "Great Monastery" in Wangdu was also the Otomoto Mountain of monastic martial arts, it was not uncomfortable for them to assist in the Battle of the Uncle Sidtu family.

The soldiers on foot continued as the monks went too far and extended for a while, and at the end of the day, several horsemen, seemingly 'sheltered', continued as shimmering, passed in front of Floris with another crest flag.

Floris was also familiar with the crest.

"The family crest of the Holy King's house..."

"Sounds like…"

There is also a lot of confusion in the soil.

Floris, who was to be admitted to the Uncle Bedou family, was one of those who was present the moment the confusion began. Rumor has it that the footsteps of the Horizontal Soil Marquis, who have lost their union of submission, have been greatly disturbed, and have come here to allow the uninvolved people... to intrude all they want on the Fae, who target the land of the people.

Perhaps the Hiroshi family is also rough on the butt plush.

The treatment of the refugees and royal nobles entering from the central government alone must have placed a lot of strain on the Burdock family. She herself is on the side of increasing that load to interrupt there from now on, so sorry but Floris jawed the housekeeper. To keep the clan royal party alive, she turned her belly to try to get any fat.

She stepped out of the carriage from it and shook off the halt to the guard at the gate because, for one thing, she accepted the reality that there were only collective decision-makers. Her mother, Amanda, doesn't even try to move at all, relying on all the people around her to be good.

It is also clear that the entrance of refugees into the city is already tough that they are flooded in front of the gate square. And to some extent the carriages of nobles, including the Varma family, which should have received preferential treatment, also remained stuck for some time without much progress in the process.

I'm sure there's not much room left to just accept the nobility anymore.

Waiting like this doesn't make any sense.

Floris caught one of the guards and coughed up small, sidelined a waiting and frustrating first-come nobleman.

"I'd like to come in soon. I was wondering if you could go through with it."

To the princess of the central aristocracy, smiling with a smile, the guard, surprised, gave her residence.

There was a leading aristocrat on the side who was admirably arguing, but he stuffs his voice with a missing face between them to Floris, who naturally began negotiations with a cool face, such as flying in order.

"There was also an order of procedure…"

"Alas, it seems that the royal families who went earlier are already accepted inside."

"That won't keep the honourable waiting..."

"... does that mean that time and in some cases precedence, too?

"... well, yes"

"Then there's nothing wrong with that!

Laughing sunny, Floris joined hands.

"Because I am like the fiancée of your grandson!

Floris insisted on my origins and the itching with Arshena, the sixth son, whispering in the area.