In Baltavia, the state capital, it was worse than you could have imagined.

Though the largest city on the northern soil, its capacity is still limited. Although marginal soil as a national territory occupies a vast area equal to half of the united kingdom, it was probably only a tenth in the population.

I usually tell them that the population of the state capital is about 10,000, but it was visible that if refugees pushed there a few times over for a short period of time, a lot of things would go bankrupt.

While avoiding the refugees who were also abundant on the streets, the Floris line was a hill in the center of town… climbing to the state castle.

(I think it's been a long time since I've been here before...)

Sigh at the depression brought to your attention.

One of the guards stood in the guide and complained that the lead had begun because he made a claim like the edge of the Uncle Bedou family and gained convenience.

When he knew he was going up to the state castle, Floris rushed to get fit in the carriage. As a man polishes his weapon on the battlefield, a woman must focus all her efforts on familiarity so that she can touch anyone's eyes whenever she wants. It was all the more so if it was a noble woman.

What will Arshena say when she sees me? At the time of my last breakup, I let go of that character like an indistinguishable child with a lot of cold eyes, but now I also regret that I should have hung one of the loan cards. Even though he is no longer a star reader in the monastery, and no one knows about the future or anything else.

"Is your sister going to see your grandson?

"That's all I'm sorry about, so I think I still have eyes. So do your best."

When the conversation was decided, she was the mother who had shown an understanding that she was right not to have a daughter-in-law on the side soil, but she must have been tampered with by her brain so that her memory was good. Take a deep breath as you calm down your grumbling feelings.

Couldn't have imagined that a few months after that, my parents' house would be a leading nobleman who wouldn't be pushed or pushed in the upstream society of Wang Du, and the Varma family would fall into the streets as displaced people. Besides, what kind of joke is it that the survival of that house is on my shoulder, which is only my little girl?

The confusion in the South, which should have continued one step at a time, finally became a big wave, like cutting a weir, pushing it to the center of the people, swallowing everything with her life design along with people's lives.

Rumors broke that the aliens, driven by hatred, would trample and tear apart without old man baby vision if seen as human beings, and the fearful aristocrats fled as many rats abandoning the ship before us.

Uncle Varma's family was still in the same category. Because the realm was closer to the north than the king's capital, we were able to bring up all the family members or even quite a fortune.

His father remained in the territorial capital with his crotch ministers.

Father didn't shake his neck vertically, even though the children rubbed him to run away with him.

Naturally, the graveyard of the true god that Lord Varma inherited is in the heart of the territorial capital. If running away was going to curse me to death, I had to fight for as long as my power lasted.

We cannot waste this life gaining survival without knowing the fathers' fate in battle.

In doing so, it finally reached the gates of the state castle.

"Please wait here as we will tell you inside"

The guide's guard speaks respectfully to Sedon, the housekeeper who walks with his feet.

When he hears it, Sedon tells the carriage what's inside.

Although the top of the Brotherhood Party is of course my mother, I don't have the temptation to carry such things on myself. I just snort and throw my gaze at my daughter for such a heavy responsibility matter.

The eyes of the expectations of the Brotherhood, including Sedon, are poured on Floris.

The guide man is back.

"The prince is now in the temple of Ichinomiya."

"Then let's go there."

Speaking for themselves, although it was rude of them to be slightly hip, the Florris got off the carriage. Only she and her family can move on from here. The guide was replaced, and a servant of a more stately bureau took the lead.

The hills with state castles lined with three castles are quite high and low, and you have to walk quite a distance when it comes to the top building. Nature and sweat also come out, but the cooler winds of the north wipe them away. When I plugged it into the square in front of the castle of Ichinomiya, the sight of the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' crusade noise at that time rose to various backs of my brain. It reminds me of that boy, who resists and moves against his mighty enemies, as if I were watching him now. At last, I was distracted from even hearing his name, but I still remember another bridesmaid candidate, Jose, calling him "Kai".

Kai in the village of Rag.

He was a very strong man, even though he was so much smaller than the man around him.

I wasn't sure what a "guardian" was, but I was just disillusioned with the husband candidate who did it. Reliable... I even thought at that time that this was the real edge of heaven.

Is that boy back in the village now?

Then I'm sure it wouldn't be strange to be around with Master Jose that we broke the same way after that. Even if they don't move, the parent lords won't let go of such a strong divine possession in the first place.


I stood in front of a large iron gate, prompted by the man in the guide, remembering the proper pain. After the interaction with the guard, the entrance is opened. The Varma family was stepping into the Great Spirit Temple inside the Ichinomiya.

Floris caught his breath watching the harsh large spaces, which he could see even in the dark. The view that spread there also inspired her many memories again.

Far higher ceilings, heavily fished down iron wheel chandeliers... horrific statues in the deepest... everything is vividly remembered.

As I entered the Great Spirit Temple and proceeded slightly, I realized that a large number of people lurking in the darkness were turning a bumpy gaze. A large number of soldiers lined up on the wall turn to me without saying a word. Due to the well-dressed appearance, I wondered if those were the Territorial militias of the Hiroshi family on the edge.

The guide told one of the officials something there and left, meeting Floris with a sunny face who served.

"Lord Varma's..."

So we will finally be treated truly to the position of Floris and the others.

Officials know that the wedding of the sixth son Arshena and the princess of the Varma family has ended unwell, and a much more mundane look is turned. Before that mouth began to vomit negative words, Floris began to walk forcefully forward.

My family follows me silently, too.

"Please wait"

You can't stop if you say so. The opportunity for them to get a place in the castle of this neighborhood Uncle Tu family probably won't be visited forever if they miss now. I can't stop because I know that.

The Great Spirit Temple was full of people.

Immediately he hits the back of the accumulated in the front, from which Floris begins to forcefully interrupt to escape the pursuit of the officials. And it came to pass that the crowd, all of them good, were of the same aristocracy as Floris.

Are they evacuated nobles from the centre who share their plight, or are they those who will be brought together into the House of the Horizontal Buddha? From the conversation I heard as I went through the crowd, I could see that they were gathered at this Great Spirit Temple at some direction.

and Floris' body was thrown out of the narrow path of the crowd into a space of nothing.

The sword grove, plush and glowing in swordswallowing brilliance, was the line of swords and spears that she had set up to give as the Possessed Divine Soldiers did.

Behind them guarded are those who are clearly considered high, and on the altar above them you can see a stone cabinet resting on a luxurious rug.

There is no way she can forget, that altar hides the abominable mechanism that made me fall to the bottom of the earth alive. Hiccup, I leaked my voice short. I got goosebumps all over my body.

Immediately beneath the altar, there was a multitude of honorable men who swept back to their reclining chairs.

Floris remembered the man's face, with a cheek wand on his hitch, somewhat puzzling.

(Prince Wang...)

The man of the blood of Saint Kushal who is closest to succeeding the king God.

Remuls Hal Ba Kushal.

The monk in white, standing by the king Prince Remuls and talking about something, is probably one of the high priests who has a seat in the "Great Monastery" upper management, also the "Monastery Society". He hangs around his neck a seemingly sardine gold and silver fixture embedded with his first jewel that seems heavy enough to worry that his neck might get tired.

This high priest also has something on him that looks like an escort. One of them was the figure of Seruga, the monk of Kwon, who was also present at that wedding, but she doesn't notice.

"What do you mean? Why is Your Highness here..."

There was an anxious voice, and there was a man there who looked familiar if you followed the source.

It is the eldest brother of the Uncle Beitou family, the first prince Adore.

"... didn't you let me show you to your room"

"It seems there was a discrepancy between you two earlier, brother."

"... Yerg, no, it's Urga's fault"


Around him, he runs his side with a whisper he can't listen to, while himself approaching Prince Wang.

One was the man who was supposedly closest to the next Lord Horizontal Tubor, but this man who killed his father in front of the crowd is still unable to put the whole house together. I don't even like the way he did it, but I also think he's a man with no more luck than that. I guess the divine power of the mother, which is the result of the great sneal that cows around the corner of the royal palace, also weighs heavily on the possibility of being pulled back and feet when the people's central center is now sinking.

"It's not good, brother. He was a brilliant lead."

"... Archena"

Next to its first dude, a slightly shorter boy appeared.

Floris desperately pushed me away as I was about to rush to that familiar position. The only spider yarn to rely on.

Sixth Prince Arshena.

Not much has changed since we broke up. Aside from the fact that women don't have sloppiness, if you keep it normal, you look like a fairly face-shaped, year-to-year princess.

Floris made a quick final check on her familiarity, even as she laughed bitterly at my cash feelings like that.

Of course I know you shouldn't sell me cheap. I decide to dress up easily, even naturally, as the princess of the aristocracy who happens not to fit in there. I also know that if I did, I would have a very eye-catching appearance.

A bright red dress must have caught his eye, Archena, a favorite child with indistinguishable roots, soon noticed the presence of Floris.

"The One There"

After being spoken to, Floris finally glanced at the other person and showed his eyes round to the wind that he was even surprised.

You have to calculate your prescription carefully around here. He makes a flash of awkward faces, gathering memories of his last breakup, and slowly tries to leave the scene with an apologetic degree of conversation.

If a woman you like tries to escape, a man wants to chase you.

It is convenient at this time to let Arshena catch her and make her feel like connecting the edges again.

Above the proposal, Archena has followed Floris and caught his arm in conversation with Adore just that way. It would also be manipulative to show just a little freaking out at that moment.

Looking back and looking back at his opponent's eyes, he greets the reunion again, even as he mumbles.

Archena has eaten up without a hand.

While he was heartily relieved that he had finally broken through the first gate, Floris glanced at Adore. If you were accustomed to women, you would have spotted them somewhat, and when you rang your nose and glanced lightly, you turned your attention again to His Royal Highness Prince Wang, as you immediately lost interest.

In fact, if she didn't have to catch Archena, she would have concentrated all her efforts on the different things in front of her, too. I saw Arshena because I was embarrassed and couldn't even look at her, and I blinked and turned away again... I looked at the prince Wang who was really interested.

Even if I know it's not if I'm doing this, I can't replace my belly on my back. If I thought they took my arm, they held me like that. He is truly a foolish son who cannot change time and place.

Remulus nodded several times at Monk Zheng and rose from his chair.

And he opened his mouth so that he could look over at the nobles around him.

"Listen, lords!

A commonly sounding voice truncated the blurring full of the Great Spirit Temple.

Remuls gently pulled out the sword on his hips.