"Listen, lords!

The king, Prince Lemurus, bewitched the people in the darkness of the Great Spirit Temple.

More than 200 people, excluding the decorative soldiers, the aristocrats of the city fallen and their entanglements, and the soil marquis near the state capital, which was voiced and assembled by the Bordeaux House, were about half?

If we counted only the divine possession, which is now a precious' power of war ', and the' protectorate 'with the Spirit of the Land God, perhaps it would be a hundred pillars.

Mixed with jade stones, those warriors who remain in the hands of the people can be the primary force that shapes the battlefield as long as they are bound.

"Prince Lemurus, the head of my Holy King's house, proclaims! Here too the throne of the heavenly Patriarch is not a temple in the clouds, but a foundation for a thousand years of the royal kingdom!

The loose sword shines like a wet stone and is poked at by the standing lords.

In line with the voice of Prince Wang, a line of Possessed Divine Soldiers (Deur) leaves one step forward and wields a dull steel glow.

Many heard the sound of the entrance iron door closing behind them and changed their complexion.

It was just a bag of rats.

"On your knees!

Another torso was uttered, and all fell on their knees like an avalanche.

One of the possessed god soldiers wavering his big upper back was like one of the famous generals.

And in anticipation of the time when those who stood were gone, the general raised his voice again.

"It is before the king. Allow only the direct subordinate true nobility (...) to raise their face!

What a nobleman.

It is those who have been given honor above God.

The neighborhood is evident on the face of the King Prince Remuls. of its linear dense or obvious high-altitude god.

Those who are struck by its authority and immediately raise their faces, those who match to wander around as they ask around, the movement took place there. But not all the others who were there were in tune.

Prince Wang is unwavering. To show his strong will, the Possessed Divine Soldier (Deur) stepped on the stone floor and slammed him. All of the forbidden elites who gather the descendants of the high nobility have more than two years of protection.

I have already martyred my destiny to these men, whom I have abandoned my land and obeyed the king prince. I do not doubt that the next king will possess the power of the race and quickly regain their home land of application.

"Praise God (Luvera Deu)!"

"Gather in the Garden of the King God!"

I step on my feet every time I speak.

That was a sacrament passed down to the people more than in ancient times.

Praise God.

Gather in the garden of the king god.

Yashadara, the hero of the popular erection who won hundreds of battles, said he must gather the generals in the palace of the king's tomb before going on a journey to pray for victory. There are no nobles who do not know the story.

Those who were cautious also slowly begin to look up. Assuming there is a sense of direct lord sealed by the king, we must respond to that call.

That doesn't change whether it's a central nobleman or a peripheral clan. It was the eldest son of the Hiroshi Bejitu family who raised his face one after the other, raising his voice as he wandered.

"Innocent! Please wait, Your Royal Highness!

The faceless addle seemed to have guessed what was about to be done.

He presses his floating hips, while silently pressing the soil marquises behind him. The lords of the peripheral soil gathered here were the lords of the Burdock lineage near the state capital, most of which were connected by blood.

Adore could not have seen the source of power piled up by the Baltarabe family over hundreds of years over the northern logging of the people, even the lords of the city of Sai, who had taken the sacred crown, trying to synchronize.

"Praise God (Luvera Deu)!"

The divinity that stood from the corresponding "guardian" and others gathered to the king's princes, so that they could be attracted, to the stone cabinet resting over their heads.

On the side of that stone cabinet, the monks who hid their faces with a headscarf are writing down something whispering. Though the white coat of the high priest was not the same as the white coat of the high priest, it was more like the work clothes of those who were full of dirty work than crude. That they count something fingerfolded and run a brush.

"Your Highness!" The cry of an angry dollar is anointed by chanting.

"Praise God (Luvera Deu)!"

The soldiers at the uncle's house, who saw the popping ador blocked by the possessed god soldiers, finally moved as if they remembered the work imposed on us. From then on, people got into trouble all at once.

As the king princes forming on the side of the altar and the side of the Hiroshi family trying to get in there pressed hard against each other, the high priest who was beside the king shouted and the monks, including the Kwon monk Seruga, rushed up to the altar.

I guess it was ready. I spread the black veil in two folds and hid the stone cabinet from the crowd.

"That's what I was looking for from the start! Unforgivable!"

"... modestly, Shiro"

Adore, the eldest son of the Uncle family, and Remuls, the king's son, glanced at each other nearby.

The first son of the Uncle Beito family, Adore, revealed the "Four Years of Age (Kwart)" crest, and scratched the Possessed Divine Soldiers, who were only "Two Years of Age," and went there. Every time I went, my sword swung, but most of it just broke my clothes, and the dollar was only given about a scratch.

Lemurus, the king prince who stares at the dollar, also reveals the neighborhood.

That number of years was slightly more 'five' than the dollar.

The Royal Family and the Boreal House.

Both were the divine imprints of the next Lord worthy of their stature, but if the difference was about one year old, it was also supposed to fill the difference depending on the individual's qualities, and Adore grabbed it with anger by Prince Wang.

Grab the bust and attract it. Prince Wang was irresistible with the treasure sword in his hand still lowered.

"Give it back."

"I won't give it back"

Handing over the useless sword to the nearest one, Prince Wang gently hung his empty hand on Adore's arm. The force is caged at its fingertips, and the tremendous rigidity destroys the mince and bone meat.

The rigidity of "Five Years Old" causes the flesh of the Adore, equal to iron, to shake with all its might.

While Adore faces his pain, he still tightens up the Prince Wang. As the eldest son of the Burdock family, which bound the rough Horizontal clans, the confidence that he had not lacked so much training was pounding his addle.

But the face was slightly stained with surprise.

"... there's no way to give it back"

The hand of Prince Wang, who grabbed his wrist, slowly broke the commandment of Adore.

Like an adult peeling off a clinging child's arm.

"... the, the, the tattoo"

"Yeah, apparently up"

The neighborhood that appeared in the face of Prince Remuls was reshaping its shape.

The number of prints passing between its eyebrows is' six '.

Exactly. It was the "Six Rides of Heaven (Seiscabaret)." It would have been an invisible mark if it had lived in the kingdom of the people, in the aristocracy that is also regarded as superior in the united kingdom, and in the God of the ranks of the line gods.

And on its forehead, there were wondrously shaped marks obsessed.

Two left and two right, as if a blackened verse were visible from a shredded tree. There is a whirlpool pattern.

"'Graphic Marks (Griffs)' …"

"Oh, have you finally come to light"

After slowly stripping off the commandment, I let go of my hand.

And while I fixed the messy collar, I now leaned over from the king's prince. Adore, whispered something in that ear, loses his complexion and sits in a snare.

"Monk Zheng"

The high priest in white, who had been summoned by Prince Wang and entered, took a crushing look at the shaped neighborhood and the 'figurative tattoo (Griffs)', and saluted him for his "ascension."

"How many?"

"It's a bad idea"

Well, in response, Prince Wang took his breath deeply by taking a step further to show off the neighborhood he floated on himself.

I laughed and accepted that many eyes would pierce me.

"Not Enough Yet"

"Not enough."

"... Not Enough To Discuss Those Bullshit"

Prince Wang and Uncle Bentu's house.

Prince Wang looked at the people in the house and looked at them as if they were other people, and laughed as if they were choking their throats.

"It's a good temple. Balter, you must have imitated my royal temple. It's convenient to put that one down. We'll make this a makeshift palace."

"My pleasure."

"Gather the soldiers of the peripheral earth and raise ten thousand armies. Get ready."

I didn't even read the air of the venue, and the monks began their service.

Instruments are pounded and a good reading begins to rock the Great Spirit Temple like through your nose. Many, who were looking at each one with a weapon, saw the monks as bewildered, and drew strength from their bodies.

"Taizu issued 10,000 armies over the Manchu and flattened the aliens. Let's try to make a story out of it."

Northern hosts, were the first to have their lives pronounced.