At first, I couldn't even raise my voice.

There wasn't enough air in the lungs to shake your throat in the first place. The next thing she did was quench the oxygen while the survival instinct went... filling the air as long as it took to the lungs.

My throat, which had never been used for a while, screamed.

He inhaled the air as he made a retreat and noise, and coughed heavily when he vomited.

So the sound my surrounding daughters heard as hers, realizing that she woke up from her eternal sleep, was the bitter sound of a sick person coughing up.

All of a sudden I blink at a stranger's face brought close to me.

And the specific reaction of the living… Reading fear and bewilderment, Aruet, daughter of the dwarf (Colol) tribe, made him smile and jump like a child many times.

"Master Elsa is awake!

With that little facial girl who left behind her childhood calling my name, Elsa unconsciously removed the power of her body. Weakened and deposited herself, she could not hesitate to request "a drink of water" because she mistakenly assumed that it was in the clinic in the village women's quarters where she was remembered at the end of her memory.

I immediately came up with a friendly friend who tried to tell me his name and let me know...... I couldn't actually raise my voice to the sudden severe pain I visited, and I lay flat like an original while grabbing the clothes of a nursing girl.

Oh, oh, and all I had was a baby voice.

I thought I'd finally escaped, but the pain that the man gave me all over my body snapped back at me. Yes, she thought. Even though my body scratched on both hands had no more smudging and fluid-dyed bandages, and a damp cloth coated with stinky herbs was not stretched.

As soon as I thought about it, I realized, Elsa had knitted a tedious method to escape the pain that plagued her entire body... she meditated on her eyes, wore a futon, and did something I wasn't sure if it would have the effect of stuffing her breath until she lacked acid... and still quietly defeated after a while of resisting the intense pain of not leaving.

Nilun, a Deer Man (Ouzel) girl who came later, pulled a blanket to cover her up with reluctance and nothing, keeping an eye on Elsa, who was quiet in the blanket.

Elsa, who was breathing deeply and quietly repeatedly, was obviously in some kind of pain. The sick clothes they tailored for ease of care were like thin gowns with no sleeves. Nature and two eyes were directed at its feet and arms, which were also heavily exposed.

"... did you have a mole like this?

"... I didn't"

Internal bleeding that floated all over your body, like a child in a terrible cage.

Is the black mole causing pain, Elsa suffers as she wanders over her body?

A poisonous neutralizing drug that was readily available was poured from the water into his mouth, and the starving Elsa drank it honestly. Arrue only mistakenly thought the symptoms were derived from addiction, but as a symptomatic treatment it was the only correct way to do it.

The pain emanating from the back of the chest was like self-infiltration, where God's blessing to protect you was returning to hurt your possession, and only a small amount of calcium, if any, was infiltrating the poison.

The spread of the mole healed and Elsa, calm in her breath, went straight to sleep.

While they were relieved, Aruet and the others jumped out of the cabin at the same time, remembering the important things that would be required of them.

"Nirn can reward you."

"Oh! Shit! Nirn, no!

"There's no one who can catch up with the Deer Clan if he really runs out, Yikes!

Leaving the dwarf girl, desperately following no matter how late, mercilessly, Nirn did his best to have that power. It is only an obstacle not enough to take as much as a field cliff if it touches her, such as a chopped cliff in the valley.

"By Nilun!

"I won."

There was Kai, who was out of the rally hall where he was, talking to his elders about the anomaly.

Kai reacted to the signs of an impending beast from behind, or precisely his hand secured the raider. A deer girl grabbed in the face was forcefully slowed down with one hand and dumped on the ground, seemingly.

What the hell, Nirn? Kai must have made sure to pay for it while he said that because he must have cared about hair loss.

"Is something wrong?"

"I suddenly stopped wanting to say it."

Noisen, an elder of the Deer Nation who was watching that exchange on the side, insisted on improving the treatment of his own princess, according to an overly large horn.

"The fur depth of a deer woman is made of love to warm her husband on a cold night. Minimal courtesy for men and women to see and pretend not to see hair loss during hair change..."

"... Really?"

Nilun sighed a little to Kai, who I'm sure he didn't understand.

"Master Elsa is awake."

Did Elsa wake up for anything?

Kai, sitting on the pillow, could see the cause at a glance.

Has the tomb of Tuhou (Gandal) been revealed?

The "Divine Stone" that I fed her to save her life belonged to the patrol angel who killed her.

Though I had been in a coma for a long time with the poisoning of my fellow foods, the rapid healing of those wounds all over my body...... I saw the power of it and always thought about it in case.

It seems to me that Kai, who took out the "Divine Stone" while killing the bastard at that time, had always thought that if Elsa had to eat it quickly, she would have to eat it with as much freshness as possible.

As my mind felt at that time, I was remembering from my objective assessment of what I had done a divinely sealed experience with the 'Divine Stone' once taught by Polek.

Perhaps I have unconsciously thought that I will not miss the God of the Tuhou family, and I have let her inherit even God. I was guessing that's why the poisoning got worse.

And an indication.


"Morning, Elsa"

Skin lustrous Elsa, as if her eternal sleep had been a lie, woke up squeezing Kai's hand back vigorously. That feels a little rough, too.

The two I've been seeing are sitting right behind me like a little barometric pressure. I don't know more about Aruet, but it seemed to be felt by Nilun, who is the same 'sheltered'.

Elsa, who rose out of bed without any danger and was given a special herbal tea by Aruet, blinked at the warmth of the cup and broke it before ever carrying it into her mouth. The dwarf pierced a handmade tree, and it wasn't anything nasty. It's simply because Elsa has applied extra force. He inherited the God of the central aristocracy from which he called himself the "Five Years Old Divine Print (Sinquester)." I'm sure it's multiplied by a grip or something.

And even didn't care about hot water. It would have been hot for a moment, but if it were about a superficial light burn, the 'protective hold' would recover as fast as blinking.

Evidence was that he was decent while his hands were wiped by a hasty Aroue.

"Yes, I am dead."

Elsa also remembered until she had fed the medulla of the patrol angel's 'Divine Stone' to heal the wound. I had to tell you about it afterwards.

After being embraced by Kai, who had come to think of that fact, he shook Kai, and hurriedly demanded a water bath, Elsa seemed to accept that it was an unimaginable foreign land, seeing the abundant greenery and beautiful half-moon lakes that spread outside the cabin...... and the huge 'valleys' that were turning them upside down and enclosing them.

The wound healed but remained unconscious, so it was sent to the monastery.

Kai grabbed her just waiting for her to die.

That it was possible in the valley to treat addicts who could not be done in the village.

And the two following Aruet, Nirn, told him about saving his life with dedicated nursing, and so on.

Elsa, who was thrilled, hugged the two of them and thanked them "thank you". And he was returned, "Of course if he's a wife who serves the same husband," and immediately after that he brought Kai into the back of the cabin and pulled his ears off the cunt.


"It was a success. I had no choice."

"Can you take responsibility properly?

Elsa said she had filed for the village's "Women's Association" and was officially in "engaged" status at the time she let Kai get her hands on it. Therefore, at the time of his death, he was usually called into the unacceptable "women's quarters" where he could exchange words.

And what she refers to as' responsibility '.

In the harsh environment in which men die prematurely after continuing to contend, the necessary measures were also taken to have children who merely sustain the population… because bigamy was permitted, multiplying one side. It was also once possible for a single woman to peel off a large number of men, but that was only one sentence to guarantee institutional equality between men and women, in fact a law encouraging polygamy.

Of course, life force is harshly inquisited. Men need to prove the value of being able to maintain polygamy.

"... lying. Kai is the lord here?

Even though it was just a villager's exit, Kai, who was showing up as the 'about to become', had no chance of establishing a polygamy. It was not impossible to convince the Woman's Union if it obtained many times the workforce as a man and some status as a soldier.

Now, instead of "becoming", "lord"... he says he is a nobleman with land. Of course, if I were to be a nobleman with a land god, I would be able to take the approval of the Woman's Guild and so on easily.

As far as the valley could see, it was green and full of overflowing richness with fruit and vegetables, including mountain apples. More importantly, even the infinite water wealth of the lake seemed to be monopolized.

In marginal soil, which is only a basic vast wasteland, 'water rights' are of terrible value.

The waterways drawn to the farmland of the village of Rag are also given by other territories with water resources if they follow the original, and some gratuities have been exchanged for their use.

It took even more time for Elsa to swallow it as a fact because it was put in from two heterogeneous girls claiming to be wives to information that Kai was the king of one country.

"... well worth it."

Kai, finally convinced, forcefully wore Elsa's lips.

Without caring for the two of them watching cancer from the gap between their fingers that covered their faces as they screamed yellow, Kai sought a scorched lover, and Elsa accepted it.

After a while, they came out of the shadows, grassy, holding hands tight.