I think again that it seems complicated with people and what a simple thing to make.

The starchy sprouts that I was carrying in my heart cleared up as if they were lies with only one smile. The girl, who had lost her way through the abyss of death because of all my foolish deeds, returned safely to me. And he had just happily forgiven the stupid man who fed him poison, until he could not find a place to go. He accepted firmly and stopped me from holding him.

Upon hearing how she had been so far, Elsa expressed her full body gratitude as a benefactor of life to both of the heterogeneous girls claiming to be the same 'wife', and eagerly wished to greet Kai with gratitude to each of her family members living on the valley edge. I guess I was fortunate that the first family members of Kai I saw looked very similar to people. The fear of the subrace that the people held at its roots, Elsa even crossed the line lightly.

That was just amazing.

"You're really a king."

"You're just a good one."

Sounds like it, I can see my heart warming with a troubled, bewildered smile somewhere in Elsa that Safe as if you had regained the half you were about to lose.

In return for the long-lasting God (Kai) 's rightful wife's healing, there were so many people who didn't even call it in and around the assembly hall that they were likely to fall apart, and Polek said that all races were gathered everywhere.

While the person who wished to greet him was pushed by the momentum of the audience, he went up to the altar and said a firm word of thanks, supporting his husband, Kai, and expressing that sentiment of wanting to do everything for everyone. For Elsa, who was only famous and unknown to her face, the stage became half as prestigious as a unveiling.

As a matter of course, many people said to hold the feast, and everyone who filled it with joy tried to prepare it at the same time... but the flow would be watered down by an alarm that broke down badly.

Speaking of which, apparently. The Valley Country is a newborn country that still has many problems.

Kai, who received the hurry, immediately decided to make his own appearance.

They say the pigs are causing problems in the back of the Great Forest.

Apparently, a race chased after the land is fleeing into the valley country and begging Kai, the king, for help.

"I'm gonna go for a second"

"Is it not dangerous?

"It's okay, because there are plenty of people I can count on"

Soldiers of all races are gathering early to follow the king's expedition. Even if she sees a lot of them trying to obey her husband's orders, Elsa doesn't seem to want him to walk her through Kai. Kai remembers whether he is a powerful man or not for this naughty woman.

What a simple thing to do with people.

Kai went to the battlefield feeling very proud of the foolishness.

The soonest gathered under Kai, who left the valley, were soldiers extracted from the dwarves (Korols) and the deer (Ouzels) who lost their lands and made false mansions on the edge of the valley.

The king's army in the valley country, which leads about fifty of them northwards, absorbed the Midway Palm Horse (Potro), Khan Horse (Caballo), and the most northerly pig (Chaga) tribe, while eventually becoming about a hundred troops to the land, which became the northern border.

One of the pig clans, the Pavo clan, was capturing their chiefs for invading the land.

The drooling fox, the Great Ear (Brillah) tribe, lived in a nest hole in the grass and was usually a very small and quiet species. Its chief, Alalai, was a "guardian" of "Two Years Old (Doi)".

Getting out in front of Kai was also half frightened, and came to be dragged by the soldiers of the pigs. While laying low deeply, Alalai has turned to look up cloudy with fatigue. Its dark eyes were filled with unspeakable horrible hatred.

"Clan, Taxan Death Nda. Pork no bait, Natta"

From what I hear, the Big Ears escaped the raids of the Pig Troops and, once they were successful in preserving the species, were outraged by the fact that the pigs began to build fortifications on the land they had taken from them, and even attempting a retrograde attack was lightly bounced back on this...... and badly hunted as bait by the bad eaters who were badly exposed to food shortages.


Kai wanted to hold his head, but if he saw a small body that was less favourable than the people of the Alalais, the physical difference with the pigs was enough to make him want to cover his eyes.

It seems that the widespread distribution in the depths of lean forests kept about 300 ethnic people drastically reduced to less than half due to their failure to avenge.

And next to the Great Ear Clan chief, Alalai, was a slender species with opposing spine-like body hair called the Thorn Raccoon (Ispani).

Though the term 'hare' immediately came to mind, Kai crumbled and observed the state of affairs in this world as a priority.

Apart from the thorn covering his back, he had a long tail like a rat, and in answer to Kai's question, Chief Krull proudly said he could sprinkle his nose bending odorous body fluids from the tip of his tail. Unlike the Big Ear, this one avoided direct combat with the Pigs and had to kill most of them.

The total number of thorn raccoons is said to be about 200.

The elders of the families who accompanied Kai told Kai that it was a good thing to enter the kingdom of the valley of both tribes, and they were received immediately.

And what both chiefs strongly demanded...... Kai promised help to drive the pigs away from their land and pay off the dark clouds from the future of the species. We have also not forgotten, of course, that an inviolable covenant has been made between the country of the valley led by Kai and the Pork Foss tributary.

Even if land that has already been taken away from the Land God and has established control over both the qualities is out of the question, the land of the princess God of the species whose preservation has now been confirmed with the chief does not, after all, constitute the rationale that sovereignty is left over both races. I think Kai will do much to make them lords.

The most plausible oral content to stir up a group of pigs (orgs) threw a round at the elders, and Kai sent his troops to the main village of the Big Ear clan.

The males and females of the right age were all added to the army because of the importance of the race from the Great Ear and the Thorn Raccoons. About a hundred of the two races alone joined, making the army of the valley country roughly 200.

(... but our army is weak. I don't have the strength to stand bumping from the front)

While at the head of the group, Kai keeps thinking.

Even though battles are numerical, in this world of isolation of physical abilities between races, there can always be instances where unilateral genocide is established until individual strength is irrational.

The answer is clear.

If you can't hit it in direct combat, you have to hit it in indirect combat. The rule also holds the elders together, and the main soldier costumes of the valley country are changing into bows and arrows in this short period of time. The bragging males of the race's arms tend to be proud of their personal martial arts, and they want to have swords, spears, etc., but they were all dressed according to Kai's strong intention not to let their families die.

Of course, in the face of the country of the valley of the whole race, it is difficult to fully unify the uniforms of the soldiers.

The Palm Horse (Potro) tribe, which is too small though it is half a horse figure, was a skillful and excellent soldier handling bows, however too small to handle a large bow with a range.

On the other hand, the relatively large Khan Horse (Caballo) tribe is somewhat closer to animal types than people, and there is no hand in handling weapons of what is powerful. He looks more like an ancestor of that lineage species somewhere than a horse, with short, thick legs, a snug long neck. They were clearly heavily oriented in the rear.

The dwarves were, in a way, the species that fought closest to the people, and were familiar with well-rounded short bows in the woods.

Since the Deer tribe also lived in the woods, they were good at handling indirect weapons, dealing with bows for each of their native Yi, and about half as good at skinned stone throwing strings (slings).

And although the pig tribe, the most combat-friendly race in the valley country, is as small in stature as a lid over a pig, it weighs twice as much as a human race, and the thrust exerted from a forged ankle greatly exceeds that of the pig tribe. It was the only race I could count on as an avant-garde infantry.

Easily arranged,

[Avant-garde] Pork Race (Spearmen)

[Zhongwei] Deer, dwarf, palm horse (archers)

[Rear] Khanma Clan (Heavy Other)

This adds to the fighting power of the two new races, but it is also a question of whether to conceive of them at the moment when you are not familiar with them.

(... I'm sure it's a formation or something small and difficult, but it won't work right away)

Fortunately, every race in the valley country is all those who originally inhabited this huge forest. They individually bring together survival strategies in the woods without the need to direct anything in particular.

(Strengthen general instructions and discretion of the person leading them)

Archers can lay low in the woods and just keep hitting enemies as they reposition. When to move, what to do with the decision to withdraw, they just have to be made in the field. Though "having protection" can be handled by reading stories to each other, it is not very much to the individual situation, but cannot be managed.

(Only the ones with arms and me can fight. Everyone else is covered by arrows)

The thought came together and Kai finally felt comfortable.

I could also notice that the atmosphere in the woods began to change rapidly from the area where I left the realm of the pig tribe. The smell of water became stronger in the forest.


As a sign of approaching the 'deep', Kai thought.