There are few favorable weather days in the deep woods in the first place.

Kai's experience of taking to the depths is only a few days during the investigation line of the Truth Explorer, who became the target of that death battle, and the 'Evil Gods (Diavo)' crusade, which was oriented in the form of hearing wishes from the Grey Monkey (Makak) tribe.

"... Is this' deep 'already?

To Kai's inquiry, Alalai shuddered and flew Shizuku on his hair.

Ky looks around a lot like a smudge as he wipes the droplets on his eyelashes with his sleeves as well. It was against the memories of the "deep" of the Great Forest that we once saw and the "now" that we faced, that we put those sentiments up.

"Deep, No U"

According to Alalai, who wrinkled between her hairy brows and showed discomfort, this' evil heaven 'has been about the last few days.

There was too much to think of on the date and time that became the starting point for that change, and Kai did not ask any more. Alalai seemed to feel that the value of the land that the species had been protecting for generations had been destroyed, and the bumps and the amount of fruit in a strip...... It was only this many mountain apples (Masa) and woodland swarms, many small beasts that were prey to hunting and some sunny land where potatoes could be picked.

Block your sight, deep fog.

With the fall of the heavenly roofs of those who were even said to be the Hajj, even the skies of the small tribes of the forest, who had no power to support themselves, would have fallen. Many vulnerable subraces lived unconsciously as they rented houses at the height of the human sky.

Its white book, which is more like a fine light rain drifting than fog, wets the trees as rain and soaks the ground without any help.

The Great Ear hope that they will take back the land, but can they once again root in the land after fulfilling it? If the water soaks up and the sun goes away, the grass and trees will sneak away, and their habitat of being a hole warehouse will just not be over.

Soldiers who left the valley willingly saying it was a king's expedition also began to walk silently on the muddy road, only to interrupt the conversation at any time. It also conveys their depressed mood.

Before the fog cleared slightly, there was a place of purpose.

"My land of Lano! Look, Lo! Fog, Nye!

pointing to the goings, Alalai let the joy begin.

Its open place, which houses the village of the Great Ears, was indeed a place dressed for the light of a precious day. In the depths of the forest, where the giant trees of Barren Cedar darken the periphery and blocked the sun, the grass-covered primitives can be seen as a special piece of land.

Near the center of the land there is a square familiar rock mass so that it can quail in moss, which can be seen as the graveyard of 'Akramidica', the god of Alalai. The land with the most grace close to its graveyard is arable land, with unique high acres flourishing with greenery.

The depressing grasshoppers that spread around its arable land… they say there are countless holes hidden in the nests of the Great Ears. I was raising black smoke everywhere there was that grass bush that was giving them their safety. The invaders who are building the fort are on fire. The burned land is roughly cultivated, and the invaders' unique farming is being attempted.

The majority of the square is already covered with a coarse fence. Its interior is overflowing with large numbers of pigs, and the word "our land" by Alalai does not resonate with the others.

The tall trees that remain in every part of the square are fitted with something like a lookout table, where once soldiers of the Great Ear clan must have been on alert, now pig soldiers fold up their bodies and stick up in a cramped manner. Is the fleshy thing that is in the hand eating up the fruit of the great ear clan that has been baited?

When Kai took one breath, he tried to push the whole thickness of the fence, which would have been deeply punched in and not unlike standing trees, all the way to the left and right.

The thick wax that was stopping Marutai shrugged off a thousand times.

Kai and the chosen lead warriors… A group made of chiefs or leading soldiers of all races walked out on the grass. Feeling the sun stronger than it was out of the woods, Kai understood naturally that the brightness of the square came from the heavenly height of the pig tribe (...).

Once of the Great Ear tribe, Yi is now under the roof of the Pork tribe as a shitty land.

"Stop Mare"

Who and what voice was hung by Kai and his ministers, who walked out of the woods in dignity without any cover?

Soldiers in the Tree of Things are signaling their companions to flourish. I guess it was the nearest soldiers who stood in front of Kai. Several pig soldiers twisted the intruders with their weapons.

The kingdom side of the valley of Kai is also crude. Kai is the only one wearing a splendid hooded jacket made of dwarves, and the other escorts have just wrapped large leaves unnamed around something like a bundle of grass knitted.... Only about ten pigs have the physical ability to fit in the pig tribe, but they remain half naked and don't even care about rain or anything.

Polek, the head of the dwarf (Korol) tribe, who was walking in front of Kai, marched in and stood in front of the pig soldiers.

"Ask Your Lords"

Porek, who is good at manipulating subracial language, begins to converse fluently with the pigs. I couldn't hear half to their characteristic scales that would draw me, but I'm guessing they're pinching down the reasoning I heard earlier.

Kai has already exposed the neighborhood. Because if you're intimidating me but they lick me, it doesn't make sense.

You have just guessed that Kai is king of the kingdom of the valley, and the hog soldiers who rise back call their companions to fight in numbers. And all the soldiers gathered together, and doubled the number of Kai and the others.

And finally, there's someone with a mouthful to listen to. Probably the head of this fort. He was a 'two year old (doi)' warrior.

The warrior named himself Luzam.

"What is this! This Yi should have been the Yi of the Great Ear!

The stuffing as decided.

And the claim of the person who doesn't fall out of anticipation.

"Cono land, me lano stuff!

"The Great Ears are returning to the valley country. This land belongs to the king of the valley!

"Big Ear Clan, Run Geta! Soledake!"

"Coco Big Ear no Land! Exit Row Ke!

You ordered me to stay down, but Alalai comes out short.

If they are the same 'two years old' each other, Alalai tries to strike the dark clouds as pigs, even though they are not opponents because of the difference in physical pressure.

Kai grabbed the root of it and said, "We're talking!" I drank it and threw it behind me. Alalai was blinded by hatred, but after rolling to the ground, he lost his words to the silent eyes of Kai, who pierced him, and drowned. Kai and Alalai, there was too much separation between the two.

"The Valley Nation and your Country (Foss) have made a promise not to invade each other"


"Will your country trample it?"

"Yi Fetta, I La Tian. Yan Yi Hang Kali"

The conversation continues with Polek and Luzam.

Of course, those to the extent that they have been entrusted with this small stronghold will not have the authority to do anything about the attribution of land. I don't expect that from you either. Kai, who holds the land god, has a 'name', and on the pigman side, who holds the land, there is a 'fruit'. If only half of each other had any arguments, they forcibly took away the other's "fruit," and if this one held up the "fame," it would be no longer debatable.

Crush it on this spot or lurk in the fog and attack it.

To make that decision, Kai earned the enemy's strength.

Beyond the two dozen soldiers that surround us, we can see about the same number of soldiers watching over this one in the faraway winding. Behind it you can see a number of candied skinned tents, as well as the boilers. It was lifted with something like a hella from a large pot that raised hot air, something white... would it be like a porridge if it were food? And many of the pigs had made rows, each with his own claws, for that purpose.

That's a lot of injuries.

Many soldiers wrapped blood stamps around their arms, heads, etc.

When I realized that, I could see that many of the people sitting nearby were more or less injured.

The smell is far due to the moisture, but the familiar smell of blood fat and raw odor was full of it at the base.

(... these guys, why are they exhausted)

In the eyes of the stomping pig soldiers there is a colour of fatigue that builds up like mud, just as there is a fear of the inexperienced Great God named Kai. A cloudy eye that is exhausting and weary of emotions, as shown by soldiers who continue to be driven out day after day by the exchange of life in a tough place.

Roughly a hundred or so as being among the tents.

They don't seem to be caught out where they stirred it up. Then can it be unraveled?

This is the only one with protection in front of him right now. Determination hardens in Kai.

Luzam the warrior suddenly moved, sensitive to the rapid increase in the dangerous water level in the name of death. He shook up the axe that was hanging in his hand and pounded it. Were you going to use the restraint of your word and blow up all the intruders of the small soldiers around you?

but Kai's lightly gripped bush pays off the blow.

Kai, who jumped into our nostalgia, plunges his fist into Luzam, who is glad he took one arm from each weapon. To his opponent, who was still grasping at him as he ejected blood and gastric juice, Kai briefly stuffed his breath and spun a giant of pig warriors in the air as he hung his other hand around his throat and even a spear.

It was an unusual sight that I didn't think could be done very well with the skilful arms of the people.

Luzam, a warrior slapped from his head, plays the ground with the broken and crushing noise of his bones, turning it even further.

Only a few of the pig soldiers in line were trying to react. But slightly earlier than that, the small soldiers, but also the Kai guards at the head of the race, held the arrows and let them go.

Of what was only a few, so two more pig soldiers fell, and the spear soldiers of the pig tribe who advanced to defend the archers who had succeeded in preempting created a slant around the king of the valley.

Kai, king of the valley, moved forward rather than even fleeing.

That was a testament to the King's determination to settle on this occasion.

The king of the valley and his soldiers barked. The finger whistle was blown was a signal for the march to the remaining Friends in the rear.

"No! Move on!"