"No! Move on!"

"All units, move on!

The decree repeats itself everywhere like a tree spirit.

It was the spear soldiers of the Porcupine (Shaga) tribe who were preparing for the king's crisis that appeared to stain out of the foggy forest. A few pigs retreated from near the fence to dozens of pig soldiers who showed up on the other side of the fence.

That step, carved by the king of the valley, pervades the midst of the pig tribe.

"To be teh!

Kai doesn't stop at the sound of restraint either.

An elaborate neighborhood that counted prominently on its forehead shaken the pigs' survival instincts violently.

The only path against strong divine possession is multi-to-one.

As they were desperate to learn the lesson, the pig soldiers came together to hang up. I tried to gather all the blows to KHAI.

Come on, call me.

The Great Warrior, who once bound us all together with overwhelming power, the symbolic hero of the power of the Foss tribe, who counted ten thousand, and the Great God enough to compare us to the "Six Heads General (Ligdalos)" Adullah the Great (Khan), walks by taking the figure of man.

Terrible intentions to kill are slapped.

The pig soldiers resisted like crazy as they spewed bubbles from the edge of their mouths.

Kai, a small soldier of the people, who was also only about a child, turned to another slaughter coming from those quarters, paying, receiving, beating back, sometimes snatching and slapping off his owner, eating as many missed attacks on his body decently, bouncing back by his isolated, out-of-person defenses. Of course, I screamed each time to avoid the pain, leaving the perpetrator to anger to beat him to death.

Kai's body skin hardness had reached a point where he could no longer pass raw and half iron. Probably couldn't have pierced that protection without the rigidity of "holding protection" and a sharp weapon when it came to needles. Kai himself was so surprised at how sturdy his body was.

Kai stepped forward over the cumulative corpses I had created, and the pigs (orgs) lagged behind only for that matter. The spears of the pigs continued after Kai, and the position of the valley country finally widened.

Elsewhere, the killing of pig spear soldiers and pig soldiers who had broken into the position had begun. The pig, who was taller and better than his weight, had a basic advantage, but was threatened by an arrow released from the woods, which seemed to give him his original fighting power.

Arrows also began to reach around Kai, the front line. Many vulnerable families were desperately shooting arrows mounted to the defensive fence to deliver a short range.

Porek, the dwarf clan chief who was a negotiator, quickly went on offense after looking at the finesse. Jumping out of the back of Kai, who was protecting him, the water flowed, but every now and then walked through the gaps of the siege, and occasionally made many pig soldiers incapable of fighting. The unique and streamlined battle of that small soldier, who tore around the tendons of his joints, was to show his fellow countrymen and family that the dwarf's martial authority was an insult. The other escorts, excited about losing, also move. The Deer (Ouzel) lead soldier Regik kicked a pig soldier trying to jump into Kai's battle with his excellent rear leg and shot through one leg of the other as he danced in the air. The smaller soldier, the Palm Horse (Podro) clan, and its lead soldier, Juanie, lurked herself in the remaining grass bushes that burned, shooting a strange arrow that made a noise and disturbing the rear to the tatter.

When Kai's advance, who did not know how to stay, reached the center of the fort, to the tombstone of "Akramidica" … the land where he slept on the tombstone was wrapped in a hint of light so that God blessed the return of the possessed Alalai, and the battle at the Great Ear clan's Yi finally determined the trend with the victory.

As he began to flee with one, and with another, the battle of the Pigs began to disintegrate instantly. Finally, some fleeing to kick the wounded and sick soldiers who were shrinking in the rear appeared, and the pig tribe side fell into havoc. A heavy unit, which happened to be approaching Yi, was seen rolling the car over, caught by an escaped ally. I don't know what anymore, one side after another crushing Heavy Squad escort broke out and even started fighting each other.

When the spear soldiers of the pig tribe, who bled their eyes out of years of remorse, arrive, the pigs start running away saying they are disturbed again. Once they ran out, the unstoppable pig tribe pursued them as they were, but with their leg strength, the pigs didn't take the pull either. How far that pursuit would go...... perhaps to the point where the pigs ran out of strength, but Kai only dropped off that back as if he was stunned.

Thus Kai welcomed the Great Ear clan chief Alalai, who had walked in front of the cemetery in the heart of Yi and with his spear in his hand. Behind it, a large number of their families were winning as they cling to the defensive fence, and among them, they could see the clans of the Great Ears embracing each other in joy.

"O king!

With her hairy eyes wet with tears, she threw out a small spear and Alalai threw herself out in front of Kai.

Reaching out to Alalai at his feet, Kai felt a familiar plush spread through his body. If that is' regression 'from Alalai, is it that the word of regression that should have been sent earlier is a bluff, and that' real 'has now finally been sent?

Think about that.

Well, it doesn't matter if it's later or later. This connection between God and God, the union of subordination, is not like being able to fool around with each other to share a sensory connection with each other.

And once connected, the familiarity becomes overflowing with the mind as if it were an ancient familiarity. He is an obedient, family member, and family member. There was no way I could hold them apart or anything so familiar to them, and a true fraternity mummy without lies wrapped them up.

The familiarity I began to feel with Alalai was also felt by the other petitioner, the Spine Raccoon (Ispani) clan chief Krulu. I guess the thorn raccoons also believed in Kai by letting him regain the land of the Great Ears.

Kai glanced at the tombstone of 'Akramidica', realizing something as he felt the newly gained power gushing with two. I can see the back of the cube if I walk beside it.

I could see the letters engraved there groaning like creatures, and reshaping them.

I couldn't completely read what was before I lost my shape. Perhaps before Alalai returned to the kingdom of the valley, the name of God, with which he had a subordinate relationship, had been inscribed. The letter was changed and the name of God of the Valley was now inscribed in front of him.

There was an unquestionable formal subordination there.

(... are you laughing)

I felt like a valley god laughed in my chest.

It's not like I'm happy with the slight victory of the valley country Kai is trying to make...... woven faint feelings waves of mocking and mourning intricate shades.

Kai felt frustrated when he felt that the pointing tip was not the same.

Kai felt it was because of his own helplessness, like the feeling of God in the valley, who would never try to deal with this one.

I thought you were still fooling around.

At that time, abruptly, a blurry light penetrated Kai's brain.

A clinging murmur that rubs the tympanic membrane directly with your fingers and some mindset that blinks slightly.

Kai knows that is the stream of thought of those who sit in the higher order of this world. If we are well aware, that of 'bandwidth', which can only be perceived as noise, can also be precipitated as comprehensible information.

It was undoubtedly the idea of the 'Guardians'.

Kai, struck by surprise, immediately raises awareness and tries to mix in the conversation. Something came to my attention as soon as possible about Kai's invasion, when the lightning struck, I slapped a chunk of my thoughts on Kai.

Kai, who almost nodded at the shock of being swayed through the cerebral cord itself, but was able to lift the pressure of his thoughts and repel outside interference, found out where the thoughts were released from.

Shit! Shit!

I saw the chisel and the fragment.

"Guardian," Urban...... A millennium old monster was trying to reject Kai's interruption with intense frustration. Kai immediately understood that he knew what was happening in the Great Ear clan.

It is probably difficult to completely hide out the movement of the mind in this world of thought where consciousness mixes. Even Urban, who was supposed to be an ancient inhabitant, had not seen out the emotions that were born like bubbles in his soul.

Urban was angry enough to frustrate but boil back that he had been deprived of the land of the Great Ears. Hopefully the time would allow me to go directly and crush the busy newcomers and feed them to their families.

Urban was also the oldest category of ginseng as a 'guardian' and his anger was troublesome for Kai, who thinks he is not yet everywhere from strength experience.

It was Kai who elevated the young man's unique anti-bone god against his elderly animosity, but slightly, to Urban's drooling emotions, an ill-defined renunciation, a blunt pain that mixed with sadness and pulsed intermittently...... I realize a tremor like every once in a while is transmitted.

Thoughts flied.

Those thoughts were unleashed by other 'guardians'.

Thoughts that guide you through the old days.

Scolding and fierce awards.

Don't push it. It's a dangerous voice.

Everything was directed towards Urban.

(... what's happening)

Watching the dialogue of the soul without knowing why.

I just found out Urban was in terrible pain.

Hey, and Kai blinked, feeling familiar signs along with the feeling of being slapped in the head.

Nevin is there.

Since that bottom of the sky fell out, I've suddenly felt a valley guest leaning aside at some point, what the hell, where I've been and a lot of things.

To Kai's dissatisfaction, Nevin laughed as troubled.

(Need help)

Relax, that's what I said.

Nevin repeated his mouthful of Kai, not immediately understanding what he had been told.

(Need help)

Still, I tried to shake Kai by grabbing his shoulder. There's Nevin staring. Catch a fragment of one thought and tone it to Ky's senses to show it.

White, mist-covered, visionary landscape. From the fact that there were many trees visible, it was immediately seen that it was in the woods.

(... fog)

(Look closely)

Nevin shows fragmented footage of those thoughts hand-in-hand one after the other. The view of the fog-ridden forest is now close to that of the Big Ear clan where the Kays are. But I immediately noticed the difference.

(... the fog is thick. "Deep")

(Mostly correct)

Sigh-like swings of thought.

(... fallen heaven, and the land was consumed by 'deep')

And the roof of the tribe fell, and the heavens of the tribes were low.

If it were anywhere near 'deep' in the first place, heaven would have fallen all the way down.

The video is further expanded. No longer in a fog as dark and cloudy as milk, the appearance of a large number of fleeing creatures. I can see they are a flock of pigs. There's something chasing them through the fog of sight.

It causes the fog to swirl so that it stirs the milk in the pan and something jumps.

That view as if it borrowed someone's eye.

Probably coming from some 'guardian'.

(... remember? It was in the sky, a thin skin that protects this world)

Kai remembered goosebumps all over her body in the appearance of something terrible that appeared in the clouds.

Heaven falls...... its meaning.

That means that the emptiness will be close.

Kai conceived the roof of the 'tent' as a pulse as the strut fell and fell. And that 'deep' is always wrapped in fog...... I've also noticed why there were so many more places where fog stood lately.

White fog.

Kai knew something very similar to that.

(... is that what you mean)