There is always a deep mist in the 'deep' of the Great Forest.

Kai was experientially aware of the phenomenon of its' mist 'manifested by conditions such as temperature and humidity, even if not by previous life knowledge, but the' deep 'view that it had been obsessed throughout the day, at four or six times, and had remained in that state for more than hundreds of years instead, was only perceived as unbelievable against the reason of the world.

Until the context is connected.

Is that what you mean?

Probably only if you had previous life knowledge...... simple ideation only if you have basic knowledge.

I don't even know if previous life's knowledge applies to this world, which isn't even technically a planet. I don't know, but if that's the 'solution', it's a lot neater.

In reality it flowed in the wind, blocking the sun and raining it, and it was always present as something to look over your head.

(Is that a "cloud"?)

It may change its name in places where the same "water vapor" occurs.

I see the sky has fallen, so there is no wonder that 'clouds' are crawling through the ground.

(There is no pillar to support the sky in the first place in the 'deep' of the landless without a land god... is it also reason that it is sinking in the 'Cloud Sea' all year round)

In that difficult fog, what is that fucking twitch doing?

I know you're trying to save the running pigs. But where is it?

And what the hell is that?

(Heaven falls, it becomes a 'hunting ground')

Brave as something amorphous stirs a dense fog.

It's as close to the sight of a giant aquatic creature striking a flock of fleeing small fish. Its fearsome relative large mass ravages the milky sea, where pigs, many times larger than the human race, appear only as if they were freshly hatched young fish.

It was an overwhelming thought that those 'outer gods', who had seen far above their heads, would only be overwhelmed by that one matter of whether they were this big when viewed up close. If that protective lid falls, it will be a 'fishing ground' dressed by the gods.

(He intended to stretch the land into the forest and connect it to his country. They were secretly sending their families to the 'deep' in search of a new path)

It was about two days ago, in retrospect, when the human sky fell. Though they popped up instantly with the help of the Big Ears, I think that was about the time.

In the meantime, something must have started to drive 'Guardian' Urban into a predicament. Was one of its manifestations the large number of pig soldiers who were in the village of the Great Ears wounded?

The land obtained by kicking the small tribes connected to the 'deep'.

Liaison with the home country... I don't know if it was emotional or whether it was just another attempt to bring in the benefits of the Collection (Kolder)... The pig tribe, thirsty for a connection, stepped into the 'deep' after gaining the 'new way'.

Unlike the relatively safe ancient path brought about by natural terrain, entering the 'deep' with no clues or anything requires neither death nor unwanted readiness, Nevin says.

Looks like he was planning to connect to the nearest ancient road with force moves like digging a trench and wearing a hole, but that's where the fallen heavens of that man happened. The base, which was the front-line base for the laying of the "New Road", was suddenly swallowed up in the "deep", and the large number of ethnic groups that were being collected as a result became the food for the alien gods that had gushed out of the fog.

What would have been unfortunate for the pigs was that the complete territorialization of the new lands taken from the small tribes had not taken place. Those powerless people, who were used to being taken from the mighty, fled quickly with the God of the land at their heart.

Just because you occupy the land, you cannot make it a territory without obtaining the God of the earth. On that land halfway through domination, the roof of the Foss tributary still hangs only halfway.

("Deep" flooded...... if we don't stop it soon, other small tribes deep in the woods could be uprooted)

Is that monster a flesh-received evil god?

(No, that's "Evo" with the earth. The "deep" forest of the Great Forest, where the bottom of heaven has fallen, is inhabited by a landscaped outer god who remembers the taste of his soul. The fat ones who can't even go back to heaven are called "Evo")


If the evil god (Diabo) is a fallen and fleshy outer god, the obscene god (Evo) was a god who retained his inborn divinity before fallen heaven, when he remembered to sip (sow) the lives of creatures on the outside of the world but on the surface.

(Need help)

(What can I do)

I don't know where Nevin himself is talking.

Kai tried to respond to Nevin's wishes to his eating mood.

(Hole. Block the 'deep' hole -)

Kai, who thought he could still be asked for help from the 'guardian' Urban, asked back bewildered.

(Is it okay to fuck around? I'm going to fuck you up.)

(That's not what worries you. Anyway, go and you'll see. Closer to 'deep' Yi. Please)

Perhaps there are no 'guardians' around here, including Nevin.

I don't know where they are right now...... it's almost like intuition, on the other side of the woods, I feel like it's pretty far away too. I don't know how the blunt-footed tortoise got that far, its manifold. Probably even uses' magic 'that interferes with example space.

With the return of the Land God and his lord, the Great Ear tribe's Yi is neatly being fogged with a whispering but supposed roof. It is not known whether it was due to the original divine authority of "Akramidica," which is a "two-year-old" God, or whether its great roof was stretched out because it also belonged to the kingdom of the valley. Between viewing, the fog-free area widened, perhaps a space where about a hundred yuls, centered on the graveyard of the Land God, could be done without wetting the body.

It's clearly bigger than when the pigs occupied it.

And the benefit of the connection between the land and the land… I guess it's the repetitive effect of the Collection (Kolder), fog was also dispensed from around Kai to a certain distance. Perhaps the god and grace of the valley attenuating at a distance from the cemetery also recovered from being able to follow 'Akramidica' … the imagination worked that an action like 'amplifier' of 'radio waves' had been brought about.

One dish in the world that could be seen because of the fog.

Perhaps the land gods each have a roof that fits their length, and the 'sheltered' that houses the Spirit of God also possesses powers like the 'temporary roof' while also being faint...... I think they have something like the 'roofing power' that attenuates so far away from the cemetery of the main application site. I find it a little strange to think of the large number of 'sheltered' people living without knowing such a whispering grace, which can only be seen in places like this' deep '.

Nevin's "hole" is probably the most roofed place on this side… where the fog of "deep" has flooded out. In other words, it is definitely seen as the place where the pigs (orgs) chased away the land god, Yi, which was the base for the construction of the new road.

The families tried without any doubt to follow the king, who said he had won the first battle to take back the great ear clan Yi, but soon after resting, moved towards the next Yi, but Kai, who was watching the enemy, stopped them by hand.

I had a feeling it was imperative to be 'protective' to take him.

Put the majority of the squad on standby at the Grand Ear Yi, and Kai begins walking to the 'depths' with only Polek, the head of the dwarf, and Alalai, the Grand Ear, and Kukuru, the thorn raccoon.

The trail in the fog… probably spread out by the pigs for convenience, where the pigs (orgs) who had missed their escape were lying.

I don't even know if he's alive or dead. It was a beautiful carcass. Alalai took the 'Divine Stone'. I did so, but Kai wouldn't allow it.

The road is getting deeper and deeper and deeper as if it were pushing to the bottom of the water. Just because Kai's 'temporary roof' is working, it becomes a laminate of milk and white, exposing a thick cross-section in front of a row.


To Polek's alarming voice, Kai throws his gaze at you.

At first, it was just a sign.

Even the roof, which was about ten yul high above Kai's head, is consumed entirely by mist, and the closed world of Kai, where the sun is blocked, is rapidly increasing in darkness.

The sound came close from afar. "Deep" also stands its magnificent trunk of trees, Ballen Cedar...... the rubbing sound of its black branches looms. Milky seas exploded into huge signs of arrival.

Rough, scattered fog turbulence.

Ballen cedar swayed with a vertigo and a large branch broken. And something suddenly appeared, hitting Kai's invisible roof, flying away backwards like a bounce. I could only see it for a moment. It was a chunk of something the size of a 'whale' could be.


Kai did not disturb him so much because of his experience of getting rid of the evil god. Even if they teach me the word 'obscene god (Evo)', I'm still not familiar with Kai.

Slightly, I ate another hit.

Instinct understood that he had no intention of missing out on the fact that something of it recognized the Kays as bait for small fish.

Not just one. I don't know, but I followed a few times around my body with different sense of quantity, and I followed him around saying that he was in a group of enemies.

Polec and the others have been struck by the authority of the extraordinary outer gods.

"All stick to the cedar root!


I command you, Kai attaches to the nearby barren cedar, and crawls up its trunk skilfully as the rest of us. Polec and the others who became the kings' families in the valley, far inferior to Kai, all seem to be given a slight protective skin membrane... a roof. I see that little roof sticking to the roots of giant trees at the bell like it leans against each other. Not knowing how old the trees were, the roots of the giant trees twisted and twisted, making them a hideout for the weak.

Kai tries to create an 'invisible sword' at the end of his right hand, tongue-in-cheek even though it has been instantly neutralized by massive water vapors. It was natural to react to water molecules.

(What shall we do? how to fight)

The giant Barren Cedar was fortunate enough to get its top out of the fog.

Kai, whose branches have become extremely thin and his face on its top, which is unforgivable for scaffolding, suddenly looks up to something huge that has struck him.

(Gods outside!)

Its "Obscene God (Evo)", which was bounced sideways in such a way as to be inhibited by Kai's "roof," was twirling ugly giants with goosebumps just from seeing it. A giant and immense fish that spilled and swelled its body surface with countless cobs...... a 'utubo' peeking at the head and sharp fangs of a freaky goldfish...... that was the only way to express it.

Kai, who has lived in the dry hinterland, has too little understanding, and he returns and accepts his previous life's knowledge.

I guess I cleared my aim for Kai, who is by the tree's heavenly edge, wandering around so giant that even the biggest 'evil god (Diabo)' I've ever seen looks like a child, that the utubo god runs up the void. Kai also set himself up for the reverse drop from the head.

'Invisible Sword' is formed in its hands with spiritual power quickly gathered. Removing it from the fog eliminated the obstacle.

The timing was perfect.


It was the beginning of a deadly struggle with the "Obscene God (Evo)".