Uzbo God is on his way.

How much you like the creatures of this world, other things, etc. Straight as if you can't see them, they come this way. Perhaps it's just that open mouth and blurry void, and it's the size of every tree that attaches to Kai.

Just a predatory instinct. I can tell you haven't thought about anything but feeding. I guess the existence is too different in the first place to even need to be vigilant.


If you haven't even been seen as a cramped rat, you don't have to dare hide it.

A knife that stood up and pointed and stretched...... "The Invisible Sword" was grandly fronted. The enemy is an insane big man. Stretch out your sword a lot just for that.

And absolutely nothing.

Whether it's possible or not, we should prepare for the enemy with as much mindset as that.

Second, the presence of a 'roof' that unfolds around me passes through the back of my brain. As long as there is this dermal membrane, it is unlikely that there will be a true enemy connection, I think so.

During only a few, and every other distracting moments, the giant aftermath of the Uzbek God approached his full sight. The left foot, erected to roll out the sword, steps on a thin branch, and the right foot behind it is wrapped around the trunk to tangle. Necessary enough, though not adequate.

A shorter breath.

I don't doubt it will expire. Therefore, it moves to just cut it off.

Two killers crossed.

The two intersect momentarily as if they had just made a mistake, leaving the distance inert.

(... you slashed it)

Too heartless a bargain.

Kai turns around the trunk without panicking to the feeling of being too light as if he had just swayed. My distance from the enemy is somewhat following my senses. Ahead of what I paid back, an overgone utubo god nearly swirled to tap the surface of the Cloud Sea with his tail.

I didn't see any wounds like that on the enemy giant. The same thing could be said to Kai himself. Not a single scratch. Totally intact.

It was just that Kai's roof... protected him with the protective dermis of this world inside. They finished their first meeting without a scratch from each other.

A number of unfamiliar words floated in the back of his brain and disappeared during the bundle until the enemy struck again.


"Metaphysical existence."


I understand what you mean.

That unknown exchange of knowledge was within itself, and because of its proximity to solitude, there was no point in drawing meaning.

That's how the second time...... the action Kai took against the imminent enemy once again was to make the 'Invisible Sword' once again. It was a retry to prove that reality was not an illusion of the eye, that it could grow in length and force.


My inner voice irritated me.

Someone's thoughts are immediately shared by Kai himself like a mirror copy.

How do you cut things without entities in the first place?

Without hesitation in the second staggering, Kai continued to observe the moment without blinking.

(slipped through...)

As if nothing had happened again, the 'Invisible Sword' shook in the sky.

It was important in a sense to be able to confirm that the 'Invisible Sword' still did not work for the 'Outer God'.

But the "outer god" firmly invaded and showed the reason of the world in its second integration. He ate the roof above Kai and let his unintentional body dive half way into this side of the world.

One thing could have been predicted from the edge. If we can penetrate the thin film of protection that covers this world in the first place, the 'outer gods' won't even be able to touch the creatures on this side.

after seeing the bodies of those who were actually fed. There was no reason for the creatures to die unless they could invade the thin film. It was during about half a breath that the boundaries of the world became tiny bubbles and bounced, allowing the intrusion of the outer high beings. In the end, the rejection of the world pushes them back, but that's enough clearance to hunt the creatures on the surface you want. Because if you touch it even for a moment, you can snatch away the spiritual power that should be called the life of the creature.

The third pair also waved the "Invisible Sword" in the sky.

And Kai, intuitively aware that it would take, dared to eat the bump while expressing 'bone resistance' to his body.

A tactile sensation in a place where nothing was supposed to have passed on momentarily...... after being wrapped in a feeling that touched the 'hot air', like when I put my hand around a large boiling pan, I was floated off the branches and lost my scaffold.

It is among the herds of Ballen fir. Soon another sticking branch became the clue, and Kai, who was able to fit the crash to about ten yuls, grabbed the branch and crawled up, climbing again as he rubbed the wet trunk.

Branches that are usually sunk in the fog just shake and drop Shizuku like heavy rain. Kai regains the view on the tree again, waving his wet forehead all the way down from the leaves.

It was also mysterious enough that such a splendid cedar would grow in this land, which would probably not satisfactorily shoot the sun. I guess it doesn't mean it's just a plant as you see it.

(Still smells blue, and when I break a branch, I smell young wood)

It's no different that even trees are creatures just because they can't move themselves. The process of "evolving" one after another to acquire diverse appearances from "bacteria" that merely perform primitive "photosynthesis" does not differ from the genealogy of "animals".

I'm sure there were a bunch of different 'competitions' and 'evolutions' in this world that earned this giant tree...... the appearance of 'Ballen Cedar'.


Kai's increased acumen of enlightenment made me understand.

Really? Are these also the fruits of 'the first'?

Only 'animals' crawling around and growing up on the ground can be the answer. It was nothing strange that there had been in the past those who had reached a 'plant' solution as a raw polar phase that did not impose sacrifices on others.

It was not an impossible story if it was this world.


I wonder if you're safe.

From the mist at your feet continues the voice of your families concerned about the Lord's safety.

Their only stopover was no longer King Takai against the 'outer god', who is so incredible. I couldn't possibly not get excited as a tenant who brought me around to this point.

(What to do)

What the hell am I supposed to do?

Unlike "evil god (diabo)", "outer god" that does not involve an entity… "obscene god (evo)" seems to have no reason to interfere. The failure of the 'Invisible Sword' to capture the entity made it an unshakable fact.

No, I felt something like hot air. If it feels like a semi-entity, do some islands attach to it?

In a thin, cold cloudy world you can only hope for from above the trees, you can see slightly misty holes like flying islands besides the head of Barren Cedar peeking. If they are the land gods of the small tribes that hide in the woods, are there under that hole massive amounts of things rooted in the land that lurk their breath?

With holes in the fog all dressed up as fishing grounds, I want more than one "Evo". It is precisely at this moment that the weak are murdered.

The pain in the back of my chest.

The Cloud Sea did not mean that it was infinitely spread. At its eastern end there is a line of fog that is completely clear and exposed to the deep green scenery of the familiar forest. Pretty far away but roughly about five or sixty yurds away by sight, I guess the 'roof' of a powerful species stands up.

It's not a hypothesis or anything... there's nothing lifting that roof other than the Great East Forest Nation, the Grey Monkey People (Makaku). The roofs of the Grey Monkey people, bound together by thousands of peoples and numerous land gods, who earned the privilege of the Group (Initials), stronger than the Collection (Colder), stood up very majestically and neatly, rejecting the fog of "deep".

Kai accidentally looked behind him in front of his enemies because he wanted to see the height of the roof of the country of the valley…

Would it have been a section of cut fog, its inclination angle, that makes the height of the invisible roof analogous?

(To the extent that the land of the Great Ears has barely survived)

With the roofs of the valley country stretching to show a gentle rise, the area around the Grand Ear clan's Yi is a safety zone that stretches out like a 'cape'.

It is a country that has just been able to do so, and although I wonder if it is something like this, there is still some disappointment. It was irresistible that the realm of species created by the Grey Monkey people, which would have been there since the beginning of this world, was firm.

However, I somehow understood what Nevin wished 'blocking the hole' would consist of.


While I was distracted by the idea, I was allowing the Uzbek God to approach me.

The sun only slightly dawned on the covered divine body, I guess, because something tangible still constitutes the body of the 'god of obscenity (Evo)'. Fully swallowed, Kai was caught feeling as if he had been sunk in warm water, and lifted from the tree in conjunction with the movement of the 'Obscure God (Evo)'.

Although I wave the 'Invisible Sword', I still have no reaction to how many. The sword body slightly chipped, but that wasn't so much an anomaly as it was because it kept touching the gases that formed the air.

The one with no entity ate me.

And even being carried.

How do you think about this?

Being moved equals being altered 'kinetic energy' or 'positional energy'. In other words, "Evo" only has some kind of "energy" to keep you from having an entity.

Oh, my God. That.


(to interfere with us. Did you (...) send a witness and presence to (...)

There is a terribly arbitrary 'magic' in this world.

Who decided that God would not wield the power of that reality alteration?