"Bone Resistance" allowed Ky to gaze over the situation without being drained of spiritual power, but his body, eaten and captured in the body and puffy position, was being lifted straight to high altitude.

Just chi rushes out into the positional energy that continues to be imparted rapidly. How "protective" body skins are so sturdy, you won't be just safe with the escape at an altitude of 1,000 meters.

Nevin said, however, that 'Evo' was a god who had become grounded in the 'depths' bordering the surface. I don't think I'll ever go up that high.

(I'm being captured... on what grounds)

One question after another.

How can you catch a creature if you're not an entity?

Reaching and swinging won't convey any hassle to Kai. Yet the whole body spreads a tingle and a sense of mysterious loss.

I am being sucked of spiritual power.

Immediately after intuition, the cause is scrutinized and it is the elbows and wrists that are producing the characteristic cold sensation at the time of loss… the point is found to be the joint area.

Although "bone resistance" has the characteristic of spiritual isolation from the outside world, it does not carry flexibility or the like because it is bone, and the movable part really creates a gap like (crackling). When this is also consumed entirely within God's body, it receives a slight drain.

Kai finally expressed and swung the seeds to do the 'magic' he had used so far, but he still didn't get positive results as to whether anything existed there.

While in a hurry, I continue to seek a solution that conforms to the irrationality that is happening in front of me, wandering further knowledge of sleeping in me.

("Reason" proves that the stages of existence are different at a time when I don't touch them)

The assumption, for example, that Kai exists in a dimension called the real world, while the gods also exist in another high dimension, or in a subspace place. There is also the possibility that it is linked to a parallel world like Parallel World.

The word 'dimensional slaughter' comes to mind, and the mysterious shame is no longer brought into your body. I don't know, I'm very embarrassed, but it makes me feel more like I can't help trying.

If it is a terribly arbitrary method of 'magic', it concludes that there is a possibility of about one grain of sand.

(out of space)

Feels like putting 'females' in the space and doing it spa.

"The Invisible Sword" While I greeted him with spiritual power in my arms, I tried to shake him up to aim around the head and thoughts of "Obscene God (Evo)". With his feet floating in the air, it's a dozen dozen like a stick swing without hips.


Though I tried to swing it out...... without the feeling that I cut something off, there was no visual effect of the view shifting either.

Kai, who waited with remorse for the results, became accustomed to the further embarrassment that sprang up.

I knew somehow.

Dimensions are not 'things', and I guess the very idea of cutting is' nonsense '. Should I think about it a little more properly?

(What's "dimension" in the first place?)

A number of intricate and strange shapes and formulas that I don't quite understand just because I imagined them crossed my mind, but the remnants of the thinking of scholars who are too advanced just can't be taken away by Kai's head. If you shake your head lightly to dislike the confusion, a shard of wisdom falling into indigestion splashes mindlessly.

'one dimension' of the line.

'Two-dimensional' of the surface.

'3D' in 3D.

A world where things seem to be defined by values on three axes that correspond to "vertical," "horizontal," and "depth," that is "three-dimensional," and this real world as well.

If the gods who are now relative are something that exists in the higher order world than in the '3D', how can we reach them?

(... dunno)

Even wielding small difficult logic and cryptographic mathematics like that, in reality, no one had been able to come to the odd space-time of 'high dimension', an area that even seemed as interesting as the puzzle play of such numbers fools, whose potential was advocated on the desk but thus tried to prove it.

However, the numerous mathematical formulas that the guides had knitted actually proved their integrity in another discipline, so that there was no discipline (paradigm shift) that was inherently a pictorial matter of dimensionality. I even have that view if I look from the edge.

Since the opening of heaven and earth, the untouchable Great Spirit hangs a chain of numbers around his neck and rumbles around him... Kai thought to himself on the odd picture that floated.

(Well, the numbers don't have anything to do with 'dimension')

That's why the rule passed (...).

Numbers themselves are purely conceptual and may be biased to any dimension that is realistic because it is in the "3D" but its "being" is outside the crease… not tied to shape.

Kai remembers.

That's why I'm here.

"Magic" will realize the act as long as it passes through a certain muscle of reason.

"The Invisible Sword" slapped off "Molecules".

Then it can't be impossible.

If the 'dimension' is a world that has embraced definition by a person's mathematics.

(Eat "Poison Manju" from Mathematics!)

Kai screwed that one and his spirited palms into the invisible 'wall'.

I still don't feel like I touched something.


"Evo" roared.

The voice of the one who was supposed to be different from the world clearly wooded into this world.

The wall, which was supposed to be invisible, swayed, letting Kai know for the first time of its' existence 'by emitting an optical reflection. The walls quickly lose flexibility and become fine light and peel off.

With a hole in his abdomen, the contents...... Kai's body is thrown into the air. floating sensation and the exhalation that came right after it.

It was thrown out there outside the reason of the world...... the word that started in Kai's brain was' universe '.

"Evo", who had eaten Kai, dived into the thin skins of the world and jumped outside. Apparently the atmosphere in this world existed only on the inside of thin skins.

Though it is a vacuum, it does not cause the creature to die instantly. All the more so if you are a 'sheltered' with terrible robustness.

One way to hold his breath, as if he were vegan diving into the depths of the river, Kai withstood the vacuum. Slowly falling as he held his mouth back. They didn't care what the gravitational pull was in this world.

Another outsider, not a utubo god, devours the falling 'delicious bait'... a skinny 'obtuse god (Evo)' with a pointy mouth eating it with a quick swim.


Punch your fist hastily on its nose.

Sparks scatter across its punching surface, and mathematics separates from each other.

The dishes and values, which were filled with gaps in the invisible world, react to Kai's screwed 'foreign body' to start an instantly ugly value.

Mathematics that lacks consistency is stripped of its divinity and stripped away.

("Four Law Magic"!)

Whatever the sophisticated theorem formula, it would of course go bankrupt if the Four Rules symbol were broken into unchastily. You don't even need to think deeply if you just let it go bankrupt. Anyway, "magic" sucks.

Another god quickly escaped the pain, Kai escaped the crisis, but soon after he sent, another "catfish" similar "Shinigami (Evo)" will strike him with a sudden descent.

Kai's body spins as he escapes. The surrounding heavens and earth blinked light and darkness.

A bright blue void almost stained with darkness...... amid its overwhelmingly huge scenery, I saw countless white fish swarming in herds.

Knowing that they were all gods in heaven who saw them straight through the thin skins of their guardians, they understood differently that they could not do all that against them. I felt the inferiority of my existence vary.

He single-handedly shrugged the assault of "Catfish God," grabbed his beard and held it aside. And we descend together as it is.

The thin skin of the world from the outside is just a huge surface of water that shines rainbow. A brightly colored 'world', like a boxyard that seemed clear ahead, tightened its chest with a strong admiration.

Where I should be.

Home to belong.

The moment he jumped into the thin film, the stirred boundaries of the world became fine bubbles to bounce off, and Kai was back in a white mist containing strong light.

Turns out the world has embraced Kai, the fallen child, with unbridled love. On the other hand, 'Obscene God (Evo)' faced intense resistance. The relative distance between Kai and Uzbo God is separated by the rate of invasion into a clearly different world, and its appearance faints across the fog.

Turns out they're protected.

Tears flooded me not knowing why.



I'm guessing you didn't keep your word. The Poleks were trying to crawl up the trunk. It would have been just a miracle that the climbing families and the falling kings recognized each other in a slice of mist.

I grabbed a quick, nearby branch and said, "Get off!" I command you. Kai's falling energy was pressed to break a large sway of branches. I finally get to hang at the end of the day, sacrificing many branches after that.

Even the "protective skin" was worn countless times just as abrasive. Kai thinks as he puts his face against the itchy sores.

There is no point in the first place in intercepting 'Evo' here. It's just an encounter, and the situation hasn't changed where we defeated one enemy who might be in countless numbers.

First of all, we should proceed to a place where there is a thorn raccoon god at the top priority.

There is a twitch and a crack in the trees from overhead. I'm sure they're searching for the location of the bait that the Obscene God (Evo) guys missed diving the thin skins of the world.

He signals with his eyes with the three family members who have joined him like a marabou, and Kai runs out. The boundaries of the thin film lie on the baren cedar, which is about thirty yul high. It is hard to say that it is safe in this thickness of the atmosphere, given the time that 'Evo' is capable of transmitting thin films and being able to stay in this world.

Whether it smelled or was sniffing away the signs, the Uzbek god, who entered this world late, appeared to the bottom of the fog as he rocked a giant old tree.

Running in front of me to protect his family, Kai himself becomes conscious of the wall and lowers his posture to the hipster. A shock rushes through its back.

Once again, the Uzbek god, who tried to eat it from his back, was bounced off Kai's roof. Only the energy of that collision was added to Kai, even if it was not eaten up, and both the roofs and the Brotherhood were blown away.

At the base of the cedar, which was finally caught as everything rolled, the remains of the pigs (orgs) must have been fed some time ago.

Several survivors, who stacked that body up like a defense base and put up an axe, shouted dirty at Kai as they saw him trying to get over the roots. I guess they still have the realization that the land ahead belongs to us. But Kai, who thought that his delusion was also a sign of the health of those who lived in this world, pointed to the rear of his arrival without being angry.

"Go! Over there!

Kai, who is also connected to the great roof of the valley country by lowering the Great Ear Land God, is pulling the roof so far at the time of the ridge slightly as he is pulling the hem of the stretching and shrinking 'tent'. A misty tunnel stretched straight through the woods.

After dropping off the threat of 'Obscene God (Evo)', which went too far, the hog soldiers who were stuck looked at Kai bewildered, but repeated, "Go! to the order," he crawls out of the body's defense base and begins to flee. It must have been the courageous ones who tried to see their compatriots retreat.

To Kai, who dropped them off without a thing, the three warriors of his family merely crossed their eyes.

Kai goes in and out.

Three warriors followed.