Perhaps I can't defeat Evo.

While flirting with several raids, Kai and the others move on to the bottom of the fog.

"Four Magic" is also known for its power.

He also tried to fight back from time to time to counter. Because I also thought it was necessary to show them that it was a nasty move, not just food for them to be eaten by matching them with painful eyes.

But the roof that protects Kai and the guardian of the world pull away 'Evo' as if it were the same pole of a magnet. That distance shrinks to the point that Kai finally touches each other by trying to come up with ideas, but the pain the attempted 'Four Rules Magic' inflicted on the opponent still ended in a limiting one. The influence exerted by mathematical destruction is limited to a circular surface about a yul in diameter, and the wound heals instantly. Rather than being healing, it is the kind of ambiguity that makes mathematics' what it wasn't '.

(Video comma drop level)

I guess it's easy for Evo, which is in the high dimension, to self-proclaim the "time axis", which is an axis that is greater than or equal to "3D". In the next moment, the things of time that were safe will show up and repair reality.


Probably lacking my understanding.

Kai's own lack of belief in the 'premise' that mathematics governs the dimension would also have been a major reason.

I'm sure this magic needs' blind faith 'in mathematics.

(... but if you don't have my roof, it's over instantly)

The roofing power God in the valley is giving me...... I would have been baiting for it without asylum. Kai, running freshly through Polek and the others, was secretly sweating cold.

A one-sided battle.

While I give up on the idea that this is a battle between people and gods, I have some thoughts that convince me. The fact that we are barely able to cope with the isolated opponents of its existence is a constant question to the specifications of this world… that's how we feel about not one 'answer' to it.

(Isn't our special power to fight these guys?)

Land defenseman.

It is not a human-line way of perceiving that you qualify as a lord because you have gained superior power over others... it is precisely the power to protect the land from 'external enemies'... I wonder if you should not interpret it as a power (...) assigned to the person in charge to defend a certain division?

In the terrestrial world, the power is accepted as the 'power of your species', but the power is merely a cheat if you put it without a body or a lid...... you can call it a balance breaker.

"Pillar" to count God is also convinced by the interpretation of what supports the roof. Isn't the 'protective holding' system exactly what it is to protect the world from the outer gods?

And because that system has protected this world for thousands of years, it must have also provided a means of countering the outer gods.

(All I can think of is a weapon of bone that is traditionally conveyed... "clandestine")

What if that was a weapon against the outer god... the god of obscenity (Evo), which I thought bitterly of as "protective" killing? I also feel like we know why the Lords have inherited the sword of poisonous blades into the future for the rest of their lives.

The punch, which lodged 'bone resistance', could not confirm the raw hate and effect.

Because my roof gets in the way and my contact with "Evo" is limited to only a few parts.

If we were to seek results in that direction, we would probably need a 'bone' as a 'weapon' with a slightly longer reach. It is exactly the kind of man who tailored the mandible of that crusty giant species to the sword as it was.

At this point, of course, it's just an analogy.

When I return to the valley, I decide to tailor it for myself.

Kai fails to realize that the fact that the four-law magic, the means of counteracting the distress I have knitted, has struck a blow to the higher order existence, albeit weakening, was an astonishing feat in this world.

He stubbornly puts another grip on the nose of the utubo god and sends in 'Four Law Magic'. Dropping off the utubo god who fled in a hurry, Kai pursued the preceded family members.

And before long, like the earlier Great Ear clan Yi, he went out to an open place where the trees of the Valen fir were sparse. Although the vision was covered in fog, the area was increasing in whiteness to shine because the sun was pouring unobstructed.

"There's still a remnant."

For the fog to be bright, something approaching from the other side is firmly shaping the shadows. Polek's dagger was wielded, and it was the pig soldiers who fell.

That face was stunned, perhaps even assuming the signs of Kai and his allies as reinforcements.

Scattered supplies from the rolling luggage trucks are piled up and walled in part. Behind the wall are the wondrous ones. They were pig soldiers who remained in Yi.

I wouldn't have seen Kai clearly, but with a good nose, they would have spotted that the intruders were not compatriots. Though they threaten from the shadows as they wield their weapons, none of them are aggressively attacked.

We have already been devastated by the fact that we are absolutely weak.

"Don't worry about it. Let's go."

"Graveyard, Koch"

The head of the Thorny Raccoon clan, Kulu, is probably in a hurry to finally return to Yi. I got ahead of myself early.

Ahead of that deep mist, without even realizing that a trap awaits.


In the heart of Yi there is still the tomb of the Land God.

When that figure came close enough to tell even if it watered down the fog, Krull's "Ken!" He lifted up to the sky so that the scream could be stretched.

As if he were a fisherman waiting for his prey by dripping threads, "Evo", a "organ" that was not visible in his eyes, hung to roll up the hung bait and collect it.

Kai truly understands whether the pig soldiers were hiding behind the shadows for whatever reason. They were hiding themselves from the invisible 'fishing line'.

The flying Kai was also tangled up in its' fishing line '. There seemed to be more than one homogeneous' Evo 'lurking in the sky.

but the 'organ' that wound Kai had not completely captured his prey, inhibited by roofing power. Removing the 'organ' restraint as it wraps around a transparent shell about three yuls in diameter, Kai flies over to Barren Cedar, which was glistening high around the cemetery. I went up as I was.

In the narrow space of the world that then popped out again, we discover the multi-legged 'Obscure God (Evo)' that pulls the Krull away. From a translucent torso like an umbrella of rounded mushrooms, its' god of obscenity (Evo) 'stretching its legs like hair was like a large jellyfish.

Kai gained momentum and jumped up, barely clinging to the tip of his leg capturing Krull. Once touched, spiritual power begins to be sucked away. Kai immediately began to climb those legs.

It would be to be near the land god. Krull also had a clear roof and was not completely captured. In a spiral leg cage like a coil wrapped around a clear cocoon about a yul in diameter, Krull rests on his whole body hair as it stands upside down like a thorn.

By the time I got to Krull, the jellyfish god's awfully nasty mouth was imminent.

("Four Law Magic"!)

I pull my legs off with the 'magic' of dimensional interference I'm used to using and pull them out of the spiral so that I hold the root of the krull aside.

Paying off another leg, which one after the other struck like a whip, "Four Law Magic," and letting himself stay in the void, the master, after a few breaths or so of falling, once again penetrated the thin film of the world and returned to the bottom of the fog.

We still have to tailor the 'weapon of bones' as soon as possible. Kai decides to grab the tip of the cedar branch and land it by killing the velocity on the scratch with its deflection. Porek and Alalai rush over to Kai, who stepped back on his feet.

I feel the two fevers that deepen my thoughts of submission creep up on my husband, who acted without hesitation to rescue my family.

"Lord Krull..."

"I'm glad it was directly above the main application site. Probably protected."

Put your hand on your chest and it will transmit the heat and beat of your life.

Krull is still alive.

Confirming and relieving also conveys that noisy signs are approaching from above. A multi-legged jellyfish god or another god?

There was no respite.

Kai handed possession to the Land God of the Thorn Raccoon as he stepped on the grass. Knowing that my possession had returned safely, the graveyard of the Land God dwelt lightly as the Great Ear God did, and began to carve change as it did.

It was precisely on the back of the tombstone that letters appeared that made God the parent of the valley.

At that moment the mist that was covering Yi began to clear. The rising divinity pays off the fog and spreads its power overhead. And the power of the kingdom of the valley was chained, and the great roof was set upon it.

The world's skin membrane keeps moving further and further away from the ground with its roof rising. For the 'Obscene God (Evo)', which can only be distracted halfway into the world, its distance was no longer intrusive.

The land of the Thorny Raccoons was reclaimed. As Kulu, whose possession cost, has also been mentioned, awakens, a joy and gratitude that begins, and a heart of profound submission. While I thought it was a cash thing, it also aroused the thought that it was supposed to be to that extent in things like people-to-people sharing.

Block the hole.

Nevin's words come back to life in his brain.

The land of the Spinous Raccoons, united by submission, drove away the fog and regained its inerrorability for the 'Obscene God (Evo)'.

With the roof rising, it can be said that this area of land gained height and emerged from below the water.

I guess that's what I mean.

"Expand the country"

To the king of flamboyance,

"As you wish."

So the families responded with joy.