There was a terrible killing in the Ispani tribe.


I don't know, but I know exactly what I saw.

The battle does not consist of vague values such as land grabbing. Probably the act of getting food to live... a very routine sight to eat the flesh and blood of the weak... it was done as a 'hunt'.

The winners of the battle... the big black pigs are eating eagerly. They picked a lot of huge prey called pigs. Until they consume it all, they will continue to devour only the significance of our existence.

He stood in front of the chicks as if those who mistakenly believed that there were survivors of the pigs who were supposed to have killed them all had just gathered around instinctively.

It's obviously different from ours.

Just as Kai was surprised, the daikoku pigs innocently faded at the appearance of small animals with hips.

"Ah, a"

It showed the lump of meat that one of them had in his hand.

I thought it was so small for the pigs, but when I found out that the remains belonged to the baby, my feelings crawled up on Kai's spine.



Apparently, they're arguing that the size of Kai might be a pig child. The skin string is stretched to hang from the baby, and a slightly larger lump of meat is now drawn around it.

When she realized it was her mother who thought it was a hugging string, Kai stepped on her feet before trembling at her aversion to the association.

And as the king progressed, so did his family: all three, though they were young, were 'blessed.' Breathe into one of them in front of him and destroy his leg as soon as it stood on a stick.

Even though it is huge, there is no "protection" among the Daikoku pigs. Even if the skin is wrapped in hard hair, it is only meat. Even if they had a huge amount of muscle with "protective" output, they didn't have unreasonable toughness.

The small size of the family was also responsible for the concentration of attacks on the legs.

The severed tendon pushes back the stretched leg so that Allalai hits the body. The daikoku pig fell with his baby's body in the air.


Alalai, who was in contact with the big black pig, staggered to cover his bumped shoulders. Did you suck on your spiritual powers?

Paulek and Kurl were about to attack again with the meat pierced easily, stopping their feet to confuse them.

"Don't touch it! Something's wrong."

Pollek has been taught the reasoning of Bone Resistance after the crusade against the Evil God.

At Khai's behest, Polek retreated to grasp the roots of Kurl's neck.

(... did the pig take over the evil god (Diabo)?)

I don't know how it went, but I imagined a group of 'evil gods (diabos)' in a pig tribe... Fortunately, because there were no victims in the "Protective Gods", the "Evil Gods" could not demonstrate their power in this world, and they became like these with all their abilities.

Kai then looks at the first one he defeated earlier.

The "evil god" suffers a dreadful death that replaces the front and back of his body when he stabs him. It was a scene that reversed the process from the birth of the "Evil God" to the formation of the body of the tentative beginning of the world. It was the black body of the "Evil God" that was inverted and exposed by the medulla of the "Divine Stone" sitting on the seat of God.

By forcibly deflecting the reasoning of this world, the "Evil Gods" are gaining ground.

If the Daikoku pig were homogeneous to it, he would have followed it on his death.

But it is.

(... he's still dead)

His remains, burned and scorched, lay still with a strange smell of flesh and hair burning.

It was proof that this Daikoku pig was a world-accepted being... and a living compatriot in this world, just like Kai and the others.

So what are they?

It would clearly be a part of the pig tribe from the standpoint of appearance. There were large individuals like the Armored Warrior, so I thought it wasn't impossible.

But they were delighted with their people.

"You've gathered."

I suppose I interrupted a pleasant meal listening to the noise. Nearly twenty large black pigs appeared in front of the chicks.

The size of each one is amazing anyway. In terms of quantity, each is close to the adult "African Elephant". If the strength of the pigs is finally taken down with only 10 pigs, they are probably the strongest on earth at the moment.

Most of them were bare hands, but some had axes that they might have taken from the pigs. I don't know how to call a chicken if it is attacked by these guys who are no less powerful than the "protective hands" of the younger generation.

At that time, feeling the signs, Kai unconsciously stood up.

(Still coming!)

The god of Utsubo, who was relentlessly aiming for the food that had escaped from above his head, drowned suddenly.

In a moment, I noticed that a wonderful prey for the Pure God (Evo) was exposed to nearby defenselessness and blinked. Daikoku pigs, who do not have the roofing power of God like Kai, are a dressy prey.

Kai, who tried to ring the alarm... was appalled by their calm as if nothing had happened to him as he watched the arrival of the 'Evo'.

Thus, as if to affirm the "abnormality", the Utsubo God who ran straight down with his eyes on Kai failed without shaking his eyes and trying to grasp Kai and his family, and the milk mist was greatly stirred up and then floated.

Meanwhile, Utsubo God did not glance at the presence of the Daikoku pigs.

It is hard to imagine that such an obvious giant creature had a herd, but it could not be seen.

(Are they not targeted?)

Are you blind or are you not aware of the food?

Daikoku pigs attacked Kai, who was disoriented by the assault of Utsubo God.

It was not under control, but relying only on individual surplus forces, each of which felt like it would be ravaged by unattended young people.

(Invisible sword)

"Sword Magic", which replaces spiritual power with the event of slashing, has poor fuel efficiency in the first place. I wanted to avoid the abuse of spiritual power in the invisible situation.

Judgment is instantaneous.

Khai decided to meditate on the waste.

Even though the control was not good, the wave of meat produced by the simultaneous movement could swallow the family members.

I flashed my sword sideways.

The spiritual power poured into "magic" is exhausted, and at some point the "Invisible Sword" disappears. It is "magic" that burns out as glamorously as a hand fireworks in no time.

Still, the effect was huge.

About the first five, which should be said to be the first wave, split up and down with the chickens trying not to grasp it.

Along the sword flash, which was slashed to the right, the one in the left hand had his legs amputated, and the one in the middle had his torso cut clean in half, while the fourth clavicle in the right hand had been cut, leaving a skin on the neck of the last one and chopped.

And those who had lost their legs rolled upon their faces, and those who had lost their trunks were set on their feet, and they were broken up alive. Those who lost their necks continued running straight without realizing that I was dead, and ran into the pile of bodies there.

There was sprinkled blood, but their blood didn't have as bad a status as the Bad God. Pollek, who was wearing clothes, had never had a chance, and Kurl had little blood in Pollek's shadow.

Aralai was still too bloody, and now she broke the scrap on the spot.

"Take Alarai back!

I wonder if "sword magic", which is inefficient in fuel consumption, is five or six more times left if it is to be shaken up. If the enemies are holding us together, it's not too hard to use them.

But they're not the only ones with enemies in front of them. I still want to avoid wasting my precious spiritual power.

Kai only moved forward.

In order to free the Xaxis, we must reclaim the graveyard of God, which will be at the heart of the land, and return the possession money (Khur) to God.

Daikoku pigs panicked at Kai, who shattered the first wave into a touch of armor. I never imagined there would be a creature that would overwhelm us without enemies.

It's so small... I didn't expect a creature so small that I could grip it with my hand to be afraid to fight.

Kai somehow raised his right hand and put "fire magic" in his hand. When it comes to pine lighting, it burns a huge flame, pointing it at the big black pigs to intimidate them.

If you are against a beast without wisdom, are you afraid of fire?

It was such an idea.

"Ah, ah."


The murder of his companions and the burning of their fierce flames drove the Daikoku pigs backwards.

When Kai drives the flames, the daikoku pigs follow them with their eyes as if they were fascinated. They seem to be instinctively afraid, but those with a base of intelligence will eventually overcome their fears.

Kai sets fire to the moving object.

The flame deforms as well as stays in the hand.

The length could be increased by applying force like the Invisible Sword, and Kai actually raised one to the Blood Festival with a flame under the control of the magic. Originally wet with fog rain, they had difficulty igniting fire, but some sensory organs would not be safe if they were pressed against their faces.

The individual ran away with a strange noise, and several others around him fled.

As Kai progresses, the fog of Xaxis clears up.

As I approached the center of the city, the tragic sight that had been hidden from me gradually appeared. It seems that the killing of this Xaxis was more than imagined. Though eaten and fished, the bodies of hundreds of pigs and a small number of large black pigs are scattered.

As soon as the bodies of the fallen Daikoku pigs were destroyed, Kai unexpectedly narrowed his eyes.

Something torn apart, crushed, with a broken spine and stuck to a branch of a tree.

Kai saw them and finally found something to fall into his heart.

Did that turtle do it?

The rushing Guardian Urban must have left these intruders angry and killed them.

And where did the great turtle go now?

Kai discovered the cemetery of the land god in the heart of the mother. Daikoku pigs are cracked to the left and right for fear of chicken and the heat of fire. Invite with a gesture, Pollek, Kurl, and Allarai with his shoulders running.

And Kuru went out by himself, and laid his hand on the inscription of the tomb, to Khai, who had snapped his jaw to the tomb of the land god.

Knowing that my possession money had returned safely, the cemetery of God dwelt in the light as the Great Ear God did, and began to carve change as it did.

To be precise, on the back of the tombstone came the word "God of the Valley" as the parent.

At that moment, the fog that covered the Xaxis began to clear. The rising spirit clears the fog and spreads its power over your head.

At this moment, the power of the valley kingdom was chained, and the great roof of this city was also on it.