My world suddenly went crazy. [M]

"Oh! Everyone, please!"

A brave man! It was the birth of a new brave man!

"A brave man who destroys evil gods!" The legend returns! ”

At this point, everyone looked up at the black dots that appeared in the sky and looked anxious.

Some of them said that it was a huge spider that resembled the evil gods that appeared in the legend of the four heroes, and it was a big fuss.

It's weird.

There was something a little bit more serious than that kind of stain.

My father, mother, and sister died in the devil's war.

I wasn't attacked by a monster. Somewhat endless things, like more endings.

The church said they helped me.

The Demon King's army flew through the sky, so they would not attack any extra villages or towns.

But the people who escaped the city that was destroyed attack the surrounding small villages to get something to eat.

The man who killed my family was a hungry man.

I was robbed of my home, turned into an animal, and... like a monster, I destroyed my village.

When I'm hungry, people can't stay alone.

That's why I can't help it, that's why I hate you, said the church.

The bad thing is that you're at war, Demon King-Jack Leaver.

Even though it is a hotel.

"Savior agreement! We have a Savior agreement!"

A brave man is born! A new brave man will save the world!

Blessed be Jack Reaver, the hero of salvation!

My world suddenly went crazy.

Everyone was supposed to be like me.

I lost my family, my home and my place in the Battle of the Demon King.

Everyone was supposed to be angry.

They were supposed to hate each other.

And when I woke up one morning, they were all different.

I'm the only one who seems to be having a bad dream.

"Hey! What happened to everyone!?" Jack River is a bad demon king!! "

I appealed to the adults protected by the same church, but they all looked strange. [M]

“What are you talking about? I can't believe Uncle Lieber is the Demon King!"

"You're making a mistake. You don't have to be anxious."

No matter how desperate I may be to explain, no one will listen.

I think I'm stranger. [M]

I was... dreaming.

No, it's not.

Everyone is having bad dreams.

I'm not crazy. [M]

I can 't-- I can't be crazy!

Hey, hero! It seems that the ceremony of unveiling will take place in this city!

"That's lucky!" It's the Spirit's way of thinking! "

When I heard that, I thought this was destiny.

This city, Snowmobile, is a special city where people from all over the country come and go.

The salvation agreement ceremony had to be carried out in a fair place to the Three Kingdoms as far as possible.

It doesn't matter if it's for the convenience of an adult.

Be a real hero.

I thought I was guided by the Spirit.

The day was blue... blue, the sky.

Except for the black dots in the middle of the sky, there was nothing but blue.

It was as if that black dot -- the evil gods were moving all the way through the clouds and trying to see a new hero...


Saviors, Jack Lieber!

"Defeat the evil god!" Save this world! "

Lots of people are hanging out on the boulevard where the noon sun shines.

I tried my best to get through it and finally got to the front. [M]

There was a road in the middle of the boulevard, and I saw soldiers in armor walking along like the sound of footsteps on the ground.

A large number of soldiers crossed the road in front of them.

I saw him on the other side of the wall.

A pure white cloak that shines in the sunlight.

He looked at everyone with his glared eyes and laughed unstoppably, making fun of them.

Jack Leaver was walking, protected by a soldier.

I squeeze my hand tightly in my pocket.

Not here...

The soldiers around us will get you soon enough.

There's got to be a chance. I'll do it. [M]

I defeated the evil demon king.

As a true hero... make the world at peace.

To the peace your father, mother, and sister couldn't reach...

Once I was back behind the crowd, I followed the footsteps of the soldiers.

Jack Leaver is on his way, and there's a big square.

A new hero speaks to people about his determination on the big stage that was built there.

At that time, Jack Leaver is alone on the stage.

If I were to aim, that's the only time... "

I run. [M]

The soldiers' footsteps are fast.

When I managed to reach the square, I twisted my body to the people who had become even more crowded.

Somehow, we'll get to the front.

There was a soldier's wall.

Soldiers form a circle around the stage in the square to keep people away from the stage.

On the other side, Jack Lieber is slowly rising to the stage like a bunch of people.

"I have to get through this soldier's wall..."

It was then.

After all, I was guided.

"Oh! Hero, Banza!!"

Right next to him, his uncle, who smelled of alcohol, shouted and tried to cross the soldier's wall.

The soldiers rallied in a hurry to stop their uncle from entering the square.

And that... made a way for me.


I kicked the ground, following the words that flashed like the Book of Genesis.



Run as fast as you can.

I've never been able to run so fast before in my life.

No one can catch up. While the soldiers are stuck, I go through it. [M]

I stepped on the stairs.

Jack Lieber on stage looked back.

Immediately thereafter, I ran up the stage and pulled it out of my pocket.

The knife I brought from the church kitchen.

A common blade everywhere was my artifact.

Jack Lieber opens his eyes.

I did not hesitate. [M]

As I continued my momentum, I pointed the tip of the knife at the demon king and pushed it in.


I hear screams.

But that will definitely turn into cheering.

We're all being fooled.

The world was messed up by this demon king.

The evil god is a liar. A brave man is crazy.

Someone has to take this bad guy down!

I felt it all the time.

Your hands are getting warmer.

It was bright red blood that was wetting the handle of the knife.

The silver blade pierced deeply into Jack Reaver's stomach.

--No... I did it...

I did it, I did it!

"I defeated you...!" The bad guys who tricked everybody!

Avenge your father, your mother and your sister!!

She raised her face as she laughed at the deep emotion.

There it is.

I smiled, as gentle as my father.

"... eh...?"

Jack Lieber laughed softly.

Looking down at me piercing my stomach, you're really, really gentle... as if you're relieved somewhere.

And then slowly move your lips.

While oozing away the sweat.

But it is true - like this.

- Good work.

I naturally let go of the knife handle. [M]

That's not what I imagined, the bad guys.

Why are you laughing?

Why are you so happy?

I don't know.

That's why I don't know.

Maybe I 'm--I 'm just wondering what's going on.

One or two steps...... I stepped back from that person.


Lady brave!!

"What are you doing, kid!!" You punishing me!! "

The square was in a fuss.

Everyone yells at me and says you're wrong.

... no.


It's not wrong.

Is it wrong?

I have no father, no mother, no sister.

I wonder if this reality is wrong!!

"You... you took it!" Father, mother, sister!! You! I didn't even have you...!! "

"What are you talking about, you fucking brat!!"

"Do you know what you're doing!?"

Hero will save us!

"Die and apologize!!!!!!"


The knife remained pierced in my stomach.

Jack Lieber laughed out loud.

"Haha. Haha. Ha ha ha ha ha! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!"

"[]/(exp, adv) (uk) with

Loud and clear.

The Demon King laughed at the empty blue sky.

Everyone suddenly fell silent.

I couldn't help but revert to that laughter. [M]

"What was wrong with you!!!"

"No, no, don't get me wrong."

The demon king looks at me as he bites off his laugh.

"Not you. I laughed at the idiots in the back."

Jack Lieber then raised his right hand above his head.

Snap! Snap your fingers high,

At that moment, the world was back on track.

"- Eh...?"


"Huh? Brave - Huh? Demon King...?"

"Daimkuld...? Demon King, Jack River...?"

I know when I see the confusion that floats uniformly on everyone's faces. [M]

I just remembered.

The presence of the Demon King. See what they've been up to.

Who was this guy that I admired as a brave man?

◆◆◆―――――――◆◆◆ ―――――――◆◆◆

The only way to reach a salvation agreement in less than a month is to use a squid.

In the castle's aerial garden, Jack told Evelina that.

Evelina laughed abusively,

Are you trying to brainwash Laez and Rowe using the [false word on the back of your tongue]?

Is there any other way?

No, I don't think so! For humanitarian reasons, I'll take care of it!... but just manipulating the geeks on the throne is enough for your favorite Elf copy moves, right? ”

It doesn't make sense for the people who actually work under the king to be on his side. Sentri's Witch - I want you to forget the "Demon King" from the rest of the world. This time, it's like Andrea Alfus rampaged into this place.

{... heh? I see. Indeed, to fight the evil gods, the front-line Lord of the Daimkurud, it would be most convenient for you to become a hero. If so, your career as a demon king would be intruded upon. "

That's not all.

At the top of the Demon King Castle, where no one else was seen, the Demon King said as a single person.

This is my way of taking responsibility.

◆◆◆―――――――◆◆◆ ―――――――◆◆◆

"Do you understand? Forget the fear."

The Demon King said.

Jack Lieber is a good man.

While bleeding from the pierced stomach of the knife, he still stands majestically on both feet and speaks to the people.

"Humans (you) easily forget. Drowned in a moment of happiness, dazzled by dazzling hopes, it's easy to forget how dark history is.

Don't forget your wounds.

Don't forget what you lost.

And don't forget--your own journey! "

Jack grabs a knife in his stomach.

Then, with a breath, he raised it high above his head, wet with his own blood.

Fresh red blood shines dullly in the sunlight.

The shine attracted the attention of the people.

"...... As you can see, no matter what I do to you, I won't slack off"

It was proof.

It was a testament to the strength of the Demon King.

And at the same time...

--At most, you must hope that you will be matched with the evil god.

On this day, the worst hero ever born, the strongest in history.

Its name is Jack Lieber.

Those who guarantee the salvation of the world with notoriety rather than courage.

People don't forget.

I will not forget the fear of the Demon King.

That is why you will know.

Only a demon king could defeat an evil god.

The shaken grief never returns.

I can't do what I didn't do.

Still, to move on to the future.

Conquer evil with evil.

◆◆◆―――――――◆◆◆ ―――――――◆◆◆

[Chain of neck] - []

[Chain of Right Arm] - [Savior's Agreement/Birth of Champion Jack Leaver]

[Left Arm Chain] - [Base Point Identification/Citrix = Yuki Shallow]

[Chain of Right Leg] - [[Lead of Causality] Awakening]

[Left foot chain] - [Love certificate/Yakusho Ashari, memory return]

◆◆◆―――――――◆◆◆ ―――――――◆◆◆

After the ceremony, Jack returned to the rear wing of Daimkuld and was quickly destroyed.

The wound in the abdomen was immediately blocked by Rachel with the [Whip of Healing], but the lost blood did not return immediately.

He sat on the edge of the wall with a pale complexion, barely connecting his consciousness.

"... you can't be..."

It was Diederich Baling who asked him that.

On behalf of the cadres of the end of the world who lined up in the Demon King's army, he asks.

"After defeating the evil gods... do you intend to heal the grudges of the people with your own death?" For that reason... are you going to continue to be "evil" to the world until the end? "

And Rachel, and Elvis, and Azerea, and Ruby, and Gawain, and Benny, which were present, were silent, and waited for an answer.

Everyone's been thinking about it since Jack told me what to do at this ceremony.

I wonder if he no longer intends to live in the afterlife.

"...... Kuku"

Jack laughed.

With a pale complexion, the Demon King was still invincible.

”You're sure you're going to tone that down, aren't you?”

The sound was like a light joke.

"No one can understand my true life or death..." After the battle with the evil gods is over, if I don't show up, they'll think I'm dead. In fact, you don't even know you're spending time with your beloved wife! ”

Diederich's eyes widened a little.

Even though it was weak, it was a taunt worthy of the demon king.

"Hey Diederich, is there anything more stupid than that?"

The Demon King told his men to invite him to play badly.

"They'll laugh at my death. That figure was the most clownish. In that case, let's do it from the bottom of your belly - you guys are really stupid!"

Diederich often opened his mouth in a daze.

And the people cried him out as a hero, as a dish of wine.

Is that what you're going to do this time?

Besides, I didn't hurt any of them - rather, I saved them!

"--what is it?"

The lips of the hero of the massacre loosened.

In fact, for the first time in years, Diederich's throat was overflowing with laughter.

- Meanwhile, Elvis and the others knew.

Even if I had finished the battle with the Evil God, the Demon Lord Jack River would not be located on this continent.

That was his way of taking responsibility.

By becoming a hero and defeating the evil god, I could have overcome my notoriety as a demon king.

But what do you think of the people who have been the victims of the Demon King's army in celebration of Jack Reaver?

I am disappointed that we did not live a life full of wounds.

Icicles, fears, and sorrows are buried from history in the mood of victory.

How can they live when they have lost their place of anger?

The boy who pushed his blade against Jack was strong.

I chose to face the world, even if it was all a mistake.

To make sure he existed, Jack must have dared to make a gap in the deception he had inflicted on the world...


Most humans are not as strong as that.

If Jack is honored as a hero, the demon king's victims will lose their place in this world.

I don't know where we're going.

If you want to name it... you should call it the Land of the Dead.

Do not drive them to death.

Don't mislead yourself about your own evil deeds, your own notoriety.

To penetrate that everyone deserves to be scolded as' evil '.

That was the only way Jack could take responsibility.

That's why he shouldn't be in this world anymore, the Demon King.

Even if he survives this battle, he'll be gone from before us.

Defeat the evil gods and bring peace to the world.

It meant eternal farewell to my best friend.

Elvis acknowledges his readiness.

Ruby accepts that.

Gawain has the strength to endure.

And Azela...


She stared at Rachel's face as she dedicatedly healed Jack's wounds.

◆◆◆―――――――◆◆◆ ―――――――◆◆◆

"... I don't know what to say. I'm a big liar with my tongue around me, too, you."

After all the treatment, Evelina Anzanello spoke to Jack, who was lying on the bed.

There is no other figure.

Right now, there were only two [victims] who were deprived of their lives by Yuki Sharo.

Even the spirits should be wiped out. That [Nesting Permeable Wing] 's tremendous power ─ ─ Could it be something that could be waved without any price?


Jack was quietly silent with his eyes open.

The figure is somewhere dreary...

--It was almost blown away, like a mist.

"... what's wrong with that?"

Still decisively, Jack says.

“I'll settle, and then I'll think about the rest. That's all there is to it."

"I see.... well, I won't say anything." I don't care what happens to you, but I don't know what to do. "

The witch rose from her chair.

I turned my back to the lying demon king and left the room without saying goodbye.

Left alone, Jack adjusted his mind as he looked up at the ceiling.

That's the end of it.

Drop everything on me.

Even the world is involved.

This world with my sister (him).

Which is stronger and which survives.

- It's all-out war.

TO BE continued TO

The Warrior Showdown: Still, I