The truck hit me.

The moment I thought it hurt, my consciousness was interrupted.

And now I have a godlike girl in front of me.


God (?) went away.

She looks like she's about twelve.

A big wooden wand on his head, wings on his back, a white robe...

God-style girl by the obvious.

But it also looks like he's only at heart.

Plus, I kept quiet with a giggle.

... People-friendly?

"Um... is it God?

"Ah, yes. Yes, sir. Excuse me! I said 'The Light That'!

God cummed out.

In the meantime, I hope you don't call heaven and earth creation like a bad thing as one of the lives that live on earth.

... No.

Isn't that 'life' anymore?

I can't get a glimpse of what's going on around me.

Only me and God girl float in the bright white light.

I can interpret dreams in a nutshell, but I remember them clearly.

The giant of the truck that filled my vision and the pain of the moment the bumper clashed......

"... well... Dead, me..."

I thought at that moment that there might be a one chan...

But I knew it, it was clean.

Because I didn't want to have such a nightmarish life for long......

"Um... could you swallow the situation...?

I nodded to God talking to most of you.

"He's dead, isn't he? The truck hit me. Does that mean you can be assigned to heaven or hell from now on?

"No, you know, that's..."

Girl with a mouthful for you.

Thank you. I can't boil it off. To God's habit.

The god in the girl eventually spoke as he had noticed.

"Actually, there was a mistake..."


"It wasn't planned..."


Discretion of the Word of God without guidelines, and I give the answer.

"Spooky white paper feeling?

"Oh, yes! That's the way it is!

I mean, I didn't plan on dying, but I let you die by accident.

"Well, does it feel like I'm going to come back to life?

"Yes, no, it's not like that... I mean, I can't... I don't know what to say instead, but I was wondering if I could reincarnate every other world with my memory..."

"Other worlds? So you created it there, too?

"Shh, excuse me! I'm sorry people said 'That's the Light'!

I'm saying it for the people...

God, who was bowing his head, glanced at my complexion at the top of his head,

"Duh, what do you think...? I will make the reincarnation a child of a wealthy home, maybe with talent and service..."

It's like a side menu like that......

I feel somewhat bad for being too anxious.

But I can't let a favor get in the way.

Whatever, it's God's favor. A bee hits.

But... there was just one thing I wanted to check.

"Um... you said I wasn't going to die, right?

"Yes, sir"

"So - what about my sister (...) who got beat up with me?

When I got hit by a truck, I had three younger sisters on the spot.

He must have been hit just like me.

If I remember correctly.

"Is he dead, too? He reincarnated somewhere too...?

"Ah... well, that's it"

God grinned, even though he stood still.

"I met your sister earlier...... when I said I could be reincarnated into the same world as your brother, I was happy to agree!

Listen to that.

I am.

I am.

I don 't--

"- How dare you!!!!

I threw away my salutations and grabbed up God's chest barn.

"You don't know!! You are omnipotent!!! Then you should know!! What kind of guy is that sister!!!!

"Hih, hih..."


Finally, finally, finally, finally!!

From that devilish sister, I thought I was free......!!!

"Then I don't like it! I can't believe you reincarnated!! Heaven or hell, send me like this!!

"Oh, I'm sorry......! I can't, I can't......!! If I don't reincarnate you properly, I'm better (...) -"


I'm better?


The moment I was distracted by God's word, my vision began to glow.

Warm sensations and floating sensations cover the whole body.

Your vision is buried in white.

Doron, Doron.

- Sounds reassuring somewhere, sounding in the back of my ear.

This is - No way.

The sound of the mother's heart (...)?

My consciousness is dwelling on the fetus?

"- Please, run away!

God's voice was heard from far away.

"Hide, do it, never find it! Because I am on your side!!

... can you do that to me?

I told my sister that for five (...) years (...) I was banned (...) and (...) I was...