Dominate the world from signing in

Chapter 1 Sign in at the beginning, ten sets of luxury houses!

The sun is scorching like fire.

In front of the gate of Oriental Ginza, the top luxury residential area of ​​Lujiazui, a courier boy was stopped by security.

No matter what he says or not, the security guard's attitude is very tough.

Three words.

Don't let in!

No way, Chen Liang with a dry mouth knows that this is the top wealthy area in the East China Sea. The residents inside are either rich or expensive. I heard that a house here is worth hundreds of millions!

Security is stricter, and it should be.

But the customer also asked for it to be delivered. In desperation, Chen Liang could only call the customer to explain the situation.

"Do you think you can come out and take it yourself?"

"Wait a minute."

The female voice on the other end of the phone is very nice, of course, it is also a bit cold.

Then, the phone was hung up.

Chen Liang could only wait in place.

Before long, the landline in the security room rang.

The security guard of Niu Gaoma University gave Chen Liang a warning look, then walked into the security room, picked up the microphone, and his fierce expression instantly became flattering.

"Okay, you go in!"

Ten seconds later, I didn't know what was said on the other end of the phone, but the security guard hung up the phone, waved his hand, and finally let him go.

Chen Liang heaved a sigh of relief, and the tricycle pushing the delivery was about to enter the community, but was stopped by the security guard.

"People can go in, but the car has to stay outside."

With his arm not twisting his thigh, Chen Liang could only leave the car at the door, and then took the express and entered the community.

A forest park of 10,000 square meters, man-made waterfalls, indoor swimming pool with constant temperature throughout the year...

As an employee of a courier company, Chen Liang usually sits in the office to do overall scheduling tasks, but occasionally he has to be on the front line when he is busy or short of staff, just like today.

He has traveled to many small and large communities in the East China Sea, but it is the first time he has seen such a luxury.

After wandering in Oriental Ginza for a long time, he found Building A and called through the entrance guard to enter the building.

Sixteenth floor.


Standing at the door, Chen Liang took a deep breath, then raised his hand and rang the doorbell.

"Ding Dong...Ding Dong..."

Ten seconds later, the door was pulled open from the inside.

A beautiful woman with Qiongzi and beautiful appearance appeared in front of Chen Liang, with a face of hibiscus, her complexion was as snowy, and she was noble, and she only felt ashamed.

"Ms. Xiao, please sign for your express."

Chen Liang showed a professional smile, and quickly passed the express.

The noble beautiful young woman took it, and then signed it with the pen handed over by Chen Liang.

"Thank you."

Finally, she also thanked her.

Chen Liang was stunned, a little surprised.

Although he lives in a mansion worth hundreds of millions, the other party is more polite than most of the clients he has met before.

"You're welcome."

He immediately shook his head.

The beautiful woman took the courier and closed the door immediately.

Chen Liang turned around and walked towards the elevator without too many distracting thoughts in his mind.


At this moment, a voice suddenly rang in his mind.

"The host is discovered, the system is binding..."

Chen Liang was taken aback, wondering if he had hallucinations, and deliberately looked around, but he didn't see any ghosts.

"The system is successfully bound, host: Chen Liang."

There was another mechanical sound, and then Chen Liang's eyes flickered, and then a technologically full LCD panel appeared in front of him.

"Host: Chen Liang."

"Age: 24."

"Occupation: Shunfeng courier."

"Deposit: 36058.05RMB."

"Number of check-ins: 0."

"Sign-in status: sign-in available."

"Check-in location: Donghai Lujiazui Oriental Ginza."

Chen Liang was stupid, and subconsciously waved his hand in front of him, but there was nothing.

what's the situation?

"After testing, the current sign-in location matches. Host, do you check in for the first time?"

It was the same mechanical sound again.

At this time, Chen Liang somewhat understood.

As a modern young man, in his spare time, he often reads popular novels on the Internet. He thought that these novels were just made up out of thin air by brain-disabled authors, but he didn't expect to encounter them one day.

Chen Liang took a deep breath.

Haven't eaten pork before, have you ever seen a pig run?!

He didn't read so many online novels for nothing.

"Sign in!"

Without shouting like a second stunned child, Chen Liang suppressed his excitement and meditated in his heart.

"Ding...Congratulations to the host for signing in successfully and getting a reward: Ten sets of Oriental Ginza Mansion."

What, what?!

Oriental Ginza Mansion...ten sets?!

Before Chen Liang called out, the mechanical sound of the system sounded again.

"Because this is the host's first sign-in, it triggers the novice gift package, does the host open it?"

At this moment, Chen Liang's mind was a little dizzy, without thinking, immediately said: "Open it! Open it to me now!"

"The newbie gift package is open. Congratulations to the host for getting the global limited supercar, Koenigsegg Agera, please go to the underground garage to check it immediately."

Koenigsegg, the supercar in the supercar, has a total of seven models, all of which are limited, and the most expensive model is priced as high as... more than one billion!

Chen Liang's blood was already boiling at this time, and he immediately entered the elevator and went to the underground garage without saying a word.

As soon as he got out of the elevator, a black and white ghost supercar broke into Chen Liang's sight.

Danfeng’s big eyes, floating roof, double spiral doors, circular airplane windshield...Even if you are in this underground parking lot where luxury cars gather, it is still like the most dazzling pearl, and it can instantly attract people's attention!


Although he was only a courier, Chen Liang had also received higher education in university, but at this time he could not help but swear.

It's actually true!

Chen Liang was short of breath, walked to the Koenigsegg Agera worth 30 million, opened the door easily, and found the key in the car.

Although he usually drives a tricycle for delivery, he took the driver's license when he was in college.

Fire up!


Roar like a beast!

The powerful horsepower of 1080 horses burst out suddenly, Chen Liang's back clung to the seat involuntarily, and drove this top supercar that only needed 2 seconds 9 to accelerate out of the underground parking lot.


The unique roar of supercars came.

At the entrance of Oriental Ginza, the security guard who had stopped Chen Liang from letting in just turned his head subconsciously, and when he saw Koenigsegg galloping over, he straightened his body and even saluted him.

Koenigsegg stopped beside him.

This buddy thought that the other party had ordered something, so he leaned over immediately, bent over, and waited for the car window to be lowered, respectfully.

The window of the car is indeed down.

But the security guard looked up and saw the face in the car, his expression instantly stiffened, his eyes were unbelievable, and he thought he was hell in the day.

Being able to work as a security guard in such a luxury residential area is not something ordinary people can do. It requires strict and systematic training, with absolutely vicious eyesight and a good memory.

The courier boy he put in half an hour ago, why did his motherly come out in Koenigsegg?!!!

He couldn't figure out what was going on even after killing him.

"Excuse me, open the door."

Chen Liang is still more polite.

The security guard's expression was distorted and wanted to ask, but he didn't dare to press the remote control to open the door. Finally, he asked: " don't want your tricycle?"

Chen Liang's three-wheeled delivery truck was indeed still parked outside.

Glancing at his tricycle, Chen Liang said lightly: "Take care of it, please. My colleague will come and pick it up later."

After saying this, the window went up, leaving behind the silly security comrades, and Koenigsegg left.