Douluo Great Shadow Douluo

Chapter 1 Abandoned Martial Soul

Moon black wind high night

"Mother, I will be back, please believe me."

A young man knelt in front of a wooden tombstone and said firmly. The young man's name is Lin Xuan. The difference between his appearance and ordinary Douluo Continent is that his hair color is silver, and his eyes are all black without white eyes. He was treated as a heresy by the villagers since he was a child and was excluded.

Because he didn’t have a father, Lin Xuan helped his mother to do what he could when he was a child, but his mother didn’t seem to love Lin Xuan. She watched out the window with tears all day long, and finally died depressed on the day of his sixth birthday. Lin Xuan never He didn't ask about his father, and his father felt like he didn't exist in his heart.

"Xiao Xuan, are you really leaving the village?"

Lin Xuan was startled and turned his head to look at the speaker. The speaker was the village chief. Except for those whose mother loved him even more than her mother, when everyone in the village crowded out Lin Xuan's mother and son, it was the village chief. To protect them, Lin Xuan hurriedly got up to help the village chief and said:

"Grandpa Village Chief, why are you here."

"Are you still thinking about your waste martial arts spirit?"

The village chief touched Lin Xuan's head and said kindly, Lin Xuan nodded, his Martial Soul Awakening was actually the first person in the village with full soul power, but his Martial Soul was a useless Martial Soul... because of him It is neither a weapon spirit nor a beast spirit, nor even a plant spirit, but a blank...

If it weren’t for the mark of the martial soul and the light of the crystal ball, the soul sovereign who came to test the spirit could not believe his eyes, although this soul respected Lin Xuan and many people in reporting the situation, and specially took out Tang San. The example of the adults wanted Lin Xuan to be taken seriously, but the Star Luo Empire didn't have any soul masters or even the soul master academy.

Because Lin Xuan's second test did not even get the so-called attributes, which means that Lin Xuan doesn't know what attributes the martial soul is, so there is no way to obtain the spirit ring. Once the wrong attribute is selected, then Lin Xuan's fate There was only one, exploded and died.

"Xuan Xiaolin, you and your mother came to the village six years ago. I actually don't want you to stay. Your mother is a high-level spirit master, and when you came here, there was still you who opened your eyes in your bloody arms. But I took you in anyway, do you know why?"

The village head took Lin Xuan to sit down and said bitterly. Lin Xuan shook his head. He didn't know what the village head meant. He knew very little about his mother, but the village head always told him that filial piety was How important, the village chief looked at the night sky and said:

"Everyone has his own value in the world, but it can be big or small. People who become heroes may not be born noble, and people who become geniuses may not live easily, so you don't need to have too much burden, you just need to let it go. It's natural, there is no need to put too much pressure on yourself."

"Waste Wuhun is only a temporary title. I, the village head, was a spirit master before, or a teacher who came to Hutou Village as the head of the village when he was old. I educated a group of students, but I I have never believed that a martial soul that is inherently full of soul power is a waste martial soul. The only possibility is that your martial soul is a unique one on the mainland, so that we don't know what it is."

The village chief’s words sounded like a giant bell in Lin Xuan’s heart. Yes, the Wuhun that no one knows will be abolished. Is this reasonable? As long as he doesn’t give up, who knows whether his end is right here.

"The village chief, what should I do?"

Lin Xuan looked at the village chief and asked expectantly, but the village chief shook his head. He stood up and said:

"The road is yours, and everything depends on your own destiny. This time you leave the village, I will come to see you last, but I hope this is not the last, if you really have nowhere to go Now, go to Shrek Academy and find an old guy named Ye Fanxing."

After finishing talking, the village chief left in the darkness, and Lin Xuan clenched his fists to look at his mother’s tombstone. Although he was only six years old, Lin Xuan, who was born full of soul power, already had the physical strength and strength no less than that of a sixteen-year-old boy. It was not difficult for Lin Xuan to travel far. In the end, he left Hutou Village by night, a village where he had lived for six years.

"I will be back."

This was Lin Xuan's request to him. This time he was almost dead, but he still left without hesitation. He wanted to know everything, why his mother would come here holding him in blood, and why his mother would Washing his face with tears all day long, looking at the sky from the window, why his hair and eyes are different from everyone else, he must live to figure out everything.

The village head watched Lin Xuan leave the village, and the worries in his eyes almost overflowed. He felt very sorry for Lin Xuan’s childhood. At the age when other children were still enjoying the love of their father and mother, Lin Xuan was doing housework. He was born full of soul power, and when he was an average child, he was already skinny and exhausted. It was because of his tenacity that the village chief had a love for talent, so he told Lin Xuan to go to Shrek Academy to find Ye Fanxing.

This is the only way for Lin Xuan to survive. Only Shrek can figure out the problem with Lin Xuanwu's soul, but Lin Xuan didn't go to Shrek at all, but went to the Star Dou Great Forest without hesitation.

Relying on the gold soul coin from his mother’s inheritance, he came to the periphery of the Star Dou Great Forest. A six-year-old child almost traversed the Star Luo Empire alone. This is very rare, and it reflects a little from the side that the Star Luo Empire is now The law and order is very good. Lin Xuan did not encounter any bad people along the way. Originally, Lin Xuan was worried that he would be robbed.

But you have to be careful when you get to the Star Dou Great Forest. Even Lin Xuan is a little surprised at his IQ, because many people think of him as a twelve or thirteen-year-old boy. This age is generally a spirit master, especially when going to Xing Dou. The Great Forest, this made many people dare not hide anything from Lin Xuan, after all, the soul master is still the most noble profession on this continent.

Lin Xuan didn’t know how big the Star Dou Forest was. He only knew from the ancient book sent by the village chief that three-fifths of the Star Dou Forest was in the Star Luo Empire. Looking at the forest in front of him, he didn’t know why Lin Xuan felt Something is calling to himself.

He just wanted to walk into the Star Dou Forest, but a palm of his back was already slapped on his shoulder. Lin Xuan was shocked and retreated like a beast, until a red dagger appeared in his hands against the tree. It is the weapon of his mother's life, and he has always used it to cut wood.

"Fast speed."

A girl said in surprise, Lin Xuan did not relax but stared at the girl and the middle-aged man behind him, the girl pouted and said:

"Hey, why are you reacting so much."

"You suddenly touched my back without saying hello and slapped me."

Lin Xuan said coldly, if he had just been the enemy, then he was already dead, which was a huge mistake.