Douluo Great Shadow Douluo

Chapter 290 is also the starting point

"Yang Zhao?"

After the unbelievable look, Yang Zhali lived his hand:

"You stay here for thousands of years, I can't bear to see you continue, how do you want to go to the unknown world with me? A lot of beautiful clothes."


"I didn't choose you when my heir hate me?"

"What happened to you? It is not you to save me."

Xier turned over white, Yang Zhahaha smiled and left here. From then on, he will no longer be the people of the gods, and the Tang Sanzheng in the gods looked at Yang Zhao's departure, his own This old senior is really strange. I hope that the new generation of the new generation will give him a little face. After all, the gods will be able to meet some troubles. If there is a lack of space, it is difficult to do.

Lin Xuan inheritance for five years, five years, Dou Luo mainland has already forgotten Lin Xuan, this is the intention of Lin Xuan, and Shileke will not forget Lin Xuan, his deed has been The records have entered the history of the mainland, and the first arrival of the gods in the era of Sylique.

And Slack's new star, I also successfully led Simlack to win the trophy of the whole mainland Higher Soul College Competition, and gentle allowance to attract a bunch of love people, unlike to follow their parents to God Instead, but intend to stay in the mainland to rely on his own strength, this is no blocked, although it is very unsatisfactory, the children are self-sufficient, and they can't override alone.

"Linger, do you say Lin Xuan when can I come back?"

"I don't know, Lin Meng this little child does not know where to run, inheriting his father's martial art, it is a headache."

Chu Linger said helplessly, solitary inherited the phosphorus snake emperor, Lin Meng, inherited the spatial martial arts, just when the two women were ready to talk, Lin Xuan suddenly appeared in front of them, Lin Xuan Xiao asked:

"Ready? My wife?"

No one knows where Lin Xuan and his wife have, even a note is not stayed, and the night star is sitting in the sea god, and he is not a candidate of the Lord of the Sea God. However, Lin Xuanang He only helped the old and the old and the old and the old and retired of the second line. He can only inherit this position. It is really trouble ...

Lin Xuan alone came to the gods. It is just a second-level God for the arrival of the new god. After all, it is just a secondary god, but there is still a person waiting for him, it is Tang San.

"The evening life forest is in the Tang three predecessors."

"Don't be so respectful, your master has left, and you will be trouble you in the future."


"That is not good to come back soon."


Lin Xuan was bitterly bitter, and Tang San smiled and said:

"Your master is a strike for a long time, come on."


Lin Xuan helped the gods to repair all the space cracks before returning to the empty stone, accompanying two women. He finally know why Yang Zhao didn't like to stay in the gods. He also completed the promise of the parents of Chu Linger. This cost is indeed a bit high but Tang Success knows Lin Xuan's importance, so it is a close eye, even if Lin Xuan is the second level, but you can bring your family.

Busy Lin Xuan is thinking that the end is also the starting point?