Douluo's first cut

Chapter 1 Douluo Starting from Drawing a Sword

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Tiandou City, an ordinary courtyard.

An obscure young man practised his sword drawing technique intoxicated.

Drawing a knife is an art, a visual enjoyment, and an unparalleled burst of instant!

The speed, strength, beauty and accuracy of this knife can not be deviated at all. The goal is to achieve a one-shot kill. This is a successful one!

In the middle of the courtyard, Fang Xuan's black hair was scattered, his eyes were sharp, his right hand was against the handle, and the long and sharp blade rubbed the scabbard and suddenly pulled out, tearing the void away like a meteor.


A dragon's clear sound of drawing a knife sounded, and the three-meter-high rock in front was neatly cut into two sections.


[Reward: Soul Power*1]

Fang Xuan couldn't help showing a satisfied smile when he heard the reminder that symbolized the success of drawing the knife, and finally heaved a sigh of relief.

After a morning of renovation, I finally succeeded in drawing a knife.

Feeling the soul power growing in his body, he felt that all the efforts in the morning were worthwhile.

Fang Xuan is a traverser. As for what he did in his previous life, what kind of life experience he has, it doesn't matter at all!

About a year ago, he came to the vast Douluo Continent. The difference was that the person he possessed had extremely poor physical quality, was born without a martial spirit, and was unable to practice spirit power.

In the high-risk fantasy world of Douluo Continent, Wuhun is the strongest weapon for people here to survive and fight!

Without Wuhun, it would be very difficult to even live!

But as the public welfare of the traverser, one day, he opened a magical knife drawing system.

With the help of the sword drawing system, although he does not have a spirit, he can still practice spirit power.

Fang Xuan's knife drawing system requires not the quantity of knives to be drawn, but more attention to the quality of the knives!

For drawing a sword, there are almost harsh requirements. Speed, strength, beauty, and accuracy must be achieved without any difference. Pay attention to cutting the enemy with one sword!

If the opponent can't be solved with a single blow, then he would rather continue to forbear, and constantly look for the chance to kill.

Although Fang Xuan didn't have a martial spirit, he lacked a lot of inherent advantages.

But now, this knife... is his unique spirit!


Seeing the three more uneven gaps on the blade, Fang Xuan shook his head helplessly, destroying another knife.

Ordinary iron long swords can hardly withstand the explosive power of drawing swordsmanship, and will be completely destroyed in a few days. Since these days, with his own sword drawing skills, he does not know how many swords he has destroyed... …

Currently, he is desperately short of a good knife to take advantage of!

After resting for a while, Fang Xuan changed to an ordinary iron long knife, and continued to practice drawing the sword without selflessness.

Today's state seems not very good. After practicing for more than a long time, he succeeded with that sword, and his spirit power only increased a little. No matter how hard he drew his sword, he couldn't draw a successful sword again.

At the next moment, Fang Xuan lowered his mind and began to check his current attributes.

[The strongest swordsman system]

[Host: Fang Xuan]

Level: LV10

Title: Soul Warrior

Soul Power: 99/100

Proficiency: Basic Sword Drawing Technique (88/100)

Only a little soul power can break through to the level of a soul master.

Fang Xuan was a little helpless. It seemed that because the upgrade was right in front of him, he was a little impatient and couldn't wait to upgrade to the realm of spirit master, but he repeatedly failed to draw the sword.

He cannot increase his spirit power through normal cultivation. At present, there is only one way for him to increase his spirit power-draw a sword!

For every successful knife, you will gain a little soul power.

But it is more difficult than imagined to draw a knife successfully.

The system has extremely strict requirements for the sword drawing technique, even if it has the slightest flaw, it will be judged as a failure and cannot be rewarded with spirit power.

"It seems that if you continue to practice hard, you will not succeed..."

Fang Xuan sighed, his eyes gradually sharpened, and he decided to go to the soul beast forest to experience some opportunities to find a breakthrough.

Only in the crisis of life and death can human potential be stimulated!


Star Dou Great Forest!

This is a vast expanse of virgin forest, straddling the two empires of Tian Dou Xing Luo, its inner miasma is permeated, swamps are crisscrossed with poisonous insects and beasts.

Rumor has it that there are even horrible existences that are infinitely close to the gods in the forest.

A vigorous figure quickly shuttled through the forest, making a rustle when it rushed and jumped.

The black hair is scattered, the figure is well-proportioned, and the face is sharp and angular. This is a handsome boy of fifteen or sixteen. His dark eyes are as sharp as a falcon!

Fang Xuan landed steadily on an ancient tree, his deep eyes swept into the depths of the forest, and from the shadows of the trees in the distance, several dark shadows could be vaguely seen passing by.

His eyes condensed, he hesitated for a while, and then the sole of his foot lightly tapped on the branch, his body ejected like a sharp arrow, and quickly ran forward.

After ten breaths, the scene before him gradually emerged.

I saw that a young girl was being chased by a ghost wolf.

This girl is extremely beautiful, with black waterfall-like hair, a graceful figure, and a long snow-white dress, like a fairy in the world!

But now, this beautiful girl looks very embarrassed, her delicate and pretty face is stained with dust, even the white dress has many leaks, and her ivory-white skin is exposed to the air, exuding infinite charm.

It is difficult for anyone to resist this stunning temptation, but it is a pity that the opposite is a ghost wolf who doesn't understand style!

Moreover, this ghost wolf is unusually tall and looks a little scary...

"Hundred-year soul beast!"

When Fang Xuan saw the ghost wolf, which was strong enough to grow up, a shocked expression appeared on the calm face for the first time.

The century-old ghost wolf is equivalent to a powerful soul master class!

Unexpectedly, just when I went deeper, I encountered a spirit beast of this level.

He has a solemn expression, patiently lurking aside, quietly observing the battle ahead, looking for the best opportunity to shoot.

The battle situation at the scene was one-sided. Although this girl was a young soul master with an extraordinary cultivation base, she had no resistance at all when faced with a hundred-year-old ghost wolf.


The Nether Wolf roared, and the iron claws tore fiercely, and the girl flew out abruptly. She flew out seven meters in a row, hit a rock hard, and even the rock cracked.

The red blood flowed from that ruddy little mouth. The girl's miserable appearance looked pitiful, and any man would feel distressed when he saw it.

But Nether Wolf obviously doesn't have the idea of ​​pitying and cherishing jade. Its scarlet eyes are surging fiercely, opening its blood basin, and rushing towards the girl, wanting to swallow the latter in one breath.

"no, do not want……"

Looking at the ghost wolf coming from high above, the girl's beautiful face was full of fear, and her heart was desperate.

It's now!

Fang Xuan, who had been waiting in the dark, saw this scene, his eyes suddenly burst out, he stroked the hilt of the knife, and suddenly drew a three-foot long knife from his waist.


This knife was so subtle that it broke through the void like lightning, brought a strong wind, and slashed the ghost wolf's waist fiercely.

Bronze head iron bone tofu waist, this waist is the Achilles heel of the wolf.

Click ——

Fang Xuan calmly returned the sword into its sheath, and the Nether Wolf broke into two directly from the middle, splashing with blood mixed with internal organs.

It's an artistic feast of drawing swordsmanship!


[Reward: Soul Power*1]

Fang Xuan couldn't help showing excitement when he heard the system prompt, his soul power was full, and he could finally upgrade.

From a spirit master to a spirit master is a great leap. Only when you become a spirit master, you can barely count as a character in the Douluo Continent where there are many strong people.

"With just one stab, a hundred-year-old soul beast was killed!"

The girl was shocked in vain, her beautiful eyes filled with shock, and she looked at Fang Xuan in amazement: "So strong..."

In terms of cultivation base, Fang Xuan is far behind this ghost wolf, but if you seize the opportunity to attack its weakness, it is not impossible to defeat the strong with the weak!

"Thanks...thank you for saving me."

The young girl hurriedly got up, with a charming smile on her pretty face, sincerely thanked Fang Xuan, she was beautiful and beautiful like a fairy in a dream.

"Well, you're welcome."

Fang Xuan nodded slightly, walked calmly in front of the girl, and pierced it with a knife. The crimson blood stained the snow-white dress...

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