Douluo's strongest field control

Chapter 1 Either a Cutting Board or a Pot Lid

You can search for "Douluo's Strongest Field Control Novel (" in Baidu to find the latest chapter!Douluo Continent, Heaven Dou Empire, Baiyun City.

This is the largest and most prosperous city in the Heaven Dou Empire besides the royal city.

Because this is the city where the Five Elements College is located.

Chengdong Thunder College;

Seongnam Kamikaze Academy;

City West Blazing College;

Chengbei Tianshui College;

The center of the city is the Elephant Sect.

Opposite Tianshui College, there is a grand mansion called Shui Mansion.

It is also the earl's mansion of the Tiandou Empire.

Its owner is the Shui clan of the controlling clan.

Today the Shui Mansion is beaming with lights and festivities.

Because today is the annual awakening day, they are preparing for the celebration after the awakening of the descendants of the control clan.

The busiest one is naturally the kitchen responsible for the entire restaurant.

I saw a six-year-old boy sitting there very well-behaved in the busy crowd.

What are waiting for.

A calm middle-aged man walked in and looked at the boy with a faint smile: "Hua Bufan, today you have to awaken Martial Soul too!"

Hua Bufan was originally just an ordinary teenager who liked to read novels and anime.

But he didn't expect that when he woke up, he would actually cross into the Douluo Continent.

Boy: "Yes, it's a big deal!"

Waiting for this day, I have been waiting for six years!

He was originally just a college student who loved to read novels.

After an accident, he actually crossed into the Douluo Continent and became a just-born baby in Water Mansion.

The hesitation at the beginning is correct.

After understanding that it is irresistible, you can only accept it silently.

After six years, only excitement remained.

"Awakening Martial Soul..."

This is so exciting for a Douluo fan.

The boss glanced into the kitchen, and finally settled on a petite and better-looking woman and the man next to him.

"Hua Wufeng, Qin Yulu, don't be busy with you two, the awakening is about to begin, first take the extraordinary to the awakening place and wait. You can't let them wait for you in turn!"

Hua Wufeng and Qin Yulu are the parents of Hua Bufan in this life.

They are the two long-time workers in charge of the kitchen in the water house.

Upon hearing this, the chief steward said aloud, and first saluted very respectfully.

After that, I only heard Hua Wufeng laughed and said: "It doesn’t matter whether you wake up or not, anyway, it’s just a cutscene... After all, in a hundred children like us, there is not necessarily one with innate soul power !"

Hua Bufan's black thread in his forehead muttered in his mouth: "...what a bowl of poisonous chicken soup!"

"Ha ha!"

There was a faint smile on the manager's face, he liked Hua Wufeng to be so witty.

It's okay to make a spring and autumn dream!

Is the soul master so good?

However, he still shouted in a low voice: "Naughty, awakening is not only the rules of the Water Mansion, but also the rules of the entire continent. How can you fool!"

Hua Wufeng waved his hand on the cutting board used to cut vegetables: "It's a big deal, it's my martial soul... You said, except for cutting vegetables, what's the use in normal times? Does it hurt people? I think it’s not going well, it’s not as easy to use as a brick..."

Hua Bufan: "..." I was speechless!

Seeing that Hua Wufeng said it was funny, the manager couldn't help but laughed: "Okay, okay, don't talk nonsense, go now!"

Hua Wufeng also smiled: "The kitchen is too busy. I'm afraid that the two of them will be too busy when I leave. It is better for me to stay. Let Yulu take the extraordinary!"

The manager nodded and praised: "Well, you are still sensible, so be it!"

When Qin Yulu saw that Hua Bufan was hit by his father, she couldn't help but cast a blank look at Hua Bufan.Sanjiu Chinese Website

As he walked out, he raised the lid on the pot and said to Hua Bufan, "Isn't this still my mother's Martial Spirit!"

Hua Bufan couldn't help looking at the lid of Qin Yulu's hand, her face twitching.

At this time, he had to face such a reality.

Dad: Flower without wind

Wuhun: Cutting Board

Function: With it, you can no longer use the dan cutting board to damage it.

In the words of Dad Hua Wufeng: "With only one cutting board in my life, I saved the boss a lot of money for the house."

Mom: Qin Yulu

Wuhun: Pot Lid

Function: When cooking, cover it, it will cook faster and the food will become more delicious.

Mom's Quotations: With it, you will have the potential to become a God of Cooking.

Well, these can all be ignored.

But the key point is that An Wuhun's inheritance... his Wuhun is either a cutting board or a pot lid!!!

Suddenly Hua Bufan's whole person is not good, and the whole world feels malicious towards him.

Seeing Hua Bufan glanced at the pot lid in her hand, Qin Yulu coughed embarrassingly.

No way, her spirit is not much better than Hua Wufeng's cutting board.

However, he still comforted: "The pot cover can also be used as a shield! Look..."

Seeing that she erected the lid in front of her, at first glance, there was something really happening.

Then he smiled and said, "How about it, is this a bit of a defensive spirit master style!"

In charge: "..."

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he glanced at Huadufeng, as if to say, is your wife like this second in the house?

Hua Wufeng has already started cutting vegetables again, glanced at Suddenly's wife of the second grade, and couldn't help but complain: "Yes, our son will be the first soul master in history to fight with a pot lid. Do. For his parents, we will also be recorded in history."

Qin Yulu: "..."

She was speechless and complained in her heart: "Is it really good for your husband to be such a poisonous tongue? Your son is not your own."


Big steward, everyone in the kitchen couldn't help laughing.

The joyous atmosphere made the busy people a lot easier.

Hua Bufan spouted a mouthful of old blood in his heart, and then silently followed his mother to the place of awakening.

Shui Mansion is a family of soul masters, so awakening does not require people from the spirit palace.

You can do it yourself.

Soon, they came to a yard, which was dedicated to awakening every year.

When the two arrived, two children were already waiting there.The first one came, but stood on the outermost periphery of the yard.

Obviously they were also the children of the chief workers or subordinates of the Water Mansion, or even the slaves.

The few people looked at each other, and they didn't say anything. The Shui Mansion was a place with very strict rules.

It's better between subordinates or in front of the manager.

When the Master of the Water Mansion is present or in a special place, if you make a mistake, you will be punished.

About ten minutes later, several more children and their parents came one after another.

These people are very arrogant.

Because they belong to the Shui family, although they are a collateral family, although they are far less than a direct family, they are still masters.

Much better than the Huabufan family.

Soon there was a sound of footsteps in the courtyard, accompanied by the words of several people:

"Sister...Today you must be able to awaken a super powerful Martial Soul!"

"The inherited martial soul of a clan we control is a gliding ice shield! I guess it will be this martial soul too!"

"Not necessarily! Madam's martial arts soul is Ice Xuanniao!"

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