Douluo's strongest son-in-law

Chapter 1 I, Lost in the Star Dou Forest

"Yueguan, throw this kid back to me, he is so daring at a young age!"

That day, the stars were dim, and Qin Feng was mentioned by Ju Douluo!

"I really didn't bully Xue'er. She said she helped me beat my back and then she slid down suddenly. After that, she inexplicably pressed on my body and accidentally touched her mouth! This is really an accident!!!"

Qin Feng explained desperately.

"You are so surprised."

The corner of Ju Douluo's mouth rose slightly to look at Qin Feng, then turned into a gust of wind and brought Qin Feng to a forest with towering ancient trees.

"Uncle Chrysanthemum, don't be like this, I'm only six years old, so I might be lustful!"

Qin Feng looked at Ju Douluo pitifully.

"Don't blame me, you should live and die in this star-doug forest."

Chrysanthemum Douluo's voice fell, and disappeared without taking away a cloud.

"Wow! You are so awkward!"

Qin Feng cried his father and called his mother to pat his thigh!!

Six years ago, he was a hard-working design dog.

I just finished the CAD, thinking that the enlightenment novel Douluo Dalu will be out of anime, and I have not had time to watch it, so I plan to make a wave.

That day, he gnawed instant noodles, flashing electricity at night!

With a stabbing sound, Suddenly, I suddenly crossed into the Star Dou Forest inexplicably and became a one-year-old baby!

Fortunately, her luck exploded and she was picked up by Qian Daoliu of Wuhun Hall.

As a Douluo fan, Qin Feng knew that this old man was enshrined by the ninety-ninth-level Wuhun Hall!

I thought I was about to reach the pinnacle of my life in Douluo Continent, but I didn't expect that I would actually awaken a hammer!

That's right, it's the hammer of the hammer phone, or the legendary zero soul power!

He was so sad that he was directly given up by Qian Daoliu!

Why do you want a hammer with zero soul power? The Soul Hall does not need to be refurbished!

But fortunately, his granddaughter has a good relationship with him, since he was a child, she has been stuck behind his ass, so she is temporarily safe.

Especially last week, he unexpectedly discovered that he had obtained a system!!

Just when he thought that his life was about to usher in the second spring, the task assigned to him by the system was actually to be ambiguous with his granddaughter!!!

Is it the distortion of human nature or the loss of morality? Why is there such a nasty system!

At that time, he firmly disagreed, how could he act on a six-year-old girl?!

Then he suddenly found out that he seemed to be six years old. This seemed feasible?

However, I did not expect to be planted!


Qin Feng exhaled a deep breath!

Ding!Congratulations to the successful awakening of the host system]

Host; Qin Feng

Sex: Male

Age; 6 years old

The first Wuhun; hammer

Second Wuhun; None

Soul power; 110000

The starting card will be presented with an identity plate, Brother Tang*1, and a variant card*1

A mechanical female voice sounded in Qin Feng's mind, and a golden light lingered beside him in an instant.

God is the identity of Tang San's brother!

Qin Feng rolled his eyes and said.

No one knows where, brother!

"Who is snoring at this time!!!"

Qin Feng heard a snoring sound, turned his head, and suddenly found a pair of purple eyes staring at him!

It's actually a ghost cat!

Zhu Zhuqing, the Nether Cat on Douluo Continent, is sexy and beautiful, but this one is not very kind, and the other party even wants to eat him!


Qin Feng ran away, scolding God to force himself to death in his heart!!

Soul Power +100





[Congratulations to the master for being promoted to the second-level soul soldier]

Soul power; 020000


Qin Feng was full of question marks.

[This system uses the breathing upgrade calculation method, the master’s normal breathing can increase 1 soul power, if it is deep breathing, it will increase by 100, and if it is deep breathing, it will be 1000]

A mechanical voice said to him.

"Can you have something useful, my sister!"

Even at level ten, I can't hide from this ghost cat!

[Reminder, the owner can try the items in the inventory]

The sound of the system sounded..

"My sister, you didn't tell me how to use it!"

He wants to use it, but how?

[The owner can choose the item to use it silently]

The system replied.

A status bar suddenly appeared in front of Qin Feng.

The one on the left is an identity tag with light blue light, and the one on the right is a dark card.

"Then Tang San is his brother!"

Qin Feng said silently.

Tang San is the best in Douluo, his brother can't die young!

"call out!"

A hurricane swept across, and Qin Feng appeared in the arms of a man inexplicably!

He was sloppy and full of scum, and there was a strong smell of alcohol that Qin Feng couldn't open his eyes!

"Where did the kid appear in the depths of this Star Dou Great Forest!"

This person is Tang Hao.

Every year, Tang Hao would go to the depths of the Star Dou Forest on a specific day.

As for why, only he knows.

Soon, they appeared outside the Holy Soul Village.

On the way, Tang Hao asked about Qin Feng's situation and learned that Qin Feng was six years old this year. His parents didn't know who he was, and he was left in the Star Dou Forest!

"Tang Hao, today is the day your son awakens the spirit of martial arts, and everyone else is accompanied by his parents, but when you are fine, you haven't even seen your personal image. Are you still a father?!"

As soon as he entered the entrance of the Holy Spirit Village, only an old man with white hair was confronting Tang Hao.

He is the elder Jack of Shenghun Village. He really doesn't understand how a sensible child like Xiaosan would have such a sloppy and irresponsible father!

Had it not been for Xiaosan, he would have long wanted to drive this scruffy blacksmith out of the village!

"What martial soul did you awaken?"

Tang Hao said to Xiao San as if he hadn't heard Old Jack's words.

Tang San's fingers moved slightly, and a blue silver grass appeared on the palm of his hand.

"Blue Silver Grass?"

Tang Hao's muddy eyes had a different color.

But calm soon returned.

"Just picked up a lost child outside, a little older than you, you can take him to change his clothes."

Tang Hao said in a flat voice, and then directly threw Qin Feng in front of the junior old Jack!

"Tang! Hao!!!"

Old Jack was trembling with anger and poked the ground with a cane!

But Tang Hao walked back to the iron shop as if he hadn't heard it.

"Child, what's your name?"

Old Jack asked Qin Feng, he wanted to know where the sloppy blacksmith had kidnapped a child!

"My name is Qin Feng and I am six and a half years old this year."

Qin Feng answered.

"Six and a half years old? Is your spirit awakened?"

Old Jack asked excitedly.

It was about six years old when the spirit was awakened, and the Great Spirit Master Su Yuntao hadn't gone far, so he could call the other party back.


Qin Feng replied.

"Oh, let Grandpa take a look."

Old Jack looked at Qin Feng.

Qin Feng raised his left hand, and a small hammer emerged.

"Level 2 Soul Warrior!"

Old Jack couldn't restrain the excitement in his heart and held Qin Feng's hand tightly!

Thinking about how the sloppy blacksmith was so lucky, he actually picked up a second-level spirit warrior, and the spirit is still an offensive weapon!

Old Jack also specifically asked Qin Feng's life experience, wondering if this blacksmith was secretly abducting people and children.

After hearing Qin Feng's negative answer, Old Jack fell into deep thought.

Since the other party has no father and no mother, and was picked up by the blacksmith, then he is also a member of their holy soul village.

In this way, their holy soul village this year is equivalent to two young people who can practice!