Dragon Ball God Mu

Chapter 1 Mu Yang

If it is said that danger is always accompanied by opportunity, it is a big bowl of chicken soup that is fed to practitioners under the framework of success, then Muyang has reason to believe that sooner or later he will be killed by chicken soup, because "danger" is shown in his body. Incisively and vividly.

Muyang is an electrician, the kind of high-voltage live operation. For his profession, Muyang doesn't like it. The salary is not bad. He can be regarded as the "high-income group" in the eyes of others, but he only has to work hard. Just know.

In recent days, there has been heavy snowfall throughout the country, and many power grids located in mountainous areas have become hardest hit areas.Early this morning, Muyang's team was instructed to immediately carry out emergency repairs to the power grid that was crushed by snow in the mountainous area.There was no way to refuse this job. Once the instructions came out, they had to be in place, so Mu Yang rushed to the scene early in the morning and devoted himself to the intense repair.

He and his workers climbed the tower together, stepped on the insulator string, and performed the last link of dredging.On the freezing high-voltage iron tower, the cold wind of hunting and hunting swept the goose feathers and the heavy snow roared, blowing on the face as if a knife was cutting forcefully. Every movement required a lot of physical strength.

Mu Yang waved his sore arms and took off the frosty mask to catch his breath. Suddenly a strong wind hit, Mu Yang's feet were empty, and then under the force of gravity, he fell down.

The sharp angle iron cut off the safety rope and seat belt fastened to his body. Even with double insurance, he couldn't stand the call of death. The whole world began to spin around. At the moment his consciousness disappeared, countless numbers from small to large flashed in his mind. Picture.


Dim and remote, this is a monotonous and desperate place. The cold, biting pain pierces the nerves, making people reluctant to stay here for a moment.

Suddenly, a piece of cobweb-like light tore through the sky, and Mu Yang woke up from his sleep.

"where is this place!"

Mu Yang suddenly woke up and sat up with his forehead, and found that he was lying on a spacious wooden bed, covered with a thin quilt of poor fabric, it was as rough as linen, and it was very uncomfortable to cover him.

This is a small bungalow. In a room of more than ten square meters, there are some simple living utensils such as tables, chairs, bed cabinets, and there is no other furniture.The white walls have not been modified in any way, and the exposed wooden pillars and beams are quite primitive at first glance.Of course, no electrified equipment was found!

This was second, something similar to a desk calendar caught his attention, but the years and months on it stunned him.

Years never seen before!

Wait, I obviously fell from the iron tower, so I don't need to be in the hospital. How could I show up here?With his years of experience in reading novels, encountering such a situation, the possibility of crossing is extremely high.Moreover, looking at the surrounding environment, in all likelihood, I have traveled to a world with less developed technology.

He gently patted his chest with his hand, hey, this hand is so small, with small arms and legs. That's right, his body has shrunk, and he looks only twelve or thirteen years old.If you still had doubts before, you can now be 100% sure that you are indeed crossing!

Recalling the countless passages I've seen before, scenes flashed through my mind like a movie.The protagonist, whom I love to hear, is majestic, and the sense of expectation of killing the Quartet has not appeared. Apart from being at a loss, there is only a circle of confusion.

Surrounded by family members, this development seems to be different from what I thought!


Just when Mu Yang was immersed in his own memories, he squeaked, the wooden door of the room was pushed open, and a black shadow rushed in from outside the house like a squirrel, and arrived at Muyang in the blink of an eye. in front of.Mu Yang only felt a flower in front of him, and before he could react, his hand was held by another small hand, cool and delicate.

"Brother Brother,

Soon, a delicate little face leaned in front of Mu Yang.

She was a very cute girl, her dark green hair was a little curly, her hair was just covering her ear flaps, she was delicate and lovely, and her hair was tied with a ribbon at the end.The white face is delicate and small, and the eyebrows are curved like willow leaves.His eyes were twinkling, full of spirituality, and those pupils were also aquamarine, and they looked young, only eleven or twelve years old.


Mu Yang looked at the girl in front of him, blurting out his habitual name.As soon as he finished speaking, he was stunned. Who is this girl and why would he call her "baby"?

Mu Yang frowned, subconsciously seeming to know the girl in front of him, could it be the memory of this body itself?

When Mejia heard Mu Yang's address to herself, her small mouth turned up in dissatisfaction: "Brother, I said you don't use other people's nicknames, why did you call them again."

"Uh... sorry!"

Mu Yang said sorry, but doubts surfaced in his heart. He needs to spend a little time to sort out his thoughts.

"Brother, does your body matter?"

Seeing that Mu Yang hadn't made a sound for a long time, Mejia yelled again in worry, and her whole body was lying on the bed, her small face leaning over and looking at him with great concern.

"It's okay, still a little dizzy..."

Mu Yang waved his hand, not knowing what he should say, but fortunately, the little girl didn't seem to think much before her, and she was simply prevaricated by Mu Yang's reasons.

After chatting from side to side, Mu Yang finally understood his current identity.

It turns out that his current name is Mu Yang, thirteen years old, a big disciple of a martial arts genre called "Tianxinliu", and the little girl in front of him is his junior sister Mejia, two years younger than herself. Just over my eleventh birthday.

Speaking of "Tianxinliu", it is regarded as a middle school in the martial arts world. It is said that it has been brilliant for several generations. However, as the times change, new generations are replaced by old ones. Now it has declined. The real beginner disciples are counted. He only looks like a dozen people.

It can be seen that Mejia is very proud of Tian Xinliu, and her words are not without boasting. In her description, Tian Xinliu is a "big genre" with more than a dozen beginner disciples. The current leader is Her father.But from the description of only a dozen beginner disciples, Mu Yang knew that this was just a declining genre.

There is not much useful information obtained from Mejia, because Mejia is still young and knows not much information. Therefore, for the current world pattern, how many strong people are there, and how many people are roughly divided into Muyang has no way of knowing how many countries are.

"Father said long ago, don't overdo it when you practice, but you just don't listen."

Mejia's face looked like a small adult, but as her eyes rolled, her mind changed again, "By the way, I'm going to tell my father this news. You have already done a lot of homework these days. You suffer."

The little girl came and went fast. Mu Yang wanted to ask her more about other things. She rushed out of the gate in the blink of an eye like a flexible kitten.Because the speed was too fast, the wooden door at the entrance was still creaking and swinging.

Mu Yang stared at Mejia's fast-distance back, and took a deep breath:

"Fast speed!"

This speed... even track and field athletes in previous lives can't match it.

Could it be that I was wrong, this Tianxinliu, with only a dozen beginner disciples, is actually a hidden martial art?

"...This world seems to be a world where there are martial arts. Looking at Mejia's flexible appearance just now, people in this world are probably not weak..." Mu Yang sorted out the limited information obtained from Mejia , A trace of worry flashed in his eyes, but he quickly returned to calm.

After getting off the bed, Mu Yang walked out of the room and found that it was actually a small courtyard outside.

The yard is about fifty square meters. On one side of the open space, a row of wood is stacked, and there is an open-air single-port stove on the side, which is covered by a mat.A group of stone piers of various sizes are arranged in the center, which are not small in size, as if they are used to exercise.The ground is very compact, but there are a dozen large pits more than 30 centimeters wide, which are scattered by the stone pier.

The predecessor was a diligent person...

Mu Yang thoughtfully approached the stone piers, and then picked one of the medium-sized ones, ready to test his strength.Now that he has come to this world, he must ensure that he has the ability to protect himself before he is familiar with the world.

Pressing the raised handle of Shidun, with a little force, a trace of surprise appeared on his face.

It's not that it's heavy... but it's unexpectedly light.

Mu Yang's eyes lit up, and then he tried harder.

He actually lifted the whole stone pier with one hand.

Looking at the size of this stone pier, it can be forty or fifty catties to say less. He actually raised one hand with one hand. Could it be said that all children in this world have such good physical fitness?Mu Yang wondered secretly, and a storm surged in his heart.

try again!

He pressed his palm against the stone pier, then increased his strength, the blue veins on the back of his hand were exposed, and then he slammed it upwards, and he saw that the seventy or eighty catties heavy stone was easily lifted up by him. After flying to a height of more than ten meters, it began to fall under the action of gravity.

With a bang, the big rock happened to fall in a large pit not far away, and suddenly a cloud of smoke was raised.

Mu Yang watched this scene blankly, with a surprise rolling in his heart.

Judging from the impact caused by the falling of the stone pier, the gravity of the stone pier is real, not the kind that looks heavy but is actually very light!

"My body has so much strength!"

Mu Yang was very surprised. He knew that he had not exerted his full strength just now, and his strength still had some reservations, but even so, the strength just now easily threw up a large stone weighing 40 or 50 catties. This is He couldn't even think of it before.

Sure enough, his body is not ordinary. Is this the effect of martial arts training in this world?

In other words, people in this world have particularly high physical fitness?

Tianxinliu, this may be a very powerful martial arts genre.

No, thinking that these are all superfluous now, he must obtain more information to be able to make correct judgments.