Dragon Emperor, Martial God

Chapter 1: Earth Rebirth

In the middle of the night, Qingshui City, Jiangnan Province.

Lingyun came out of the speedy internet cafe, rode his bike, and was headed in the direction of fresh water.

It was early in the morning, the road was quiet, there were no vehicles and pedestrians on the road, he rode a distance and soon arrived at a crossroads, where, as usual, he had made a proficient turn.


A heavy Steele truck filled with stones burst out at the corner, the lights stinging, too fast, and hit him!

At such a distance, at such a speed, Lingyun couldn't even react!


A loud bang!

The heavy truck sturdily hit Lingyun's body, hitting him high and flying, his body arched, a long arc in the night sky, immediately followed by another “bang” loud noise, his body weight hit 20 meters outside, fell on a hard road.

Ling Yun didn't even have time to make a scream. He was hit by the heavy duty Steele. After falling to the ground, he couldn't move. The blood in the seven tips kept spilling, and no one could see him alive.

Strangely, the heavy Sterming knew he had hit someone, but he couldn't stop, his speed was the same, and he ran directly over the bike that had been hit by hemp, quickly disappearing.

Remote and quiet, there are no pedestrians on the road, even few vehicles to and from, only the long overdue clouds lying on the ground, and the crushed and crushed bike.

Two hundred meters away, inside a black Audi Q7, a stare like a falcon, a young man with a slightly different face fully appreciated the whole process of the accident. When Steele disappeared completely, his thin lips flashed slightly and his corners curled, revealing a brutal mockery.

“Tell Major Ling that it's done. Tell him to put the remaining 10 million on the account immediately!” The shady young man raised the high-fold infrared telescope in his hand and stared at Lingyun, who was lying on the ground motionless with seven tricks of bloodshed, and told the person beside him.

“Humph, I don't know why, this is not even ant trash in our eyes, Ling family Major would bid 20 million for his life! ”

“Also, that Kaistale fool, I don't want him to see the sun tomorrow morning... I told him I had to run over that garbage! ”

“Understood!” the driver in the driver's seat trembled, his eyes flashed with a faint fear and hurried to respond.

Tough, tough! Two living lives in the eyes of that shady young man seem to be nothing at all.

The Audi Q7 started and quickly turned a bend, disappearing into the dark.


Lingyun suddenly woke up.

Instead of opening his eyes immediately, however, he began his habit by silently shouting in his heart: “Hidden! ”

Then he discovered that he had tried the all-powerful invisibility technique, and this time he had not succeeded invisibly.

Invisible failure! With that in mind, Ling Yun panicked.

But Lingyun's panic didn't last more than a second, because he felt pain all over his body, pain like hell! Though not enough to make him grin his teeth, it almost made him grunt.

So much pain that he didn't even have time to sort out the abundance of strange memories and information fragments that just popped into his mind!

Without help, Ling Yun had to use his last spiritual energy to force his inner sight of God. His poor health suddenly left him speechless.

First of all, the body is not talking to itself. The key is that the body's five dirty hearts have all been displaced and still bleeding internally. The arms, thighs, and especially several ribs in the chest are all broken, and several joints are even completely crushed!

“Jesus Christ, are you fucking kidding me?!” Lingyun darkened a curse in his heart, but he had to face reality.

Now the only thing he can use is to harbour the power of his Numen God to escape the horror of the heavens.

Because he has just tried countless times to absorb the spirituality of the heavens and the earth around him by using his gift of being able to devour everything between the heavens and the earth. Unfortunately, he hastened to discover that the spirituality of the heavens and the earth in this shithole is so thin and so exhausting! He can't absorb a thing!

It doesn't matter, just fix this rotten body or it won't move!

A very low level of treatment was barely performed. The spirit gas slowly runs in the internal meridians. Lingyun's broken five dirty six hearts gradually magically returned to their positions. The internal bleeding stopped quickly, and the broken bone began to continue. The strong pain feeling also decreased and even disappeared.

“Eh, the boy's stirrups were scrapped by heavy hands shortly after birth! What a fucking vendetta! Fortunately, we are not only geniuses, but also apricot foresters. Otherwise, it is difficult to live beyond the age of twenty! ”

The idea is to be easy and casual, but Lingyun can be treated with tremendous care. After all, this is about whether or not you can practice in the future, of course, it is so-so.

With the constant treatment, Lingyun had barely been able to move. He held the ground up with his hands and opened his own bloodstained eyes!

“Wipe your grandmother's heavenly robbery, I @ # ¥%...” After looking at everything in front of me, Lingyun can no longer maintain his steadfast heart, completely lose the style of ferry mastery, can't help but directly curse!

The madman scolded for half a day. In the end, this is not the real world he is familiar with!

After scolding, Lingyun had to face reality - in order to recover the body of what is called a wrecked child, and repair 67% of the yarn pulse related to his ability to cultivate, his last touch of fairy energy was almost exhausted!

“More than a decade of hidden diseases can't be removed in a second. If only there was more spirit!” Lingyun frowned and sighed.

This bodily injury is really too serious. Although the magic of the Phalanx can be useless, Lingyun is mostly used to heal the current serious bodily injury. Therefore, it is only possible to restore the Yangtze pulse to 67% of normal people.

However, Ling Yun did not have any worries. With his episodic medical technique, he must have had a way to make this menstrual pulse intact.

The complete recovery of the body and the gradual disappearance of the severe pain allowed him to rationalize the large amount of memory fragments that had just gone into his mind.

The information in the memory has clearly become somewhat incomplete and intermittent, but Lingyun has been able to understand some of the basic common sense of the world and his current general situation.

It turns out that this spiritually depleted planet is called Earth, and his country, Huaxia, is an ancient country with a long history and a brilliant civilization.

“Oh, so these luminous things are called street lights, and the buildings next to them are called buildings, and they're square! Turns out it's called a road. It's quite flat! Turns out those metal shells running around are called cars. They're running so slow, how can my flying sword work! …… ”

At this moment, so many cars raced past in the night, the owner of the car blinded to the clouds sitting in the blood park and kept stopping.

“hey... it seems that everyone everywhere is just as ruthless. Seeing me sitting in a bloody pool, they didn't even have a car to stop and ask what's going on! ”

Without realizing that he is now covered in blood, Ling Yunshin can only hold one hand and curl one leg straight. His body sits there slightly backwards and plays with his back. His mouth is slightly cursed, his eyes are filled with a hint of ridicule and contempt, and a hint of curiosity about this unfamiliar world. Such a delicious review!

“The guy who got hit by a truck is also called Lingyun! ”

Almost familiar with the new environment, Lingyun finally began to consider the real problems he faced.

According to the memories, Ling Yun knew he was, oh no, it should be said that the original owner of this body was just killed by a heavy steal full of stones.

Since he possesses this body, he must begin to adapt to his new identity, and taking possession of this kind of thing is nothing to a virtuous cultivar genius who quickly rises up in the realm of cultivation, is free of taboos, is fierce and bullying, and kills and robs treasure if he cannot move.

Besides, Lingyun had already died in a car accident.

Lingyun, a student of Qingshui 1st High School in Qingshui City, Jiangnan Province, is eighteen years old this year, born weak, timid, afraid of things, as for the academic achievement, it is even worse a mess.

“First touchdown exam counts first? How dare you fall in love with the girls' school flowers in your class? Want to take the best Yanjing University in Huaxia? Even dreams need to be closer to reality, okay?” Lingyun couldn't help but roll his white eyes.

“Three years of junior high school, three years of high school, so tall and powerful... cough, I can't believe I get bullied and beaten almost every day, man, can you be a little bloody good? On my side, but I always stepped on others, that is, Dacheng late fairy wanted to mess with me, I had to weigh my weight carefully enough!” Ling Yunton had a black line on his head.

“Your name Lingyun is really not suitable, or should I call it more appropriate...”

That said, but Ling Yun also knows that being born by dark means to abolish one of the eight pulses of the Qi Dynasty, is naturally the biggest cause of Ling Yun's nest.

It's a miracle this Lingyun can live to this day.

Thinking about it, Lingyun had to shake her head and smile. It was so sad that she wore it to such an exquisite quality!

“Huh! Not bad, this guy studied not so well, I didn't expect to be so interested in medicine, he secretly studied so much medical knowledge! ”

The memory turned here and Ling Yun was delighted. Finally, he found something in common with the body's predecessor.

“Learning grades are always the last three in the class, I can't believe how good my eyes are, myopia... for my glasses...”

Though Lingyun had just treated his body with psychic energy, he had removed the factors that were not conducive to his own practice. The pediatric problem of myopia was naturally a small dish for him, but he had to go back to the door pie —— oh, no, this should be called school. When you get back to school, why don't you dress up in front of your classmates?

Looking around, Lingyun finally saw “his” myopia glasses three meters away from him. He had to leave his mouth open. He couldn't help but say: “I still have this strange thing on my nose. Think about it. It's really weird! Just do it and throw it away! ”

I stood up from the bloodbath and rubbed the blood on my hands on my clothes. I walked over and picked up some shape-shifting glasses. I held them up in front of my eyes and checked them. I found both lenses intact. Lingyun couldn't help but wonder. Mumbling: “I didn't break them so hard. Looks like this thing they call technology is pretty powerful! ”

“Wearing glasses, I can't see anything...” Lingyun kept putting on glasses and taking them off. It was fun.

According to Ling Yun's carefully calculated personality, the reason why he is so calm and comfortable talking to himself here is because he doesn't realize the danger, otherwise where would he still enjoy the street night here, complaining here a lot? He's already hiding somewhere!

As for bloodstained... It's so common for Lingyun to kill people if they're upset about fixing the big world, so Lingyun just feels physically unobstructed, he didn't put this in his mind at all, just find a place with water to wash it before going back to school.

Lingyun finally endured a blurred vision and an unbelievable twist. He wore the glasses that he found inconvenient everywhere. This was more than a dozen meters away. He was crushed and then ruthlessly crushed into a piecemeal bicycle. He raised his hand and scratched his head.

“Forget it, let's go back to the door pie. Oh, no, they call the door pie a school —— it's a good fit, isn't it? ”

“Just in time to practice my walking of the Miles. Hey, it's not good for me to go somewhere. I've come to this spiritually depleted ghost place, so my talent for absorbing the spirits of heaven and earth is useless...”

Despite mumbling and complaining, Lingyun took a serious look around, and didn't leave the scene until he completely confirmed that “he” had actually been in a car accident, not a deliberate murder.

In fact, he really didn't know that it wasn't a car accident, it was a deliberate murder against him!

“Huh! Not even a car accident! Hit me and ran away. Don't you know I have to get revenge? Wait for the fuckin 'driver. If I find you, you're dead! Well, even if you didn't mean it, you'd have to at least compensate me for a pile of stones. ”

“Loss? It's not my style to lose! ”

Ling Yun obviously can't fully adapt to the language of the realm. While trying to adapt, he still unconsciously pops up one or two habitual words in his mouth.

Lingyun is the Lord who doesn't eat at all. Although he didn't find any signs of murder just now, he was killed for no reason. If he doesn't want to find a way to make amends, it's not him!

“And those who bullied me and laughed at my fellow students and gangsters, you all wait for me! ”

It has to be said that Lingyun's ability to adapt to the new environment and new identity is very strong. It was only a few moments ago that he began to think about avenging himself!

It's just —— the ideals are full, the reality is boney.

The Earth's spiritual energy is exhausted, and even if Lingyun had cultivated it during the ferry period, it doesn't seem to be of any use now! His own family knows his own business, let alone the ferry period, now this state of the body, even if it reaches the most basic level of cultivation, I don't know how long it will take!

However, these are not a problem for Lingyun. After all, they have practiced until the ferry period. Experience still exists.

Besides, although the spiritual energy here is rare, Lingyun can occasionally feel extremely thin grass spirits spilling under the trees and flowers.

It's just that there's so little spirituality that he can't absorb it!

I'm not afraid of you, I'm afraid of you!

Lingyun entered by medical treatment, the reason why he was able to rise quickly to become a rare practicing genius in the real world is mainly because he has a secret talent that no one else knows, which is that he can continuously absorb everything in heaven and earth, which is the biggest reliance he can cultivate in just over 20 years to the ferry period!

Lingyun doesn't have any overwhelming goals, no compassionate hearts, no intense anxiety, a sense of mission and responsibility. As for the benevolent, noble moral, great emotions of doctors, well... in his view, it's even more ridiculous!

The real world is talking about who has a big fist, who makes sense, and who has a strong voice, and he believes that this is a one-size-fits-all iron rule!

So he has only one goal, which is to become stronger, stronger, stronger!

This is the only way to avoid being bullied!

This is the only way to protect those who want to protect themselves!

It's the only way to get everything you want!

Walking in the direction of the school he remembered, he realized how ridiculous his idea of practicing Miles of Walking was!

With such a vain body, you've already started panting a few dozen meters walking. Moving slowly is almost enough!

“No, I need to practice, I need to practice right away, this leather bag is too bad, go on like this, don't say back to the strength of the ferry period, the foundation building doesn't even know the monkey months, even the first layer of gas practice is far away! ”

Lingyun chewed his teeth and swore.

In fact, Lingyun was so anxious not just because he was unhappy with this body, but because he knew that this brand new world was not the way ordinary mortals knew it!

At least someone who can get rid of a newborn baby's sawdust pulse and keep him alive, and who just doesn't make it to the age of 20, has at least three levels of strength equal to the cultivation of the real world!

Besides, since you were born to be shady, this is an unknown car crash... what if someone else planned it?

That's why Lingyun can't wait to practice! He's trying to protect himself!

The only regret he has now is that his spiritual energy is almost exhausted when healing his body. Otherwise, according to his anti-sky cultivation method, it is fine to quickly reach the first level of Qi practice.

The most indispensable part of Qingshui City is water. After turning a bend, Lingyun discovered a river seven or eight meters wide. The river flows quietly and is crystal clear.

Frowning smelled the smell of blood on himself and the stench mixed with the dirt impurities in his body washed out by spiritual energy. Lingyun came to the river, and his clothes and socks were lazy to take off. He stuck one end in and smashed a large splash of water.

Soon, Lingyun revealed her head from the water, and her face was full of incredible surprises!

“Huh... this is like... the smell of grass! ”