Dungeon Reset

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Suddenly the floor collapsed

When I woke up, I was already like this.

“... Hehe. ”

[Ouch, watch out! Treasures are hidden deep within the ruins, but there are dangerous traps. Dungeon rules!]

You hear a corrected voice from a distance.

That damned helper must tell you the rules after someone dies.

The bottom of a big hole.

Sharp iron tacks that were stuck there like hedgehogs.

Jung Daeun was being pierced and dying with that weapon.


He pulls out the last of the skewers from his body.

Then I leaned on the floor and sat down in a corner.

Looking up at the ceiling with difficulty, you see a round light at the dark end.

It was the hole in the trap that he crashed into.

‘I can't believe you came all this way to be blind to the treasure...' ’

Regrets were overwhelming.

No one can blame him, but his own mistake led to his death.

‘Is this how it ends? ’

His vision became increasingly distant.

I think I lost too much blood.

Over time, my body became colder and colder.

I could hear a ringing in my ears, and my head spun.

The senses gradually became blunt, and this situation felt so unrealistic.

I struggled because I didn't want to die like that, but in the end, death is what I saw.

‘No, it was unrealistic from the start. Ever since I was summoned to this terrible world. ’

Yes, it is.

It was then that reality was shattered.

A month ago.

Suddenly, I've been forced to summon this mysterious world called Dungeon with strangers.

And from the moment that rabbit appeared in front of them, he started panting with a big smile!

* * *

Welcome to the dungeon! You've been invited to a game! Huh? What kind of game?]

Wearing a tuxedo in a bow tie and speaking like a human, the rabbit introduced itself as a ‘helper’.

In front of him, there were 101 people of all ages and occupations who were confused and wandered around.

The helper looked at there expressions in a calm manner. He then howled to sky with his short arms spread out.

[What you're about to play is a life-threatening survival game! Wow! This is gonna be fun, right?]

‘Funny bastard. Crazy bunny. ’

This must be the headlights.

In the face of death, Jungdown was recalling the most cruel and terrible month of his life.

I almost died from time to time, the more I thought about it the more I grinded my teeth.

Suddenly, when I open my eyes and stand in such a strange place with strangers, everyone is dumbfounded.

How many people are like novel characters who can quickly find out what's going on and immediately cope with the situation?

“Games? What are the rules? ”

In the midst of the crowd, a girl carefully raised her hand.

She looked shy, but smart.

What are the rules?]

The tuxedo wearing rabbit shivered pretending to be cute, tilting his head to the question.

Though he introduced himself as a helper , he did not answer, but smiled refreshingly and he suddenly began to sing.

[Chuckles, Chuckles] A dying dungeon game! Dungeon Games!]

“What the hell are you talking about! You crazy bunny! Where am I?”

The rabbit-looking chipmunk ran out, swearing at the rabbit.

He was a man in a gangster or a patsy or a black suit, with the words of the world on his mouth and tongue.

Towards him, running to catch himself in a vicious force, the rabbit squints and squints at one eye.

[I'll let you know the important rules first. First, always treat the gaming assistant with kindness.]


“ ……! ”

At that moment, something flashes a sharp light.

Then the head separated from the neck of the big guy who was jogging like crazy.

My head fell off and rolled to the ground.



Blood spurted out.

It was still clear in my mind how shocking the event was

“… huh? ”

The rabbit, still grabbing the mans body, tossed him into the air while looking at everyone's frozen faces.

[Gaaaa! Dead, dead! See? You just have to learn to do this one by one! It's easy, isn't it?]

Everyone's face turned pale in an instance.

“Jee, really dead!? ”


I was awake.

It stank of blood in the air.

The appearance of a talking rabbit smiling brilliantly in front of him was so alien and unrealistic, it was like watching a B class horror movie.

But this was never a dream, nor was it a stealth camera.

It didn't take me long to realize that it was a horrible reality right in front of me.

[Heh. Only 100 now? So, let's get started.]

He proclaimed to those struck with fear.

[Then try to survive! Dungeon Game! Here we go!]

That's how the dungeon game, hell, began.

Monsters invaded from time to time in the dark.

Dangerous traps aiming for their lives.

Over time, people continued to die.

If I was careless or made a mistake, I would die.

Sometimes we'd have to kill each other to survive.

Those who survived all that danger ended up here today.

The end of the dungeon.

The final ruins awaited with the boss.

* * *

Kung fu!

At the end of the battle, the final beast falls.

"Ugh! It's over"

[Good job! You did a great job!]

After the battle, the helper appeared in front of the survivors.

Every time the helper rabbit appeared in front of people, it changed slightly, and today it was a very formal outfit.

[It's amazing! I can't believe those weaklings finally defeated this dreadful final boss!]

He was more excited than ever and flew around the sky.

[Gahaha. Humans are fun! Where else in the world could there be such a fast-growing race! That's amazing!]

It had only been a month or four weeks.

But in that short period of time, they certainly changed a lot compared to the beginning.

Those who fought with monsters and won a fierce battle to kill each other. No, survivors.

Among the many game participants, there were only seven who made it this far.

The last seven.

They were wounded and dragging their weary bodies around, but their eyes were shining fiercely.

At that time, a man stood in front of the rattling rabbit.

“Helper. Can we go back now? Back in the world?"

You have a good voice! Ryu Seung Woo is always so cool! I only have one arm.]

The helper glances at the man, full of shame.

A one-armed man, Ryu Seung-woo.

Among the 100 participants, he was a remarkable figure.

His body, which was originally said to have been a criminal, was rigorously trained from the very beginning.

He also had leadership to encourage and lead confused people.

Though I lost an arm in the process.

“Don't be ridiculous! Now that it's over, let us go home! ”

Even the survivors next to Ryu Seung Woo can't wait.

Suddenly, the rabbit tilted his head and looked at them with a strange look.

What have you been talking about? Why are you going home all of a sudden? Push it hard to the next round!]


“…… what? ”

At that moment, the survivors' expressions harden.

Ryu Seung Woo was embarrassed.

“What are you talking about! I thought you said the dungeon would be cleared if you finished the boss mission the last time! ”

[Yes, so Stage One is just about over? You must leave for the next dungeon.]

“ ……! ”

That's the last seven to go zinc.

“What!? Next dungeon!? ”

“So far it's only been Stage 1!? ”

The rabbit frowned and laughed.

Did you really think this was the end? Ahn, didn't I tell you? Sorry, I forgot.]

"You've been played!"

It was obvious that someone deliberately avoided mentioning it for the present moment.

A number of violent emotions rose from the seven participants who noticed it.

First you're embarrassed, then you're angry.

And in the end, I was desperate.

The only hope of finally escaping this hell is gone.

[The dungeon game is really starting now.]

Hell was still progressive.

* * *

Meanwhile, even in that hell, there was a man who fell.

“Haaah... Cough! ”

Jungdown is dying, but he can't hide his worthless face.

[The dungeon game is really starting now.]

Though it was far from the street, I could strangely hear the helper's voice no matter where the dungeon was.

That's the helper's ability.

As soon as I heard everything the maid said to the last seven, I decided to accept death.

[Heheh heh. Ewing, what's wrong with you guys? Like amateurs who've never played a game before? It's no fun when you play a game.]

I thought you were the final boss, and now you've only defeated the stage boss.

‘Maybe it's better to die now.... ’

It was meaningless and unfair to come all the way out here and fall into a trap and die.

This is unfair. It's time to start the hardship.

[There's no time to rest! There's no time to rest! A dying dungeon game! Open sesame! Open up, Dungeon Gate!]

‘Ow. That crazy bunny. ’

I was so tired that the voice of the rabbit was so annoying as I was dying.

You lazy bastards! Can't you see the dungeon gate is open? Don't be a snob. Just get over it!]

I wanted to beat that rabbit to death, just for one Taiwan.

[Oh, dear. It's okay, it's okay! Stage clear rewards for this! Hiya! Hiya!]

‘Oh, I wish I could just shut up... Huh? ’


At that moment, the shimmering silver powder descends in front of Jungdown's eyes.


What a beautiful sight.

But it wasn't just beautiful.

The moment the silver powder seeped into his body, a surprising thing happened.

[Survivors fully recovered!]

Is the wound... healing? ’

His eyes widen.

All of his wounds, which were about to die, were healing rapidly.

Not only were the wounds covered in blood, but also the clothes that were torn and broken were being restored clean.

Oh, my God! ’

This was a miracle.

A new power was rising.

He saved his life on the verge of death!

Then I heard the voice of the rabbit.

[Let's go, shall we? Wow, Seung Woo Ryu! You look so much better with two arms! Anyway, come on, now! Moving on to the next stage!]

The expression surprised him, and he suddenly stood up and shouted to the outside.

“Now, hold on! Me too...! Take me with you! I'm alive here! ”

There is!

A steady voice echoes through the trap, returning to the best of conditions.

Unfortunately, the distance was so far that the voice could not be conveyed to anyone.

* * *

[Depart for Stage -2!]

Maybe it's the mood.

Ryu Seung Woo, who was moving towards the gate on the rabbit's urge, suddenly stopped walking and turned around.

As I was about to leave, I remembered the existence of my precious colleague who came last and fell into a trap and, unfortunately, lost his life.

‘I'm sorry I couldn't protect you to the end. Sincerely... ’

He looks sadly at the direction of the trap and turns back.

And…… the gate is closed.



* * *

The ruins have been silenced for a while.

“Wait! I'm here! ”

Jungdown shouted in embarrassment.

“Anybody there!? ”

You don't? You don't?

There was no one in this dungeon who could answer his hollow voice echoing underground.

After all, I couldn't follow them like that, and fell into a trap by myself.

Immediately, I heard a strange sound in his ear.

[The dungeon will reset.]

“…… what? ”