Dungeon Reset

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The number of worlds spoke to them one last time.

[Achievement achieved!]

“Proof of Resistance! ”

Sacrifices that were drawn to the world's water growth have proven themselves worthy to live on!

The dungeon bears the burden of your accomplishments.

- Reward: Dungeons banish you to your original world.

“Seung Woo hyung? Are you sure about this? ”

“Seungwoo, this is really.... ”

My colleagues who had been with me since Stage 1, Yoon Seung-woo and Aid Heat, looked at Ryu Seung-woo at the same time.

Ryu Seung Woo groaned and barely shouted.

“Quickly... summon me straight down! ”

“Oh no! Downey! ”

“ ……! ”

At that moment, I woke up.

“Aah! Ears! Ears!”

“Hurry! Hurry! We Downs have to go home too...! ”

“How long is this gate open? If I miss it now, won't it close again!? ”

Other colleagues, such as Seo-yeon and Dong-min, who had joined from the middle, also whispered in their ears toward Jung-down.

“But how do I get Downs to come here? ”

“Ouch! Yes! We've come too far to ask you to come now. ”

“Yi, can't you open the gate from this side? ”

“We don't have Gate Installation skills! ”

The unprecedented conversation continues, and a reply finally arrives from Jungdown.

Oh, you guys go first! I can always return to Gate Skill with Erthea giving me the coordinates! >

“ ……! ”

Everyone opened their eyes and looked at his ears.

“Well, I heard. ”

Oh, and... >

Then another line flew in my ear.

A month here is a day on Earth. The timing of my arrival will be similar, even if I'm a little late. >

“…… Uh, hmm. How long have we been here? ”

“I don't know. About two years?”

The group immediately passes the calendar in their heads.

“So they say we've been missing for about a month. I guess my parents thought I ran away. ”

“You're gonna get in a lot of trouble. ”

“What about me? ”

While living in the dungeon, Dongmin Oh, who grew up in a storm about 30 centimeters tall, broke down.

“It's okay. I insist on growing up. ”

“You've grown too much for a month. ”

“Don't worry about happiness, brother. I was two centimeters tall for two years. ”


In the last two years, Yoon Jin-soo, who was barely tall, quickly shut up.

Even Yoon Jin-su died here once, including Seo-yeon, and was reborn as a member of the forest.

“You're not getting any younger because you forced yourself to be a vegetarian, are you? Hah, my mom will tell me not to eat when I get home. ”

“ ……. ”

I wanted to go home right away, so I didn't have one or two things to think about.


Yes, it is.

This was all a happy concern.

“Then can we really go first? ”

“Really? Really? ”

My beating heart did not calm down.

I'm finally going to the house I've been painting!


Ryu Seung Woo smiled and whispered to Jungdown.

“Then we'll go back and wait. Let's all have a party together. Chicken and pizza.”


And dared to step into the gate in front of your eyes.

* * *

After sending everyone to Earth.

The rabbit flinches and talks to Jungdown, who was repairing the war instead, wearing cement because he couldn't beat Alpha's nagging.

[But you know what?]

“What's that? ”

[Erthea said that the world born in the diary only grows its roots in empty potted plants.]

“What do you mean all of a sudden? ”

Jungdown stops his hand and looks at the rabbit.

The rabbit pointed to the number of worlds expanding and expanding on all sides of the earth and sky.

The transparent roots of the invisible water of the world, which used to be so low, are now so visible.

[World waters are the pillars that support the world. Even though the appearance may be slightly different, there is a world number in every world. And when that water disappears, the world comes to an end.]


[I told you, the world only craves empty potted plants. It never invades any other realm of the world.]

“... Wait a minute. No way. ”

Suddenly, he looked like he had taken a punch. He realized what the rabbit was about to say.

[But the world water drilled a hole in your Earth and put a straw in it. What do you think that means?]

The rabbit said firmly.

[After all, the Earth that you lived on is also being destroyed. I don't know what happened to the original world, but it's probably an empty planter now.]

“ ……! ”

And Ertera, who had been aware of it from the beginning, prepared a gift for the world to return to.

Towards Ryu Seung Woo's group returning to Earth, Erthea whispers an important story in her ear.

“Your world is going to end. So please use the power you have gained here to save your own world. ”

“ ……! ”

“All your achievements that have survived the dungeon games will be recorded on Earth. ”

‘Now, wait...! ’

‘What do you mean……. ’

I wanted to ask Ertera a lot of questions, but they were sent to Earth at a rapid rate.

I woke up from my seat in shock.

“Why are you telling me this now? ”

[So when do we talk? I need you to tell me now. Besides, there's less than an hour of a day in here anyway. It'll only take a few minutes.]

“Oh, I see. ”

At the rabbit's words, I put cement back on the wall with a comfortable expression on my face.

“But the last time I saw you beyond the gate, you were fine. ”

Yeah, and how about a little devastation? So we sent a lightning man over there.]

“Oh, yeah? Don't worry about Seung Woo. ”

[Of course, at the end of the day, you also need a hero.]

Recalling Ryu Seung-woo, who was so angry that she could be recognized by the world, her face became more comfortable.

* * *

And on Earth.

The end has already begun.

Grrrrrrr! Krrrrrrr!

“Aaaah! Help me! ”

Monsters spill from the open gates.

The order of the nation collapsed, and it did not take long for humanity to perish.

“Help me! A monster!”

“Somebody help me! ”

Screaming continues throughout the globe.

But there was still the seed of hope for humanity.

“… huh? ”

Participants who lost their lives in the dungeon game and came back to Earth alive because of Erthea.

They lost all the power they had achieved in the dungeon and even lost their memories, but there was one thing that remained.



“This, this……? ”

‘Seok Jeong-ho’ opened his eyes when he saw the ‘Flaming Insects’ appearing from his hands.

Even if the memory disappears and all skills are reset to level 1.

At the moment of crisis, their body remembered the skill for itself.

People praised the Awakened for their skills, calling them ‘Awakened'.

But after a while, people soon realized.

Awakenings are just beginners in a dungeon that has just evolved.

Compared to them, the ‘noble patients’ who survived the dungeon games opened their gates and returned to Earth!

From the beginning, heroes who already had the strength and prowess of completion began to rescue people from the apocalypse.

“Brain metastases!”

Kuang! Kuang!

Ryu Seung Woo, who was a common taekwondo offender, suddenly became a human hero.

He saves the citizens from the monsters and grumbles with an absurd expression.

“What is this? Why fight when you're back in the world? ”

After fighting in a frenzy, he was once again praised by people for being called "The Knight of Blue Light."

Of course, the parties were burdened and embarrassed.

“Who started calling this embarrassing nickname?! ”

Yoon Jinsoo, who was behind his words, nodded earnestly.

“Well, Seungwoo. Would it have been better to be called" the hope of mankind "or" the savior of mankind "this time? ”

“It was you! ”

“Guys, now is not the time.... ”

The relief heat, which was more anticipating tonight's feast than anyone else, was making a face.

Of course, the limb of a reckless beast was torn with his bare hands.

“What about pizza? What about the chicken? We're not having a party today? ”

“I can't, sir. The store collapsed, the boss ran away. ”

“Ouch! But there will still be materials left! Shit! I thought I'd finally have a beer today! ”


With a terrifying shout and a fierce look of the fever of relief pouring out all the wrath on the monsters, a desperate prayer comes out of the mouths of the group.

“... Down, please come quickly. ”

“Downey, come make me some pizza. I have all the ingredients. ”

* * *

“You're leaving?”

After resurrection, Erthea, who was still crouching before, lifts her eyes and looks down.

“Yes, I'm going home for a while. ”

Ertera smiles sadly, standing still in a light dress.

“It'll be a while, but it's going to be a long time here. ”

“You said you have a long life anyway. ”

“Yes, thank God. I have nothing to do here, but I can't leave this world... ”

[Ahem! That's why I'm following you!]

Erthea glances jealously at the rabbit standing beside him as if it were natural.

“But please open the gap and come over here and play. ”

“Of course. This is my home. ”

“ ……! ”

[Oi! Did you say that?]

Erthea and the rabbit look at him with their eyes wide open.

Jungdown smiled and said.

“Then I'll leave everything I've built here, and where else would I be? ”

“... I'll give you a lift to wherever you're going. Ryu Seung Woo must still have a gate inside. ”

“Yes. We'll see each other soon, won't we? I'm supposed to have a party today. ”

< When you come back, you can open the gate and come back from anywhere. >


After a while, Jungdown flew up into the sky of the dungeon on the dragon of life Ertera.


The elasticity burst.

Then I noticed a lot of landscapes that I had created with my own hands.

The sunny weather doesn't suit the dungeon.

Beautiful dungeons surrounded by mountains and valleys below!

And then suddenly floating square-satellite observation towers and mystical floating islands as you climb higher!

Even the Borat Cloud Islands!

“Phew, that thing's still there? ”

The signs that emerged from exiting Cloud Island on an octopus train, the air staircases and the air trains, were floating in a row in the air.

The location was so sudden that a smile burst out.

Seeing what I had made so far in heaven, I felt new.

Yes, it is.

This whole dungeon was a straight down place.

“…… If I go to Earth this time, I'll rob a department store. Buy groceries, microwave. Oh, do I have to buy a portable generator to do that? ”

[, what other ominous scheme are you planning? Because dungeons are so well-balanced these days. Please, don't make a mistake in a finished dungeon.]

I decided to settle for the nagging of the rabbit next to me.

“Oh, well, would it be all right to take these things back to Earth? Golems, items. ”

[Feel free to do that. It's not our dungeon anyway. Oh, you've got the Seed of World Water?]

“Of course. If you don't, you can read about your accomplishments and recreate them. I'm a world water gardener? ”

When the rabbit asked, Jungdown opened his belongings and checked inside.

Erthea, who was riding him, quickly crosses the clouds.

“Take care of it. because you have to plant that seed on Earth and grow it well, and then the end of the world will stop. ”

“Yes. The tribes of the forest, the experts in world water, are over there, aren't they? Hang on to your worries. ”

[Worried that it's actually more to send erroneous seeds like God to Earth...... Hiya. Hehe.]

The rabbit mumbles something and smiles at what's good after getting hit by a night of honey.

Suddenly, he spread his silver wings and jumped forward.



It landed on a pink cloud where it was lightly sliding like a silver paper airplane.

We've finally arrived.

I looked straight ahead.

You see the gate of the group entering ahead of you.

He holds the Seed of the World in his hands and greets you for the last time.

“Then I'll save the world as a hobby! ”

[Don't talk big while planting a tree at the most. Ouch.]


(Dungeon Reset Complete)