Dungeons for the Devil, Dungeons for the Core (Book Version Title: A Different World Dungeon Made with the Devil)

Chapter 213: Flowing from unknown distant lands...... 5. Prototype (Part 1)

Now, at first glance, it was Crowe who appeared to be only selling quarrels to the confectioner, but he had a plan to be him.

(I'm looking for chocolate, or a substitute for it, but what I have here is a boring rose bean... it's not like a cocoa bean.It would be foolish to be trapped in the chocolate making process)

The rose beans in front of you seem to resemble Earth's locust beans.In other words, from the ingredients of depression (in the first place), it is very different from cocoa beans, so I decided that it is not necessary to restrict myself to the chocolate production method.As long as we understand the essential work and its meaning, we should be able to do similar processing.The rest depends on the nature of the material, which is not Crowe's fault.

Under such casual rhetoric, I just stepped into the trial of alchemy.First of all, I tried Appraise to know the characteristics of the material.....

(Hmm... it seems that the pulp part will be a substitute for cocoa and chocolate.Earth's locust bean pulp - did you say Carob? - I heard that it's just a reminder of chocolate... how about this?)

When I tried it, it was a crowe with fine pieces in its mouth.

(Oh... this is not the same as cocoa, is it?)I wonder if this will do anything for cocoa and chocolate.... but.....)

Even in this world, it seems like you can enjoy the taste of cocoa and chocolate without anyone being ridiculous, and it was a crow that was inadvertently delighted, but it was still too early to tense up.

(... after all, you don't have enough fat to make chocolate.It's just right for a cocoa drink, but it's definitely not sweet enough.And... can you get the milk?)

Whether you drink it as cocoa or process it into chocolate, milk is essential there.It seems that the nobles of Olmeca, Maya and Azteca drank something seasoned with chilli pepper without sugar or milk, but Crowe did not intend to imitate it as much as dew.Milk and sugar are in cocoa, and this is unacceptable.

Hey, milk... can you get milk from cows, goats and other livestock here?

I asked Crowe without telling anyone, and his family and spirits looked at each other... but in conclusion, it seemed that they were available.

It seems that milk is still perceived as a raw material for butter and cheese among humans in this world, but among beasts - of course it is used as a raw material for butter and cheese - it is customary to drink the milk itself.

Such beasts raise livestock called capras in the village, but they say that this produces really fine milk.In appearance, it is a small animal similar to a goat (goat), and it is ecologically close to a goat (goat), but the quality of its milk - according to those who compared it to drinking - is closer to that of a bull than a goat (goat).Moreover, since the breastfeeding period is long, it is possible to obtain milk throughout the year.

”Hmmm... if I may say so... Depending on the quality of the rose beans, chocolate and cocoa are both feasible...”

Looks like we're all set.Then all that's left to do is to proceed with the prototype.Ingredient sugar can be sourced from Odrant by dungeon transfer, and milk...... in the meantime, you can use the milk found in the apartment.It seems that the milk of the capsules is close to milk, but it may be separated into cream and skim milk if left alone.Some places are convenient for that, but it may be better to do a homogenization process so that the fat does not separate when you drink it.

(...... well, it's okay to look at the real thing around here.It's a prototype for now.)