Dungeons for the Devil, Dungeons for the Core (Book Version Title: A Different World Dungeon Made with the Devil)

Chapter 230: Illustration of the Royal Capital 3. Illustration of the Royal Castle

”That one again... the envoy also blew it for me.”

It was General Rover and Sir Warren who waited for the King, the Prime Minister, and the Foreign Minister, who followed him to the Executive Office.

After explaining to the two of them the end earlier, the comments received from General Rover with a strange admiration tone were at the beginning.

For a moment, there was something in the National Book that seemed a little more like it.

The national record brought by the mission that visited Illustria prior to Sir Karlsen said that, in view of the vigorous activities of the non-fumes at this place, it is believed that the establishment of friendship with them is an urgent task even for Morphans. However, since there are few non-fumes in Morphans, I am anxious to cooperate with my dear neighbor Illustria, and as a Morphan, I want to learn how to interact with the non-fumes above all...

"Well... I don't think that's just the beginning, either."

"These non-fume people are showing us something different." Even as a morphine fan, you can't see it. "

"That's because, to be precise, the non-fumes in my country--"

Sir Warren says that Illustrious domestic non-fumes have been behaving differently for years now. Instead of the caste brackets of Beastman, Elf, Dwarf, etc., we are trying to move cooperatively by setting a new bracket of "non-fume" on ourselves. It was a novel move that had not been seen before and had not been seen by other countries' “non-fumes”, and it was a move that would be noticed even by Morphans.

Since then, it was natural for countries to be eager to learn how to deal with the "non-fumes" of the case, since they have successively achieved technological innovation or paradigm shift.

And --- countries that do not have a point of contact with the "non-fume" people who have started to show new movements, it is natural to ask for mediation from Illustria as the judgment pushed.

"It's just... I don't care if they bring their asses over here..."

In some places, in the King's office, it was General Rover who lamented in words that could not be described as classy, but no one was present to blame it. Everyone was in full agreement.

It is true that the "non-fumes" who live in Illustria are at the center, and perhaps they are making a major transformation that is likely to remain in history... but the Illustrious Kingdom has nothing to do with it. Everything was decided and advanced without our knowledge.

Until October 9th, that "Tsubaki" will be involved, but we can't give Morph fans the information they stepped into anywhere. First, everything is just speculation. Rather than directly negotiating with "taki", we don't even know who he is - in fact, Sir Warren and two others are already face to face with Crowe about "taki" - which is the current situation.

”I don't even have a big handler... but I was asked to mediate with the non-fume people...”

I wonder if the non-hummies are responding to Illustria's wishes by feeling guilty... I think they're in trouble. The reason why everyone was uneasy was that they were imitating that responsibility.

"That said... this time, it looks like the non-fume candy store is calming down."

"I never thought that the presence or absence of a confectionery store would be the deciding factor...... and I never thought of this marching."

Sir Marsing, who was in charge of the Foreign Affairs Department, had no hidden expression. Is his background alien to him, the history of the Kingdom...... No, even if you think of the history of the continent as a string, isn't it a story of previous generations?

"Well... the non-fume confectionery store itself is a substitute for the predecessors."

"... anyway, sheer caster can now be used as a new hand." When I think about it, I don't think it's a bad thing to talk about strength. "

"Well... I'm sure of that, but..."

It can certainly be used as a hand, but how to slip it into "diplomacy".

In any case, it may be said that diplomacy is carried out in such things as decency, appearance, and Tatemae. In other words, ancient sake and sugar confectionery are elements that belong to the genuine part. It is not a hand that can be cut casually in a diplomatic seat where rituals make for breadth.

― ― The Prime Minister's mumbling crept into Sir Marsing's ear thinking of such a thing.

"Speaking of which... Marvik said something interesting."...... the land prices of Elgin and Sheacaster are rising...... "

“Sir Marvick?”

Renting or buying or selling land is a business transaction, so it seems that it came to the ears of Sir Marvick, who deposited the business. Not only that, but the place name was the problem at this time.

"... is it non-fume?"

"There will be no other reason." Elgin has a liaison office, and Sheacaster has a confectionery shop. ”

“Hmm. Not only are the two places, but the land prices of Thorland, Lee Lot, and Banks are rising.”

Lee Lot in Saudi Arabia, Banks......

"It's a town where non-hume festival stores are open for nothing, isn't it? Oh, there was also a store in Banks that handled [Phantom Leather]."

It seems that the commercial activities of the non-fumes have finally led to the fluctuation of the land price in Illustria.

"... you know, if I don't open the store twice a year, the land price will increase. Is this a problem?"

That being said, even if the state or the royal family can't intervene without a legitimate reason, right?

"Well, it's true that the price of the land changes due to the size of the breasts of the non-fumes..."

Everyone in the room had a confused expression on their faces, and General Rover spoke for them.

"... no way... if there's another store, I'd like you to talk to me beforehand"

We were all silent and deeply crooked.

"...... when I said Lee Lot, I knew there was something strange going on nearby."