Dungeons for the Devil, Dungeons for the Core (Book Version Title: A Different World Dungeon Made with the Devil)

Chapter 231 The Message of the Folding Crane 2. The 1st Battalion of the Illustrious Royal Army in the Royal Capital - Stupidity and Remembrance of the Unfortunate - (Part 2) [Map Available]

As a matter of fact... it seems that the upper level has become very controversial to discard the idea of riding the Dragon to the Marcus position of the "Rock of Calamity" from the observation fort of Morvania. However, as a result of the large number of opinions about how to stab too much Theodorum, this time there was a circumvention of the "calamitous rock cave", and the route was decided to stop at Mykar, the king of Marcus.

It should be noted that Dar and Krushank's opinions have not been reflected in any of the decisions they have made so far... and they did not ask. All of this is the result of [highly political judgment]. Well, it's not difficult to imagine that even if I were asked, I would be poor in responding.

Regardless of the circumstances behind the scenes, Dar and Krushank were the first to set foot in Markus' kingdom, Mykar, three days after the departure of the Morvanian watchtower. I no longer felt like throwing away the bowl, but things were going to go wrong with the disdain of the two of them. In Morvania, I only met General Kerbid in a fortress on the frontier, but here in Marcus, in the middle of the capital city - informally and clandestinely - I was confronted with a great under-secretary of the military and foreign affairs.

As for Marcus and Morvania, it seems that they want to make friendships with Illustria because they are included in the same Theodorum. Unfortunately, since Illustria does not border neither Marcus nor Morvania, this case seems to have been a good opportunity for both heads of state to cross the ship. Of course, it was the same on the side of Illustria, and the fact that the two people in the right position were used by Dashi... was this time the truth, at least on that side.

In response to this, the reenactment at the Watchtower Fort was to take place somewhere in the royal capital of Mykar.....

"... eh? Morphans?"

"Hmm. There's some distance between Illustria and Marcus." I don't know the details... but it seems that somehow, there was a tie between Morphus and Illustria. It seems that there are rumors that royalty will come to study abroad... I wonder if they know anything about that? "

As expected, it was only closer to Illustria than to Morvania, and Marcus had grasped the rumors of Princess Morphan's study abroad. Well, Elgin and Banks would be scattered on the edge of the mouth, so it would not have been very difficult to find out... However, on the same day as Sir Karl Sin's arrival in the King's capital, Illustria, information about the princess studying abroad arrived in Mykar, the capital of Marcus, so the strength of the Marcus Intelligence Department should not be underestimated. No... it's been two weeks since Sir Karl Singh visited Elgin, so I can say it's not that surprising.

In any case, for Dar and Krushank, who operated far away from their homeland, it was a story of water in their sleep, and it seemed that Marcus' high-ranking officials could understand that.

Although the pursuit of your side was avoided by Okinawa, instead, it was decided to pursue "why do you hold the position of" on the way home "? Well, this is the same as when I was in Morvania, and I gave the same answer this time, and I was convinced the same way.

The next morning, Dahl and Krushank, who had been liberated, rode Marcus' flying dragon and became an airborne visitor, arriving in Sauland two days later. After saying goodbye to Marcus' Flying Dragon overnight at the Sawland Guard Post, the two arrived in the town of Sheacaster the next day aboard the Flying Dragon, now an individual belonging to the Army of the Illustrious Kingdom.

The two of them had given up thinking that the air journey would continue after this...... but from here on out, they will build a high-speed horse-drawn carriage and aim for the King's capital, Illustria, so as not to catch sight of Sir Karl Sinn, who has already arrived in the King's capital, and his servants who will soon arrive in the King's capital--- it's not clear why they are acting differently (laughs).

Thus, it was on the third day after leaving Sheacaster that the two men who had completed their long journey with the carriage journey arrived in the King's capital.

Even though I returned home after such a hard time, I didn't have a word of labor soon after returning to the original army. If I was asked to submit a report and evidence about the incident in Avan, I would want to complain about it. For the report, Dar, who had a long military career, had prepared it in advance.

"Damn it! Now I don't have any allowance, I'm going to bite my superiors!"

Naturally, Sir Warren was unlikely to be so disciplined, and the two of them were offered two weeks of full leave, special bonuses and special beer, as well as salary grade increases.

Krushank was in a mood... but he hadn't noticed. Increasing the salary grade is essentially a promotion, which means upgrading the qualification for handling confidential information... In other words, it is a stone that can push more troublesome and delicate projects.