"In the world, an inch ahead is darkness". You don't know what's going to happen, so the lesson is to make sure you're on your mind from time to time. Even if something unexpected happens, if we deal with it calmly without disturbing it, we will surely open the way. That's what I've been taught since I was a kid.

... even if the closet leads to a cave at some point.

Close the door calmly, take a deep breath and count the numbers. After counting about twenty, open the door again and make sure the situation hasn't changed.

Unfortunately, let's give up using the closet for the moment. From what I've seen, there didn't seem to be any dangerous animals inside. Tie the door open with the wire, and find out the cause later. It's okay, I'm cool. Let's make it breakfast. When I'm hungry, I hardly even work my head off.

Finish your breakfast without thinking together. Beyond the closet, there was a cavernous thing going on, seeing where the walls were supposed to be. Which means it's not a decent space in the closet. Or am I the one who's not decent? Let's not. Let's just assume my head is decent. If we don't assume that, we won't be able to talk.

Will it be delivered to the police? No. I don't know how long this spatial anomaly will last. If I made a fuss and pulled the police, it would have gone back to normal, and if anything happened, my life would be over. Even in a drawer cage, there should be a peaceful life.

Talk to someone other than the police. I can't do this either. I'm not proud of it, but I don't know who I can open my chest collar and talk to. I haven't heard from my parents in over five years - we didn't break up in another fight, but it's a hassle. I don't think even parents would be happy with such a hassle.

You can't just leave it like this. The closet is still unavailable, but I can't let go of dangerous places like I don't know when or what will pop up and live a peaceful life. Yeah, I still can't.

I'll have to find out for myself.

Sounds interesting.