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Ignorance is the source of disaster!

I don't know when humans began to send signals of various frequencies to outer space.Behind these so-called scientific experiments, humans are filled with hope and desire to seek intelligent life.If it is a huge universe, only the earth can have intelligent life, then human beings are too lonely.

But sometimes, being alone may not be a bad thing, especially before you have time to prepare for a stronger visitor.

There is not only one galaxy in the universe.

In the universe, as humans hope, it is not only the earth that has intelligent life.

Two years after the Maya predicted the end of 2012, at the end of October that year, the heat on the west coast of the United States was still not over.When bikini girls and surfing were still local themes, a young boy used his immature hands to build a simple sandcastle on the beach in the evening.

He was triumphant, his childish eyes looked up at the sky full of sunset clouds.

Then I saw them.

Those are the few lights that suddenly appeared on the sky, just beside the moon that was curved like a silver hook.Looking at these light spots, the little boy was a little puzzled, not even knowing that he was swept by the sand castle by the waves.

On that night, NASA discovered an unusual group of meteorites.Then at noon the next day, the meteorite group entered the tail of the atmosphere. According to NASA's calculations, these meteorites will fall into the Pacific Ocean.But just after entering the atmosphere, some of the special meteorites suddenly changed their orbits and eventually landed in the capitals of more than a dozen countries in the world, including Washington, Ottawa, London, Paris, Moscow, Beijing, Tokyo, and Cairo.

The precision of its landing point has shown that this is not an ordinary meteorite shower, but a sophisticated military operation!

The invasion from outer space began.

When the coat of the "meteorite" fell off, revealing the roaring steel fuselage, the hideous advanced turret and related weapon systems, and the blue electric fire ejected from the tail engine.The earth finally got its wish to welcome visitors from the depths of the universe, but these visitors did not bring friendly olive branches, but launched wars for aggression.

The war broke out all over the world almost on the same day!

That day was the collision of two unequal civilizations; that day was the echo of blood and guns.

The city was turned into rubble, and millions of people died overnight.The earth was groaning, the rivers were stained red with blood, and the bodies piled up like mountains.In the face of this sudden attack, governments around the world did not even have time to launch a nuclear strike, and the battle was over.People fled to the wilderness outside the city, hid in deep mountains and dense forests, everything returned to the primitive age.The text starts.

It took two years before humans knew the name of the visitor.

They call themselves the Nimes and come from another galaxy far away in the universe—Yorton.

This was the dark period of the earth, and the Nimes ruled nearly 70% of the earth's land and oceans.Human beings have become slaves. They must live in factories full of scorching steam, extracting energy from the earth for the Nimes.This is an unrestrained excavation request. Visitors to outer space don't care about the life or death of the earth.

However, where there is darkness, there is light, and where there is chaos, there is order.

In the third year when the earth entered the dark period, another group of visitors from outer space entered the Milky Way, and they brought hope to the human beings on the earth.

Forced into desperation and burst into life, mechanical puppets driven by Rubik's Cube energy, the first human to inspire genetic circuits to form a pattern, the first tragic but unhesitating counterattack.Humans began to resist, chasing light and freedom with life and blood!

This is a tough collision between the planet's natives and the invaders. This is the angry cry of the remaining millions of humans collectively!

In the end, mankind won.When the remnants of the Nim fleet disappeared from the sky, a ray of light appeared on the eastern horizon.Later scholars called this battle the "Battle of Dawn."

The Battle of Dawn is an important turning point for mankind to get rid of colonization, and it is also a ticket to enter the era of advanced warfare in the universe.And for all this, we must thank those aliens who bring hope to the earth.

They call themselves Idahua star people!

In the summer of 2031 AD, the earth ushered in a new era, and the surviving humans gathered together to form the earth federal government.And this year is also the first year of the dawn calendar.

The story did not end there, on the contrary, it just started.