In that palace, majestic and magnificent but not giddy and disgusting, there was about to be an appointment ceremony for one man now.

The man's name is Keith Blockhound. I am a magician.

Around thirty a little past the time of year.

Dark hair with black eyes and medium meat back. He has an awful, ordinary face compared to those around him.

But let's just say that there's no choice, because all the elves are around him anyway.

This is Saimrad, an elf territory small country on the western continent.

It is a country for the elves by the elves.

In that, there's one human man.

Moreover, it is the position of court magician who is appointed.

We must go back a month or so to know why he was entrusted with such a great position in the land of the elves.


One man walks through the woods.

The way he walks on a beast path that he can't walk on, whispering.

Black hair, black eyes, black leather shoes on black clothes, black to cloak.

A man dressed to be told to stop in his mid-teens in this world.

It's Keith.

I use it to assist people in walking rather than magic with a wand as long as my back made of driftwood for the exercise of magic, and I bathe in forests that I don't even like while sweating all over my body.

"I'm sorry."

There is a voice coming from somewhere.

He sounds like a boy.

When I saw it, at Keith's feet, a cat was walking towards him.

"You were the Orthodox Supervisor of the Sorcery Order, The Dawn of the Necromancer, and now you have a real crush on yourself for being chased for selling fake talismans."

"Now... get lost, pussycat"

"No, I won't shut up! Besides, the reason they kicked out the regiment that caused it is pathetic again! It's theft!!

Keith was formerly a magician with a history of belonging to the Ordinary Sorcery Order.

However, he was removed about a year ago and is now an Inchiki Demon Instructor who sells talismans, amulets, and spiritual medicines that do not even work on vagabonds.

"You can't help it...... I've come up with a way to make money, so it's a human saga I'm going to do that"

The way Keith came up with it is a combination of pronouncements and automated scripting, which, in brief, precisely paints and sells the embarrassing figure of a woman.

This sold. It really sold.

Whatever, I can't believe your hard-faced archdeacon secretary actually wore such bold underwear...

I can't believe my pure looking elf daughter actually comforted herself with her own poor fingers every night......

There's no way you can't sell it because you sell it like that.

Damn, you won!! I also thought that during the bundle, I found out lightly and fired the regiment.

Even as a regiment, I guess I didn't want a case like this to be taboo, adding a sentence of physical convenience and not expulsion.

That's how it flows, and now I'm a fraud. It's not even a joke.

Again, if I had sold a talisman for my romantic accomplishments and lies, I would have been chased to death by the Cathedral Knights at risk.

I managed to escape into the woods and got lost already for four days. It was about time I was seriously dying.

"I'm hungry... my leg hurts... my back hurts too... my heart hurts the most"

"You deserve it."

A cat with a clear face says Lou and Keith is a demon.

I still can't use witchcraft properly with the inferior cat fairy [ket sea], and the language is still weird.

But the rat gets caught, so unlike Keith, I'm not hungry.

"... I'll eat you, cat."

"I haven't fallen off as a cat enough for your husband to catch me."

It was Keith who couldn't say anything because he was actually right.

When the sun hung directly above him, Keith sat back at his limit.

I also drank the water three hours ago so it was the last one.

"No... I'm really dying"

"We had a short relationship. Your husband."

Keith didn't even have the strength to defy Lou, who comes to say with a meatball on his shoulder,


Lou's ears moved pinch,

"My husband, there are people here."

I was told, and my face rose to hope.

"Which one!?

"This way."

Keith desperately follows Running Lou.

Even though I was about to fall many times along the way, if I went through the trees, there were certainly people there.

No, technically, it's an elf that's not a person.

Blonde blue-eyed. Beautiful shape on white skin. And pointy ears.

Definitely an elf.

Those elf women were screaming and fleeing.


So I looked behind them, and there was a big lizard monster there.



It is a monster, a basilisk, designated as a hazardous beast.

A creature with demonic eyes that says if seen with its eyes, it will become stone.

And slowly prey on its stoned prey.

chased by such a monster, the elf women were running away confused.

Keith tries to walk out when he turns back like he's lost interest.

"Nha!? You're not gonna help me?

"Me? Why? Even though I'm hungry, I can use my strength for nothing more."


"Ahhh, that's it. It was the longevity of those elves at a time when they counted for basilisk in such a lovely forest. I can't carry it till people do."

"... uña"

"Great ether will. Rest in peace."

Lou to his husband trying to walk away saying that,

"But if you help me, I might be able to get you dinner."

"............ Pickle"

"I owe you my life. You'll get paid... maybe."

"... what's wrong with not seeing righteousness? Let's go, pussycat!

I'm here for you.

"Come on, come on!

Grabbed by the roots with terrible speed,

"No nya!! Getting stoned is no!!!

to Lou, who shows desperate resistance,

"Don't worry! Because if it turns to stone, I'll sell it to an antique tool store saying it's a magic item that will save you money!!

"No, no, no!

One elf fell. Keith appears refreshed and stuck in exactly that place.

Lou held his eyes with a meatball,

"I haven't seen it! I didn't see myself!!

and trying to protect himself from the basilisk.

Keith, on the other hand, closes one eye and sticks his hand into the bag he was lowering from his shoulder, removing a palm-sized whistle from inside.

In the meantime, I have eyes to eye with Basilisk, but only a little pain has struck me, which has no effect on Keith.

Keith exhaled as he thought he could put a whistle in his mouth.


The whistle reproduces the voice of a rooster.

The moment it sounded, Basilisk blew bubbles out of his mouth and hit more and more, fleeing the spot.

"Oh, it worked..."

Keith whining as he watches the whistle.

Lou repeated, "I haven't seen it yet."

"How long have you been doing this, cat?"

Release the meatballs to my husband's words and look around.

"Your husband, he's not stoned."

"Naturally. Does it ever happen?"

"Magic nya! Master Boulder!!

"Fool, it's not magic or anything like that. It's a one-eyed meditation from the devil's eye... it's common sense where I was born."

"But it was magic that dispersed you?

"Is this it?

That's what I say. Show Lou the whistle of your hand.

"It was 30 leagues at the opening of the festival. I just gave it magic... I didn't know it would really work."

"... you tried it for the first time?

"Oh, it works and I'm stunned too"

He's the one who says things that are frightening.

That's what I thought, and it was a cold sweating Lou.

Those two...... one and one have a voice.


Looking back, four elves stared at Keith in tears.

"Thank you. Sit down!

And I repeat, to them like that, Keith,

"... don't you have any food?

I said and made it white.


Now, this is the funny thing about the one that says fate from here on out.

What a daughter of a leading Saimrad, one of the four female elves Keith helped.

Keith didn't know, but in fact, he was in an elf territory forest in a statement fleeing the Knights.

Keith was taken to that daughter's house when she was told by such a daughter to be sure, and was entertained with a treatment that she wouldn't put up or down.

As a person, I wish I had eaten rice, but I have nothing to say to the father of my daughter, who asks me a lot at the rice table, if she is a wandering magician who translates and helps people.

What a dressed result, the parent elf - whose name is Sark - really likes Keith and lets him use his power to make you a court magician! That's what I said.

Humans are the court magicians of the Elf Nation?

Keith had made a "ahhh, if I could be you" appropriate statement to such a dream story, but each of the other three of the four people he helped was also a leading parent or a soldier.

Besides, everyone was grateful to Keith, so much so that the story went on, and as a result, the unemployed crook became the court magician of the Elf Country in the clear.

Lou was proud to say, "Thank you."

And to that day, the gaze on Keith, who gets such an appointment, is half anticipation, half disgust.

It is not normal to say that the originally terribly closed elf society is someone else… and welcomes other races, etc.

But Mashua, the current king, and his wife Mia, were innovators who spoke of human reconciliation, and were very impressed by what Keith said helped the people this time.

There are two voices like that, and there are about half the elves on this scene who say they didn't like it but had to admit it.

Feeling that gaze and silent pressure, he said, "What am I doing here?," Keith was asking himself.

Let's admit this is a big birth.

However, the elf, a fairy species, is not comparable to himself in magic power, and is good at magic magic tricks. What am I supposed to do in those countries?

Could it be a clown? Am I a clown?

Some kind of twisted thought runs around in my head.

Still, I can eat rice more than a scammer, and most importantly, I can't resist thinking about living with a bunk...

So it was Keith who wanted to string him when he saw Lou stretching his spine as he seemed comfortable and proud.