Keith, whose ceremony ended inconveniently and who was sunny and officially a court magician, was quickly called to Mashua to refrain from doing so in front of his eyes.

On the throne sits a beautiful elf with a crown on his head that mimics a plant mole.

I don't care how old I am, I'm in my late twenties, but if you ask, you think I'm already over 300?

"Keith, I expect you to continue to work well for my country and for my people."

In the distance, I can only lay my face down with a voice that sounds solemnly like the sound of the moon and night.

To Keith like that, Mashua continued,

"By the way, I'm early on in office, but I need a favor..."

"If this thing ever reaches out to you, what is it?"

"Uhm, take Nia to this"

Mashua's voice called, and an elf came from the back.

A woman, a face that left her young enough to still be a girl.

Dressed in a pure white dress, his face looked much like Mia the Queen sitting next to Mashua.

Platinum hair is long and the chest is slightly more noticeable for a slight uplift due to thin hands and feet.


That's the girl who comes by my father's side - Nia smiled and looked at Keith.

"It's my daughter Nia. He was at the appointment ceremony."

Keith didn't realize that. But...

"Yes, you'll never forget that beautiful figure"

Nia lay her face down as illuminated by the words that Keith's teeth seemed to float.

"Actually, please is about this child..."

"The princess's..."


Mashua went on to make sure he knew about Nia.

"I think you know, we elf species are good at magic magic tricks. I pride myself on having a day longer than any other race, especially when it comes to spiritual magic"


"But... my daughter Nia doesn't seem to have any magical qualities..."

I say so. I see my daughter, Mashua.

Keith can't measure how embarrassing it is to be an elf to say he doesn't like exercising magic.

But when I saw Nia leaning down and holding her hand, I could hear it.

"So. I hope so, but I want you to be a teacher about Nia's magic."

Here Keith had all the points.

That's what I was willing to say when I was hired.

For an elf, magical use is natural with birds in the sky and fish swimming in the water.

I guess that's why I don't like telling other people to teach.

So if you have to "learn" magic tricks, you have to ask humans to educate you.

Sometimes I was just in the right place...

Of course this is Keith's unsolicited imagination, but once he believed it was, Keith already had only a sense of self-derision.

"What do you think? Would you mind?

"Huh? Oh, of course I'll sit down. Let me do my best."

"Is it true!?

To Keith's words, it was Nia's voice that came back first.

When Keith looked up, he saw Nia rushing over from beside his father.

Nia crouched in and held Keith's hand,

"Good! I was wondering what I would do if they refused! Really good. I'm glad I asked your father!

"Ha, ha"

"Will I be able to use magic? What do you think, Master Mage??

to the appearance of Nia, who asks innocently, but the heart of Keith, sagged,

(Oh, am I this kid's toy...)

All that came to mind was the idea.

"This, Nia! It can't be."

"... sorry"

"Ha ha, she can't help it"

Such a flamboyant landscape further roughed Keith's heart.


Magic instruction to Nia began the next day as soon as possible.

He is taken by the knight from his chamber, given in the court, to the chamber of Naia.

When he was put through the room, inside, Nia, who was letting the samurai comb her hair, stopped looking at Keith and ran over with joy.

"Master Magic! Waiting for you!!

He smiled like a sunflower all over his face, Nia holding that hand,


I let my voice haunt me.

That wasn't the word that took Nia.

"It is filthy that the spirit of the Wizard touches the hand of Lady Nia."

No, it's this girl who's been gripping me...

When I looked at the voice with that in mind, there stood an elf with brown skin everywhere.

(Dessert elves?

It is the family of an elf living in the eastern desert area.

Because it is characterized by brown skin and silver hair and has its own religious form, at one time it has been called Dark Elves, etc., and has not been so recently.

But it's very rare to be in this region.


Nia said, "Uh-huh." The dessert elf - to Aisha,

"That's rude to say! Apologize to the Wizard!

to the words. As Aisha was troubled,

"But it is!


Aisha stared at Keith with an obviously unfortunate eye,


You're apologizing. Is that it?

I can't help but think so. But I can't help but care about that in this country.

"No, never mind"

"... haven't I offended you?

"Not at all"


Aisha keeps staring at Keith as she looks like she chewed up a bitter bug at Nia.

"That's right. You didn't have an introduction yet. Master Magic, she is Aisha, my escort knight. Aisha, this is Keith the Wizard."

"Hi," he said, bowing his head, but Aisha said, "Hmm! Just give it back."

I don't know my real age, but my little girl looks licked me and I'm a little mucky.

"Aisha again!

I can't go on, and honestly, I just wanted to get this over with.

"That's okay. Let's start earlier than that."


I was nervous and I said, "Phew!" Nia is in the mood for herself as she breathes out of her nose.

The samurai left the room when she excused herself from opening a brief book of magic or something, but Aisha remained.

"... since Aisha will be around forever?

"Naturally! I don't know what kind of disrespect you're going to do to Master Nia!!

Honestly, it's a hassle.

Sometimes I reprimand you more than I teach you things, and let's go out and do something somewhat disrespectful, which is what I say when I teach you, and when I learn.

That's not what happens when people keep an eye on it and complain about it.

"What, are you even complaining?

"No... complaining..."

After much thought, Keith decided to stop paying attention to the knight already, when he felt that something in him would rub less.

However, only to Aisha.

"Will you leave? Out of the way."

"Behold! What!!!

"It's distracting when you can stay. I don't teach well."

"Hey, you!!

Aisha laid her hands on the hipster Rapier.

But to the ten Knights of the Swollen Cathedral, he said, "Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh, Meh!!!" and Keith, who was chased around with Claymore and Hulbert, is not terrified of one little girl.

"You can slaughter me, but then tell the princess you're magic."

"Holy shit!


Aisha's movements stopped at Nia's words.

"Nah... Dear Nia"

"Master Magic is right. Aisha, leave."


"Get out!

It's like a dog.

In fact, Aisha looked back at Nia again and again like an abandoned puppy and left the room with a voice that seemed to disappear "excuse me".

Huh. Take a breath.

"Well, let's get started"

That's what Keith started doing with the tutor.


What I found out was that Nia didn't even have a preliminary knowledge of magic.

Is it because I perceive it sensibly?

I don't know if all those who say elves are, but this is troublesome.

Keith is a bent former Orthodox mentor.

In academic terms, it is equivalent to a college student.

This is like giving math classes to kindergartners, and honestly I have no idea where to start.

You perceived Keith's troubled face, Nia,

"I knew... would I not be able to..."

And he was also disappointed for what he was expecting, and he had a depressed way of not adding or subtracting half the soggy.

"No, um..."

I thought desperately.

And I thought about the results of an experiment in some Sorcery Order study that told a retarded monkey that he remembered sorcery in iterative learning.

Monkeys can do it, too. There's no way an elf can do that.

Be cordial and polite from the beginning of the horn. This is the basics. That's what I thought.

"It's okay. Let's do it slowly."

That's right. Let's take it slow.

Whatever it is, it's an elf. Life expectancy is enough to sell.

The longer it takes for Keith to work in this courtroom, the more valuable it is.

That's what I thought. I smiled.

"... the Wizard is kind, and I... am glad"

He smiles the other way at close range and is a little dodgy Keith.

Like deluding yourself like that,

"And, dare not, let's just try to use magic at the end of the day to bring things up. I'll help, so anyone can do this with magic."


Keith put pieces of paper cut into the shape of a butterfly on Nia's hand and placed his own under it.

Slowly tries to bring out her magic and float.

I tried to make my body remember the act of saying that I would gradually draw out magic in this way.


It doesn't float.

I'm not even picky.


This is stupid.

If you're a human, there's no reason why a rabbit can't float around with horns and elves doing it.

What a fairy species. It's a block of walking magic.

Weird... thinking so, Nia finally burst into tears in her eyes when she told me that anyone could do it but couldn't,

"Ya, just do it... wah, to the lottery, so much... ugh"

"Please don't cry!

Keith, who had no reason to know how to treat the weeping little girl, stood up and stared at Nia, trying not to dare look for the cause.

It is an elf from anywhere.

It is the perfect elf. It's not human cosplay or anything like that.


"Excuse me, may I touch your head?

"Heh... Yep. What... Fine."

I got permission and put my hand on the top of my head.

Meditate your eyes and start intracorporeal fluoroscopy. It's like a CT scan by magic.

However, what you see is not the gut, but the placement and flow of the internal magic path. And


I finally figured out the cause.


"Abnormal formation of the magic path…"

Keith nodded yes.

"That's... the hell"

"Every organism has its way of circulating magic in its body. The magic flowing through it allows magic to be used… The princess is not well formed in her body."

"Oh no... no"

"This is what I was born with, and it has no effect on what I normally live with. But when it comes to magic and magic..."

"So... can't I use magic for the rest of my life..."

Nia, whose less white skin of despair becomes even whiter in a suddenly poked reality.

But to her like that, Keith,

"No, it's okay."

And I answered openly.


"If it's unusually made, you just have to fix it right."

"Oh, can you do that?

"Yes, actually, I specialize in that system."

What Keith was actually majoring in was magic amplification in the body and the application of psychotherapy.

Attack magic even told me it was the lowest ever, but there's nothing to get out to the right if you let them use deceptive magic.

It is him, whoever calls him "little man Keith".

"Wah... wah, I... I am a happy man... I can go around like a wizard... me"

If you're really happy, you're born in an elf. I don't think it fits the eye to see the abnormal formation of a magic path.

It is Keith who does not speak even though he thinks so.

"Quickly get that treatment!

"No, I'm ready, and it takes time, so that's tomorrow."

"Ha... yes"

"So that's it for today..."

That's what I said. I packed my things. I tried to leave the room. From behind Keith,

"Master Magic!


"Um... may I call Master Keith?

"Huh?... Yep. I don't mind..."

Nia grinned in full at Keith's words,

"See you tomorrow, Master Keith!

As I walked out of the room looking at her like that, Aisha came out of the shadow of the pillar.


Stopping by surprise, Aisha turns her gaze at the prospect of shooting,

"Don't get on with it, man..."


"Try to imitate the kindness of Nia... she'll skin you raw and make you a rug"

That's what I said. I'm headed to Nia's room. Looking behind Aisha,

"I can, uh-uh-uh."

I developed goosebumps all over my body and hurried back to my room.

In his own room, Lou was somehow round in bed with luscious hairs.

"... oh, your husband, welcome back."

"... that's a good hairy cat"

"I've been brushing my maids ever since today... it's heaven. This is it."

"When your husband is declared to be able to peel raw skin, do you repair the hair of the demon... Ha ha, I'll make it into a string one day"

With a firm resolve in his mouth, Keith fell asleep in bed.