"Um, are you wearing this?


Nia looked at the things she had been given and asked in wonder.

That was a string, no matter what you think.

A string that connects a very small area of cloth in a triangle.

I don't even know if this is a piece of clothing or how to wear it to Nia.

Keith told Nia like that,

"I made it for the princess last night."

"Master Keith?


Keith made it for me.

That delighted Nia badly.

Nia wanted to jump up and rejoice, but

"... what's up?

"Um... how do I wear this?

Knowing why Nia was in trouble, Keith said,

"Okay. I'll get you dressed. Take your clothes off."

"Ha... yes"

Keith tells me to take my clothes off, but Nia is a thought of fire coming out of her face.

Yesterday they saw everything, but still it's embarrassing how many times I've done it to get naked in front of a man's - that's Keith's too.

I look at my body and wonder what Keith thinks.

Still, as I was told, when he takes off his clothes and stands in front of Keith, he cleverly puts that string on Nia.

Keith smiled contentedly at the way he was made.

"... Dear Keith... This is"

"It looks good on you. Princess."

What Nia wore, it was, it was a microbikini armor.

The white triangular cloth just covers the nipples and the secret, and then there's the awful, dirty outfit that says string.

The royalty of one country, and it's not a good outfit to let a girl.

Once upon a time, when I was in the Sorcery Order, it was a popular costume at the "Woman Warrior Cafe" in the city where I lived.

Most of all, the store crumbled under control in two months...

What if I put that armor on Nia? That's what I thought.

And last night, it was hand-stitched according to the dimensions of Chima and Nia.

Nia is a violent erotic cutie who makes sure her outfit looks strangely illuminating.

White skin often has white fabric. The string was made black, but it was accented to highlight the whiteness of the skin.

I don't have half the low rise in my groin, and I'm going to see the beginning of the crack a little later.

I'm putting on a girl a substitute that has no use other than fighting on such a night. The satisfaction.

Keith was desperate to hold onto her again.

Nia was more embarrassed by the outfit than she was naked.

"What the hell is this...?

"I made it because I seemed ashamed of being naked during treatment...... don't you mind?

to Keith clouding his face,

"Yes, no! Oh no...... I like it!! Ugh, I'm glad!!

"Really? Good."

Keith said that, trying to start treatment quickly, he put Nia on his back on the same seat as yesterday.

"Yesterday, I tried the treatment and found out that the princess apparently has to loosen her lower body with a particular focus"


"Yes, you said your stomach got hot during yesterday's treatment... you said the area around your crotch stings, right? That's where magic lags behind!

It's an excuse for the lowest erotic act I could think of last night.

Lou stared at his master, who was thinking and nibbling at this dialogue as he sewed the microbikini armor, with his eyes on the wretched.


"It is!

As for Nia, I have no choice but to believe in her anymore.

I don't even suspect it in the first place.

Lower body...... will they rub their legs and buttocks again?

Nia remembered how comfortable she felt yesterday and she must have chewed her lower lip.

That's been the case since yesterday.

Whether you're talking to Aisha, taking a bath, or lying in bed after Keith returns to his room, the groin area becomes uneven when you remember what Keith did to you.

Is this what you call magic lagging behind?

Then I felt lonely losing this muzzle while I wanted it to be cured.

(What are you thinking! I can't believe Master Keith is treating you so hard that you don't heal... Huh!

The idea went all the way through grandeur and I was a little sleepless Nia last night.

Without even knowing that, Keith starts a prank by the name of a therapeutic act.

The liquid removed from the bag - I used it yesterday and the ingredients are almost the same, but it increases viscosity. While wandering, the owner of the whorehouse told me to apply what I made to yesterday's medicine.

Drop it on both legs thighs,


The coolness overflowed my legs and Nia reacted.

Apply it on both legs without a thousand times.

Gently and carefully relax the lifting muscles on one foot and apply pressure to the flatulence and thighs.

"Ha wow..."

My breath leaked out of Nia's mouth because of the feeling of my muscles being rubbed off.

My mouth was so full of saliva that I was about to salivate.

As for Keith, you can blame him all at once, but I'm thinking of relaxing his legs carefully here.

Finish through your legs and swollen tibia, and now press your soles and toes.

The first foot massage was also dull, but I don't feel comfortable visiting when a little pain and that pain leaves.

The toes seemed to be embarrassed when Keith's fluid-filled fingers were inserted between his fingers and he was supposed to be there.

Keith washes his hands once in a hand bowl and finally decides to wear today's main dish.

Nia, on the other hand, was just comfortable today and a little lacked the irritation that made her body like yesterday frightening and frightening.

And I felt like I wasn't enough, and I seemed like something very humble, and I fell into self-loathing,

(But Master Keith also said getting his head white was the first step towards being able to use magic!... so that's a good thing... what is it?

That's what I said on my own, but as for Nia, that's what I'm supposed to say.

After this, my little breasts rang out in anticipation to see if you could do that act of turning that head white.



"Today's is supposedly more exciting than yesterday, are you okay?

"Oh... yes! It's okay...... maybe"

Stronger than yesterday?

Better than that? What kind of thing is stronger than that?

I get a little scared.

To Nia like that,

"What do you want to do? Do you want to stop?

Of course, I don't want to stop, but I'll try to pose for once.

Nia could never do anything unwarranted to say no, even though Keith wore something special around the corner.

"No! Please do it! I will do my best too!!

I almost erupted again unintentionally into Nia's appearance of making a small, gutsy pose and sticking it out.

Laughing, smiling,

"The princess is wonderful"

That's what I say and stroke my head.

When Keith strokes his head, a "howdy" feeling that I've never felt before fills my heart and falls into it.

It felt warmer than when my father or mother stroked my head.

Keith plays a prank on Nia like that. I am the lowest human being.

Keith says to Nia, "Let's get started," then sprinkles liquid on his hand and rubs it together with his hands, making his hands null.

Then I let Nia's leg open to the M-shape.


Nia couldn't react to the sudden M-shaped leg opening, but to the sheer appearance of the outfit she was taking,

"Ki, Master Keith! What..."

Keith looked so serious,

"I'm going to loosen up the part here...... trust me"

What are you talking about, this guy?

Normally I would, but Nia thought to that serious face that she felt ashamed of herself.

"Ha...... yes, me, hiya Keith!!!!

Keith moved his hand, halfway through Nia's words.

At the base of the leg, slowly push the diameter into the tip of the finger, towards the secret office.

I can barely put in the force. Push slowly to avoid straining Nia's body.

They also go with their fingers inside the bottom of the microbikini armor, but never touch areas such as the pubic nucleus or labia at first.

Just look at the diaphragm.

To its pleasant, but spreading from the entire foot to the waist, Nia

"Hih!... ahhh... kuuuuuuuuuuuu!

I meditated on my eyes and endured.

It's like Keith's hand is going to stop when he reaches for it.

Endure it desperately.

Keith slowly moves his hand inward as he repeats over and over again.

To that subtle finger use, Nia did not notice. However,


Finally, Keith's fingertips rubbed Clitoris and stroked her labia from there.

The feel is that Nia's labia is almost undeveloped, with only a slight rash in the plump earthy flesh.

Maybe if you open your crotch a little bit, you'll see your internal organs clearly.

After I touched there once, I didn't hesitate to blame him later.

Rub the cucumber and crush the pubic nucleus, crawl your fingers into the secret fissures and rub them in the soft.

Each time,

"Ha! Fuku!! Ugh!! Hi-no!! Fine!!"

and go blaming Nia for her stuffy figure, making sure she knows how effective it is.

After rubbing it many times, I could see the love fluid flowing.

That amount was small, but would nevertheless be a point amount as a virgin manko.

Overflowing. Made me want to lick that.

Pull your fingers out of the microbikini armor and move your body between Nia's open legs.

When Nia opened her eyes, breathing on her shoulders, haha, to stop blaming her, for some reason Keith looked closer to her face in her groin.

I close my legs as I panic.

I got my head pinched on both legs, and I said, "Phew!," he said to Keith, raising his voice,

"Hey, what are you doing?? Faces like that..."

Keith pulled his head out from between his legs,

"I need to make sure with my eyes directly! Besides, as I said yesterday, cleansing and correcting with your tongue is the basics of magic!!

"But... it's... it's..."

"There can't be any dirty parts of the princess's body."

"It's dirty... it's dirty..."

To Nia, who's about to cry,

"... the princess... you hate being licked by me"


"If that's the case, then say so... well, I'm like a human exorcist, such as licking an important part of the princess... and this Keith, the kindness of the princess, has completely risen."

"Chi, no! Oh no..."

"I beg your pardon..."

To Keith, who tries to stand up with a sad face, Nia says,

"No! It's not!!... I'm glad Keith licked you... but if you lick a place like that and make you ill... me"

That's what I say when it turns bright red.

To such a kind girl,

"I sincerely thank the princess for her concern, this Keith. But I don't think this body would be spared if I were to give the princess magic tricks! Excuse me!!

That's right. All at once, he storms his face between his crotches and licks his secret crack over the cloth on the bottom covering his groin.

"Huh! Hiu!! No, I'm sorry!! No!!! Ahhh!!

Some caress over the cloth, but Nia feels daunted to say Keith is licking her.

Why would Keith go so far?

Actually, it's just a carnal desire, but I don't feel like telling a girl I don't know that I'm important to Keith.

And that feeling takes her pleasure to a higher part.

"Ahhh! Ahhhh! Dear Keith!!

Keith pulls up the string part of the bottom at once, picking it up with his fingers.

The cloth part devoured all the way into the cracks, including Nia's clitoris.

"Akiyu!!! Ha ha......!!

My back floated to that painful pleasure.

In anticipation of the moment, Keith can take off the microbikini armor bottoms.

There was a slightly wet female organ in it, immature as it emitted a faint smell.

As I thought, the earthly flesh flourishes plumpingly, the labia is thin, the pubic nucleus has been seen since yesterday but is small and completely hidden in the foreskin, but I can still see it is erect now.

The hole is small enough to tell by the look of it. I punched my stiff penis in there and just thought about moving my shin and hips, and I get an erection.

Unlike yesterday, Nia said that everything about herself was exposed to

"No... no, I'm sorry... I can't..."

I try to hide the secret with my hands, but I block those hands, with my best seemingly non-gentleman face,

"The princess is a miracle given by God..."


"'Cause you do, don't you? What do you mean, this is nothing but a miracle?


I'm happy with the dialogue Keith told me. I'm ashamed of him, and Nia's about to get a fire out of his face.

It doesn't matter at all, but at this moment, in Keith's own room, the user demon Lou says, "Come on, come on, come on!!!!" He said he woke up in his sleep.

"You lick it directly...... if it feels good, say so"

"Oh man...... wow!!

Keith starts by putting the pubic nucleus in his mouth with each foreskin and slowly wears it out.

The peeling clip is too irritating, so nothing today.

Occasionally stick the contents on the tip of the tongue while slightly irritating the foreskin with the tongue.

In doing so,

"Ugh! Ugh!! Ahhh..."

I heard a cute scream.

Then glimpse the labia with the tip of your tongue and taste the honey overflowing from the hole.

Unlike the love liquid of the human species, the ungummy taste spread all over my mouth.

Was this just Nia or I wanted to see what other elves tasted like next time.

I tried spreading my vaginal hole with my thumb as I licked the love liquid with my tongue.

It is a virgin hole without deception.

No one, no, would have even passed their fingers. There, the membrane proved the purity of Nia.

A third-rate magician breaks through this before any other man.

And smudge the mara vagina and uterus with cloudiness.

I want to continue that inferior delusion, but I'm much more patient here.

Things are in order.

Keith continued to caress Nia as he praised his self-control.

I tasted the honey thoroughly, so I will resume blaming it for irritation.

At first glance, the top part of the microbikini armor of the wheezing Nia is pointed.

Nia's fallen nipples are erect enough to tell over the fabric.

Reach out and twist both nipples with your fingers. Of course I won't miss my tongue moves in the meantime.

I pick it with my fingers all the time, and every time I gently sicco, Nia's whole body bounces.

The irritation to the cries is still too strong, but the nipples were starting to rebuild into pleasure organs because of what they were blamed for yesterday.

to the feeling of being paralyzed, melting his whole body, Nia drowned,

"Kee-sama! Sorry!!

"Chiru, chiru! Get lost... Princess, do you feel good? Chiuro......"

"Ha...... yes, yes no!! Feels good!! Feel good!! KISSA Well!!!

His hips moved when he was reluctant, and Keith found out that the summit was close.

"Is it going to come?

"Ha!! Ugh! Yikes...... ku?... That's... Hiuuuuuuuu!! Ahhh! What, is that it?

Well, don't you know what Ike means?


"It's Ike that my head turns bright white... then women have to say 'Omako Ike', right?

"Yes, ah... ku! Oh... Really?

"Yes, it is."

Blame it on the last-minute while letting him believe the lie in good order.

Kneading his nipples up hard, Kri only focuses on the contents poking them at the tip of his tongue.

Nia to that attack,

"There... Meh!! Hiaaah!! Sorry!! Ki!! The white one...... kuru!! Ahhh!!!

"Princess, say it! Here!!"

"I'll come!! Agoo!! Awwwwww! Omako, I'm going!!! Ahhhhhhh......!!

Nia reached her peak as she squeezed her hands and toes together and let her hips jump as she shrugged.

And I fainted.

I woke up in bed.

My body has been cleansed properly and I have been forced to change clothes.

It seems Keith did it all, and by the bedside, there was a piece of paper that said, "Well done."

With that clenched, Nia remembered the words Keith said today, "Beautiful" or "For Nia's sake," and she was bored in bed.

I'm so happy.

I wish it would be tomorrow soon...... and I want you to feel better about it again.

I think so. It was Nia.


Now, Keith, speaking of, remembered Nia's virgin Manko, even sico in her own room.

"The room is squid, your husband!!!

Lou was about to complain.