Looking at Nia's blue face, Keith was desperate to laugh at the idiotic addition and subtraction of his contemplated dialogue, too.

"So to protect the princess's eyes, I'd like you to put on the blindfold, which is my special protective spell."

"But then what about Master Keith? Master Keith's blindfold..."

"I'm fine. Even if you look like this, former Orthodox Mage... there's nothing you can do about this unless it's a magic trick in the Divine Realm."

"But... that's so dangerous..."

"It's for the princess... there's nothing to say."

That lying smile looked like a prince in the illustration of the story to Nia.

"Dear Keith... I..."

Keith breathed relieved as he blindfolded Nia with tears in his eyes.

That's as planned.

But this is where the hard part comes from.

Keith asked Nia, "Don't you see? I say," Make sure you don't see anything.

And for some reason, I glanced around, and then, basically, I took out the magic props.

Take off your belt, take off your pants, take off your underwear as well, and take out the demonic props that are already half bulky in anticipation - your penis.

Keith's there, he was stuck.

No matter how much blindfolded he was, he shaved up brilliantly last night, no matter how awkward he was.

It makes me a little tingly because of you.

Keith was blindfolded and as he approached Nia, who seemed anxious about what would happen, he crouched down and held his hand.

When Nia reacts to the unexpected feeling,

"It's me...... are you okay?

"Yes! It's okay."

It also conveys tension in appearance.

"Please believe me. I don't want to put the princess in danger."

Not very much, but not the dialogue that a man with a rounded lower body says in front of a girl.

But to Nia, who knows nothing, the dialogue sounded like Knight's words pledging allegiance to the princess in a chivalry tale, and became "wow".

Keith stood up holding his hand and wrapped his own penis in that Nia's small, poor hand.

"!? Master Keith? This."

"The thing the princess has in her hand right now is the magic prop."

"Ko, this is it!?

My hand moves to make sure it feels right.

"You shouldn't grip too hard."

"Yes, sir"

Confirm shape and hardness while doing as you are told.

"It's something hot and... fuzzy. Huh? It's getting harder!

"Yes… this magic tool changes shape"


Crawl your fingers everywhere with that said.

The feather touch almost leaked my voice unexpectedly.

Especially when I was stroked up my hind muscles, I felt like I was going to wander off into good spirits.

The cowper is already starting to leak from the tip of the penis.

"Dear Keith. There's something out there!

Nia reports as she touches the tip cowper with her fingertips.

"You didn't have an explanation yet...... this magic prop is something that produces a special drug solution. forbidden magic props that were created by the legendary alchemist Lou Merchand! Drinking the medicine that comes out of it will increase the amount of magic in different digits, so once there was a bloody battle between the magicians."


Nia leaked a scream that occurred to her about the tough comings of the things she was holding.

"Well, why does Master Keith have such a thing?


Shit. I wasn't thinking that far.

Keith is in a hurry.

But write the cod lettering on the paper and say it's a talisman and spin the mouthpiece full when you were selling it.

"Actually, this is why I escaped the Sorcery Order... I found the Sorcery Prop in a broken cabinet, and I brought it back to use for the world... but the executives of the Order tried to take it away from my hands for their personal gain... and I figured out the Order and the Sorcery!

In Nia's head, there is now a major adventure play by Keith.

Keith escapes from the Sorcery Order of Sorceress Numbers with terrible magic props.

At its destination is the demon hand of the assassin spread, and he cuts it through by knowledge and sorcery.

And I settled in the Elf country ahead of the flow, and now I'm with myself.

When I was a kid, my breasts were thrilled to think that Keith was the protagonist of the legendary world my parents asked me about, and I seemed to have become one of the characters in that story.

If Nia's role is to fall in love with a traveling magician, is she the princess?


Already in Nia, Keith stood shoulder to shoulder with the legendary heroes.

This fucking pervert is the hero.

It is a story of the level at which those who know him at all will die of laughter if they hear him.

"Princess Horn on the rabbit, you're going to drink the medicine you're going to get out! That should fill you with magic!!

"Yes! I will do my best!!

Deceive the innocent girl and get her hands back on track.

Add your own hands and go up and down with Cicosico, increasing the hardness.

When Nia said, "Here's the deal? Is this how you get out? She's so cute when she asks.

I realized I was about to be pissed off with my hands like this, and Keith hurriedly stopped Nia's hand.

"What is it? Am I wrong?

Suddenly I was stopped, and Nia, who seemed anxious,

"No... because I'm a little out of it... well, let's have a mouthful of smoke"

"With your help...?

"Yes. I suck with my mouth. Can you do that?

"Yeah... yeah, but"

"It's okay, I wash it properly, so it's not dirty."

It's dirty to wash.

Everyone would think so.

But Keith is absolutely fine in Nia.


"Oh, before that"

Stopping Nia from trying to put her penis in that little mouth, Keith picked the fundamentals of her penis with her own fingers.

"This slightly out drug solution is also good for your body. I'll paint it on the princess's face."

That's what I'm going to say. I'm going to paint the soft cheeks of Nia with a turtle head where the cowper drips.

Apply running juice to the face of the beautiful elf princess.

Every time I see a puffy cheek pushed with a turtle head, I can't stop getting a nigga injury.

And now bring it closer to your nose,

"Princess, what does it smell like?

"Huh?... Um... I smell a little twinkly... well, it's a little... crummy..."

Smell the smell of your penis and ask what you think.

Besides, I'm a little happy Keith was told it smells.

"Then it's time to put it in your mouth..."


"Open your mouth, please"

"Wow... this is beautiful, huh?

The small mouth opens full of eyes and the red oral cavity is exposed.

Saliva that hits the tempered inner cheeks, beautiful tongue and thread.

What a fine cuckoo.

Keith was impressed by the pornography of each part of this still childish Princess Elf.

Keith advances her hips as she grips Nia's hands, letting her penis penetrate her mouth.

"Hubbub... Hubbub... Heh..."

"Ooh, ooh..."

Her voice leaked unexpectedly due to the softness and warmth in her mouth.

"Wow, you didn't? Fubu... Raragi Furohika?

My penis rubbed and the stimulus ran every time Nia's tongue moved as she spoke out worried.

"Yes, it's okay... come on, Princess, smoke more than that"

"Hiya...... Nji-ku... Chi-ku!!

Babies get sucked all over the place like they smoke a nursing bottle.

"Oh ho!...... Mmm! Ooh..."

"Chu... Chu Chu... Chu Chu"

Do I occasionally drink cowper-changing saliva that makes me bitter, but my mouth feels tight and good at that moment as well.

"Princess...... tongue...... be with me when you suck... no, please tangle it up ahead"

"Like this, Rafu? All the time..."

"Ooh! It's good!! Princess Boulder!

The satisfaction of letting my daughter, who was still awkward but didn't know anything about it, covered it.

"Next time stop smoking for a bit and try licking the magic prop 10,000 times without bellows. Especially if you lick the fattest part."

"Wahoo, Ri, Ri, Ri, Ri, Ri, Ri... Ri, Ri"

A small, soft tongue crawls around the tortoise head from the rod and the geese neck, gently caressing the penis.

This would be a first-class ferraelf if planted.

Keith can't stop grinning over more fun.

In the meantime, I felt a tingling sensation on my lower back.

I feel ejaculation is close, a little rambling but decide to go all at once.

"Princess, please narrow your cheeks and stick your lips out"

"Ruchu...? Ngu, heh... heh..."

I can't talk to Nia, so I'll do as she tells me with a nod.

From above I could see a little side of the girl blindfolded.

Stick your lips out as you scrupulously craft your poor face.

To Nia like that,

"You keep sucking as much as you want, you keep your head back and forth! You can. Good luck!!

To Keith's voice, Nia holds his hand tightly and grips his head back and forth in agony.

"Gu Ju! Gu Ju Ju!! Jubble!!

Keith looked at Nia's face as he restrained his hips from creeping into the vacuum fella.

"Yes! Yes!! Faster!! Squeeze your cheeks!

"Hippo, jibby, jibby! Jiubu!!

"Oh! Fine!! Fine!!

I felt a little around the perineum, and I could see it creeping up from the golden balls.

"Princess! I'm out!!!! Your medicine will come out!! You can't drink until I say I'm good!!

"Ngu! Ngu!!!

"Ahhh, I'm leaving! Ha... ahh!!

Sticking his hips out, into Nia's chambers, Keith punctured the dirt.

Big cum!! and bounced again and again, spraying samen without staying, Nia hoarded them in her mouth as she was told.

"Fubu... mmmmm... uuuuuuu..."

"Whoa... whoa, whoa, no stopping..."

I created an incredible amount of cloudiness myself, and when I got it all out, I exhaled and pulled my penis out of Nia's mouth.

The semen was pulling threads from the tip of the penis all over the saliva.

As Keith was hurrying to put on his underwear and pants, Nia was holding the stinking filth in her mouth.

"Hifuhiha well...... hey, Mara no hihiya radiant?

"Hey, wait a minute!!

Finish wearing your pants and get close to Nia.

Open your mouth, please.

In Keith's mouth, open to words, the yellow zamen mix with saliva and pull shake.

Because of what I said earlier, some of it was foaming.

After staring until you are satisfied with it.

"Yes, fine. Please do."

"Huh... Ngu!... Ho, ho, ho..."

Drink desperately the raw odor liquid tangled in your throat.

A royal princess drank thirty men's thick salmon from an elf who rarely even ate meat.

"What do you say? How does it taste?"

"Keho! Kaho... it's creepy, it's creepy... it leaves a smell on my nose and it's not delicious..."

"That's what your medicine says."

Keith's expectations for future fella instruction swelled as he took Nia's blindfold.