When the sky at dawn began to whiten.

Aisha was walking down the hallway toward her room in the flimsy footsteps.

Since then Keith has been asking for Aisha's body all night.

It was like a marking act.

Aisha was ejaculated twice in the womb and once over her belly.

I was hugged and kissed many times.

When I asked him to give me a drink of water, he drank it by mouth.

The last time he finished putting it out and the cuffs were removed, Keith laughed with a tired face as he healed the abrasions and blue moles made on Aisha's wrist with a combination of medicine and healing magic, "I'll fix the bed, so it's okay to go to sleep," but I'm sorry.

fluttering body and still got dressed and left the room without Keith's help.

I wanted to forget that nightmare as soon as possible.

But the smell of Keith drifting from all over his body.

And the feeling of semen coming out of your vagina every time you walk.

It reminds me of what I was experiencing in response.

I wanted to get back to my room and take a bath soon.

I wanted to wash everything away.

Return to the room, being careful with the patrol route of the guards so that they are not suitable for people.

[Marishi Heavenly Jacket] was taken by Keith.

So go to your room with caution.

When I got back to my room, I went straight to the bathroom.

Take off your clothes and put them in the trash.

I stowed up hot water with demonic spirit stones that I could buy cheaply by talking to soldiers and bathed it from my head many times.

I washed my body with soap, I put my finger in my vagina along the way.

The dull clouds wrapped around my fingers.

As she washed it away, Aisha cried.

Not in remorse, in embarrassment.

While I was being held, I was happy.

The way I raise my voice without myself or the world, asking for Keith as I twist my hips obscenely.

No matter how much my heart yelled, "Stop," my flesh devoured my first senses.

I felt nauseous when I remembered how it looked.

No one held me for 53 years to give it to a guy like that.

There was a man who would tell me, but he still refused because he wanted to give the first time to someone he thought was dear that one day he liked it from the bottom of his heart.

Still, I thought I could be Keith because I wish I didn't feel anything.

That gave me an excuse to say that that was Keith's masturbation, not sexual activity.

But then Aisha... at least Aisha's flesh was joyful.

Even if that's what you're forced to pull out.

"I... had sex with him..."

In the tub, Aisha shrugged so.


Still, Aisha did the job.

Change into military uniforms, wear swords on your hips, and provide Nia protection.

No, I wanted to recognise that by doing so.

He said he had no choice but to protect this precious princess.

He said it was all for Master Nia.

Doing so made my mind a little easier.

Besides, it was easy because I didn't have to think about anything extra during the mission.

Two days after Keith took my virgin, there was no Nia and Keith class.

So Keith and I haven't met each other since then.

I thought I'd eat it in the middle of the night even with a call, but it wasn't there either.

I didn't know when I was coming. I couldn't sleep properly for two days.

But on the morning of the third day, I sprouted the feeling that I might not come anymore.

I knew I would say that was a hopeful observation, but I still thought a lot about it.

Isn't it true to say that you blended with the magic props, and that magic supply was enough?

Or didn't you find another way?

I want to believe in even stupid stories. That's what I thought.

And even that day Aisha woke up at 5: 00 to begin her discipline.

Here's Aisha's schedule for the day.

When I get up at five o'clock and finish brushing my teeth and washing my face, I work out in my room for an hour.

When I say in my room, because of the nature of the escort mission, there will be more combat in the confined space, so I can efficiently wield my sword in the confined space with training in view of it.

I also scratched the furniture in the beginning, but that's not the case these days.

When it's over, wash your body and get dressed, and stand in front of Nia's room at 7: 30 for breakfast.

Since Nia is set to wake up at 8: 00, wait until then.

Incidentally, from twenty-three o'clock in bedtime until waking time, four escort soldiers are placed in the hallway on a daily basis.

After Nia wakes up, she moves to her schedule and stays by her side until the end of Nia's day.

So I finished my duties that day as usual and headed to the dining room for those who work in the palace at 6: 30.

On the way to the dining room, Aisha wondered if her heart would stop.

Keith was standing.

Aisha couldn't look down properly at Keith's face with a light-hearted grin, but she raised her face in temper and stopped in front of Keith as she stared.

"... what can I do for you"

"... for... you've decided, right?

Keith put his face closer to Aisha's pointy ear,

"I want the magic from Aisha."


That was the word I expected.

Aisha held her fist.

Staring happily at Aisha like that,

"Shall we go?

"Duh, where are you going!

"Do you do it here?

"Ew!... Ok..."

Give up and follow Keith's words.

Follow Keith as he walks down the hall.

Ask around if someone can see us walking together.

Keith laughed happily at Aisha like that.

"Here it is. Come in."

Keith took him where it wouldn't take five minutes to walk.


Aisha glanced at the place.

"And it would be the bathroom!! And for men!!

"You got it."

"Phew! Don't play witch mountain!! Who goes in here!!

"Eh, 'cause Aisha says she'll provide magic wherever she wants when she wants."

"I said I would, but I didn't say when I liked it or where I liked it!!

Aisha argued with momentum against Keith's words against the hairs,

"Not now... that's fine, I get it"


"I'm good - nothing, no, but today is the day I have a class with Master Nia... what if the magic equipment runs wild?

To Keith, who says so with a fallen face, Aisha bites off her lips and

"... ok... instead it's a promise! To Lady Nia..."

"I understand. Yes, I understand. Yes, go inside."

Aisha was prompted to enter the men's bathroom.

There are five types of toilets in the palace.

It's a toilet reserved for royalty, for nobles and senators, for guests, for soldiers, and for those who work underneath.

The first three of these are luxurious enough to say that the hotel room is cramped, but the soldier and the working toilet are still normal.

Keith came with Aisha for soldiers, where there's just a line of private rooms, and for men, there's a row for pissing on that.

It is not dirty because there is cleaning in the eyelids, but it is still a toilet.

Keith suddenly snatched that lip when he brought Aisha into one of the private rooms.

"Huh!... Ugh, get lost, get lost, get lost, get lost..."

Aisha accidentally meditated her eyes on the feeling of her tongue crawling around her mouth.

Tongue and lips apart, saliva pulls the thread.

"I was just waiting to see if you'd come at night... but I didn't come, so I came from over here"

I can laugh at close range.

"Why should I see you..."

"Well, don't you want to feel better?

"Become!? Why do I feel better!! Oh no... they did that!!

"Uh-huh? Are you saying that you were gasping so much for hips and twists that you didn't feel good or something? So how do you feel about Aisha?

"Ugh! May fly!! May fly May fly!! If you need a horn, a magic supply, or something, you can call me then!! From me...... NEVER GO!! Gone!!

So affirmed Keith, who sighed saying yes and yes,

"So let's get started because we need it? We don't have another hour."

Staring at Keith, who knows his schedule,

"... what am I supposed to do?... in such a narrow place..."

As Aisha put it, the private rooms are small.

I felt like I couldn't breathe when we were both in.

"Mostly, why are we here... there are so many other places"

Keith waved his index finger and said, "Chick,"

"Why don't you use the men's restroom with Aisha in military uniform..."

"... pervert... die"

"If you die on your stomach,"

Keith kissed Aisha again and then

"Please sit here."

Trying to sit as Aisha was told on the toilet seat,

"Oh, no. No. Not like that, turn your butt to the door and sit on the toilet seat."


"Is that it? Don't you know what that means?

"Wow, I know! How could that be!!

"Just like I said because it's good"


Aisha tried to crouch in as she took off her boots and rode into the toilet seat, distorting her face.

"Oh, please take off your panties"

I wanted to yell at Keith like I deserved, but I didn't have time, so I gave up.

Keith offers his hand when he takes off his panties on the garter belt. I hated it, but when I gave it to him, Keith was smelling it.

"Hey, no!

"Get down on your knees!"

Kneeling on the toilet seat, your hands will balance against the back wall, dressed like you stick your butt out.

And nature and legs become crotches, and skirts of military uniforms roll up.

Aisha's shame was exposed.

Round, large, tense butt meat opens up, and the much-naked anus visible in its center, and even the vaginal hole showing the soft meat.

Aisha's underhair had extended its range to the anus.

Looks like ass hair grown on the butt of a beautiful girl in her late teens.

Not so thick yet, but impactful, Keith's penis began to grow bigger as he gutted.

"Hey, what are you doing! If you want to do it, just do it."

When Aisha yells like that as she turns her face bright red, she has a sticky feeling in her anus,


And there was a voice.

"What are you doing!? What are you doing!!

Turning around, Keith, kneeling on the floor, was licking Aisha's anus.

"Stop!! Stop it, you idiot!! Oh, I lick that place!!!

"Huh? Doesn't it feel good?

"Yes, is there a good reason!! And they lick butt holes etc..."

"But it sounds like you're saying that when you lick it, it moves like a crack and it's more ~?

"Ugh, lying!! That's a lie. That's a lie!

"I'm not lying, look... get lost, get lost..."


Carefully lick every wrinkle in your anus, and when it's over, whisk the hole in the middle at the tip of your tongue.

I kiss the hole when it hits me like it's good.

Repeat this:

"Ahi! Yay!!! Uhhh... Hih!!

Aisha trembled at the unknown sensation rushing up her spine from her anus.

My brain complains that this is a feeling I shouldn't know.

"No... don't... there... no...!!

"What, I knew you were feeling it. It's dripping full of juice."

Keith shifted his mouth into a vaginal hole and licked the love liquid.


I trembled at the sudden feeling.

"Master Aisha, you're being sensitive."

"No!! No!!

In fact, Aisha's place had been sensitized since Keith pierced her.

She said she was scattered, but her vagina nodded like she didn't feel any pain and wanted me to do it again the next day.

I desperately deny that I am not such a slut.

But for the first time in his life he realized pleasure, his body rejoiced in Keith's caress to clear 53 years of depression.

"Ahhh!! No!! Lick it!!! Hino!!

Keith pushed his labia wide and stubbornly licked through Aisha's internal organs and especially her vaginal hole.

"Master Aisha's Omako is the highest in this form. Gromann, one step ahead of you, you can't wait to be horny."

Every time my tongue moves nero and I sip a vaginal hole, a fire of joy burns in the back of my body.

I hate myself like that, I'm sad, and I still feel good,

"Ahhh!! Ahem!! Why!! My body...... this!!! No!!! Oh no!!!

Shivering butt meat swayed as my legs cramped.

When Keith stopped licking, he stood up and stuck his middle finger and medicine finger in Aisha's vagina.

"Higi no!!

Suddenly he gets poked in the deepest part, and Aisha screams.

Keith begins his hand man regardless.

It was the penetration that was rough, but then loosely,

"Ah, ah... na! Hih..."

But the speed is gradually intense.

"Hih! Hih!! Ahhh! Ahhh!!!

Even though he tried so hard to devour his teeth so as not to speak, a screaming whisper leaked out of the gap, and a mess of water containing water sounded in the private room so as to accompany it.

Keith's fingers are wet in love fluid, and that mucus is foaming white with Aisha's own pubic hair.

"Ha!! Ha wow!!! Ohh!!!

Eventually Keith gently folded his fingers and blamed the steeple behind him as he scratched.

"Ohhhh!! hey!! hey ah!!! That!! No!! No!! Stop!!! Stop. Ooh!!!

Aisha was attacked by a slight feeling in front of her, and

"Nhi-no-no, no, no, no!!!

and raised his voice from his nose and exuberantly yi.

At that time, from Aisha's vagina, pussy!! and the tide erupted.

"Ahhh... ahhh..."

Keith supports his weak, nearly falling body.

"Dear Aisha, the tide has erupted."

"Ah...? Shio......?

"I knew Aisha was an elite porn spray even though it was the second time"

I don't understand what Keith is saying.

But Aisha wept in remorse as she seemed told she had been proven to be a dirty woman.

My body won't listen to me.

Don't feel it. You mustn't feel better.

That's what I'm telling you, but when Keith touches me, my body reacts to women.

I regretted it.



Aisha shook Keith's arm around her hips and glanced at him,

"Why are you so degrading!! You hate me!? Then...... cum...... you can kill me!!!

"Hate... why does that happen?

"What's so fun about doing this to me!! If you say it's a magic supply, you can just get in there!! And at the end of the day, you're gonna have to get me inside and over my stomach and get it over with!... no more humiliation... no more..."

Scratch Keith's puffy head,

"Master Aisha, my penis doesn't get magic from unresponsive women without emotions. I'm not at all satisfied with that."

I will, I add.

"You can't have good magic unless it comes from Aisha, who feels you all over and squeaks your face and speaks like a beast."

"Don't lie!! Same!! How did you do that!!

"It's not the same."

Keith put his mouth close to Aisha's ear,

"Once you get in here looking at the beautiful face of Mr. Aisha, who wandered off with pleasure, you won't want anything but that"

I whispered those soft ears with my mouth as I said so.

"Hey!? Hino!..."

I have goosebumps.

Because they're licking my ears?

Or because they told you you were beautiful looking like that?

There's no way I'd be happy to hear such a man say it's beautiful.

So this must be because they're messing with my ears.

That's what I decided. Aisha meditated her eyes for a long time.

"Now it's my turn to be better."

When I opened my eyes to that voice, Keith stood, taking off her pants and exposing herself to her bursting penis.