The class was different that day.

I usually study while sitting at my desk and opening the book.

If I don't get dressed as usual, I don't have to give you any medicine.

And you don't touch me as much as you flutter your body.

"Is your penis okay?

When I heard that, I smiled and was told that I was feeling well here for a while.

That would be a great pleasure... but I miss you for some reason.

I've been looking forward to it.

Lots of kisses again...... not breathing or accumulating magic in your body.

So at the end of the day, add your penis.

Keith makes me the happiest I can be anymore when I get jerked off with my penis in.

My head and stomach are frightened even though I'm so fluffy.

That's not today.

So when you're lonely and bored, and you're soggy,

"Are you listening? Princess."


When I rushed up to the words, Keith, with his mouth as a letter to, was watching Nia.

"You don't seem to be into your studies, do you?

"No... no"

"So what was I explaining now?

"... sorry"

Sighing Keith.

Nia scolded herself in her heart as she saw it.

What are you doing if it's a magic class Keith is giving me around the corner?

We have to concentrate.

If I'd been like this, one day, I'd be sure they'd really give me all their love.

No, even now... I hate myself until just now when I think about it.

"Dear Keith, I'm sorry... I'm sorry..."

It's cowardly to cry because it's you who's bad. If you're going to cry and forgive me, I hate it when Keith thinks so.

So I apologized. Then,

"I'm not mad at you. But I'd love to hear it right."

Keith stroked Nia's head as she smiled.

Even though I'm a bad daughter, Keith always wraps that up with tolerance.

Nia felt that such a sweet man was not there but her father and Keith.

"I ask! I will listen properly!!

Nia put her strength into her pointy ear and stared at Keith's face as if she wouldn't listen to anything in the future.

Keith looked at Nia's tempered face like that.

"Okay. I'll repeat what I just said."


"As far as refining the magic circulating in my body's magic path is concerned, I personally believe that Oriental Magic Road is better. I believe that's in their own way of capturing flesh and magic paths...... well I'm fine now because I'm professional around here, but the best thing about it is the method of amplifying magic in my body. Magic amplification generally involves medicine and then the use of the Holy Demon crystal stone, but in the East it is done only in your own body."

"It's... Master Keith will always do it to me"

"Yes, that one that touches the chest and crotch is also an application of the Eastern Magic Way. It's a kind of thing called intra-arterial surgery."

"Really!?... Awesome!

It is strange because it all sounds true to people who don't know when they mix truth with lies.

"The princess has just been able to do her magic routine, so she hasn't been able to practice her magic well yet. So today I give you the secret to practicing in the Oriental Magic Way!

"Oh, no!! Secrets to me!!?

"Yeah, this is the way it was written in a secret letter that I read to the foreman I knew on the boat during my wandering."


Nia was surprised as she pounded her mouth.

Is it good to have a beginner's self given such a secret?

I'm sure that must be what so many magicians are looking for that their hands can get out of their throats.

That's what you are?

I almost had a runny nose for too much fear.

"But okay? This is only a secret technique... I hope I don't have to say anything else..."

"Also, of course!!

Keith smiled as he watched Nia snort.

"Then I'll be ready, so the princess won't dare change into this... oh, please take off your underwear"


Nia dressing without any questions. She thought as she dressed.

Today was such an amazing day to teach you something, but be such a dork!!

There is absolutely no mistake in what Master Keith will do, so I must not overhear his words!! and.

And I'm done dressing, Nia.

What she wore was a lace soaked baby doll.

A thin body beneath the thin fabric can be heard the slight redness of the peachy pussy on the swelling of the chest.

Looking at Nia making sure she was dressed that she couldn't hide anything strangely,

"... soaked into lollibody... glad I bought it..."

Keith was impressed.

When you rush to wipe the saliva that almost came out of your mouth and call Nia on your usual waterproof sheet,

"Please crawl on all fours here"

"Yes, sir"

Nervous as to what to teach, Nia crawls on all fours as Keith told her.

Keith placed a large pillow near Nia's head,

"You can sleep here if it gets painful, but please just leave your butt up"

"Wow, I get it"


With that said, Keith wraps his baby doll hem around.

A little closer to the adult shape, but I can still see the childish Omako.

I want to pepper that as usual, but not there today.

I've been putting up with taking stupid classes so far because

"Ahi!? Come, Master Keith!? of the butt there......"

Yes, to roll the anus around!!

"Yes! In Oriental Magic Road, you accumulate magic in a place called Tanda under the umbilical cord, and it circulates and amplifies all over your body, but the most effective way to do that is to send magic into a place called the perineum, a little below the butthole. But I don't think the novice princess understands the place well, and it's easy to tell from her ass here!

What a ridiculous explanation. Go apply purified prawn [Big Frog] oil lubricating oil to Nia's red, plump anus.

Trembling at that itchy sensation, Nia said,

"Ah! No! That place is filthy!!

"I told you before, didn't I? I can't believe the princess's body is dirty..."

"It's utterly dirty there!! Because... it is..."

"Because what?

Keith nibbles and says as he soaks up the oil.

Nia, who can't see that face positively,

"'Cause... yeah, where you are... so..."

Why does my heart play so much when I make a beautiful girl say nasty words?

Keith has no scuttlefish taste at all, but Nia's words held her chest.

It is a better pervert to be dead.

"So, stop hitting me!!?... Oh? Kee-sama??

Keith stuck his pinky finger in his anus, where the oil began to cut and tingle familiarly.

With a sip of that inside,

"Do you mind, Princess? The path of magic guidance is a long and dangerous object, where it's beautiful and dirty, and you don't like it or dislike it... sometimes when I was in the Order I was made to collect behemoth shit, but doing that makes me a first-rate magician, right?

With that said, his pinky fingers keep moving around and honking in Nia.

By the way, the story of Behemott shit is true.

It was Keith who thought I'd kill the teacher in charge then.

It's the raven. The horn, the feeling of being messed with by the rectum. Nia is

"Aww!! Ahhh!! Dear Keith!! Stop,... no!! Please stop!! Cut it!! Please pull out the yubi No!!

Keith pulled it out, making sure his pinky finger was familiar enough.

The fingers that appeared cuddly in were sticky with oil and intestinal fluids.

"Huh!! Ha ha..."

I was relieved that my fingers were missing, Nia.

"So, we're going next, right?

"Him? Next???

Keith anoints his index finger and lets it intrude.

Nia's back turned against the thicker feeling earlier.

"Ahhh!! Mmmm!! KISSA Well,......!! No, no, no! I'm hungry!

"Patience!! And it's focused!! Bring awareness to your butthole!!!

"Huh! hey hey hey hey!!!

I'll take consciousness to my butt diligently, as I was told,

"Ooh... awesome tight. I think I can lift my fingers!

Keith spun his fingers around impressed.

"Ho-ha!! Kissa Mayubi! You're lying!!

"Princess, focus!!

"Mmm!! Mmmm!!!

Keith decided to move on to the next step, enjoying the power of the sphincter that tightens his index finger all the time.

Pull your fingers out so badly.

"Huh, ahh."

And then I stick my fingertips in where they fall out or not.


Repeat this even.

Over and over again listening to Nia scream.

Then the voice of Nia in it,

"Heh heh... heh..."

And it got sweeter.

"What do you say? Princess?"

"Oh...... Amen!! Oh, um... hiaah..."

"You're studying, aren't you? Precisely what you say!

"Ha, ha!! Um... yeah... it's like I'm doing everything... you know..."

"How do you feel?

"Ugh... yes..."

to Nia, who shows affirmation with a likely disappearing voice,

"Nice. That's good. It's proof that magic is building up in your buttocks."

"Really...... Ugh! Really?"

"Yeah. Your butt's getting warm on that evidence, right?

"Yes, no..."

Hearing that voice, Keith starts messing with Nia's clit with oil on her other hand finger in order to get a squeaky habit while squirting her butt.

"Ugh!! Uhhhh!! Master Keith!? Why are you here again, Hiaaah!!!

"This is how you make your body remember the magic flow!

In the buttocks, fingers plump, in the crotch, the cries rolled by, and Nia's brain gently confused by the two pieces of information.

"Noah!! What? I don't know!! Don't know!! buttocks?? kimo?? Ahhh!! Please stop!! I can't go with you!!

My anus tightens moderately when I blame Cri.

The vagina filled me with love fluid.

Enjoy that,

"If you can be squeaky with your butt, the princess will move on to the next stage as a magic guide. That's why I work hard!!

"Ohio? Alone, hiaaa!! Can Ike do it?? Uh-huh!!

"Yep, I'll only be able to do it with crotch tease now, but I'm sure my butt alone will make me look good in it!! I believe!!

"Ugh, Ugh!!! Cancer!! Hia!! I don't like it!! Good luck. Ugh!!

Keith kept the cri mess and changed his anus finger movements.

The rate at which you can get in and out remains the same, but you put it in so that it spins and whisks, and when you put it in the back, you gently whisk the intestinal wall.

Nia lay her face down on the pillow at the stimulus.

I endure tears from information mixed with pleasure and bitterness carried by my buttocks and cries to my brain as I bite my pillowcase desperately.

I don't know if what I'm feeling right now is "pleasant" or "painful".

Among other things, his body reacted sensitively to the familiar feeling of crispness and his hips trembled.

(a) This is what I am trying to do.

"Ugh...... Ugh!!!

"Princess, that's fine!! If it looks icky!! Yikes!!

"Oh yeah!!! Fujiuuuuuuuuu......!!

Biting her pillow and squeezing it with her hands, Nia finished her way up her ass.

Not pure ass acme, but this is fine now.

Satisfied Keith makes it. I think it would be nice to nuit him once this morning in Aisha.

Otherwise, I almost offended my butthole that didn't even make this yummy looking ass mangy.

Pull out your fingers, wash them in a hand water bowl, and wipe Nia's ass clean.

She has a cute tight anus that messed with all that and is still closed all the time.

This has to be rewarded.

I think so, and when I put Nia to sleep on her back,

"Princess, you did a great job today"

When Keith praised him, Nia laughed happily as her breath was still rough and her voice didn't speak well.

"So it's a reward."

Keith said that and made Nia's ass look like a lifting manguri back, she began to lick her anus gently.

"Pepperoni... Chu, Chu... Pepperoni... Ruchi"

"Ah? Aww... Kee... no..."

"Hey, it's a reward. I love the hard-working princess, so..."


It didn't even feel comfortable yet, but Keith told me he loved it, licked what he thought was the dirtiest part of him, and Nia felt "love" where he was.

And it made the girl feel very happy.


"Hang in there, Eppe"

Keith spit out the oral cleanser in the sink.

"Is this okay?

Turning around Nia,


and Nia, who is bright red and puffy, puts the cleaning agent in the cup.

I licked my anus around until I was satisfied, and as soon as I said it was over, they brought me to the sink,

"Please wash your mouth!!

I was told. I said it's okay.

"I'll lick that place and break my stomach!! No!!!

Keith was overwhelmed by Nia's awesome sword curtain and obeyed.

When the bitterness was over, Keith told Nia, who had finished dressing from the baby doll,

"Do your butt and crotch together once a day from today...... okay, just once, right?

That said, I left the room when I gave him the lubricant, the antibacterial liquid from my hand, and the wound medicine just in case.

Since there are no classes on official business as a princess in the palace for four days from today, this is the result of an attempt to get her used to her butt at all during that time.

And in the meantime, when I was thinking about how to play in Aisha, I was suddenly pulled into the shadows of the pillars.


When I was surprised, there was Aisha, who grabbed Keith's chest barn.

"Duh, what's up?

Aisha stared at Keith,

"You must have kept your promise!?

That's what I asked in Doss's voice.


"This! Don't fall in love!!!

to Aisha, who tries to hang her hand on a Rapier pattern,

"Wow, I know!! It's a joke!!

"Are you joking in this situation? You are!

"I'm protecting you... as I was told, I didn't do anything to make you stick your dick in here like you did to Aisha, or give you a drink out of your mouth."

to the sudden words. Aisha looked around and

"Pick a word, fool!!!

But she had no idea what to do with her butt.

"... is that true? You sure you didn't?

"By my ancestors and ether"

"... I can't believe it, but I have to trust you..."

When I said that and took my hand off the chest barn, I tried to walk out.

To Aisha like that,

"Hey, hey, that wouldn't be it, would it? I desperately enjoyed my penis seeking magic, didn't I? It was hard."

"... so what"

"Can I offer you a reward?

"Ohh......!? This morning!!

"Nobody said today... right, come to my room tomorrow night. Is that good?

Aisha stared at Keith's face, who could nibble,

"If I tell you I hate you, will you give up?

"Then my penis will just be directed at the princess in the next class. You figured that out today, right? There's only two of us in class..."

"Son of a bitch!!... Tomorrow night..."

"Looking forward to it"

holding his fist and watching Aisha walk away toward Nia's room,

"Really, fun"

That's what Keith groaned.