A little before five, Aisha woke up.

From perennial habits, the body wakes up naturally at this time without having to use wake-ups, etc.

Open your eyes and realize you have something.

It was a man's arm.

He slept naked with nothing on, pressing a man's arm against the valley of his chest.

The owner of that arm was, of course, Keith.

When I look at his face, Keith is a dumb face - and he's resting.

When I was suddenly here last night, I was like, "Tell me in advance!" or "I have plans here too! I said," I'm sorry. I missed Aisha, "the moment she said, shocked me like something stabbed me in the chest and let me stay in the room.

Later, disintegrally, it avalanches into an act named the example magic supply from a kiss in the middle of drinking the alcohol it brings.

That's always the case these days.

I think it's rotten.

I don't think we should forgive this.

But Keith called me "Aisha," and when I was caressed gently, my heart couldn't reject it.

"What are you going to do with me... you bastard"

I shrugged so unfaithfully at Keith asleep.

But there is no such thing as rejection or disgust.

My gaze turned downwards as I slightly increased the power to hold Keith's arm.

Tented a thin duvet, Keith's penis had a splendid morning erection.

Plus, I get a prank.

It's like Aisha would never do it before.

Put your hand inside the duvet and gently grip the cock that turned into a katie with your hand.


Keith groaned.

Are you awake? And I look at his face but he was still asleep.

Relax and start moving your fingers.

When I tangled my fingers with the eel, my penis reacted perfectly. That's funny.

"This, this, always scares me"

Continue the prank as Keith talks to his penis with a voice to the extent that he doesn't wake up.

"Huh... ah..."

It was so funny that Keith couldn't help but raise his voice to match it.

Eventually, your penis shivers get bigger.

"Surrender? Hmm, pitiless. Bats that abuse me......"

"... what... are you doing?


There was a surprise in the sudden call.

Keith was awake when he saw it. It would be obvious if we did all that.

Aisha rushed to get her hands off her penis, but Keith stopped it with his own hands.

Aisha's hand was still holding his penis wrapped around Keith's.

"This is it! Oh, no!

Aisha, on the other hand, tried desperately to find an excuse, but she couldn't possibly find anything like it.

"No? What is it? Mr. Aisha pranking on a man's morning stand."

"It's not! It's not a prank... that's all I got yesterday, but it's getting bigger again! So the"

"Oh, he said he had an exploratory mind"

"Oh! That's right!!

"There's no way - ooh!!

Keith got up and rode over Aisha.

Do not apply any weight, but apply pressure to such an extent that it cannot be paid for.

"Shh," he screamed, rubbing and licking Aisha's tits.

"Here! No!! Huh! It's morning!! What, uh-huh!

"In the morning, Habu, Habu, you pranked on people's penises because of you, Nabe, Aisha, right?

"Chi! Hmmm!! Me ha!"

Keith took his mouth off his hardening nipples, and as he raised his body, he showed Aisha his erect penis.

"This is so much because of Aisha...... what can you do?

"It was like that when I woke up!

"But it was Aisha who stopped suppressing it."

"... it's morning."

"... no...?

Keith asks with a voice like a rain-wet throwaway dog.

Aisha made a slightly grumpy voice,

"Just once..."

Keith nods "yes" to the word and starts caressing Aisha.

The caress I received with my still blurred body of sleep was fluffy and pleasant.

Gently rub your nipples as you suck them like babies.

Aisha's large, tense breasts changed shape in the hands of Munyu and Keith.

Enjoying it, Keith was rubbing her erect penis against Aisha's leg.

I'm teaching Aisha that I've been in a war so far.

And then I put one hand down, and I touch Omako.

Not wet but already warm.

Blame the pubic nucleus softly on Aisha's favorite Kriona guidelines.


Aisha rubbed her crotch together.

Stitch between them and shift the position slightly downwards as you touch the clip with your finger.

Eventually, the tip of the middle finger touched the Omanco hole and sank all the way into it.


Not rough, but easy to accept pleasure twitches and relaxes Aisha's body.

With the birds chirping already heard from the outside, the caress he was obsessed with seemed to be doing something unwieldy.

That's what makes Aisha so excited.

"Aisha, it's getting so wet..."

Wet fingers in a love solution, Keith says, as she puts it in her vagina.

"Ha...... hmmm!... because... Kimochi is good"

It was a sweet, rubbed voice.

"Can I insert it?

"... oh"

After ascertaining Aisha's snort, Keith moves her body and lets Aisha hold her legs herself.

Aisha, with her hands around her knees, widened her vaginal hole and took the position to accept Keith.

I crack my silver pubic hair and my pink inner organ is squirming obscenely.

When I poked the tip of my penis into the hole underneath it, I put my hips on it and let it break in all at once.

"Mm... there it is..."

My voice leaked.

Aisha closed her eyes,

"Ha ha... Ngu,... ha"

The two remained silently connected for a while.

Slowly wake up to your morning sleep, making sure your body temperature is transmitted by each genitals.

And he quietly began to grind his hips.

Never serious rough sex.

Do it slowly, making sure of each other.

Keith kissed while wearing Aisha. I also accept Aisha.

The voice eventually leaks out as they tangle their tongues and move their hips together.


Aisha turns her throat.

Even the soft vaginal meat is tangled in Keith's penis by showing him a wandering motion.

to that stimulus. Keith also

"Ugh, whoa, whoa! Oh, hmm."

We go up and pack each other with a voice that can't breathe or gasp.

the next moment, when his hips slowly progressed and his speed was even faster,

"Ngu!! Me... Yikes!!

That's what Keith said and drove the sperm.

Hot chunks overflow in Aisha.

"Ngu... Ah,... I'm sorry..."

"Huh!... Mmm... Kimochi no..."

Sticking his hips, Keith looked at Aisha's face and

"Sorry...... I left you alone"

I said with a shy smile.

And Aisha,

"Did it feel good?


"Yeah. Hey."

So I laughed back and overlaid my lips.


I remember that morning, Aisha laughing thinly as she turned red.

Looking at that face, Berna said,

"Did something good happen?

Aisha gets freaked out by the words.

"There's no way!!

Aisha looked around in a panic that her voice was too loud, and then again,

"Nothing good..."


Berna said nothing more.

It was Berna and the Elf's creed not to go deep into people's affairs.

But Aisha, the one who was told, was a little confused when she was poked at the fact that she was floating.

Floating? Yourself? Such an idiot!

I desperately deny Berna's words.

That's right. We have to float.

He said he was just laughing at Keith's no man addition and subtraction with his nose.

At any rate, I hold all Keith's rights to life and death.

If you want to kill me, you can always kill me.

I went to Aisha's room without knowing it, and Keith, drowning in Aisha's body, was hilarious, pathetic, and... loving...?

No, no, no, no!

Aisha shook her head.

That's not true. There is no such thing.

That's what I told my heart, breathing and looking forward.

We have to concentrate on the mission.

It's eight o'clock. That's right. Concentrate.

Aisha went into Nia's room with the ladies ready to wake up aligned in front of the door.

Nia's plans for that day were a courtesy class in the morning at a ceremony or something and a song lesson in the afternoon.

The song is important when Elves use high spiritual magic.

Except for that, Nia liked to sing songs.

So that day seemed like fun even without Keith's class.

Watching it for a day, Aisha watched Nia enter the bed at bedtime before lowering her head and trying to leave the room.

That's when I heard a voice.



"You're feeling better."

"Huh?... ah"

I find it confusing that what Nia is saying is when she was worried about Keith.

I can't say I feel better because I screwed Keith.

"Oh, you know, uh"

and swimming my eyes and looking for words,

"Ok. Get well."

That's what I said and I almost burst into tears unexpectedly on Nia's face smiling. But...

"You were right to talk to Master Keith."


Talk to Keith? Why is Keith here?

My heart rang in Keith's name when he came out of nowhere.

"Um, how do you say that..."

That's what Aisha asked.


One fool walks down the hall singing his nose.

It's Keith.

The purpose is, of course, to get to Aisha's room.

After two days, the boulder was physically tight, but today the replacement I was asking for has been completed, so I really want to use it and am on my way.

"I really need to make an energizer ~"

What a pleasure to skip and walk down the hall.

The soldiers won't be suspicious of that figure because Keith is wearing the [Marishi Heavenly Coat] he took from Aisha.

These days, I always use it when I go to Aisha's room at night.

That's how when he gets in front of Aisha's room, Keith switches consciousness to the example character.

Knock the door small.

But I haven't heard back.

Usually the door doesn't open as soon as it should.

I think it's strange. Knock again.

It still won't open, so you're asleep? I thought.

He should definitely be back in time.

So if it's possible, are you sleeping or taking a bath?

The door opened when I was wondering what to do.

"What, are you awake?"

That's what I said. I saw Aisha's face and Keith solidified.

I'm staring.

It's amazing.

"Oh, um..."

If you try to hang up the words,

"What can I do for you..."

Hey, what's up? What happened? What happened?

It was such a change that I wanted to ask.

What happened to that feeling until this morning?

How come all of a sudden my liking is dropping so far??

I think about why while panicking but I have no idea.

But I don't think it's a precondition to go into the room.

"For... is, uh"

"You did this morning..."

"Oh, but you are."

"... Hmm..."

Aisha returns to the room with the door open without saying anything.

Apparently, he said, "Do as you please." Keith enters the room according to it.

Aisha in the room was wearing a long sweater with a leg length.

I know you're wearing hot pants down there, but that looks like you're hiding in the hem area of your sweater and not wearing it and it's horny.

The color was cream and that matched the brown skin and the good condition.

Forget the grumpy addition and subtraction of Aisha about it, when you put your luggage on the floor, you hug it from behind.

"That outfit looks good on you. Pretty."

"... Enough"

I was blocked from saying she was cute.

Huh? Aisha untied Keith's arm from herself when she thought,

"Enough with that... don't worry about it anymore"

"Um... what's that?"

"Don't be weird with me. Never mind. Use me as you please."

It is back to you that I called it by name until this morning.

Besides, the story isn't the same as disgust and disdain in the beginning, but it still sounds distant somewhere.

Aisha lay still in bed, saying nothing more.

"... what's going on? Did I do something?

That was so unnatural, so puzzling, Keith had to ask.

Aisha on the bed bit her lips a little before

"I asked Master Nia everything"

I just said.

Keith's heart nearly stopped.

Did you hear? All of it?

Do what you still do with your butt???

No, wait, wait, wait, wait.

Then Aisha should be slaughtering Keith by now.

But that hasn't happened.

Did you hear that? What did you hear?

"I heard... what?

Ask with a dry mouth.

"... Did Master Nia ask you to do this? You see me."


There was a missing voice about that dialogue that landed too far from my imagination.

"You don't have to delude me. Nia told me... when I was worried about you, Nia asked me to see how I was doing."


"Then the next time you came, you were nice to me... I know. You were kind to me because Master Nia asked you to. What is it?

Keith didn't say anything.

Aisha, who decided it was indicative of affirmation, laughed mocking at herself.

"Don't even know that, and don't question your being nice to me... that's hilarious I am"

Aisha keeps distracting from Keith.

"You tell me... or you're cute or you like me... seriously... me... I sound... stupid"

And with his face covered with his hands,

"All of it... all of it, because of Master Nia's orders... Ugh..."

That's what I said and started shaking my shoulders.

Aisha assumed so much that the favor directed at her was actually all ordered by others.

Even though it's actually from a more guessy idea, Aisha, who has no idea of it, cried for the first time in her life.

Like a girl.

Keith almost laughed when he thought the thought was like a child. But when he made a crisp look,

"Do you really think so?

That's what I hear as I sit back in bed.

"Because I was told by the princess... is that really why you think I was so nice to Aisha?

"... in fact... I guess so"

"There's no way... the princess just asked me to be nice when she realized she happened to like Aisha."

"... lying"

"I'm not lying."

"Absolutely lying."

Keith gently stroked Aisha's head.

"Can't you trust me?

"... that's how you fool me again... always fool me... screw me up... I don't trust you anymore"

Keith stood up without saying anything to Aisha, who didn't even try to face him.

Aisha felt even more saddened when she thought it was the truth and therefore could not say anything.

I could see Keith staring down at himself in silence.

But no matter what they said anymore, no matter what they did, they weren't willing to trust me or believe me.

That's what I had decided.

To Aisha like that,

"... you're wearing a ring"

Aisha looked at her right hand pharmacopoeia at the words.

The Mithril ring Keith gave me.

already become like a part of his body. That's what Aisha

"Ko, I'll return this stuff too!! You must have made this in my mood too anyway!!

That's what I said and tried to take it off.

"The princess asked me to look at Aisha two days before I gave it to her. You can't make that in two days."

It is true that the ring is elaborate on the design and is unlikely to be made in two days.

But Aisha did.

"Then I made it to someone else!! I gave it to you for me!!

"It should fit Aisha."

You were right.

The ring is completely fitted into Aisha's finger.

I don't really think of it as something someone made to match another human finger.

"I made it to give it to Aisha. I made it just for Aisha. That time and feeling is not a lie. Because we still have evidence as a real thing."

Aisha looked at her own fingers.

Small, beautiful rings glowing.

"If you still can't trust me... I get it. I'm not coming here anymore... no more... no more voice."

Keith laughs lonely.

"It's okay. I will keep my promise... magic, yes... I will ask someone suitable to sit in the ground..."

That's how I leave the room with my stuff.

But stop a little in front of the door.

"So... now you're Oshimai"

That's what I said and left the room.

"Hey... Mai?

In Keith's disappeared room, on Keith's smelly bed, Aisha shrugged so.


"Come on, come on, come on..."

"Sir, how many bumps have you been talking about?

Lou asked Keith, sitting back in the chair and staring all the way at the door of his room.

Keith didn't distract himself from the door for a moment.

"Wait a minute! My future nights life is hanging now!!


"I did the shopping... it's a question of whether it's going to work later... come on, come on, come on..."

"Oh, my God, this guy."

Lou started eating crunchy type cat bait when he said so.

At that time, the door is knocked with a "concon" and a much unreliable sound.


When Lou looked up,

"Yikes!! Yay!!!

Keith makes a gutsy pose and gets up.

Then switch off the silencing demon prop and head to the door.

When I knocked the niggling face two or three times to fix it, I slowly opened the door.


"... Aisha"

in a deliberately surprised voice. Yes, Keith said.

Aisha stood in front of the door.

cried apart without mumbling his face. Aisha jumped into Keith's chest,

"Sorry... sorry no..."

Keith gently blocks Aisha's lips with her own, apologizing with a scratchy voice from the back of her throat.

And wiping her tears with her fingers,

"He said he'd believe me... I believed him"

To Keith laughing. Aisha buried her face in its chest crying again.

Keith made a gutsy pose while holding Aisha in his arms and had a rare look on his face in recent years.

There were the lowest seeds.