"Nah! Why is this the first one!

Sitting in the chair I placed in the bathroom, Aisha, with her legs wide spread, raised her voice about to cry.

Keith, who received such a voice, foams powdered soap in a container with pleasure.

When you foam thoroughly and then get a razor in your hand,

"I love Aisha's silver underhair. Red once said," Hello. "

"You pervert! You pervert!! Ugh......"

"Is that it? Didn't you care about anything?

"So you'll be patient!... If you want to do it, do it quickly..."

"Yes, sir."

Keith sprays a soap bubble on Tomanko approaching Aisha and goes.

Aisha shook "Ugh" at the tickle.

"You can't move, can you? It can be cured by healing magic, but I don't have a hobby of seeing blood."


Aisha re-sits shallow in the chair while stiffening herself to a slight tension.

O-manko protruded, making it easier to shave.

Place your body between your legs and shave your silver pubic hair with a razor......

I shave mine once every two days for Nia, so I am very used to that gesture.

Carefully jiggle to avoid damaging your labia and important areas.

The dark eyed hair is shaved off slightly and the scalp is visible.

Eventually the whole thing was over.

"... are you done?

"Yes, before."

"... before?

"Oh, I haven't got a butt yet."

Aisha looked at Keith in the face.

"What the fuck is that?

"No, so it's butt hair"

"... me... you have hair on your butt?

"Yeah... yeah, kinda."

Aisha stood up with tears in her eyes.

"Me! You have hair on your butt!!?

Aisha screams with a sense of embarrassment or something that goes beyond saying so.

I'm 53 at any rate, but my heart is a maiden.

I thought the pubic hair was a little thick, but what is butt hair!!

And I can't believe I can teach that to the people I care about the most!!

Blah, blah. I wanted to die.

"How long have I known?!!! How long have you known?!!!

"Oh, no, from the time of the sita first..."

"Why don't you say it!! Why don't you say no!!

"No, 'cause I don't know when to tell a woman she's got a hairy ass."

Aisha is tiny and puffy shivering, so she says, "Are you mad? I thought," but she was crying.

"Why are you crying!?

"Ugh... it's... butt hair on Keith... I'm embarrassed..."

"... When Aisha and I were in the bathroom, I licked your butt, didn't I?


"Because you were horny, weren't you? Isn't there something I hate about Aisha?"

"And apart from this. Ah!!

"Then from now on, I'll do all the processing on Aisha's butt hair!!

"Do it!!!

Such comic talent lasted ten minutes.

Eventually, Aisha, who gave up, fell asleep in the form of sitting on the floor and sticking her butt up.

Forget about butt care next time!! And swear to my heart.

Gently shave your slightly grown buttocks,


That's what I say and rinse off the soap.

Sit Aisha on the edge of the tub and observe carefully where it is completed.


I cheered.

There appeared to be pornographic artifacts that were horny adult mangos but hairless.

Aisha's slightly larger clitoris and yinvila seemed soft and puffy.

It is also a vaginal hole in its closed together.

"... eh... awesome porn!! Even though it's in the form of an adult here in Aisha, it's really red!

Looking down at the delightful pervert, I'm sitting there with Aisha hankooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

"Can I lick it?

Keith asks with a sparkling face.

Aisha never knew Keith with such a shiny face.

"Whatever you want already...... ahhh!!

As soon as I told him to like it, Keith started licking Aisha's manko.

Carefully lick each wrinkle with your tongue by sucking your labia cum from the base of your leg.

Suck and lick Aisha's bits like stretching them in her mouth and sprinkle them with saliva.

"Mm-hmm!! hawah...... heh!!

Smoking the whole Omango with his mouth, Aisha said to the feeling of being pulled by it, "Heh heh!," he screamed.

As it is, when the cub cliffs, the sensation of an erect cliff is transmitted to the tongue.

Blame the clit on your tongue alone without using your fingers.

"Mmmm!!!! hey oh!!! Keith!! Keith!!

Aisha held Keith's head. I had goosebumps in my senses.

Keith now let his tongue penetrate his vaginal hole. Put your tongue in until it is close to the edge of Ezuku, and move your tongue around inside.

to feel different from your fingers and penis,

"Nooooo!!! Huh!!! That!! Wow, kimo!! Keith, Kimochi!!

Aisha doesn't shy away from "feeling good" anymore.

'Cause I figured Keith would be happy to say so.

"Keith's Bello...... he's wandering inside!! It's moving around!! Yikes!!!

Keith keeps his tongue moving, feeling the taste of love liquid.

Aisha's pleasure center rises to the feeling of happiness that Keith can lick his most sensitive parts.

His hips floated and his vaginal flesh began to freak out.

"Huh! Ahhh!! Mmm."

Yikes...... yet Keith kept his mouth off Aisha.

"Huh!!... Huh?... Ah,?

When Aisha is confused, Keith laughs at Aisha and resumes cunning again.

When I found out what Keith's actions meant, Aisha said,

"Keith!! No!! Make me crazy!! Make me crazy!!! If they do this many times...... Uhhhhhhhhh!!

Keith actually continued to abuse Aisha Nomanko for twenty minutes as he changed his tongue movement and tried to put his finger on it so it didn't get monotonous.

And without ever being crazy.

As a result, Aisha twisted her face with tears, runny nose and covetousness.

"Keishu, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more, no more... go crazy..."

Aisha's heart screamed in the inch-stopping hell, unlike the serial forced ACME when it was first made.

Keith stared satisfied as he rubbed his tired jaw and tongue at Aisha's obscene face.

Then hold your body from the edge of the tub and put Aisha in the hot tub.

Sucking on her lips all the time,

"I can help you now."


"If you can insert it into this state..."

Aisha, my face, which was red, turned blue.

"La meh, ki-shu, la meh!! Come on, I wish I could..."

Keith lifted his body much lighter than Aisha looked, in a seated position, poking his penis into an already troll-mesh vaginal hole.

Chirun!! and a penis that got in easily, but Aisha, who got it, just peaks at it.

"Higi good!!

"Ugh!! Wow!! Aisha's Omako Yikes!!!

"Ahhh... ahhh..."

"It's all over the middle meat trout...... Aisha, do you feel good?

Aisha was capable of Keith without being able to say anything.

I can't stop Ike's. I can't do this. They just let me in.

"I'll move."

"Ra... stop..."

Without hearing that little voice, Keith poked Aisha up from the bottom holding her in the hot tub.

Hot water ripples.

"Ugh!! Ugh!! Keishu!! Keishu!! I'm confused!! Takeh!!!!

"That's okay!! Whoa!! Ah! Aisha!! Because Aisha is happy with Ike and me!!!

"Ha-ha!! Haaaa!!! Again!! Nguaaah!!!

Aisha's Omako, who was licked for a long time and inched all over, immediately Ike with a little irritation.

Cancer blamed there, Aisha was brain-burned by successive acme.

"Shino!! Shinja Ugh!!! Keishu!!! Ugghh!!

"Aisha!! Omakosu Awesome!!! Going all the way and twirling!!! Uh-oh."

Aisha's vaginal hole is spasmodic with continuous squirting, and a meatloaf shaking as it bubbles stimulates a lot of love fluids and tangled Keith's penis.

Enjoy the feel of the tip of the uterus that came down as you gummed through it.

Plump Manko Hole was just as Keith's dedicated ejaculation hole, enveloping his penis with pleasure.

Even if Keith asks for a kiss and puts her tongue in her mouth, Aisha is squirming in a position where she can't even respond to it.

I almost peeled off my white eyes and said, "Fugi!," he exclaims, sticking his tongue out with his saliva.

Keith also eventually got a second sense of ejaculation on such aheiki face Aisha.

"Hibbee...... Uggie......!! Fugi no...!!!

Keith was desperately investing in his penis, cuddling Aisha's body tight enough to even utter words anymore.

"Ugh, uhh!!! No!! Ugh!!

Unleashes the feeling of ejaculation that I endured while even feeling the pain.

Dobba!! And Keith was intoxicated by the sense of liberation, releasing the sperm that erupted to leak into Aisha.

Aisha's uterine mouth, which adheres closely to the tip of her penis, is swallowing Keith's child juice. Send it in without leaving a drop there.

Reproductive instincts were satisfied and goosebumps appeared.

Eventually when his penis rhythm stops, Keith loosens the force he holds and looks at Aisha in his arm.

Aisha had tongued out of her mouth and her eyes had completely lost her mind with a tearful half-eyed face.

"Ah. Shit... I totally fucked too much..."

Keith pulled his penis out of Aisha and rushed to get her to bed.


Aisha, wrapped in a towel around her body, is sitting in bed and shaking puffy.

I wept in my eyes, and what was in that look that turned red was anger.

Keith taking it has a bitter laugh.

"This...... silly!!!!

Aisha yells.

"I said you can be a little stronger!! Almost there!!! What the fuck is that!!! I thought you were gonna die!!

"No, so sorry..."

"Sorry!!! I said stop!!! I said help and no!!!

"I'm so sorry..."

"This is it if you forgive me a little!!! The guy who really says it to you ha!!!

Aisha is angry with Pumpkin on the side, but there was no rejection or rejection there like when I was forced to go crazy before.

My darling pranked me. There was only emotion at that time.

So Keith suddenly kisses,

"... I'm so sorry. How can you forgive me?

Poor, asking with a troubled face.

That was like a kid whose prank was found out.

Aisha was nagging,

"... gently..."


"Now... be gentle... and... when you are... Shh, say you like me... then forgive me"

Keith kisses Aisha like that again,

Copy that, sir.

That's what I said, lay Aisha on the bed. I started caressing tenderly.

Aisha taking it with a happy face.

Keith can't hear her,

"Elf Woman Knight Getto"

And I laughed and groaned small.