Merno is an elf boy.

Age is eleven this year.

Elves grow normally until around the age of ten, after which their physical age becomes milder.

That's why Merno says he looks just about his age.

Such a boy with white skin on his blonde hair and an atmosphere that seems a little weak.

It is Seimrad, the country of the elves, where Merno lives.

It was a small but relatively wealthy country.

His father is a furniture maker, a gentle man with good arms. I rarely get angry.

The mother is a professional housewife, but the arms of the bow are so rare to see in the neighborhood. I get angry a lot, by the way.

They are both, of course, elves.

With those two, Melno was growing up limp.


"Already! You'll lose it if you don't go soon!!

With such a rush from his voice, Merno was running along a crowded path to Hihehi.

It was the same elf girl as Merno who was in a hurry to say Para, and Merno and I were childhood friendly.

The age is one thing above the para, so I make you sisterly wind to say something.

They were in a hurry to get to the bakery.

At that bakery, which recently opened, cinnamon rolls with honey are very popular and will be gone if you don't go in the morning.

Parra wanted to try it once, but the school invited Merno on her day off.

As for Merno, I didn't have to eat anything like that... but I was like, "Just go!!" In one word, it was all decided.

That's how they run it.

Merno was like her mother and could use a bow, but she didn't like to run and was about to be made fun of because of it.

"It's late!!

"... you can just leave me"

Such stupidity comes out of it.

The para that annoyed me with the words,

"What a way to put it!! People invited you around the corner."

"You didn't ask for it! I'm not..."

The two of us buy a cinnamon roll, eat it and go to the lake and watch the dancing undine.

Denied the plans I had been looking forward to for a week in those words, Parra said in tears in her eyes,

"By Merno!! I don't know!!

That's what I said and ran away.

Why should Melno, left alone, feel yelled at, and even guilty?

With such irrational groaning, I looked back to return to the path I had come. At that time,


I hit something and got my butt on it.


One woman stood there as she lifted her eyes as she glanced at the shock of hitting her butt.

Slurry, stretched legs with plenty of breasts that you can tell from above your clothes.

But what surprised the boy more than his flesh was to say that the woman was a dessert elf.

In Seimrad, the entry and exit of merchants of other races increased when King Mashua began exporting demonic spirit stones.

More but still rare to have a dessert elf.

Wood Elves and Dessert Elves, commonly referred to as Elves in religious wars hundreds of years ago, had a decisive conflict.

That remains a ditch that has not been filled many years after the end of the war.

So these two species maintain an inviolable relationship with each other.

There's a dessert elf woman in that Wood Elf country.

Naturally it stands out, but it is also because of its beautiful appearance that it stands out.

When Merno is surprised by the first dessert elf he's ever seen in his life,

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?"

The dessert elf reached out with a worried face.

Merno, who apparently found himself bumping into this woman and falling,

"Oh, you know. It's okay."

That's what I said and got up on my own.

A boy is a man. I was ashamed to say that when I hit a woman and fell, I stood up with that hand.

Women in such a Merno appearance,

"You're strong. You are."

And he smiled and stared.

The face was too pretty, and Merno realized she was going to turn red and tried to leave the place.

But the woman grabbed the arm lightly.


When Merno is surprised,

"Hands. Rippling."

When I saw it, there was blood coming from my palms.

When she fell and put her buttocks on, her hands, which she had arrived to shelter, rubbed off and bled.

A woman stopped looking at it.

"Ah... I'm fine, sir."

Merno was more ashamed of being held by a woman than of such a wound.

So I try to let go of my hand, but the woman took the handkerchief out of her pocket with that hand grabbed, and she wiped my wound with it.

He gently wraps Merno's hands with both hands, and wipes the dirt on his hands.

The woman is a little bent over because of her height, but from the empty clothes on her chest, the valley of her breasts peeks, and Merno doesn't know how to do it.

Eventually, when his hands were clean, he pressed that handkerchief against his wound,

"Sorry, I don't like healing magic. I want you to wash your wounds and heal your family when you get home."

When the woman said so with a small smile, she left a handkerchief in Merno's hand and walked away from the spot.

Leave a sweet smell on the spot.

It wasn't until two hours after that that that Merno went home with a pout.

Stopping at a place where you bumped into a woman, for an hour.

After that, wandering home without remembering how I walked, for an hour.

Yeena, her mother, spoke to her son, who was going up to the house without saying it right now.

"When did you get back?

"Huh?... Oh, now"

"Oh, there you are, Para, aren't you? He wants you to have this."

That's what they gave me. There was a cinnamon roll in the paper bag.

"... yes"

When he received it almost emotionally, Merno entered his room.

Yeena said in the back, "Thank you," but I lay down in bed unanswered.

It's about that woman who has always dominated my thinking.

Beautiful dessert elves.

The smell and the feeling of being held by my hand all the way through my brain.

Unlike Wood Elves, Dessert Elves' fleshy limbs were stimulating the sexual part of a boy who was about to become a male.

But the boy who didn't know it was sexual excitement was just confused that the woman was out of his mind.

Confused, he was intoxicated by the feeling.

That was a thought I wasn't even in love with.

Starting the next day, Merno started looking for that dessert elf.

Not aggressively.

I don't mean to look around, but when I go out into the street or where there are a lot of people, I look for her.

Melno also knew that it was very unlikely that we would meet.

Still, I want that beautiful woman in the crowd. Beautiful elf with brown and silver hair.

There was always a handkerchief in Merno's pocket that day.

I want to give that to you. And I want to thank you.

There was a more different feeling in the back of my mind, but Merno didn't know what it was or what it felt like to say.

So I feel like if I see that elf again, I'll find her.

Even that day, Merno was looking for that woman.

That day was a bimonthly recurring city day.

Periodic cities used to be things that pedestrians and craftsmen used to open regularly when the country had just been made, and they still do it every two months as a remnant, when store commerce dominates.

In addition to craftsmen who don't own stores there are also shopkeepers who make woodworks and ceramics for their hobbies, which are very popular because they can be well made.

The city shows festival-like buzz every time.

Merno, who doesn't like the crowd, usually doesn't go to the city, but today he felt like that woman might be here and couldn't help but go.

When I told Parra I was going to the city rarely, I said, "I can't help it, I'll follow you!" and came with joy.

That doll is adorable! Like, that treat looks delicious! Or something like that. I barely mind the shaggy para, and Merno was looking for that guy.

Never if this is all you've got! While there was a feeling that it might not be possible, Melno suffered.

Such a merno, totally intoxicated and glocky.

"Are you okay? You look blue, huh?

to Para, who asks worryingly,

"... it's okay..."

That said, he was still about to fall.

Parra supported such a Merno and even took him to the bench near the fountain. And

"I'll get you something to drink! Don't move!!

I wasn't going to be able to move when they told me not to.

I wanted to wash my face with the water from the fountain and looking for my pocket contained that handkerchief.

The handkerchief, who asked her mother to do the laundry, always kept it in her pocket, so the wrinkles came over.

But I didn't want to tarnish it, and when I put it back in my pocket, Merno shrugged the water with her bare hands and washed her face.

"Ugh," I looked up in a breath, seeing a miracle across the fountain.

It was that dessert elf.


You can't be wrong.

Brown skin, silver hair, and perfect body.

The appearance of Wood Elves caught my eye.

The feeling of illness just now disappeared in an instant.

Merno followed her as she ran out.

Parra returns to the bench where Merno is gone.

"Is that it, Merno?

With fruit juice in both hands, Parra searched for Merno.

Merno ran desperately in the direction Dessert Elf walked.

I didn't like to run, but I couldn't say that.

Merno's face was shining with joy.

Finally! I met that guy!!

I thought this must be a miracle of God.

So we must never miss this chance.

Speak up, give me my handkerchief back, and we'll talk.

Any topic is fine.

I want to know about the weather, about the town, about that guy, but I felt it was early.

But I want to hear your name.

That's what Melno kept running.

But I noticed something odd.

The other way she's headed is the opposite of the city.

It was in the woods.

Seimrad is a country founded in forests.

For this reason, a short walk from the city will take you into the woods.

The dessert elves that Merno is chasing are heading towards the woods.

Aren't you here to see the city?

If so, it would really be a miracle to be found.

But while she was happy, Merno lost sight of her.

"Is that it?"

I searched hard into the woods holding a handkerchief in my right hand.

of his birthplace, but also a forest close to his own home.

Merno, the Wood Elf, never gets lost, but he's still looking for people.

Wood Elf gets tracker training when he's at some age, but Merno wasn't that age yet.

When I walked about enough in the woods and felt sorry for myself that it might not work, I heard voices.


I'm sure, it must be that woman, Merno ran in the direction of her voice.

Run, find the shadow... hidden.

We had to hide. Seeing that sight...

There was no doubt about that dessert elf woman.

The face and voice were definitely hers.

But I really didn't think Merno was the same person.

I didn't know that the man rubbed my chest from behind, blushing my cheeks, and that gentle smiling woman were the same person.

"Ugh... heh... no... oh!

A woman rubbed her chest over her clothes raised her voice.

I don't like it. If you only catch the word butt, yes.

But the voice was mesmerized by a man rubbing his chest.

"To the city...... Hmph!! Because he says he wants to go, uhhh!! Together... I brought you here! Mm-hmm!

"That's true, but when I saw Aisha in her personal clothes, I got an erection... and I couldn't see her in this condition."

"So like this...... Huh!! In the woods......"

"Huh? Was it better in the crowd?

"No!! Idiot!!!

It was also understandable to Melno that that was a good word between lovers.

But I'm not convinced.

Because the other man was a human species.

Elf species have a strong tendency to hate human species.

I guess that's a feeling stemming from several acts of aggression.

The feeling was stronger than feelings for Dwarves, and therefore even countries did not allow marriages between human and elf species.

It was said in Seimrad that the King has sought to reconcile himself with man since he became Mashua, but it will take another hundred years before it also comes to fruition.

Of course, you can't live without rejecting human involvement in living.

Many pedestrians are human species, and many of the countries ahead exporting demonic spirit stones are human species countries.

But that's a big feeling to say that we have no choice but to hang out.

I have no choice but to live.

That should be the same for dessert elves.

Yet... Yet that elf - Aisha is happy to have done that to a human man!!

I just admired it, it gave Merno a tremendous shock.

I want to leave this place now.

We have to get away from this place.

That's what you think, but your body doesn't try to move out of the shadows of the grass bushes where you can peek into the secrets of the two of you.

Men's actions become bold even as they think about it.

Put the hand you were rubbing from the top of your clothes into your clothes and stimulate your boobs directly.

"No, no, no! Bye!! Suddenly..."

"Oh, Aisha's tits and pieces... my erection won't heal"

"Then rub it!! Wow!!

The two stand in the shade of a tree, and a man stands with a tree on his back and continues to caress him.

The chest was changing shape in the man's hand about to sound like a mommy, but it didn't look like Merno because it was in his clothes.

However, I could only see Aisha's face relaxed gradually into pleasure.

"Aisha...... let's kiss. Kiss"

That's what a man says when he gets a mouthful.

Aisha layered her lips as she turned around, even though that look seemed to bubble with disgust.

The chest remains in the hands of a man.

There is a noise of "cum," mixed with the "fuzz" of exhalation there.

Eventually, when his lips separated, a man whispered something in Aisha's pointy ear.

Aisha turned red and leaned over,

"... pervert... just this once."

When I said that, I crouched down and let the man take off his pants.

From inside your pants, a red and black erect penis bins! And it popped up.

Aisha began to crawl her tongue at it like she loved it, though she was a little surprised by it.

Lick and salivate a large, slender penis 10,000 times.

I can put it on my mouth when I get salivated.

"Habu," he put in his mouth, making a sound. He sucks it as he moves his head back and forth, "Jiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Merno was slightly confused by the sight of the first Ferratio he saw.

A woman licks a man's penis. To a boy with immature sexual knowledge, it felt very dirty.

Yet, as it should have been, Merno's tiny penis had an erection in her pants.

Even if I get an erection, its only a fraction the size of that guy.

Why are you excited to see yourself in a dirty sight?

My eyes are nailed to that mouth slut without knowing.

The man, staring down at Aisha with a humble look, laid his hand on Aisha's head with his hips poked out by reason of the tree.

While gently stroking Aisha's head,

"Aisha... it's beautiful... Fella, your face is so beautiful..."

Are you glad the man told you you're beautiful, Aisha's Fella pitch went up.

Move back and forth with your face tilted to the left and right, and penis in as long as you can to the deepest part of your throat.

"Ohhhhhh... uhhhhh!!

I love my penis in the back of my throat, even as I gasp bitterly for tears in my eyes.

to its pleasure,

"Phew!! Ah, no, that's not good, bye!! Ooh!!"

The man's hips started to get rough.

Feeling it, Aisha handled the roots with her hands at high speed when she could only put the tip of her penis in her mouth.

There's a wet rod in my saliva that says "Noooooooooooo!!" and when treated with sound,

"Whoa!!! Ahhh!!!

The man shouted and made Ayesha's mouth pound a zamen.

"Heh!! Mmmm!!! Mmm..."

Aisha, who received that cloudiness in her mouth with a smile on her face, treated her to squeeze her penis at the end and spit it out to the ground as she put it in her mouth until the last drop.

"Ahhh, I wish you'd had a drink..."

When a man says that,

"We're going to see the city now!! Can you make me smell weird through my mouth and go!!

"Uh-oh, so..."

"... I'll drink next time... is that all right?

It's a promise.

"... pervert"

That's what Aisha says somewhere fun while letting her mouth be a letter to, like, trouble.

The conversation that seemed pleasant to us if we were to each other was nauseously obscene, inferior and annoying to Merno.

That Aisha shakes a human man's penis, and he promises to drink the stuff he's served.

She's a slutty, nasty, shitty female elf.

It should be, but it's so beautiful and beautiful and dominates Merno's heart.

When Merno is in love with Aisha, things go further.

A man stood up and put his hand inside Aisha's skirt.

"Ah! Here!!

Aisha hurries to grab the man's hand.

But the man moves his hand between Aisha's crotches.

"Huh! Aww!! Come on... silly! You're going to..."

"'Cause Aisha's here. It's so wet, isn't it? Why not?

Asking the man like he was in love, Aisha snorted, "Huh!" and leaked,

"... with your mouth, uuch!! I did... Oh, whoa! I licked that nasty smell...... whoa...!! I can't believe I don't feel it."

"Then I'll make you feel better in return. Drain your strength..."

"Oh no... Ugh!!

Aisha's body is out of strength.

Stand with your hands on the trunk of the tree as the man prompts you to stick your butt out behind you.

A man rolled his skirt.

I saw white panties.

The man has no hesitation in putting it down, too.

In the woods with leaking days. Brown peach butt exposed during the day. The crack in between was hairless and I could clearly see him twisting the pubic.

It was the first female genitals to be seen for Merno.

Somewhere grotesque, yet lewd, and even cute.

I can't believe those organs were provided for elves.

I trembled as my penis reacted frighteningly in my pants.

If you had sexual knowledge, you might have found that it stemmed from the instinct of a man who said he wanted to be "inserted."

But Merno couldn't figure that out.

I was so excited I didn't know.

And the excitement rises further in the man's next act.

The man pushed Aisha's pubic billa with his finger.

It was surprisingly pink in there, showing seemingly soft meat.

Elves are generally an eye-catching species.

The goodness of its eyes was showing Merno everything about Aisha.

While a man glanced through its inner organs,

"Manko hole is cracking...... do you want to finger it?

"... gently... right?

"Yes, sir."

The man lets the middle finger of his right hand penetrate Omako with his left hand open as he replies.

Put your finger inside your body.

I almost got a voice in such a shocking video.

But the more amazing thing is that I put my finger in and out with no man.

"Huh! Ha-ha-ha!! I said be nice!! Yikes!!!

"Huh? That's sweet, isn't it? Intense..."

As I say, the man moves slightly without scratching his fingers.

"Uggh!!! Hagu!!! Go on!! No way!!! Too cuddly no!! Higi!!

I thought he was groaning in pain.

I thought how painful it would surely be if they scratched my stomach so much.


"Ha!! Yes eh!! Mmmm!! Nhi-ha!!!

Aisha's voice gradually turns into something sweet.

They put their fingers in my stomach. You're so grumpy.

It's absolutely weird to feel like it.

Though I think so, when I hear Aisha's voice, I get coveted.

I wanted to see your face.

I wonder what face you're under that attack on.

Are you in pain, or...

Then a man pulled his finger out of Aisha's midst.

It is wet enough to pull the thread. Is it peeing? And Merno thought.

The man licked that finger,

"Aisha, what do we do? Shall we go see the city?

breathing Aisha's body trembled at the man's ill-willed voice,

"Don't mess with me... there's no way you can go like this..."

"So can I penetrate your penis and make you crazy about Aisha?

"... stop messing with me... silly"

The man scrolls down all his trousers, which had only the front part open, again applying the liquid that got to his finger on the opposing penis.

I can. I can get my penis.

In that hole? Give me your penis? You got a penis in a woman's hole?

Is it okay if I do that?

Merno's heart pounded.

In front of such a merno, the man stood behind Aisha.

Positionally, Merno only sees a man's ass.

I really wanted to see Aisha's face and figure, and Merno moved.

When I moved to the visible position from the side, I made a loud noise.

Lie down in a hurry.

I found it!! If I think so, I repeat my heartbeat until my heart is about to stop badly.

But when I looked up, they didn't seem to notice Merno.

Relaxed and kept looking at the sight.

As the man aligned his hips to Aisha, he rubbed the tip of his penis to Manko two or three times, then protruded his hips long before.

My penis buries in Aisha.

That's when Aisha said, "Whoa!!!" and raised a voice similar to that of a scream, but that face, clearly visible, was swinging and disturbed by pleasure.

He was a face I didn't think Aisha would have cleaned Merno's hand very well.

The man starts the piston as he grabs Aisha's hips.

When you move your hips back and forth, each time Aisha says, "Huh! Ahhh! Ahh!," he raises his voice squeezing out of his throat.

I can't tell by my voice if it feels good or suffers.

But it's definitely pleasure to be on your face.

He is pierced through his body with a man's penis looking good.

And the man,

"Nku!! Mmm!! Aisha!! It's a noodle!! Huh!! Are you excited to do it outside??

"Mmm!! Chi!! No!! Ugh!!

"Ooh!! Manko Meat Plump!! Sounds like a penis!!!

Can you take your penis off? Manko meat?

I don't understand. Words are everywhere. But what I can tell is that that hole in Aisha must feel very good.

I want to put myself in there, too. I want to insert my penis.

Merno was afraid of the desire.

But I know what my body wants.

Take off your pants. My little white penis is pining! and popped out.

He's hiding in his foreskin even when he's older. Merno gripped and rubbed it.

I kept rubbing hard, desperately.

Think about what you're putting inside Aisha.

Eliminate the man in the sight in front of you and plug yourself in there.

Aisha gasps feeling good when she puts her penis in Merno.

The self that pierces her while dominating all of that.

Electricity ran on Merno's spine.

Pew!! and jumped out of my penis with the feeling that the white liquid would be paralyzed.

I didn't know what that was and Merno was confused and scared. It was my first familiarity.

Yet they continue that act. More indecent, more intense.

Merno's penis did not shrivel.

I'm scared, but I don't know, but I start rubbing again.

"Huh!! Mm, mmm, mmm!!! Huh! Huh! Whoa!! It's coming!! It's just like that!! Kimochi good!!

Aisha screams.

delusions that I am drawing on that.

There's no man, Merno rubbed his penis while thinking he was the one over there.

"Hey... Eh... Kao... Beautiful"

Squeeze so the two of you can't hear me.

Yet Aisha responded by saying,

"Wow!! Awesome!! Kimo!! Nah! What a mess!! It's a mess!! That!!

He's laughing and drooling, moving his hips himself.

Merno ejaculated again at the appearance.

Merno couldn't stop rubbing her penis on the look of an eclectic, beautiful, gentle, obscene, brown female elf.

"Hey, lady. Ha-ha-ha..."

More mess, more snort. I even rubbed it, hoping so.

As I hoped to do so, Aisha goes disturbed.

"Ngi!!! Ouch!! They're coming!! Ugh!! Kisu!! Hey!!

Aisha barked as she clawed her legs clawed against the trunk of the tree.

The figure looks like a beast.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! No!! Already!! Looks like it's going!!! Keith!! I think I'm coming!! Ahhhhh!!

Go? I didn't know what the word meant, but it sounded terribly obscene.

And a man answers.

"Ugh!! Me too!! Hey no... Aisha!! I'll get it out, okay? Okay?"

"Yeah!! Yeah!! No!! To me!! Keith's!! Uhhhhh!!!

There was only two of us in the world.

With alienation and loneliness, Merno nevertheless speeds up the speed of his hands so as to give him the last sperm.

"Omako!! Aisha's Omako Tightens!! Ugh...... already"

"Kisu!! Kyuuuuuuu!! Oh, oh, oh!

"So......!! Damn it!! Uhhhhh!!!

Man Zung Hip!! and when he protruded as much as he thought and trembled with a relieved face, Aisha also


He raised his voice and collapsed on the spot.

The penis fell out of the hole, and the semen was dripping threads from the tip of it, which was about to shrivel.

Merno, who ejaculated again the moment Aisha collapsed, looked at the grass bush in front of him.

Tons of cloudiness were making puddles.

It was Merna, who was relieved to go with the two of them, but raised her face to the man's voice.

The man is wearing pants as he speaks to Aisha.

That story, unlike earlier, was small and difficult to hear,

"Nah! What are you talking about!! I can't...... no!!

I heard Aisha.

I wonder what you're talking about, and a man is smiling and stroking Aisha's head and telling her.

Aisha had shaken her head many times, but eventually stood up like she'd given up.

Then a man put his hand around Aisha's knee and lifted his body.

Legs open to M-shape, body lifted. That was the outfit when my parents made my little one pee.

And in fact, the man whispers in Aisha's ear, "Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.

"Stop it, you idiot!!

Aisha says so with a bright red face, but the man shakes Aisha's body to ignore it. Then,

"Ahhh, ahhh... so yeah..."

"You can do it. Aisha Tan"

"Silly! Ugh... but, um... ah!

When Aisha said so, the yellow water poured out a little.

Makes it look like a man walking and changing angles and peeling between his legs just spread directly in front of Merno.

Aisha's Omako directly from the front.

You have no hair, and you are groping dirty billabilla, and you are pouring golden water from its pink spot.

The face was holed up in the comfort and embarrassment of the act of excretion.

"Ugh... oh, mangy... ohiko... ki-su silly... kimoi no, please don't... whoa, whoa"

Keith nibbled at that pee landscape,

"Ha-ha-ha, that's a lot. Were you hanging in there?

"Stop!! Bye!! Silly!!

Eventually the quantity gradually decreased and the pee stopped.

As I lowered Aisha, careful of the yellow puddles that were made on the ground,

"Did it feel good?

"... stupid pervert... don't get me into perverts!... give me my underwear back than that."

"Oh, is this it?

The man showed Aisha the panties he had,



"This, please. A memorial."

"What commemoration!!

"It's Aisha's first outdoor etsy celebration!!

"I play witch mountains!! Back up!!

"Eh. I want it!

"Do you see the city after this without underwear?? There's no way I can do this!!

"Well, I'll buy you one in the city, it's new."

"Why did you get so far..."

"If you give it to me, when I get home... so I'll... of..."

Aisha stared at Keith with her mouth as she turned red,

"Alternative… buy it now"

Copy that, sir.

That's what I'm gonna say. Two people walking out.

But for some reason, the man left the panties he had given him so that he didn't look like Aisha on top of the pee puddle.

Pitty wet panties.

Two people disappearing.

Later, the remaining Merno makes sure that no one is gone, then when he gets up after punishing his penis, he approaches the peeper.

Wet panties are discarded in the pee almost sucked into the ground.

Merno picked it up by making sure no one was there from time to time.

And when I twirled with that handkerchief, I ran off the spot in my pocket and ran away.

Even as I approached the city, my heart was still beating fast as it was about to burst.

"Ah! There he is!!

That's why I tremble in that voice.

Turning slowly to the voice, Parra was coming towards Merno.

The voice was Para's thing.

"Where have you been!! I looked for you!!!

Parra yelled as she turned her face bright red with worry.

But to Merno, who answers nothing,

"What's going on? Are you still sick?

I ask anxiously,

"... nothing"

"Uh... but"

"It's nothing!! Sorry, I'm going home."

That's what Merno said and ran out.

Behind you,

"What the heck!! Silly Merou!!!

And Para was screaming, but I didn't care.

Because I wanted to taste the treasure that was in my hands quickly.

And remembering what Aisha looked like, again......

The boy squeezed the handkerchief in his pocket.


There's a fool sitting by the window.

It's Keith.

With liquor in one hand, Lou to his probably disturbed husband,

"What are you doing?

When you hear that suspiciously,

"Phew... I gave the boy a memory today..."


Wouldn't that be a traumatic mistake?

O ma que ♪

Parra waited as she occasionally looked at the approaching face of Merno.

Eventually the lips overlap.

"Chu" sounded lighter.

It was the first kiss.

And after this, we give Merno the first of all.

I got the feeling. I was glad to hear that.

I always thought it would end in childhood.

So I was glad to know and accept this feeling.

They both still look like kids, but they're already 19 and 18.

In other words, Parra liked Merno for 14 years.

It finally conveyed its mature feelings.

Parra decided to be ready to give it all away, weeping with that sense of happiness.

Pushed down by the bed.

I was worried I wouldn't hear the beating in my heart.

Lips overlapping again on such para lips.

Now my tongue was thickly tangled.

"Nju... be, raju... chu"

Eventually the separated tongues pulled the thread from each other.

My whole body was hot. I found myself cheeky.


There is a gentle voice of Merno. That's a serious face.


I'm ready, so say, like, 'cause you want me.

Para hoped so.

And Merno,

"On my way, will you pee?


The para solidified.