Lou was eating fresh type cat food happily.

It's the crunchy type of bait Keith always buys, and the fresh type is rarely spoken for.

However, Keith broke and apologized as a result of a big fight with Keith about being thrown outside [the mist of sleep] the night Aisha arrived the other day.

And as a feeling, they bought me 10 days worth of fresh food.

served on a plate. Eating it to the effect that

"Good Nyaaaa!! It's too much to ask!!

And I was so happy.

Lou saw an odd wrap when he licked it to the plate to indulge in the flavor and then went under the bed, a treasure trove to make sure the bottle with the rest of the fresh type bait was there.

Pulling it out with your mouth,

"Ohiji!! What is this?


Keith, who was reading a book on the bed, got up and looked at Lou's put out stuff.

The face turns to surprise.

"Ah!! This!!"


"Oh I totally forgot!!

I thought Lou would never forget the disgusting face when he said that and lifted that wrap.


That night, as Aisha was up from the bath and taking a breath, the door was knocked.

There is only one person who comes at this hour.

Even though I said I had just arrived yesterday, I thought it was... etc., but the face seemed somewhere happy.

When I open the door, Keith smiles and stands, taking off his [Marishi Heavenly Jacket] and showing up.

"I'm here"

"... what's going on with the promise to say it in advance?

"... you mean go home...?

I saw poor Keith's face. Aisha clogged the word "gu,"

"Come on in!

Bring Keith into the room by blurring out and saying so.

Keith held Aisha from behind as she entered the room.

And smelling around the nod,

"Aisha, it smells good...... did you take a bath and wait for me?

Besides, Aisha turns around looking ticklish.

"Hey, why did you tell me you were waiting for me when I took a bath! Oh, come on!!

That said, I thought I might come around today, and it was Aisha who draped rose oil in the hot tub.

I'm totally maidened.

Keith walked away from Aisha remembering his purpose as he indulged in the smell that tickled his nose.

It was close to knocking him down.

Even as Aisha, I really thought they would push me down, so I said, "Huh?" I looked at Keith wonderfully.

Keith looked serious.

"Actually... Aisha asked me for a favor today"


I get more deflected by Keith's serious eyes than I've ever seen before.

Work your imagination as to what it might be, but you never think of it.

"What... is that what I can do?

"I mean, Aisha can only do it... can you please?

My first sensation, that I was counted on by Keith, created some strange joy in Aisha's chest.

He's counting on me. I'm being asked. Keith gave it to himself.

I was delighted and desperate to see my face.

"Hey, what the fuck!! Say it!! Let me help you!!

With his big chest full, Aisha affirmed so.

And Keith, smiling happily, took that demonic prop, the crystal modified version of the photo, out of the bag he brought.

"Now let me copy where Aisha and Shite are."

Aisha solidified with her chest sticking out.


When Keith speaks,

"Phew...... Phew, I can play witch mountain. Awww!!!!

That's what I screamed at the volume that broke my ear.

Keith hastily activated the silencer.

But Aisha looked bright red.

"I thought it was something because I said I needed a favor with a serious face!! Cite, let me see where you are!? What are you thinking!! Idiot!! Stupid pervert!!!

Aisha stopped by Keith and added,

"By and large, what are you going to do with a copy of that stuff!? Are you threatening me? Are you threatening me?

to the words, Keith said with a true face,

"May it be different. I'll use it to sicken it."

"Shh... lump?

"Yes, it's Cicosico"

"?............ Huh!?

When he understood the meaning of the word, Aisha let his mouth be a mess,

"Bye, silly ooh!!!!

That's how I yelled.

"Damn...... na! What are you talking about!! I don't know... did they say they wanted to use it for that? I don't think so!! So, roughly!! If you want to... the"

"No, I know exactly what Aisha is trying to say. Come to your room when you're in a situation. That's what you say when you say you're OK all year!

"I didn't say all year!!

"But! But Aisha... the man... has a really shitty night."

Keith says as he stares far away.

"Alone… that feeling of being in a free room and not being seen by anyone… that's something completely different from what Aisha does"

Aisha looked at Keith with her eyes as if she could see something dirty.

"Sikosiko... that's the last free dam a man has ever forgiven... I don't know... do you understand?

"Okay. I know perfectly well that you are an idiot. I'd say you're a pervert on top of an idiot!! Don't get me into that pervert!!!

"Uh-oh, isn't that nice?"

to Keith pointing his mouth,

"You can't be good!! I don't like it!! Never!! Hmm!!"

Saying so, Aisha turned that way.

"What is it?


"No matter how much you ask?

"No matter how much you ask!!



Keith takes one breath here,

"So Aisha doesn't have to be herself delusional when I sicko?

"... Huh?

"'Cause you do, don't you? A man is something that he thinks about when he's in a coma. If you have footage with Aisha, you can think about what Aisha looks like, but if you don't, you can have delusions about another woman."


"Right ~ ~ ~..., ah! Mr. Berna, the samurai! She's a beautiful person, isn't she? ~ Oh I say coudeletype. I actually love it!! Oh ~ What if I come out paranoid?

Aisha had some words she didn't quite understand, but what she did find out was that Keith said she was going to masterbate while she was delusional about Berna.

Keith with Berna?

In Aisha's head, the appearance of two intensely intertwined bodies is reproduced.

"Master Magic... May I? Something about me. '

"Yes... I've been talking about Mr. Berna for a long time..."

"... I've always admired the magician."

"Mr. Berna."

"Berna and... please call me that"

"Well, I'm with Keith."

"... Keith"

"... Berna"

Eventually, where the two tongues sought each other,

"You can't do that. Ahhh!!!

To that voice Keith made a gutsy pose with his heart.

"If you say no, you can't stop your delusions."

"No!! Absolutely not!! Oh no...... no!!!

Keith to Aisha, who only says no,

"Can I copy that, then?

"... Ugh... I'll kill you if I show the others...!

"I will not use anything other than Cicosico!!

"... why are you such a pervert... I am"

Pitiful, pathetic, Aisha sat back on the bed with such a face.

Keith told her that,

"So let's not get dressed?

"Get dressed?"


That's what I said. I gave Aisha the package I brought.


While Aisha, who received the package, complained and went to the stripper to get dressed, Keith was getting ready for the magic prop.

This is a new machine because the demonic props that were copied with Nia have been completely destroyed.

The size is compact and the image quality is further improved.

As I was occasionally excited as I prepared it, Aisha came out from the opening of the strip door.

"Phew...... whoa whoa!!!!

Keith was barking without me knowing how great he looked.

Aisha's outfit frowned upon and blushed with embarrassment. It was a uniform.

It is the uniform of the prestigious school "St. Dorothea's College for Women attached to the Monastery", attended by noble children in the imperial city of Ellenbaldo.

Aisha in it stood there.

I accidentally raised my voice not to look too good, but when I looked closely it was still incomplete.


"Hey, what?

"What is that outfit!!


Keith approached Aisha,

"The skirt raises more! The button on the shirt opens! Chest ribbon is more sloppy!!

"Ah! Here, stop"

"You can't have the usual hairstyle either!! Often on one side!!

Keith cried when he saw that he could do so. I cried with emotion.

It's a gal... there's a black gal... it's a gal in a dessert elf.

How many men have ever dreamed of this landscape?

And how many men would have gone before that?

The distant old sights come back to life.

"Keith... you're my brother, I have a dream"

"Huh? To?

"For dessert elves, I do horny things in uniform..."

"Ha ha, is it too early for you kid"

Brother... Brother's dream, I made it happen.

And Keith stared at Aisha again,

"Aisha ahhh!! My Aisha. Oh!!!

That's what I said and hugged him.

"Yah!! Stop it!! Silly!!! What the fuck!!!

"Aisha!! I like it. Oh Aisha!!!

"Oh, come on!! It's a hit!! Hard stuff is hitting me!!!

That's when Keith bah! and away from Aisha,

"Ah... it was dangerous... I almost lost my reason"

"I would have lost it!!

"I didn't know this would drive me this far... uniform gal elf... don't be afraid!!

Watching Keith whine about that while wiping his sweat,

"I mean, what the hell is this?

"Huh? Don't you know? It's in the Empire."

"I know that but why do you have it?? Are you still a pervert??

"No, I'm not. They made it for me."

"Make it... to whom?

"To Kiki Mora."

Kiki Mora is a kind of help fairy.

He has excellent skills in weaving and other western systems.

"I wanted Aisha to wear it, and she made it using some unfamiliar summoning magic"

Actually, the luggage Aisha took on the day of her obstinacy is this uniform.

When I tried to have fun wearing this, Aisha stumbled out of a mistake and couldn't give it to me.

I'm glad it turned out perfectly delicate, but I was wearing it over there and forgot about the existence of this uniform.

It was Keith who really appreciated Lou for pulling me out.

"No, even so"

Keith looked seriously at Aisha again.

"It would look too good on you"

Leak that feeling.

Honestly, I can't stop niggling.

A blazer-type uniform worn off sloppily.

The shirt inside opens the button wide and the valley of the chest is visible.

The pleated skirt of the check is raised to the point where the panties are likely to be visible.

I wouldn't say it if you applied a little dark eye makeup, but Keith doesn't specialize in makeup.

I don't even know how to tell you. So I'm patient here.

Aside from Aisha in that uniform, with her cheeks red,

"... pervert... die"

"But you look really great! They are the cutest!!

"You think I'm happy? They say you look great in this outfit..."

"Huh? Aren't you happy?

"Are you happy?! Well, roughly... think about your age... you're not old enough to dress like a schoolgirl!

The 53-year-old maiden elf looked embarrassed.

That look is again the most adorable, and Keith graciously hugs Aisha,

"Aisha is cute. She's the cutest schoolgirl. It makes me want to kiss you by accident."

"hey... what is that... stupid stuff"

"Kiss...... can I?

"... suck it"

Saying so, Aisha closed her eyes softly.

So Keith overlaps his lips. It was a sweet, intense kiss.

An intertwined tongue confirmed the taste of each other's saliva.

And as her tongue left sparingly, Keith looked at Aisha with her moistened eyes and even thought I'd push her down like this by accident.

Enjoy it.

"Shall we start copying?"

I said I lifted the magic prop.