The sound of chappy and water is ringing.

Hot air flows through only a few open windows, and the outside air enters instead. That feels good.

The sound of bugs and the smell of night also calms my mind somewhere.

In such a bathroom, Aisha and Keith were mouthing, soaking in hot water stretched out in the tub.

Keith had reason to have Aisha, and Keith, who looked like a chair, gently picked Aisha's nipples from behind.

"Huh... Chu... Chu... Huh..."

I turned my neck only. I lay my lips over again to the point that Aisha wouldn't suffer.

Already after a battle in bed.

Keith held Aisha very gently today.

That was very satisfying for Aisha. Both mind and body.

I don't even hate being abusive that much anymore, but my heart is filled when I'm held gently after all.

And being lightly touched by the lingering body after the affair is Aisha's favorite these days.

Now that I was still kissing with my nipples gently picked with only a little stiffness left, I was going to wander off.

Keith doesn't want Keith to notice that he's about to laugh at his happiness, so he releases his lips and turns forward.

But keep your back deeper in Keith and put your hands on both of those legs.

Only he didn't realize he was completely deluded.


Keith spoke to Aisha like that.

"Hey, what?

Aisha became anxious that her tricks were a little too sweet. However,

"The footage I copied last time was really good."

"?............ ah!?

I didn't know what it was about for a moment, but when I realized it was about the framing video, Aisha distorted her face to shame.

"What suddenly!!

"No, Aisha's appearance was too pornographic and too sissy... I thought it would be dry"

"Fool!! That's not what you're talking about!!

"Eh, I just wanted to tell you that Aisha was the best."

"So even if they say that what you see is the best..."

"Excellent!! Super awesome!! It was horny ~ ~. Even if I remember it, I get an erection. Here."

Keith's groin, saying so, swells and swells under Aisha's butt.

"Silly!! Perverted idiot!!... well... if you want it anyway, I will... the..."


"Nothing!! I love to play alone like you!!

I really want you to be more comfortable with yourself if you're in the position to masturbate.

I can't say that. There was a 53-year-old maiden.

But when I heard that, Keith...

"If you're gonna say that, even Aisha's gonna love masturbation, right? Aren't you a wannabe?"

to that word. Aisha walked away from Keith,

"Don't let me be with you!!

"You'll be with me. I've been doing this for 40 years, so it's fine."

"Nah...... chi, no!! I am not... I am not!!

"Huh? 'Cause I confessed..."

"Oh, that's what Keith asked me, so I thought I should make her think I was the woman to say that!! I don't do such mundane acts!!

He was lying perfectly.

They've seen this shape and checked it for sensitivity over and over again.

It is more obvious than seeing fire to say that you like genuine masturbation.

So Keith also turns a gaze like, "Oh, my God, what are you talking about, this girl?"

"What those eyes! It's true!! I'm not lying!!

"Yes, yes, I know."

"I don't understand!! You never know!! I wouldn't do that!!

Keith came up with something too desperate to say to Aisha at this time.

I get a niggling grin at the idea. Aisha, who saw its face,

"Hih! What the hell is that bad face!!

"No, if you're going to say that much, why don't you make one bet?

"Or... you say it's a bet?

"Yes, two weeks after this, let's both turn down masturbation"


Aisha lost her word on Keith's suggestion.

Regardless, Keith continues.

"Is that it? Don't you know what that means?

"Wow, I know... Huh?

"So it's a bet you two won't be masturbating for two weeks. It's better to lose first. If neither of you did, well, it's okay that I lost."

"What's that nasty bet!! So, by and large... the"

"Oh. Is it a magic supply? I won't do that for two weeks either. That's roughly the maximum number of days you can't... What do you say? Why don't you do it?

Keith listens with a cheerful face lying and laughing.

It was like a model for lying.

Aisha turned away from Keith like that,

"Hmm!! Crap!!

"... would you like to do it"

"Don't do it!!

to the answer as expected, Keith enjoyed that he was about to blow out.

"I mean, Aisha can't live without a flirtatious act for two weeks."

Shit!! No!!!

"Ahhhh... that's right, you're a very edgy Aisha, you're tight on boulders for two weeks..."

With that said, hold Aisha tight,

"I'm sorry. I didn't realize. Please don't worry about the bet you just made. From now on, you're adorable more than ever, I love etsy, Aisha."

Aisha thrust Keith like that, shuddering with a smug tremor.

"Silly!! Who likes to get laid!! Who... I'm addicted to masturbation!! Say people like them!! Idiot!! Bye!!

"But you can't stand it, can you? You can't bet, you want to do it all over, right?

"Don't play witch mountain!! You think I can't stand it for about two weeks? I'm not that dirty!!

"So, do you want to bet?


Moment, shit! I thought it was Aisha.

I've been put on a proper ride. But when it is realized, it is a later festival.

Keith, who took the word, smiled nicely and good,

"That's OK. It's a bet, so I don't think there's a penalty for losing...... what's good?

"Ah... eh..."

"That's right! If you lose, why don't you just listen to the winner for one day?


To Keith, who tells him as if he'd just come up with something, Aisha hurried and said, "No, you can't do that!" I tried to argue.

But Keith suddenly takes away Aisha's lips like that and blocks the word.

"It's been tight for two weeks...... let's just get a bunch of fucks going now"

So whispered Aisha,

"Ya... ah, hey... listen to me... Phew!

I try to speak to Keith, but I can't go on.

Because Keith is teasing Aisha's nipples and shaking her ears.

Neither force is so strong, but the body that stays under fire amplifies the stimulus at will. Still,

"Kisu... kike, silly... ahhh! Ugh!! I don't know...... I'm just a jerk!

"Oh, I'm sorry. This way, too."

Keith takes one hand to Aisha's regularly shaved hairless manko.

Such a redneck. With a gentle touch of a plump, large eye clitoris,

"Nchu! Come on!! Wachau!!

Intensely tangle the tongue and perform oral stirring.

To the rough tongue, Aisha moves her tongue to respond to it step by step, though it becomes painful.

Though the chest and the cries squirm gently, only the tongue is fierce.

To that strange feeling, Aisha could see Poe going backwards.

Then Keith stopped moving on his finger, releasing his tongue, and rose out of the hot water.

A fully erect penis appeared in front of Aisha, dripping hot water.

Red and black horny water-burned murder weapon that moves to match a crack and heartbeat.

Keith takes it to Aisha's face.

Don't say anything.

Aisha looked up at Keith and hesitated for a moment before including it in her mouth.

"Whoa, whoa!! Nju, Pei, Chi Pu Pu"

Handle softly with the oral mucosa, while tangling saliva and licking it with the tongue.

And suck while letting the air in.

"Jubo! Joob! Joob!! Zuzuzuzuzu!!!

to a completely accustomed mouthfeel, Keith was satisfied with the

"Aisha, it's good...... Fella face is so cute...... Ugh! Sucked...... Kimochi no"

Keith's euphoric face delighted Aisha.

Keith is feeling better with his caress. I can't believe that would make me so happy.

Aisha continues a little facial vacuum fella as she swallows the overflowing cowper with her saliva over and over again.

"Nju!! Pfft! Pfft! Njupo!!

No more bets. I totally forgot. The servant female elf was there.

"Ah! Ku!! Aisha, I want to... I want to insert it... I want to get it out inside"

I even think Keith is cute to petition with a cute look on her face.

Keith lets her hand attach to the edge of the tub as Aisha stands up with her penis away from her mouth "Pua".

Aisha stands in an outfit with her hips bent and her butt sticking out.

The crack in the middle of it had an open labia and exposed the meat hole inside.

From there, Keith's semen, which I put out for the first time, is mixed with love fluid and poured out.

"Aisha's porn, she's cute"

to Keith's words. Aisha said,

"Stop, you hentai fool"

With that said, her hips were shaking without my knowledge.

My mind and body wanted Keith completely.

Keith looks at it and nips, poking his finger-picked penis tip at Aisha's vaginal mouth.

He then aligned his hips and framed them all the time at once.

"Huh! Uhhhhhhhh!!!

The shock that came all at once to the body that brought back the fire lighting.

Aisha twisted her hips into the sensation of her penis as she scratched her vaginal meat and penetrated, distorting her face.

When Keith singularly pushes his hips back and forth, Aisha's butt shakes to find a nice place to feel.

Every time, my busty breasts swung plumply.

"In Aisha, the meat is swinging...... Hmph!! Plus, it's muddy!!

Help the previous salmon liquid smooth your penis by becoming lubricant instead of plenty of love liquid.

A penis that goes on cracking munchkin meat. Two body fluids that were destroyed from inside Aisha passed on to it fell puffy in the hot tub.

"Mmm! Mmm! Ahhh! Nhicha!! Kisu!! Penis! Wow!! In a good place, hiccup!!

"Right here, right? Isn't this where you like Aisha!!

I blame Keith for his weakness in the back of his vagina as he laid his hands on Aisha's hips and slammed his hips on his ass tab.

"There!! There!! Kisu, Kisu!! Nha!!

Keith keeps sliding his penis as he gets tangled up in his puffy vagina.

When Aisha felt a good feeling caught fire, she grabbed her hips all the way and increased the speed and power of the piston all at once.

"Hoo-hoo!! Hagiu!!! Keishu!? Ha ha!! Huh? Huh?? What?? Ugh!! Tough!! Koshi!! Penis!!

Blamed for mumbling with momentum piercing the steep point of her vagina, Aisha was trembling as her hips rose.

"No!! Keishu!! Those!!! Omako!! Chiku!!! Saru!! Ha ha!!

Without answering that, Keith continued his ghost poking.

White foaming fluid overflowed from inside Aisha, polluting the two groins.

"Phew!! Fugi!!! Kishi Yumei!! Ah it makes me stupid!!! Omako, Shishi, and Chiku all over!!!

"Be, Aisha!! Only in front of me!! Be a dumb female!!

"Yay!! Females do it!!! Hagiu!!

Screaming, Aisha gradually found herself at the peak of nothing to think about.

"Ahhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!! Kita!! Kishi-kun!! Konya's!! Good for them!!!

Aisha's fleshy good ass shivers plumply, and with it, Manko-kun invites ejaculation with more of that nasty movement.

"Aisha's!! Omako!! He wants Zamen!! He wants a child!!! Uhhh!!

"Wow!! Wow!! Fuzzy!!! Also flattering!! Ugh!!! Yikes...... Uhhhhhhhhh!!!

The tightening was tightened so that it narrowed tightly inside.

I found out Aisha welcomed Acme.

Keith twisted his face and held Aisha's hips, pouring a filthy zamen towards its deepest as he meditated on his eyes.

"Ugh......! Oh... Keishu, I'm here again... but... wow..."

Feeling it, Aisha took a rough breath and sat up to collapse into the hot tub as Keith's hand left.

With a white, blurry thought, looking into the void, Keith pulls his dirty penis out of Aisha and brings it closer to her mouth.

"Clean... will you?

Aisha looked at Keith with a tron eye, squeezing her strength and staring, then

"I don't want to... give me... do you have a penis?"

"Sweet, he thinks it's just me, Aisha"

To Keith, smiling with a tired face, he said, "Hmm," Aisha licked and cleansed her decent penis with her and Keith's bodily fluids.

When you're smelling raw in that slutty, puking position, and you feel the taste of stabbing your tongue,

"Talk about betting, okay?

"Npua... Kake?

"Isn't that nice?

"?... okay?... Nchu, Pei Pei"

Aisha, who had completely forgotten something, nodded and then started licking again.

Keith gave him that pretty Aisha head.


"I did it..."

Aisha was sinking dark with a face with a sound effect that suited her well.

After that, Aisha fell asleep sometime while caressing each other without sex.

When I woke up, it was morning and, rarely, Keith was back in his room.

There was a writing on my desk and it said, "Don't forget to bet".

At this time, I realized that I had agreed to something terrible with my wandering head, but now it is.

I am being manipulated by Keith like a good person again.

That makes me angry, on the other hand, and for some reason I get the feeling of being tickled.

I didn't know what that was and Aisha was a little confused.

But the biggest problem right now is betting.

If we lose, it's about Keith, he's gonna give us a hell of an order.

You force a nasty, lewd, mundane act that you can't imagine in Aisha.

"... why are you a little thrilled I am!!!

I am Aisha, who I don't understand very well these days.

Aisha shook her head and switched her mind.

It's a horn on a raven. The point is, you just have to lose.

Two weeks, no masturbation or that act.

What the hell's wrong with that?

You think you're an elf without that much reason?

Am I being insulted?

You guys are hilarious. I laugh with my nose.

I was just doing it to make me feel horny and worried.

I won't until I die if you tell me not to do that.

Besides, I have no choice but to act with Keith for Master Nia and because Keith wants me to.

When I am, then I feel like I'm on it. "Sometimes," but there's no reason why I shouldn't!!

First of all, I couldn't help but think that that perverted demon mentor Keith could hold himself for two weeks.

Must come to the room in the middle of the night saying, "There's a magic supply".

That's when Aisha laughed and looked down at Keith and said, "Well, this is it, so the pervert! I was going to tell him."

And if I get the right to order anything for a day...

Aisha shook her head again, almost laughing at her imagination.

"Nothing, I don't even want the right to like him all day!!

And he muttered to himself, leaving the room for breakfast.

It wasn't until three days after that that that Aisha and Keith met face to face.

Keith, who visited the room for Nia's class, laughed nicely and said, "I can afford it."

Looking at his face, he waited thinking he might come around tonight... but Keith didn't end up in the room that night.

Next up, four days later, in Nia's room again.

To Keith, with a cool face, he said, "Isn't it time for a sita?" I turn my gaze, but he was just laughing.

And then four days later, I glanced at Keith like a ghost.

But I'm not gonna show any reaction to that. Now I'm gonna leave the room with a crying face.

Between refraining, Berna,

"You've been in a bad mood lately?

I heard you came.

"In a mood!? There's no reason to be bad!! Very good!!

Yes, it was Aisha who would give it back in a largely grumpy voice.

And Keith thinks Aisha is sure to be, and his stuck face gets broken.

When Nia saw that face,

"Chihu? Kifu? I guess. Huh??

He asks me wondering with Keith's penis in his mouth.

"No, I laughed because I thought my penis still felt good today"

When Nia heard the words, she took the salivated penis out of her mouth,

"Thank you, penis, for not hurting Master Keith today! Nchu! Get out of here! Honey, ho-hi! Nchu Po, Rashi Kuki!!

"Aww, amazing...... Aww!!

Keith is complying with the bets. That was certain.


On that day, after completing her assignment, Aisha returned to her room, undressing her clothes and entering the bathroom.

I can't take any frustration out of this place.

Little things are going to make me angry, and I can work my reason in a hurry, but that makes me stressed out.

I even told Nia, "Are you okay? It's the end of what they ask."

I know myself that this shouldn't be the case.

I know, but I don't know how to feel.

I got sexually angry that it was all Keith's fault that this happened too.

I see that Keith is willing to stay out of it for two weeks.

But that makes me feel lonely, and I can't help but want to be alone.

We have two days till the promise is due.

We have to be patient.

I can see that.


It was awkward to whine about loneliness.

If you notice, in the hot water in the tub, Aisha was rubbing her own chest.

About ten days ago, in a hot tub with Keith, as Keith made me.

"Huh... ahh... ahh..."

Aisha gradually strengthens her fingers as she ripples the hot water.

Big, soft breasts pressed against her fingers and changed shape to go.

"Shh... Nh! Though I can't...... hang in there, heh!! I have to......"

But the mind finds an excuse.

I'm sure Keith is too.

I look at that footage of myself and I'm sickening.

He doesn't like it! You coward!! He sucks!!

That's why you can do it yourself.

I won't find out anyway.

You can lie.

Even Keith lies anyway.


Aisha screamed as her fingers touched her stiff, sickly nipples.

It hasn't been more than ten days.

In the meantime, the sprouts have become more sensitive and sensitive.

If I abuse Cri in this condition......

Aisha softly crawled her fingers at the hairless Omako for the desire.


Feels good.

I haven't had a fling in a long time.

Ever since I had a relationship with Keith, Aisha hadn't had one flirt.

Because it was filled.

So for the first time in a really long time one etsy blamed Aisha for mixing her disloyalty and guilt with pleasure.

"This, duh!! You don't have to go... Aww!! But that pervert!! Hmmm!! I'll make you shine!! So!!

If it's true, you shouldn't have to masturbate, but I want to take out a bet and make you conscious.

I mean, it's all Keith's fault.

I'm not bad. I'm not a dirty elf.

So desperate to say, Aisha kept touching Kri with rubbish.

"You idiot! Kisu ah ho! Mmmm!! Kisu!! Ki-soo!!

And Aisha put her finger in her vagina herself for the first time in her life.

Bewildered by his own interior to touch for the first time, he nevertheless imitates the movement of his fingers to Keith's.

Keith is touching me. Keith caresses me.

inflated that delusion.

Instead of imagining the previous landscape of clean men's and women's contracts. I cum my fingers in and out imagining a more unpleasant and disturbed intercourse between a man and a woman.

"Kisu, ha! Ha!! It's your fault... you did this to me!! Mmmm!! Kisu!!

So blame me more. Because even in paranoia.

Nipples with his left hand, vaginas with his right hand, each twisting around his most pleasant place, Aisha intertwined with Keith the delusion.

"Phew!! Ugh!! Oh!! It looks good... and awesome... ahhh!! Huh!! Ki, ki-soo!!!

While calling the man's name to the end, Aisha hasn't done it on her own in a long time.

After feeling good, a sense of vanity and self-loathing came and made his chest come back.

"Ha-ha-ha... ki-su silly thing..."

Draining dirty water from the love liquid so as to shake off the finish, Aisha was left alone.


Two days later, the due date of the promise. Keith came at five in the morning.

With a delightful smile.

Aisha greeted it with a grumpy face.

"... what the hell from the morning"

"No, I'm really concerned about the bet."

I thought it was the case anyway. Aisha wasn't particularly surprised.

"Wow, I protected you..."

I lied. I'm turning a blind eye. He found out it was a lie.

But Keith,


"... yes"


"Well, what about you who say so!! I guess I did something!!

Aisha barked at Keith to mislead her guilt.

"No, I didn't."

He said it with a shitless face and accidentally said, "Gu!" It was Aisha, packed with words, "but soon,

"It's a lie!

"I'm not lying."

"Absolutely lying!!

"Think that's what they'll say."

When Keith took the magic wand out of his nostalgia, he worked out his magic and put the magic language on it.

A thin green demon square floats before Aisha and Keith.

"Hey, what's this!

"It's magic used to interrogate criminals in imperial capitals and such. It's a thing that reads pulses, sweats, pupil reflexes, brainwaves, whatever, and determines if the person is lying."


"The most powerful self-insinuation or hypnotic magic or physical manipulation doesn't respond at all, so it can't be used for trials or anything."

It is indeed the sorcery that Keith did.

I came all the way out here to unwrap the Book of Magic for this day.

I spare no effort for porn. It is a man's mirror.

But Aisha was about to panic when she saw it.

I didn't hear there was such a thing.

Then you'll find out!!

Whatever Aisha thinks she needs to do something about it, Keith says,

"Then from me"

and toward the Devil's Square,

"I haven't masturbated in two weeks!

With that said, the letters surfaced on the demon squares.


after seeing it satisfactorily to Aisha. Keith was

"Then it's Aisha's turn."


Aisha away from the Devil's Square.

It's obvious he's already been cited for that behavior, but Keith enjoys abusing it.

"What's going on? Tell me, I didn't masturbate. Look, look, look!

"Oh, oh, oh"

Aisha caught up with tears in her eyes,

"... and... I didn't... masturbate... to Shiukan"

The demon squares are wrong. That's what I said to the Devil's Square with a whisper to mislead it at all.

Then, immediately, the demon squares floated the letters.


I saw that. Keith laughed nicely,

"You're my winner. I love porn, Mr. Aisha."

Aisha collapsed into Keith's words.

Two more days, I couldn't wait for masturbation, and it was a shame Aisha didn't even realize I'd been set up.