Keith looks up at Aisha looking down at herself with a smiling smile.

I saw Aisha's hands shaking plumply,

"Hey,“ I don't know why, "but my penis got so stiff."

Aisha's face turned bright red on the words.

Keith niggered,

"That's why I want Aisha to rub it down... can't you?

Aisha leans down when she says that as she moves her penis into her ass.

Have you overstated that? And Keith thinks,

"... I don't know how to rub it there... do I?

"... I'll teach you."

"... even if it hurts, I won't take responsibility... pervert"

Negotiation successful.

In my heart I said, "Yatter!," Keith decided to teach Aisha a penis massage quickly.

"First, there are a few different vials in the bag, so please take them."

Aisha takes the vial out of the bag, as she was told, not even willing to say anything to the goodness of preparation.

That's a mixture of perfume with the oil I just used.

Simply put, it is aromatic oil.

"Aisha's favorite smell is fine."

Keith tells me. Aisha opens the vial stopper and confirms the smell inside.

I liked the rose-scented oil, so I decided to use it.

"Then apply it all over your hands."

Aisha drips oil and applies it to the position where her hand becomes deroderous.

"I put it on."

"Then rub your penis with the instructions just now"

"Also, do you rub it? Take this?"

"Yes. You shouldn't be too strong, should you?

Sit between Keith's crotches with an M-shaped leg opening and grip his penis with an oiled hand.

Nervously, Aisha pushed the turtle head area with her thumb belly.


I let go of my hand to Keith's voice.

"Yes, did it hurt!?

"Oh, no. Feel good. What do you mean? It seems painful. It feels good, like that. Excuse me, please continue."


Said with laughter, Aisha resumes rubbing again.

Press and rub just around the side of the bell mouth with your thumb and attach the belly of your finger so that it looks straight through the geese neck.

Aisha was kind of funny that Keith raised his voice whenever his fingers wet on the oil stimulated geese loosely.

"Ah, Aisha, the rod part too..."

"Huh? Here?

Push the back muscle of the hard rod cucumberly from the soft turtle head area.

Whenever there was irritation in the back muscle of the penis, the lead came from the tip to ruin it.

"Aisha...... pressure koki genius...... Ugh!!

"I'm not happy about that. Silly."

Saying so, Aisha rubbed the meat stick with pleasure.

I'm delighted to see Keith's face distorted by the same pleasure she had just before she was in pain.

"Does that feel good to you?

Keith shook his neck vertically many times, intoxicated by the sensation of penile pressure.

"Hehe, you're a pervert. He can't help it."

Aisha gently labors her penis with an innocent laugh.

I can't think of a girlfriend a while ago, such as the way she smiles while playing with a man's genitals.

Still, Aisha nowadays seemed more certain, dirty, pathetic, beautiful, and fun than Aisha used to be.

impressed by Aisha's appearance of having a fun penis rub with a microbikini armor,

"Aisha, balls...... rub balls"


When Aisha lowers her gaze, her blood flow improves under pressure, with Deron and two dripping scrotum sacs.

"This is it!?

"That's right. Wrap it gently with both hands and turn it... can't you?

"Oh, no..."

I've licked and touched my penis, but I've never had a testicle before.

The bag of wrinkles was somewhat creepy, but when I was ready, I wrapped it with both hands and tried to stretch it out to lift it.

Occasionally I rubbed with weak force and Keith sounded good.

It's strange and funny what it feels like to have a ball of dust inside even though it's all over the place.

The scrotum became more flexible as I rubbed it, and I enjoyed touching it with the pompous pompous.

"Brown Bitch Elf Balls... You're Too Great"

Keith shrugged so hard not to hear.

That's not what video of a nasty dressed brown elf enjoying a man's golden balls looks like.

I've always wanted to have fun with the way I feel, but when I was rubbing my testicles, I couldn't help but want to ejaculate.

That was more of a mental desire for ejaculation than physical.

"Um, Aisha? It's time to get it out......?

"Huh?... Oh, oh. What am I supposed to do?

Aisha, obsessed with balls, rushed her hands off her testicles and heard her face turned red.

That's a very cute fifty-three, and I wanted to push him down by accident,

"I knew it with my tits"


While sighing, Aisha tried to get a microbikini to meet Keith the groaning face,

"Keep that up!!

A man is a pathetic creature that lives in captivity.

Digging into Keith's compelling gaze, Aisha pinched Keith's penis in the valley of her chest, made by Microbikini Armor, as she bent forward.

A penis oppressed by Muyuru Aisha's milk manko.

It felt like healing meant this.

"Oh... Aisha's Microbikini Pussy... Too Blissful"


Aisha started her pussy, smelling the sexual odor of her penis a few centimeters below her chin.

Red and black meat bars sandwiched between brown busts.

A hot, hard sole rubs off between Aisha's soft breasted meat.

wet in the oil and the lube was sufficient,

"Aisha, spit. Aisha's spit!

"Pervert! Pervert!! Why do you keep making me do weird things!

"Aisha's spit! Spit on me!! Spit!!

"A child!!

"No, it'd be a little bad if the kid was saying this, wouldn't it?

"I'm suddenly going in calmly!!

With pity, Aisha still salivated in her tingly moving penis between her breasts as Keith asked.

"Aisha's spit...... oh"

Move your tits left and right alternately, whining "stupid pervert" at the touching Keith.

My penis, which has been subjected to about as good milk pressure, is happily bouncing in the valley of my chest.

"Ah, Kimochi no..."

Nice Nia lollipussy, though. Keith panicked when he almost said.

But Aisha hasn't noticed it because of her hard work on the pussy.

Aisha sends her gaze toward her chest to see where the pussy is.

Aisha, look at me.


Keith was smiling as he looked up and seemed comfortable.

"Aisha's face, she's cute...... cum! Oh,... Aisha beautiful"

Keith's sexual excitement went as close to the limit as she saw Aisha's illuminated face, penis and chest and best shot.

"Aisha, it feels good...... Aisha's tits, wow...... uuch"

Speaking to raise her excitement herself, Keith concentrated her consciousness on her penis pinched by Aisha's tits.

Aisha keeps caressing her penis diligently as she leaks her breath to delude the embarrassment of being told she's cute or pretty.

Happy Keith's face was hurting behind Aisha.

"Keith...... what do you say?

"Mmm!! Great! Awesome!!... Huh!! So."

Aisha found that Keith's hips were moving as hard as they were from herself.

The limit is near.

"There... I am!! Can I get it out!?

"Ah... yeah, good, here we go"

The moment I thought Keith's face I was staring at was much more distorted,

"Agoo! Oh!! Aisha!! Big tits!!! Pinch your penis!!

"Hmm? Oh, like this??

Aisha wrapped her penis tip around her with breast meat.

Then Bikun!! Bikun!!! and bounced like my penis burst in it.


To his surprise Aisha raised her voice.

Keith, on the other hand, squeezes the sound out of his throat, "Whoa," and is intoxicated by his ejaculation.

When his penis stopped moving and Aisha weakened the pressure on his breasts, the valley of his chest was dirty with white salmon fluid.

Testicular massage resulted in a higher quantity than usual and a strong karki odor semen.

"Ugh... my chest stinks... no"

Aisha towels through the valley of her breasts, pulling out her penis with a crying face.

"Ugh," he said. After a light wipe with a towel, he was suddenly pushed down.

And a fierce kissing storm strikes Aisha's lips.

"Fubu!... Mm, heh, what, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude, dude."

Still, Aisha's lips moved to embrace it, too, within the context of many matches.

"Chihu, Nju, Nju Po, Roku,"

Continue kissing for nearly three minutes and the two faces leave.

Aisha was cheeky with a rough breath.

kiss that face again. Then Keith said,

"It felt so good...... Aisha Saiko"

That's what I said, and I held Aisha tight so she could pressurize me.

Feeling Keith's weight,

"Silly, dude! Funny!!

Happily though I may say, Aisha also turns her hand on Keith's back.

He was happy, he hugged me, he kissed me.

The feeling of wandering was wrapping Aisha's entire body.

Then Keith was in his ear,

"Now it's Aisha's turn to feel better."

I shrugged at the words,

"No, you can't! My hips aren't in the mood yet! Well, that's fine with me... well, if Keith felt good, I would."


Suddenly a serious voice was uttered, Aisha bewildered.

Keith was with his arms up and looking down at Aisha.

The face is serious in itself.

"Me, I've been waiting for Aisha to come to my room, haven't I?


"I was waiting for you to come to my room and say I was happy that day."

"............ ah"

"I don't know if Aisha's going to feel any better, but she's going to feel a little worse.

"No... no, no"

Keith hugged Aisha again,

"Then now Aisha's gonna make me feel better. The two of us have always been different, and together... right?

"Keith...... ki-soo"

Aisha cling to Keith's body like a child.

All the time - my heart shook at the words. That's enough to make me cry.

But I mean, in the end, it's just a dialogue that I said to the dealer all the way around wanting to have fun using Aisha...

The lady knight, 53 years old, with zero romantic experience, was choked.

Don't even know what face a hugging man is laughing at.

The look on Keith's face as he looks up again is back to the original seemingly non-gentleman face.

Keith began to relax Aisha's body as he kissed her again with that face.

Inserting his fingers into the bottom of the microbikini armor as he tangled his tongue, he stroked the cleft, where it was already slightly warm and damp.

Rubbing that pubic billa with his fingertips, he strokes the gently erect clitoris with his finger belly.

"Hmm! Huh!! Nchu, Chu Lo"

I blocked my gasp with a deep kiss.

The insensitivity to speak turned into the roughness of a kiss.


Play the clip with your middle finger over and over again, picking it up sooner or later where it's completely erect.


Aisha's hips jumped bickly.

Allow the middle finger and drug finger to enter the vagina into the gap.

Scratch inside Aisha as she touches her fingers to make sure she has a resistant vaginal fold.

Gently and in a hurry. Only the steeple will never touch it.

Doing so, Aisha's hip moves alone and tries to lead Keith's fingers to where he feels comfortable.

I guess Aisha figured that out, too.

"Teasing...... Ugh!! Hey! Silly Keith!!

Block Aisha's lips again with her moist eyes.

The number of kisses I think my lips are swollen. I don't know how much saliva drank each other either.

Aisha went head to head with the pleasure of Keith slamming two holes in her mouth and vagina as she closed her eyes.

Keith felt the finger-tightening manko meat coming as if she were saying her penis was quick and funny.

"Aisha, can you insert it?

whispering so while touching the vaginal fold,

"... this... is gonna hurt?

"It's okay, I got a massage."

"... no"

"No, but..."

"So... I'll be the one..."

"Heh?... but bye"

"That's okay! Wow, I want to go up there!... to Keith... Kimochi..."

I'm volunteering to ride.

And to please myself.

Keith realized that and was happy that she was well developed and had an erection.

Let's call it a happy erection.

"You're sweet. I'm a happy man."

"Ugh, shut up...... lay down quickly"

"Yes, sir."

As Keith hoisted his erect penis to heaven just like he did earlier, Aisha reached for the rest of the rose oil with her hands to soak it up.

And take off the bottom of the microbikini armor to insert it and cross it over to Keith.

I've done the ride myself a few times, so Aisha can get on her knees and insert her penis into the bed as usual.

Aisha felt a meat stick bury inside her as she sank her hips with her hands on her penis.

"Mm-hmm... ahhh..."

"Ah... uhh, kimochi no"

When the two hips met, such a voice leaked at the same time.

Smile Aye,

"I'm moving... Keith stays put, right?

Aisha said so, slowly grinding her hips.

When only Aisha's hips were twisted back and forth, her vagina rubbed against the turtle's head and unspeakable vaginal pleasure struck Keith.


"Mm-hmm, heh..."

When you move your hips that way, a close clip rubs along with your vaginal penis sensation, and Aisha also distorts her face to feeling good.

Placing his hand on his own leg, he leads Keith to ejaculate by turning and moving his hips, rocking back and forth.

Keith's pleasant looking face filled Aisha's chest.

"Ki...... Hmm! Kimochi, okay?

"Wow... it looks like it's for your penis...... uhhh!!

"Oh yeah, mmm!!

I wasn't taught.

I just wanted to make Keith feel better, and her hips moved naturally.

Keith was expensive at the pornography of its grind riding,

"Aisha! Tits...... I want to lick tits......"

"Mmm! Mmm!! Huh?"

"Let me lick your tits"

Aisha deflected her microbikini top upward as she breathed roughly, causing her breasts to bounce out, knocking her body down so that she could cover herself straight forward.

Put your hands around Keith's face.

Keith raised his knees and aligned his hips so that the joints would not come off.

And I sucked it off all over my mouth with my nipples like dripping fruit in front of me.

"Nhia!! Huh!! Ahhh!!

Aisha moves only her hips up and down as she raises her voice to the rambling tongue.

Keith keeps sucking on his own chest like a baby, while Aisha Hanko moves her hips cuddly tight.

"Nchu! Chiuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, huh! Phew!!

Keith, who felt a wet, soft vagina in his penis while tasting Aisha's tits and was just carelessly drunk on sex, even forgot to put up with the feeling of ejaculation.

I just wish I had a good moment to feel good about, I leave everything to Aisha and suck it on my nipples. And

"Habu, Habu, Chipu, Ng, Chipu, Ng, Ng!! Ahhh! Huh!!!

Mouth on Aisha's chest until the last moment she was finished, Keith punched a second semen in her womb.

"Huh!! Ugh... Keith's... coming in... in my... good."

Dubu! Aisha was filled with a sense of well-being as she felt a hot bump from the tip of her disciplined penis toward the back of her stomach.

And hold Keith still sucking on his chest,

"Did it feel good?

"Nbu... here's the thing... it was... Nchu"

"... can I connect?

"Tits...... can I suck it?

"Hehe... you look like a baby. That's good."

"Well, I'm sucking my tits while I'm connected..."

That's how Aisha closed her eyes and smiled as she felt Keith all over her body.