The morning sun shines in the blue, clear sky, and a refreshing breeze blows through the trees.

The atmosphere seems to be telling us that a good day has begun today.

With that in mind, Lou was doing a morning walk, which was routine.

Return around the palace yard about 500 meters radius from Keith's room.

It is the cat's territorial instinct.

Lou was still doing this routine as long as it didn't rain.

Always walk down the street. Always walk down the street.

But this cat was aware of a different atmosphere.

There's some rushing, tingling air coming from inside the palace.


Leaning his neck, Lou went back to the room and spoke to his husband as he was reading the book as he lay down with a cloak of pants on his bed.

"Your husband, your husband"

Keith kept an eye on the book.

"What the hell, cat?"

"The palace is crawling. What do you got?

to Lou's words. Keith put the book over his chest,

"What, you didn't know? There's going to be a dinner party tonight."


The dinner party is a huge party held first place a year in Seimrad.

The main objective is to invite national guests from different countries to deepen social relations.

King Mashua, who does not like to hold the event as much as he originally did, is only doing so once a year.

For this reason, meals, management of the large hall, security procedures for guests, etc. must be started several months in advance.

Especially since there is a Nia magic show this year, the equipment is more expensive than usual.

The production is finally coming.

No wonder the air is tense.

In the meantime, Keith sleeping naggingly in bed with a cloak of pants,

"... your husband doesn't have to do anything?

"Me? What am I doing? The princess has a dedicated teacher on her song, and the magic defense makes this palace perfect. There's nothing you can do."

Yes, it is.

The court magician is a counselor when there are magical problems and matters related to magic, and he is clearly a disturber at this dinner party and so on.

It is Sekiyama who is told to "go away" even if he wanders poorly.

All you have to do is remember the order of seating and progression at the dinner party. So I just have to sit tight in my room.

"You're a good man."

"I think so too."

That's what Keith said. He started reading books again.

I felt like I was doing this in my room for almost another week.

Nia has been practicing songs and courtesy classes for a while because of the fact that she is close to production.

Aisha has been guarding it and then meeting with the soldiers for security procedures until dawn.

So I haven't seen the two of them for nearly a week.

I can't help it, so I saw Aisha's footage. Keith is sickening in Onaho, but I miss her human skin about time.

"Looks like I want to stick my princess lollibody in her arms and into Kitsman...... Looks like I want to offend Tundelemanko while sucking Aisha's big pie"

I scrolled through the pages of a porn book, hoping to do the worst things the same.


One of the soldiers came to the room this afternoon.

It was time for the magician to take his place at the dinner party.

It's a natural story because you're a person from the country that welcomes you.

Keith took a bath, shaved his beard, and changed into the clothes he received for the day.

It is a substitute for the seimrad-style arrangement of the [Dawn of the Necromancer] guided clothing to which it belonged, everything from fabric to yarn is first-class.

The color is black, by the way. This was all I could not give way to.

Put it on, stroke your hair back,

"Your husband! Looks like a bad lowlife executive!! This is how it should be!! feels like a cliche!!

Lou praised me even though he took it, so I left the room swearing to my heart to make it an absolute string next time.

Walk down the hallway to the venue with a stretch.

I was already ready inside when I got there.

When I was remembering my seat, I heard a voice from behind.

"Dear Keith!!

Turning around, Nia rushes to Keith with a full grin.

The momentum seemed to hold, but Nia was desperate to contain it because she was wearing makeup.

The figure of Nia, dressed in a dress, is like a poor flower, and thin makeup makes her face look just a little grown up.

"Beautiful again today"

Nia was happily lit up with such flattery.

"Master Keith looks great too! You look great!!

This one says so with all seriousness.

But what Keith thought about Nia like that was how to do something horny in a dress with this tiara and a long-handbag.

With that in mind,

"Song...... I will surely sing well! So... listen to me, will you?

"Yeah, sure."

Nia tried to hold Keith's hand snorting,

"Dear Nia! Get ready to pick you up there!!

Aisha blocked it as she watched the two of them with a blurry face.

Stopped Nia whines to Aisha, "Messing with you,"

"Please watch! I'm sure!!

So Aisha pulled me away.

Keith smiled bitterly when she saw that Aisha puffy face, in her unusual formal knightly attire.

"That would be nice too..."

That seems to be the only way to think.

Then came the palace one national guest from each country after another.

The species and elves vary, of course, from subdragon species to fishermen and pastoralists to dwarves.

All of that was greeted by Mashua and Mia, and Nia.

Keith was surprised by the size of the king's face as he watched the thing in the far seat.

Some of the national guests had celebrities like Keith knew, and I thought to Mashua, speaking intimately with them, I wouldn't be insulted by the king of the small country.

When I thought it had suddenly become noisy as such guests came one after the other, I saw the sight of Nia joyfully cuddling with the little elf girl.

From behind it comes an elf woman as well, talking to Mia intimately. Keith, who saw it,

"Who is that..."

When you squeal like that,

"Dear Roana and Erne,"

Suddenly I called from behind and said, "Ugh!!," he shouted.

Looking back as I bugged my heart,

"Beh, Mr. Berna"

Berna, dressed in samurai clothes, stood with her usual faceless expression.

"You seem to have surprised me. I'm sorry."

"Yes, no, that's nothing... by the way, Master Roana and Master Erne."

"Lord Roana will be revealed to you as the Queen's sister. Master Erne is his daughter."


That being said and looking at it again, Roana and Erne did look a lot like Mia and Nia.

Platinum hair on clear white skin.

But unlike the two of them, Roana has big breasts instead of thin bodies.

Look at Roana exchanging words with Mia and Nia smiling softly,

"Mr. Berna, you know"

When I said and turned around,

"Ugh! Hey!!

There was no one there already.

Sounds like Ninja to me to get rid of any signs and move.

Keith regained his gaze as he thought about it.


When all the guests had arrived and the court ministers had taken their seats, there was a greeting from King Mashua.

Keith was drowsy when he was at school, but he was desperate with a sinister face and even ate after the toast signal.

Deepening the interaction, which is the original purpose of the dinner party, is mortal. Moreover, it does not apply to the courtroom magician style.

So I kept eating and drinking even as the others in the seats talked happily.

After a while, the sound of the instruments of the court musicians stopped, and Nia stood up embarrassed.

Nia's song begins based on Mashua's introduction.

Nia took one deep breath and looked for Keith with her gaze.

The black wizard sitting at the end seat watched the princess gently.

At least that's what it looked like to Nia.

With the courage gained, Nia sings a song like a gentle spin.

As usual, as practiced, people's gaze doesn't bother them. Because Keith trained me to be.

So for my favorite Keith, my father and my mother, Nia sang.

Calling Silf as he sings along the way and putting his magic on the song.

Then, invited by the sound, the silfs began to dance with pleasure.

Successful. Success!

There's tension in the singing with joy, and then the Sylphs dance more pleasantly.

Guests who thought it was just a singing performance as before were surprised by it.

Nia, who can't use magic, is calling Silf to dance.

The appearance is that of a perfectly normal elf.

When the song was over and the spirits heard, and Nia bowed her head, the place overflowed with applause that was just cracking.

Mashua stroked Nia's head as she rushed over, and Mia was weeping with Roana sitting next to her.

Even Aisha is delighted with tears in her eyes at that appearance.

Keith slept with too much booze.


Keith woke up after dinner and it was time to take the guests to the hotel.

I woke up with the sound of people moving around. Keith drank the liquor he had left in the glass and went back to his room himself.

Apparently, Nia had gone to drop off the guests and couldn't fit in.

I go back to my room, take a bath, relax my solidified body because I fell asleep in a weird position.

Lou was falling asleep easily when he got out of the bath.

I woke up with the sound of Keith lying in bed trying to sleep myself and knocking on the door as I was relaxed.

Looking at the clock, about three hours have passed since I got back to my room.

Aisha's here?

I thought so, but Aisha wouldn't come from herself to Keith's room unless there was so much going on. So,

"Which one is it?

I'll speak up.

"Sorry I'm late at night"

There was a woman's voice. It's an unfamiliar voice.

Suspiciously, when I opened the door in my clothes, there stood an elf woman I had never seen.

I'm wearing a samurai outfit, but that was slightly different in design from what the samurai was wearing serving this court.


That elf bowed his head and then

"I serve Lord Roana, and my Lord really wants to talk to the Mage."

"With me?

"Yes. So I thought it would be rude at night, but it depends on you coming up. How about that? May I accompany you?

Roana to herself?

Several question marks came to my mind.

For Roana, Keith is just a wizard held by her body.

I've never spoken to you like that. What can I do for you?

I get a little scared of an unexplained situation.

But I can't even say no so badly.

"Shh, can you wait a minute?

The freaking Keith at the root keeps every small magic item he can think of in his bag, and then holds a magic wand, too.

"Thank you for waiting"

That's what I said, and I headed with the samurai to Roana's room.

Roana's room was allocated a room in the court, not a reception hotel.

When I got to its place and the samurai knocked on the door, I heard a "go ahead" from inside.

He was a gentle, quiet voice.

"Excuse me," she went inside, and Roana, dressed in her personal clothes, was sitting in a chair drinking tea.

It was a beautiful elf to look at again.

I can only see five or six years older than Keith, but I would say that Mia's sister is at least 300 years old.

Even though I have a thin impression, my chest is still big.

I had a hard time keeping my gaze out of it.

Roana smiled at Keith,

"I'm sorry I'm late at night. I'd really like to talk to your magician."

"No, I don't mind"

"In the daytime, there's Elne, and I'm not going to be able to talk to her slowly."

She was definitely a daughter who felt energetic when she took Nia.

"What about that Elne?

"She said she was going to sleep with Nia."

It was Roana smiling like trouble.

Keith was urged to sit down by her like that and sat down in the chair in front of Roana.

Roana lets the samurai brew Keith's share of tea,

"Phil, I'm sorry, but could you take it off a little bit?

I said that to my own samurai - Phil - with a sorry look on her face. Phil leaves the room when he bows his head, "I'm in awe," he said.

I'm alone with you two.

What's going to happen now?

No matter how many times you think about it, no matter what you think, the right answer doesn't come to mind.

All that came out was cold sweat in a situation where the contact was suddenly summoned by someone who was not as if they were alone.

That's why I stare at Roana so much.

At first, he said, "What did you call me?" I stared in the mood, "but within it I fell in love with Roana's beauty.

There was a disappearing adult beauty of a young woman, unlike the poor impression of Nia's childhood.

"What's wrong? Something on my face..."

"Shh, excuse me. It was beautiful."

Roana laughed as Kyoton for a moment, then said, "You're good," and dull.

The expression was slightly cute.

Keith sipped a sip of tea before

"So, what's the story?"

"I wanted to thank you. Mr. Magic Leader, you made the magic available to Nia. Thank you so much."

to Roana, who bows her head,

"Until I did what was natural as a court magician."

"No, I don't know how pleased I am with Nia... even if it's today's song, of course, King Mia and Mashua seem to be so happy... all thanks to the magician."

That's all they said, Keith didn't feel bad either.

"If I Nia, it's all about the magician at dinner and ever since the dinner party. You've been telling us how awesome you are? Erne, I'm gonna get you some baked rice."

Roana smiles joyfully remembering.

Keith is relieved from the bottom of his heart that apparently the princess hasn't said anything strange about the condition.

Roana looked really happy,

"I couldn't have children inside... I thought of Nia as my real daughter, and that hasn't changed since Erne was born. So really..."

Her hand grabbed Keith's.

Thank you, Wizard.

My beautiful eyes stare straight at me and I get a little lit up.

Keith slowly turned his hand back,

"If I am able to repay a king who has embraced the human spirit as a court magician at all, that is enough for me."

If you do that to the princess and her escort knight, you'll get a change.

But, of course, there's no reason to know that.

"You're really a great guy, just like Nia said."

"No, you don't."

Drink up tea and look for words Keith will

"With that said, Roana's husband..."

When I heard it, I felt like Roana had given it to me for the first time in her flamboyant face.

Did you hear something awkward? And Keith thinks,

"My husband died. Ten years ago."

"Oh, I'm sorry"

"It's okay. It's been ten years, and it's still dragging, because it's my fault."

To Roana with a bitter laugh, Keith worried if this should be asked a little more or if she should look for a different topic,

"Um... in an accident or something?

I decided to ask.

"No, I'm old."

"Is it aging!?... Ah, with a much older husband"

Roana looks 35 or 6.

Maybe in the late 300s to the 400s.

I thought you married an elf nearly twice the older because your average life expectancy is 800 years as a species elf and 600 years as a regular elf.

"My husband is younger. Much more than I do."

Roana said to have some fun memorabilia somewhere.


"My husband was the same human species as the Wizard."


Keith was surprised by this too.

Because I have never heard of an elf of your species marrying a human species.

"My husband was a merchant, and he came to this city to buy Demon Spirit Stone and happened to know me. They asked me to marry you the day it happened. At the time I kept saying I would never marry..."

So Roana laid her eyes down sadly.

"He said he would protect me all the time... he said he would never leave me alone, but he died after being a light grandpa..."

I can hear you sniffing.

Keith can't say anything, because he was thinking about it.

Roana looked up and moistened her eyes with tears, but with a bright face,

"But you left me a shop, and you gave me a treasure called Erne? I have to thank you."

Her face was beautiful to say so brightly.

So much for goosebumps.

Keith thinks as he looks at it.

Elves who loved men of the same human species as themselves.

An elf who sees its death and lives well with his only daughter.

A thin, poor body, a widow elf who lives thinking of a man who loved hard with pity within him.

That's what she can do.

Isn't that to comfort you!? (in a sexual sense)

Keith was so determined.