Keith was staring at Roana with a serious face.

Roana realized that her gaze was different from that of the other day.

"Mr. Magic Supervisor? Um..."

"Thank you... you did..."

Keith's sinking voice returns.

Roana panicked,

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't ask you to talk like this."

"No. I'm glad you asked... Um, if you don't want to, let me know more about your husband."

"No," Roana muttered to Keith, smiling.

I called to thank you, but it's hard for me to make you listen to your stupidity.

But Keith,

"I'd like to hear from you, Master Roana."

That's what they say, when you can stare,


and began to tell her memories with her deceased husband.

Fun as it seemed, the face was as memorable as a girl's.

As the conversation progressed, Keith took the liquor out of his bag along the way.

Smelly herbal liquor, easy to swallow lightly on the palate.

Roana felt better about the fun of old stories as she swallowed it up a little in a teacup.

Of course there will be booze.

My cheeks are getting more colorful.

When the story eventually comes to the store that runs it,

"Oh, my God, you know, running a store."

"It's not like that. All the employees are good people, and there's no bad people in the business partners. Thanks to Kurt for doing all that."

Kurt is the name of the late Roana's husband.

In the last hour or so, Roana has been quite unraveling to Keith, giving her husband's name and being Frank with words.

"But you must be the proprietor, right? Isn't there something about being tired after all?

"That's... maybe a little"

Keith gave it a little thought and then...

"Yes, I'll massage you if you like."


"Someone I know has a good massage, Mr. Elf, and he taught me that."

It is about Aisha.

"I've done it before, but I have a pretty good reputation."

It's about Nia.

Roana was puzzled by Keith's suggestion.

I felt resistant to being touched by a man I had just met today.

But there must have been a sense of stupidity and a sense of booze.

"... okay?


Keith nodded and stood up and turned behind Roana, placing his hand on his shoulder.

"I'll do it."

Speak up and then gently press your neck muscles all over your palms.

Repeat that in moderate rhythm, being careful not to do just the same place.


A breath-like voice leaked out of Roana's mouth as she meditated her eyes.

Roana's bust peeking from above listening to that was really huge.

Keith continued his shoulder massage, hoping to rub those two hills quickly that he could even ask over his clothes.

Push your spine with your thumb and point it at your neck. Go for it.

When you press the base of your head,


And my voice leaked.

"Did it hurt?

"Chi, no... feel good"

That's what I wanted to hear in a sexual sense.

Push the lymph nodes around the bottom of Roana's pointy ear to the base of her neck, being careful not to let her heart scream out of her face.

"Ah... Kimochi no"

Roana's face was snug.

Why is this elf so horny all the time?

Embrace the fact that you're about to get an erection, push it with the feel of putting your finger under your shoulder blades.

"That's very elaborate."


"Yes, from around here to the waist... this is hard to rub, Dear Roana, can you lie down in bed?

To the words Roana also tried to resist in surprise at the boulders,

"Look, hurry up"


Towed by Keith's arm, he lowers his hips on the bed.

Even there, I thought this shouldn't be.

"Master Magic... Um"

"With Keith."


"Keith and I call you that."

"Ki...... su"


Keith smiles and lays Roana in bed.

And when you sit beside it, put your hands on your hips and squirm! and push it to the point where you don't put too much effort into it.


Roana's shoulder shook piquely at the feeling of it,

Keith's thumb creeps in from his hips to his spine.

Pushing her fingers loose again and again, she gradually turned to her big, round butt.

When the gluteal muscles were rubbed to stroke around the entire palm,


Roana bit the pillow as she nearly raised her voice.

I guess if Keith's hand was a more unpleasant sexual object, Roana could tell him to stop facing it, too, but his hand is only massaging.

Then I'm terribly ashamed of myself for feeling it.

Even though I was ashamed, Roana's woman's part got a little warmer.

Keith's hand broke away when he thought he couldn't do any more.

It's over?

On the other hand, she was relieved to think so, and Roana glanced at the fact that for some reason a feeling of inadequacy had arisen deep down.

But Keith...

"Please lie on your back"

"Oh dear...... Huh?

front of the body. I have no idea where the hell I'm going to massage that, Roana.

But such an amazingly light lean on Keith's back, laughing at her bewildered,

"This is where it works best."

That said, I got my hand from the hem of her one-piece room outfit and touched the trapezium at the base of her leg.


Keith's finger stroked Roana's groin lymph nodes with a nasty hand.

Half the time I feel good and the disgust of being rubbed that part by a man I haven't even known.

But also Roana.

"Keith! Stop!!

Kick it with moist eyes! And I shouted at him.

"Come on, I won't tolerate any more disrespect!

With a trembling voice, I still said that firmly.

There was the majesty of your breed at birth, not the mother who ran the store and lived in the market.

Yet Keith has always been naughty.

"Excuse me? I'm just doing a massage."

"You don't have to do that! And I don't like it!

Keith chuckles at the words.

As if to manifest the nature of the inferior species.

"What's wrong with you!

"No, don't be so wet and nasty about people."

As Keith put his hand out of the hem, its fingertips were soaking wet.


Keith's fingers stroked Roana's secret fissure over her panties several times.

Roana, who hadn't had her body touched in a terrible long time, didn't know that.

Roana was soaked in the buttocks and wet when she was touched by a sexual gesture a little while back, but close to an important part.

But I don't desperately want to admit it. I don't want to.

"I... I..."

"It must be. Master Roana's massage is all that's left."

Keith stroked up the crack slowly so he could tell now.

"Doesn't Master Roana want you to massage this place the most?

That word says, "No!," Roana screamed away from Keith.

And as I scratched myself with both hands to fix my hem and protect myself, I stared at Keith with my tear-seeping eyes,

"I will not allow you to touch my body any more! I'll call people!!

Keith sighed at the rejecting words.

"Why not? That must have been nice, huh? Don't you want to get better?

"No!! Come on, it doesn't feel good!!

"I'm stubborn. Why don't you just admit it? You felt it, didn't you?

"I don't feel anything!

"You were so wet?

"It's not wet! Liar!!

"You know best that's a lie, don't you?

"Stop!! No more!!

to Roana, who shook her head in tears,

"... why are you so desperate?

"... I am... Kurt's wife! How dare you betray him!... No."

"You betray me..."

Keith approached Roana, who retreated to the bed headrest,

"You think I can't betray your husband, who swore to protect Master Roana?




Keith smiles brutally at Roana, staring at herself with a determined gaze.

"But you left Master Roana to die... and it was your husband who betrayed you first, wasn't it?

The expression disappeared from Roana's face.

They said words I didn't want to hear.

That's what Roana herself has always thought.

I swore to Roana that I reluctantly married her that Kurt would never leave you alone.

Yet I did something cruel to make him look old and see his end.

But I want someone to tell people about Kurt because I don't think he left his family behind.

Because I want you to say that Kurt hasn't betrayed himself, hasn't broken his promise.

Yet Keith said softly, the thoughts at the bottom of Roana's heart.

Keith approached Roana, who wept with no expression,

"So Master Roana can betray your husband too... right?

He whispers so and inserts his hand through the hem of Roana's skirt, breaking into his panties as well, and begins to crack the secret directly.

There was no resistance.

The love liquid had stopped, but I twitch it carefully with my hands to let it flow again.

When you stroke the Yin Villa, you can feel the soft feeling on your fingertips.

touching the clitoris while stroking it slowly and carefully,

"... ugh"

My breath leaked out of Roana's nose.

The pubic nucleus was just the right size, not too small or too big.

While picking it over the foreskin, rubbing the tip with the head out creates an expression on Roana.

She has a beautiful cut face, and Keith brings her lips closer to kiss her.

"... no! No...!

Roana turned away and resisted.

"The kiss... stop... please"

Keep the secret so far, and now I hate kissing.

Keith almost laughed at that weird sense of chastity,

"Well, if it's not a kiss, it's good, isn't it?

When I stood up saying that like I didn't want to, I took off my pants and took out my penis.

Half-boned, coreless. Stick it in Roana's face.

"... eh"

I heard you take a breath, but if you put your hand on Roana's head, it doesn't matter.

"Other than kissing..."

The male smell was poked at his nose tip, and Roana skewed his face.

Red and black, horny water-burned male organ. I get saliva for some reason because of its swallowing smell.

"Ha... n"

Roana could have said it without saying anything.

The thick penis gradually grows larger in my mouth.

"Master Roana's mouth is warm"

Keep your eyes closed and your penis mouth caressed so you don't look at Keith as happy as possible.

The hardness and magnitude have become more painful.

The taste of the cowper irritates the tongue.

"You're quite used to it. Was it planted by your husband?

I glanced at Keith for the words. Without knowing that Upper Eye Fella would excite Keith.

"Oh no, don't stare at me so much... Whoa, whoa! Sucking...... awesome"

Keith's hips trembled as he narrowed his cheeks, stirring the meat stem with his tongue and licking his turtle head.

"Yum...... too good"

The overflowing saliva made a noise as Roana's head moved.

"Jiuuuuuuuuuuu! Jujujujujujujujuju"

The fella face of the chaste widow was destructive that was about to be reached just by watching.

Keith is satisfied with his masterful tongue according to his appearance.

"Ugh... oh, so..."

Looking at Keith, who was bored, Roana also felt her penis was close to its limit.

I suddenly laughed at the way Fella did things I hadn't done in a long time, things I wouldn't forget about my penis and how it was going.

That's how you put your hand at the root of your penis to narrow your lips more and increase the speed of your head.

"Whoa! Whoa!... uhhhh, oh so... Uhh!!!

As Keith held Roana's head, his penis jumped and a sarmen popped out of the bell mouth.

"Ngu!! Huh!! Mmm......"

Karki smelling salmon blowing out of the puddles dirty Roana's mouth.

It tasted nostalgic.

Ejaculation was over when I thought I should have let go of my mouth.

Keith pushed her down to bed as Roana spit out the semen in her mouth looking for the trash can.

"It's Roana's turn to feel better."

Roana missed her face because she couldn't see properly the face of a man other than Kurt riding over her.

Kiss that neck muscle, and Keith can take off Roana's clothes.

With his back floating in turn from his hips, he threw the undressed room attire on the floor.

I salivated at Roana's body looking down.

Bigger chest than Aisha, good fleshy hips around.

The gluteal tension takes on a uniquely completed shape for the woman who gave birth to the child.

"Wow... you're so horny... you've been in such a body and you've been able to say no to a man for ten years"

Roana answered nothing to a word that could also be taken as an affront.

"... aren't you going to talk all the time?

"... you should be able to do without talking."

"If you say so."

Keith exposes his chest to outside air when he removes Roana's front hock bra.

White, large breasts are as soft as slime, and their tip sepia colored nipples are slightly bigger but not poorly shaped with breastfeeding.

Rub it like wrapping its breasts with your hands. Like a massage.

Never touch a nipple while hand rubbing and unwrapping a large breast.

Carefully rubbing the fat so soft that it seems to have munchies and pseudonyms,

"Huh, huh!...... Nfu"

Roana exhaled as she hid her face with her forearm.

"How do you feel?


She accidentally sucked her nipples off without saying anything, further abusing her silent breasts.

"Oh!! Huh!!!

"Chubby!! Choo-choo, choo-choo."

Blaming the nipples so that they roll at the tip of the tongue, it even includes a milk wheel and sucks it out with your mouth.

"Hmph!! Oh!! Hik!!!

"Nchup, Roana's body is wonderful to have a baby and have all these sensitive nipples"

That's what I say and lick and suck my nipples again.

No more than 10,000 times.

When I felt my nipples erect enough, I let go of my mouth, picked them with my fingers and snapped them a little stronger.

"Kuhi-ha!! Ugh!!

As he shifted his body down as he twisted his wet erect nipples in his saliva, there was an aroma of elf honey from Roana's crotch.

Keith woke up physically,

"Let's take it off."

I said and let Roana sit back and lower her panties.

And crack the knee and check the center.

Platinum pubic hair is not thick just because it is lush on the top side of the clitoris.

The pubic vila underneath it is colored but seems soft and not sufficient but is becoming congested.

"I'll spread it out ~"

The fleshy internal organ was wet in honey when I opened it, to put it mildly.

The vaginal hole at the source is moving softly as a gnats.

"Oh, beautiful..."

I thought it might be a little more colored because I have children, but boulder noble elves, they are also noble here.

or something stupid to think about, touching the cli and then trying to get your finger inside,

"No!!... Pain..."

Roana screamed small.

"Are you bulky closed... you couldn't even put your finger in it for ten years?

"... Yep"

to Roana, who answers with an inaudible voice,

"It's okay, I'll loosen it up"

With that said, Keith took the oil out of his bag.

When you pour safely oil into the mouth of a natural ingredient, place the pillow on Roana's waist while it is in your mouth and float it a little before starting to cum.

Lick and open the vaginal hole with the oil and proceed with the tongue.

The oil destroys from the edge of your mouth, but if you keep licking it anyway,

"Ah! Kuh!! Ahhhhhh!!! Hia! Yikes!!!

Roana floated her hips and started gasping.

Snort with a good voice. It was exactly what I thought.

Keith oils the vaginal wall along the way as he advances his tongue and loosens his chin.

When the oil runs out, refill it from the vial again and resume the cunt.

I kept licking and grinning even without opening between them.

"Huh!! Nyaaaa!! Ugh! Uhh!!

Once his tongue is in enough, Keith lifts his face and wipes his mouth with his cuffs, rinsing his mouth with water from the water and spitting it out into the trash.

Then when you're completely naked, you apply the last oil to your penis, which has regained its hardness with a vaginal lick.

"You can insert it, right? If you're serious, I'll stop you."

I took a pillow from Roana's hips and asked her so as she advanced her hips and stroked Yin Bila with a turtle head.

Each other's oil-wet genitals make munchkin noises.

Roana squeezed the sheet without saying anything as she heard it.

"Is that okay? You don't resist, do you? Aren't you going to refuse? You're inserting your penis, aren't you?

Tears were ruined by Keith's words, which looked fun, but the redeveloped vaginal hole remained painful and Roana herself could not help.

"Then don't hesitate..."

Keith smiled and advanced his hips.