Two days after the dinner party.

The servants have finished cleaning up the palace all the way, and only a small amount of work remains after that.

Servants divided into those who carry out their normal work and those who carry out the last clean-up.

Looking at him, Keith was walking toward Nia's room.

Originally, the next class will be two more days later.

But because Nia wasted so much time wanting to meet Keith, it's time she missed her schedule and forced her to make it.

When I arrive in my room and knock as usual, waiting for my reply and opening the door, Nia rushes over happy.

There is naturally Aisha next door.

When Keith greets the two of them,

"Dear Keith! My song! How was it!?

Nia, who shined her face in anticipation, asks.

It was too great to sleep.

I don't know what to say.

"Yeah, it's so great... I'm impressed with this Keith"

Nia flew around in joy as if she were a child.

"Excuse me," he said to Aisha as he tried to leave the room,

"Can I go tonight?

Softly ear it so that it doesn't sound like Nia.

Aisha's "Huh!" I heard a breathtaking sound that surprised me.

After a little silence,

"... good... ok... I'll wait"

That's how I left the early room.

Bright red to your ears with joy in your face.

Keith stares at it with pleasure, making sure Aisha closes the door to the room to activate the silencing magic prop.

And I gently hugged Nia, who seemed to be praised and happy.

"Huh!? Ki, Ki-Shima!?

You must have been surprised at how suddenly they held you, in Keith's arms! and I found myself shaking my body.

Keith stroked Nia's head like that,

"Princess, you did a good job. It's amazing! It's great!

I exaggerate my thoughts on the song I'm asleep and haven't heard.

In that word, Nia said, "Huh!" and stuck it on its chest plate.

I can't wait to see you do what you think you might do if you were younger.

I want Keith to praise me, I want you to stroke me full.

Nia couldn't wait two more days for that.

That's how when you're filled with happiness,

"So to such a great princess, today is a reward"

"The broom, is it?


Looking up at Keith smiling loudly, Nia thanked God for what a good day it was.

I can't believe you not only praised me, but even rewarded me.

"Dear Keith! Ugh!!

Keith is about to get erected thinking about what he is going to do with Nia, who is going to be sweet.


Well, quickly Keith took Nia to the bathroom.

"Here, can I get you a reward?

and let him take off his strange Nia clothes and take them off,

"Yes. The princess is tired from practicing songs and using magic for a while here, and from real tension, so I'm trying to heal it."


Nia with a Kyotong face stands naked.

The same lollicum body has a slight chest out that stimulates male instincts.

Lori, letting the cute 24-year-old sit in the bath chair, Keith kneels before him naked himself, too.

"Princess, if there's anything you want me to do along the way, please don't hesitate to ask."

"Yes, sir"

I laughed at the nodding Nia, and when I took the non-additive, fragrance-free soap out of the bag, I foamed it with my hands,

"Well, heal me a lot."

That's what I said and started washing Nia's body with my hands.

"Huh? Wow!! KISSA Well!!

Suddenly Keith washed his body into a confused Nia,

"You could have washed the princess's body before, right? At that time, it was very healing. So I thought to the princess."

What Keith came up with this time was the Reverse Special Bathing Service.

I'm going to wash Nia's body, and I'm going to scratch her in the name of it.

If this succeeds, I intend to try it this evening even in Aisha.

Apply soap bubbles all over Nia's little body.

Especially near slightly pale nipples and cliches.

"Oh, oh, wow!! Keishu, no way."

to Nia, who reacts cutely while pinching her body to a gentle hand,

"Please let me know if there's anything you want me to wash."

I say with my nipples playing fast with my fingers,

"Uh-oh!! Ukyu!! Boobs hives!!

"Tits? More?

Sticky pimp.

Pick and play.

"Broomstick!! Heh!! Ugh!!

I could hear the feeling of a nipple completely erect in the bubble.

When I sprinkle hot water on it and rinse off the foam, I spit it with my tongue, containing my little peachy nipples in my mouth.

Don't lick it, apply saliva.

"Aww!! Heh!!

"Chip, chip, chip, if you wash too much, it will become oily and dry, so you need to protect it with saliva. Nchu."

Then don't wash it that far. Of course Nia won't go in there.

Keith's tongue penetrates his nipples. I'm drunk with the feeling that I feel too good to crawl around and almost float.

"I'm sorry..."

"Neru? Do you want me to salivate more?

Nia was shy and agreed.

"Happy. Pechu."

"Ahhh!! Mmmm!! KISSA Well!!

"Nguyen, princess? If it feels good, feel free to say it, okay?

"Huh! Nohia!! Yes, no!! It was Kimoi!! Boobs are good!! Kisuma's tongue is on her tits!!

Keith, who heard that,

"Hiccup, Pepper, Hiccup"

"Hirawa!! Yes!! Talking, wow!!

I let go of my mouth where I slightly squirted, checking my senses with wheezing.

"... haha... ha?

Nia stared at Keith with her moist eyes as her comfort had stopped.


I want you to do more, but when I wasn't sure if that was the right thing to say, Keith turned behind Nia and started washing his back.

"Your princess has a beautiful back."

Rub gently as you apply soap bubbles to your white, beautiful back.

It's not even a massage.

When pressed really gently, Nia, who didn't even know her shoulder stiffness, twisted her body to a strange sensation that made her feel ticklish.

"Ugh! Kusuku no Ippatsu ~"

I wash Nia's flank, which I say sounds fun somewhere, and then I put my hands down to my groin.

When Nia said "Ah," Keith's hand was washing Nia's Omango with a neat hand from behind.

Wash the labia magna and labia minora with your fingertips from the diaphragm and stroke the clit.


My breath leaked out of Nia's nose.

Keith shakes Nia's pointy ears from behind and continues to wash her.

Rub only the scrotum with both hands to scorch the crisp and wash the diaphragm.

Even when mixed with soap and the love liquid starts flowing, the cries and vaginal holes will never stir.

To its uncut,

"Ha... ugh... heh! Hew!!

They don't say "mess with" like Aisha does.

Because Nia doesn't know this is a "messing around" act.

But his hips move so tightly that he tries to push Keith's fingertips where he feels good.

"Princess, do you want me to wash this place?

He said as he stroked the clit with his fingers, and Nia's back trembled bickly.

"Oh, um... the"

To the muffled Nia,

"If the pretty princess asks you, I'll do anything, won't I?

You whisper as you kiss your ears cum and cum again and again,

"Here... more here on your crotch... wash it, Master Keith"

"Yes, roger that."

Keith softly stroked Clitoris, who was fully erect while kissing Nia's neck muscle as she leaned over.


For being scorched, the shock must be huge, Nia turned her back when she rang her throat like she was screaming.

"Ha!! Ho ho!!

Still, Keith turns his hand from behind Nia and washes the cri.

When the soap glides through the crispy foreskin, it peels off and exposes the beautiful pearls and strokes them directly.

"Hiya!! Phew!!

"Princess, does it feel good to wash your body?

Nia nodded over and over to Keith's voice.

"Ugh, uh-huh! Huh!! Kisahisu, Kisahisa!!

"Well, it's time to flush the soap and spit"


I mean, you can lick your crotch.

Nia swallowed the saliva.

I said, "Please hurry up! I almost said," Shut up.

Flush the bubbles in hot water and Keith puts his face between his crotches.

"Phew. Ah."

Would it make Keith feel so good?

It's not about sending magic to your penis, it's not about magic classes.

But Keith said it was a reward for his hard work on the song.

Then it should be good! Absolutely good!! Because I did my best!!

Nia shouted so with her heart.

Then Keith's tongue began to salivate Nia's clitoris.

"Ho heh... Woo heh!!

I have a swinging voice in my gentle tongue.

Erectile Chris propagates his comfort to Nia as he plays pimpy with Keith's tongue.

"Huh! Phew!!

Keith is crawling on all fours like a dog as he opens his legs and slightly sticks his hips out and cums at Nia sitting in his eyes.

Thirty men sticking their faces in the girl's crotch.

He looked like a painting.

Keith's mouth eventually sucks, licks and plays the cli.

Then Nia's back grunts! and contrary several times,

"Ahhh! Ahhh! I'm sorry! Sorry!! Murray...... no! Ike is coming!! Let's come!!

Keith continued to caress his mouth silently.

Sometimes strong, sometimes weak. Tasting plenty of Nia princess pearls, eventually,

"Sorry Hiya!! Keisha!! You, Aku!! Hehhhhhhh!!! Ik!!! Ik!!!!! ha wow!!!

A large wave struck Nia, and her trembling body leaked a little but urine, causing her to end.

to Nia, who trons his eyes to the top finish and prepares his breath,

"I'm going into a hot tub and I'm going to warm up."

Getting up saying so, Keith deliberately showcased his erect penis and shook it in front of Nia.

It's a stupid sight.

But when I saw it, Nia was serious.

"Kisuma? Wow! Oh, my God! My penis is pampered!!

Keith said, "Ah! ♪ How dare you hide it ♪

"Yes, no, never mind...... the princess goes to the hot tub"

"No! No, you can't! Why? Your penis is so..."

Keith twisted his face itchy,

"Apparently, I felt the princess's ick and reacted."

What you are saying is not wrong.

He said Nia was excited to see Ike's.

But Nia, who thinks it's about magic,

"Then get your dick in me right away!

"Oh no, this time I'm doing this to get the princess tired! Take that..."

"Dear Keith!!

Nia looks at Keith with a serious look.

"You asked me to tell you if there was anything you wanted me to do, right?

"Yeah, yeah."

"Then I want my penis in! Dear Keith!!

"Hih, princess...... princess!!

Keith held Nia tight.

"This, this is for me..."

"Dear Keith... If I can be of service to you, I will"

As for Nia, it's a royal dignified, well-dressed order to keep Keith from feeling the burden, but from the side, he's a penis addict bitch.

Keith was impressed by the goodness of his manipulation and hugged him.

"You don't have to stink, really."

"Heh? Did you say anything?

"No, nothing. Now, Princess... please."

And Nia said to Keith with a crisp face, "Yes!" I answer seriously.

Turning back to Nia like that, making her crotch and bend her hips, she let herself open a manko hole.

The vaginal hole was already crikey and wet enough, but put your finger where it is to see how it is.

Even though my warm wet vagina twitches "heh!" Keith felt the vaginal meat give Nia a good tightness,

"Princess, what can I say to the princess..."

Nia stays in a jagged crotch.

"Oh no! Never mind, wow, wow, wow!!!

As always, Keith likes to let them in on the way they are talking.

Did the vaginal hole I stabbed deep suddenly stutter or twirl out trying to spit out my penis?

Keith, who can't stop laughing because it feels good, clings to Nia's hips.

"You penis! You're hurting me and the princess! Ugh!! This!!

punching cancer hips while throwing up stupid rounded dialogues.

Pistons over and over watching tight Omako meat get pulled together. Pistons fiercely.

"Ugh!! Whoa!! Mmmm!! Kitsu!!! What a lack of kindness unlike this used...... Ugh!!!

Nia's vaginal meat tightens Keith's penis as painfully as it responds to tight eye lumbar use.

And when you scratch Nia's vagina with a penis that goes back and forth,

"Hogi!! Hoogoo!! Heh! Heh!!! Yum yum!!! Ouch!!!

"Shh, excuse me, Princess!! You penis!! Guaaa!!! I didn't know I would still suffer the princess if I were the only one!!! Ahhh, kimochi"

The last dialogue squeaked so I could not hear it, of course.

That's why Nia said Keith was suffering, and that's why he had to help.

"Penis!! Your penis!! Don't make me suffer. That's a good one, good one!!!

Talk healthy to your penis.

Believe me, that would make it easier.

"Ah! Oh, princess, it's easy, it feels good... Ugh! Ugh, tighten up."

"Hono? Are you kidding me? Fugiu!! Aww! Aww!! Nho!!!

Changing the angle of her hips and being blamed for her uterine mouth with a turtle head, Nia shook her knees at the feeling that she was going to be unable to stand.

to a piston that still won't stop,

"Fudge!!! Hey!! Your penis! I'm Rasuki!! Kimojitsu!! Good luck!!

The fully-developed vagina hole also drools love liquid into Keith's ghost poke and takes pleasure in it.

In human terms, Keith was delighted with the flexibility of the child elf.

"Princess! Penis!! I'm happy to be praised!! Look!! Look!!!

"Ogu!! Come on!!! Stomach frightening!! Pussy!! Hungry!! Fuzzy!!

Keith's expensiveness grew all at once in a gasp like that poor, adorable Nia's mouth popping nasty words and a monster's squeal.

"Agu!! There's meat involved...... if you do it!! Do this!!! Princess!! No, I will give you the medicine, not!!! A pill full of magic!!

"Yes!! Yep! Hooray!! Ozushi no!! Sakurakura!! Achiyuuuuuu!!! Doppy in a strawberry, Doppy!!!

"Whoa, fucking amazing!! Lolibitch!! princess bitch!!! Uhhhhh!!!

Keith shouted and struck out cloudy all at once as he repeatedly poked his way in to rub his tip against the vagina on the side of his butt.

"Fuhi!!! Huh!! Ugh... Ozukuri... Pooh Pooh... Eh... Yikes, Sukizu"

snuggle your hips against its buttocks while supporting the body of a gagged collapsed Nia,

"Whoa!!! Lorimanco, the squeeze is halfway..."

When you soil the princess, she pulls out her penis and takes a breath.

And kissing the princess's forehead in her arms,

"I knew you had to mess around like this."

That's what I said. I took Nia's body and went into the hot tub with her.


Sweet Nia has Keith's cheek on her chest about to have a proper phonetic sound.

He looked happy.

When consciousness awakened, Nia was being washed by Keith in the hot tub.

And Keith says thank you so much, do you have a favor? When asked, she replied that she wanted to take a bath with a hug.

That's how I put it on the hot tub facing each other.

I've had it like this a couple of times, but this is what Nia loved the most.

"I've never felt so good about having my body washed! Master Keith is amazing!!

That's all you need to wash yourself sexually.

While Keith thinks so,

"I just gave back what the princess did, didn't I?

"So did you feel so good when I washed Keith's body before?

Yes, of course.

"Heh, heh, heh"

It is Nia who laughs in a happy and weird voice when she says she has made Keith feel better.

To Nia like that,

"But it's really just a nuisance to the princess..."

"No! Don't worry about it!! If I said that, I'd be saved by Master Keith!

"That's normal. But the princess... if there's anything I can do, please don't hesitate to tell me.

Anything sexual,

"Because it will help the princess!

The evil monologue along the way certainly doesn't sound like Nia.

But when I hear that, Nia thinks a little.

I really wanted to be Keith for a long time.

But I couldn't tell you what I would do if they refused me, or what I would do if they thought it was a mundane thing to say.

But now... now you can do me a favor.

"Dear Keith... Um"


Be brave, Nia!

Yep, shouting to himself, Nia squeezed her hand together,

"Kisu... please do"


What do you think you're doing so many times, like you're braving yourself?

Thinking about it, Keith has been lying about kissing me as breathing.

I mean, Nia thinks she never kissed Keith.

Same as not saying artificial breathing is a kiss.

Nia was also satisfied with her breath method at first, but I want to try to kiss her step by step properly. Keith and I started wanting a formal kiss.

The thought overflowed because he said he would listen to his wishes.

When he found out, Keith, who was about to lightly say "yes," reconsidered and made a dark face,

"... Princess... you shouldn't"


"The princess of one country, like me, is a lowly wizard."

How many times have you spit out that bitchy seed?

I can say it well.

"Besides, what would it look like around you if you found out about something like that?"

It would be worse if I found out what I'm doing right now.


"... yes, right"


"Me and... that's annoying, isn't it"

Nia felt like she was about to cry.

Because then it looks like he's threatening you with tears.

If they find out I kissed Nia, they'll definitely piss me off.

I may be forced to resign as court magician.

It's not worth it to kiss yourself.

I know that.

I know but I can't believe how pathetic...

and then,


Keith's hand is pointed up against Nia's jaw.

A blurred vision with tears reflected the face of an approaching man.

"Huh? Ki...... Mm, Chu"

My tongue didn't even come in, it was just a gentle kiss to touch.

My lips went away right away.

But it was enough time for Nia.

"Ah, ah... Um"

"That's a kiss that's no use getting the death penalty."

"Keith...... Dear Keith!!

Hot water made a noise with Javan.

Because Nia suddenly moved to turn her hand around Keith's neck.

"Wow! Princess!

"Well, I'm glad. Glad to hear it."

"Is that so!?... So, do you want to do it again?

"Ha, ha!

So when my lips overlapped again, Nia was moved by the first kiss I had with my loved one, and I thought this would make it easier not to lie about breathing once and for all.