There is a boiling and foaming sound between Kopokopo and something.

The full odor leaves you throat and seeps into your eyes.

Lou, back in the room, screamed at the smell.

"Funya! Funya ah!!

He cleverly pressed his nose with his front leg and headed towards the bathroom, the source of the odor.

There my husband was once again making something out of [witch pot].

"Your husband! It's simmering, too!?

"Such things as who simmers"

Keith scratches the contents of the pan as he tells it not to solidify with a spoon.

"Then what is it!? I'm gonna be a jerk!

"It's my specialty."

"Blame me?

So far Keith has enjoyed the situation with his over-the-counter vigor.

But that's not free.

The more you drink, the more you spend.

It's not enough to spare the salary of a court magician, but it's not something I've figured out when and when I'll have to flee this country for a variety of reasons.

Because we have to keep spending down a little for that time, then we thought it would be better to have cheaper and more powerful hand made vigorous agents.

But look at that makeover vigor, Lou,

"Drink that!? Drinking like that!!?

"Don't say that! You'll frustrate me!!

I do have the courage to drink this.

It is a mixture of mandragola, mermaid blood, and nascent dragon urine with several different medicinal herbs, but the smell does not make it look half the way.

Nia and Aisha pee still seem easier to drink this.

"No more menya! Heads up!!

Lou screamed and walked out the window.

Make up your mind not to go home tonight.

Keith stared pathetically at the vigor he could

"I don't want to drink... I want to drink..."

I dropped my shoulder in front of the pan and whined.

But I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to concentrate on going to Aisha's room.

"... would it be easier to drink fruit juice or something?

The idea is dangerous.

Even if you curry over the top, it will just curry over the top.

It is impossible to make a delicious change in the original.

But Keith...

"Was there fruit or something?

When I found out I hadn't searched the room, I left the room and headed to the kitchen of the palace, activating the deodorizing magic prop.

To get fruit.

"What's good...... apples?... No Lemon?

Walk down the hallway thinking.


When I was on my way to the kitchen, I just thought it was the only thing left to cook night meals for the guards exactly in time.

But it's as busy and lively as the usual battlefield.

Voices are echoed throughout the kitchen from cooks scolding young downworkers and carrying dishes that servants have been able to do one after the other.

"What... is that even a party?

"Tonight is a solace for the servants."


Keith turned around surprised by the voice that hung unexpectedly from behind.

There it is, after all.

"Beh, Mr. Berna"

Berna stood.

With my usual samurai clothes, with my usual faceless expression.

While suppressing the beating heart,

"Yes, is it a consolation meeting?

Berna nodded "yes" to Keith's inquiry,

"Every year, after the dinner party, it takes place with the forgiveness of King Mashua. The main purpose is to consume the leftover ingredients and alcohol at the dinner party without spoiling them, but we are all delighted with this day because we get fancy things that we can't usually speak of."


When I looked at it that way, the expression on the faces of the cooks and servants was not a serious face chased by their usual work, but full of the brilliance I expected from the party from this.

"It is"

Sounds fun, but it's none of my business, so I try to get some fruit and go home.

"Would you like to attend, if I may?

Tilt your neck and Berna will listen.

"Huh? Oh, but if I'm around, I'm out of the way..."

"No, most of us are grateful to the magician who gave the princess magic. So go ahead. I hope you don't have plans."

It's Keith who gets lost.

Actually, I didn't feel like I ate too much dinner.

But all the dishes that are carried now are crude, but it seems to be true, and the saliva comes out.

When I thought about it, I wasn't having dinner today to make vigor.

It is a free drink on top of it. I have no hands not to go.

Don't hesitate.

"Yes, this way please."

That's what they said and took him to was an underground storage.

Cleaning the dusty area is perfectly cleaned by work servants, with tables and chairs lined up as venues.

Cooking and booze are carried one after the other, cheering.

A nostalgic atmosphere.

Reminds me of the launch after the research presentation that was well held in the Sorcery Order.

Some of the elves filling the room were Mr. Worland.

"Oh, magician! Did you come too?"

"That's why, Mr. Worland, I'm the Magic Instructor. I didn't hear you were different from a magician, Jizzy!

Mr. Worland, who is already on the verge of being able to do so, held the wine in Keith's hand and said, "Well, drink! I can't drink!" I'll just recommend it.

I was like my relative Ji-chan.

And I'm going away to talk to another elf again.


Saying, drinking wine and sitting in a nearby seat, Berna sat on the side.

It's better than sitting someone you have no idea about, but I'm a little nervous.

When one elf after another comes to Keith like that, he talks and leaves.

They all say "thank you" and "you are awesome" so it stinked a little.

But some of them naturally don't talk to me at all.

Keith, who had no choice but to serve the Elf Country, did not care and enjoyed his meal and booze.

It was strange because it was supposed to be a dish made of the same liquor and ingredients as the dinner party, but it felt so many times better.

Two or three words, exchange words, but not last long, with Berna, who is beside him.

Still, if the cup is empty, you can pour me alcohol, or when the plate is empty, you can say, "Can I get you something?" I can see you're worried about me taking the dishes.

(Elf you want to be your daughter-in-law no. 1)

I looked at Berna whining with my heart.

The blonde hair cut at the shoulders is darker in color than Nia, but glows beautifully.

Her face leaves a young impression, but she's an adult woman.

I feel a little older than Aisha, around twenty years old in human terms.

Is that around seventy?

"About the same age as my father..."

"Yes? Something?

"No, it's nothing"

Keith's face toward him is not aristocratic but beautiful.

There was the pity of flowers blooming in the wild.

Its cheeks are slightly red,

"Um, are you drunk?

"No, it's okay"

"Really?" he exclaimed, wondering if it would be easy for Lu to get on his face because he was normal.

Then an elf in three samurai clothes came to Keith,

"Master Magic, are you drinking?

With that voice, I sit in a nearby seat.

"It's good here, isn't it?

"I've been wanting to talk to you for a long time."

"Is that it? You're out of alcohol."

Each one of them talks to Keith as he says that.

Place of birth, background, how to give Nia magic, etc.

Keith responded with a blur.

The three elves are beautiful together, so surrounded by it and drinking makes me feel like I came to the store at night.

That's when the violin started ringing in the back.

And it came to pass, when the dancers came out, that one of the three, Sasha, was mixed up,

"Hey, let's go!

and I called out to the two of them, but that's when I made a noise with Batan and Berna slammed onto the table.


When Keith is surprised,

"Aha, have you crossed the limit?"

Krone, the oldest of the three, shrugged.

"Limit quantity?

"Yeah, Berna doesn't get drunk at all, but when the amount of alcohol exceeds the limit, she falls asleep everywhere."

"... an unexpected weakness"

"I don't feel drunk in person, so I usually make him stop when his face turns red."

This is the stage where Keith spoke up earlier.

I had to make him stop at that point.

Thinking about that while watching Berna sleep easily at the table,

"Sasha, your room, next to Berna, right? Send him."

That's what I told Sasha Krone wanted to mix with the dance.

"Eh, I want to dance!

"I won't say anything!

Another elf who was watching the two of us take over - Della,

"Shall I send it?

"Della and I will take turns with our daughters on the night shift after this, won't we? I'm looking forward to seeing those girls."

"Well, that's Sasha."

"Yes!! Krone."

"You can't even look like that"

Keith to the three of you who are making such a statement,

"Oh, I'll send it if you like."

That's what I called it.


Keith walks down the hall with Berna on his back because of that.

Berna's room is one of the houses built outside the palace for the exclusive use of servants.

Keith was seriously lost on what to do about attacking the elf on his back as he walked toward it.

Attacking a drunk woman is against Keith's doctrine.

It's a despicable act! and sufficiently despicable subspecies assume.

But isn't it a disgrace to a man not to eat in a state of rest so far?

"I don't know what to do. Don't eat it."

Keith walks down the hall whispering that to Berna, who sleeps easily despite the crisis of chastity.


I heard a voice.

It looked like Berna woke up.

Berna, who decided she was being carried by someone,

"... Master Magic...?


Keith answers as he looks forward.

"Um, me"

"I fell drunk. I'm on my way to your room."

"That's inconvenient."

to Berna trying to get off saying that,

"Oh, no, I'm fluttering at my feet, and I'm staying like this"

"But then,"

"It's okay, Mr. Berna, because it's light"

"... excuse me"


Keith walked forward and enjoyed Berna's sensation and the hand she turned to her butt, thinking that she had no longer had the chance to wear it.

Thin and luxurious Berna, but her butt is surprisingly fluffy and round.

For that matter, my chest was pungent.

As always, there was no conversation between the two of us, but suddenly Berna,

"Um, Master Magic."

"Huh? Oh, what is it?

"Excuse me, can you get me down?

Shit, did you find out you're enjoying the feel of your ass?

I think so.

"Oh, is something bothering you?

"No... Um..."

"In the bathroom......"

"It is! Oh, I'm sorry!!

Keith in a hurry to unload Berna,

"But you don't have a toilet nearby around here..."


There is indeed a distance between the present position and the servant's toilet. Besides, it's also in a residential building with Berna's room.

Even though it's my usual faceless look, I don't know if it's because of alcohol or urine, but I slightly blush my cheeks, and Berna rubbing her thighs together is kind of cute.

"Can't help it...... Mr. Berna"


"It's a little disgusting, but please bear with me"


and the moment Berna floated the question mark, the two bodies wrapped in a magical halo disappeared.

It was Keith's room that showed up next.

"... Huh?

Berna raised her voice as she slowly opened her lid closed to the dazzling light and looked around.

It is a strange room.

It's a room with the smell of a man in it.

Turning to Keith with a slight motion sickness,

"Hey!! Ugg yeah!!!

He was throwing up in the trash.

"Master Magic."

to Berna, who hurries to mop her back,

"It's Deng Ma Bo, at your place, yeah! Which one is that, hey! Hey!!

Staring at the magician who uses magic and spits gelo to make himself go to the bathroom on purpose, even to see strange things.

"... sorry, I'll borrow it"

Berna entering the bathroom saying.

Keith, who coarsely spit back what he had just eaten, smiled quietly thinking that this must be a reminder to wear Berna deliciously.

Gelling dirty around my mouth, tears in my eyes.


At the same time, Aisha's room.

Aisha was sitting in bed and letting her legs hang out.

I said I liked Keith. Put on a piece and take a bath with rose oil, too.

"Keith...... I don't know yet"

I whined about that and waited for my loved one worried if she would like the pretentious underwear she had just grated.

I'm trying to eat another woman in the other room, my dear inferior...