Keith questioned with confusion at Berna's impression of being too chaotic.

"Uh, Mr. Berna..."

"Yes? What is it?

She is a woman accustomed to acts, no matter what she thinks, naked in front of a man, exposed to an important part and showing no shame whatsoever.

But Berna's part of the woman definitely showed that she had no experience.

"... uh..."

I can't find the words, so I'm going to listen to them on a straight ball.

"Don't you have male experience?

"Yes. No"

Berna answered with little or no time.

What do you take for granted? Like.

"Is that it? But he said it's boring to hold on to the man you were dating..."

"Yeah, it's got to be funny because I kissed him, he touched his chest, he touched his genitals and he didn't react in any way."

That must have shriveled there.

And it ended without going in......

No, but what about planting the fera until it reaches that level and ending it there every time, even if there's no reaction?

I was wondering if I could do anything about it.

"But, Mr. Berna, wasn't Ferra very good? That was to my previous boyfriend..."

Berna leaned slightly over Keith's question before

"... I knew myself there was no response. That makes them uncomfortable... so at least try to make them feel better."

"Huh? Did you train yourself!?



I didn't mean to shake all kinds of guys'...

I had a nasty imagination, Keith.

"I read the book. Sexual books for the lord and sex books."

"... be, you're a study man... so what about your boyfriend?

"... and I was angry that I was worse than the previous guy... ever since..."

I mean, here's what you're gonna say.

I don't feel it at all in my caress.

Yet Fella is very good.

Someone scattered me to say that, and I needed to feel good about my caress... that's what the man thought.

Touch or see inside the hole. I'm so glad I'm sure of the hymen, but I must have stopped it just by clicking.

Keith came when Berna's health seemed loving and pathetic.

I even practiced Fella for my girlfriend, but I can't believe she got me wrong and dumped...

But apart from that and the feeling of being erect!!

(The third person in the first elf...... it's annoying!

While appreciating the great ether, he does not hesitate to start licking Manko in order to break the membrane of the first elf.

Scratch the secret hair and lick Berna's pubic billa, still in the shape of a child, with her tongue tip.

The slight taste of pee is probably due to the fact that I went to the bathroom earlier.

I even enjoy the taste of it, licking Berna's thick-haired kid Manko.

Scorching and sucking the clit from the pubic billa, she kisses the pink pearl that came out peeling her foreskin with her fingers many times.

Look up, but no response at all.

It is about frowning from time to time at the tickle.

I knew it, but it makes me laugh when there's no response so far.

If it was Nia or Aisha, by now, I'd be like, "Ho, ho!" or something like that.

That's how I finally lift Berna's leg to blame for the vaginal hole and put her in a manguri return position.

"Isn't it painful?

"... it's okay"

Berna answered with a normal face even when it was in full view to the butthole.

Keith pumps her saliva in gently stimulating her vaginal mouth like that at the tip of her tongue.

I thought I'd have to at least keep it wet with saliva because there's no love fluids flowing at all.

Actually, the oil is good, but I used that all for Roana.

So wet inside Berna with as much saliva as you can get out.

Loosen the beautiful pink meat hole with your tongue while taking care not to damage the membrane.

Spill on the flesh until it's a little bit becky, and when it's time to go down Berna's legs,

"Uh, I can insert it, okay?

Keith, a little anxious, asked as he was only wet with his own saliva.

Berna had a flat face,

"I think it's all right"

It was a rather dismal reply to the final confirmation of the loss of the virgin.

However, Keith's penis is fully recovering from Berna's gowa gowa loli manko licking, even though it would have hurt to get so much wet with some saliva.

It is a state of running ahead of the angiofloating vessels in a state of battle.

Because of the thickness of the hair, the body odor was only thick in the crotch area, which was the sweet honey aroma that came to the brain.

I'm a little lost, Keith.

"Well, then, you're inserted."

It took just under a second to make up my mind.

Let Berna hold the back of her thigh herself and let her crotch peel.

A pink meat organ in the hair coating is glowing wet in Keith's saliva.

Keith pushes his tortoise head against the vaginal hole as he floats his hips with his hands on his penis and proceeds all the way.

"Ugh... uhh"

Berna had her first reaction.

because it hurts, I stopped my back once,

"You go all at once"

Speak up, then stick your hips in without waiting for a response.

Just a little resistance.

After that, my penis sinks into the meat kettle.

"Ooh... oh, ah... insensitive manko, yabe, kimochi"

With a neat feel, the feel of the wax is smooth and in good condition.

I felt relieved that my penis was softly wrapped because it tightened cum as Berna's heart beat.

Keith noticed it when he saw Berna's face thinking that this would give him a little more love liquid...

Berna is distorting her face with a groan of "uuck" at the pain of a tear,

"... Wow"

That face is too pretty.

Instead of his usual faceless expression, he is crying eyes and distorting his mouth and exhaling while turning bright red all over his face.

I thought you were vaginally sensitive, but then you'd have a little more reaction when you were licking it around.

I even thought for a moment that I was sexy in the back of my vagina, but I soon realized that I wasn't.

Keith told Berna,

"You move."

And when I spoke, I suddenly moved my hips hard into my eyes without waiting for a reply.

"Oh!! Ahhhhh!!! Ngu!!

Keith hastily activated the silencing magic prop he had left on his pillow.

It was a different voice and expression than when I was caressing her.

Another try, Keith cums Berna's upward lively nipples that are hardened by Binbin!! And I picked it full of strength.

"Ahhh!!! Ugh!!!


Berna is a daughter who reacts with pain and intense eye blame.

There should be no reaction even if gently touched with a whisker.

Wherever it stimulates, Berna's body will not react in any way unless it is strengthened.

Perhaps the value of converting stimulation into pleasure is higher than that of a person. - Even though I say it's simply mazooky.

"Mr. Berna, do you feel good?

Stop the hips and hand movements and ask.

Berna, who raised and lowered her thin chest with intense breathing,

"This... what, is it? … I don't know… I…"

"Mr. Berna doesn't feel better if you don't blame him for the pain."

"Oh no... I..."

"I'm not lying, look!!

Keith squeezes his chin up as he brutally scratches his vagina with his penis as he just loses his virgin.

"Hogi!!! Ugh!! Ugh!!

"Wow!! You have such a voice!!

To Keith's voice, which sounds like fun,

"What should we do now?! Already!! Please be gentle no!!! GOOD!!"

"No!! Mr. Berna, you don't feel so sweet!! Right!?"

Love fluid is muddled and overflowing from the vagina scratching me with that.

The vagina wet in the lubricant was definitely pleasant, and the entanglement of the wax was increasing.

Keith was satisfied with Berna's face, distorted by the cuddle, as he was forced to open it.

I wonder if that faceless breakdown makes you so beautiful.

I blamed him similar to Aisha before, but the strengthening blame didn't fit for the 53 year old, who loves basic Icharab.

But this one's rooted, so don't hesitate to look good!

Keith enjoyed it.

Berna, on the other hand, was in turmoil.

From the moment I feel the pain of a tortoise, I'm confused because I don't know what the feeling was born in the back of my body.

Berna, who had never felt sexually good, could not be treated as it felt good, but had her head burned white whenever she was strangled and her vagina brutally scratched.

You see, Keith...

"I'll make you feel better."

to the words. Berna shook her head,

"Enough!! I don't want it anymore!! Please stop!! Whatever!!! It's frightening!!

Berna, who is faceless and calm in no way disturbed under any circumstances, is shouting with her face stretched and her head shaken like a child.

My first feeling was so terrifying to her.

I asked many times with tears in my eyes, but Keith, once abusive, caught fire to his spirit, couldn't be stopped.

Keith lifted Berna's thin, light body, and when seated face to face,


Speak up and then call Berna's ass "Basin!!," he slapped with force.

"Whoa!! Ugh!!!

Berna's white butt meat turns bright red as she repeatedly slaps her butt as she pokes it up from the bottom.

And each time, her voice turns into a sweet, swinging scream.

"Hoaah!! Mm-hmm!! Heh! Nho!!

"Mr. Berna, I'm not insensitive at all!! Sensitive!!

Keith blames Berna for looking fun.

But Berna said she felt comfortable with this.

"No!! Hey!! I don't like this!! Please stop!! Whatever!!! Fugi oh!!

Beat Keith in the ass with the sound of an international high.

"Bassin '!! The shock that rang all the way to Berna's vagina with the sound of saying," led her to her first peak at birth.

Because I don't feel good about masturbation, Berna has never experienced a feeling of ecstasy before.

For the first time since it was born, and the method is spanking.

The peak was a light thing, but too powerful for the inexperienced.

Supporting Berna's body, which collapsed so that she could lean back against Keith, he put her to bed with a connection.

And when I fold her body, weakened by her first senses, she begins a genuine seeding press without hesitation or hesitation.


Having just opened her vagina crushed, Berna screamed like a crushed frog.

Keith hit his hips up and down anyway,

"Mr. Berna!! Ugh!! I'm going in the back!! Behind your penis!! Kimochi good!! Of Berna, blame me as much as you blame!!!

Keith pushes and crushes her as she licks Berna's face, open her mouth and dripping her nose, to the point where there is no shadow to see her when she was already faceless.

It's very painful and painful - yet Berna's body increases the amount of love fluid and further enhances her nipples and cri erections.

"Ngu!! Mm!! Whoa, whoa! Well, well!! It's about time!! Not me!! This!! This!! Whoa whoa whoa!!!

"Wow yeah!! Like vaginal squids in first sex!!! Seriously!! Mr. Berna Nomako is excellent!! I'll give you flowers mal!!!

"Konya!! of, I already do!!! Let's do it!! Sake!!! Fugiuuuuuu!!

Keith dares to put on a full weight piston with the momentum to break Berna's vagina in tears,

"Ugh!! I'm out, Mr. Berna!! Inside Mr. Berna in Zamen!! I'm the first!! Yo!! Ugh!! I'll get you dirty!!!

"Frightening!!! Oh man, this is awesome!!! Yet why!!! Why is that??? Why me?!! I don't want to igi!!! Uhhhh!!!

"OH, OH,!!!! So, FUGH!!!!


Keith fired a cloudy seed fluid directly into the mouth of the uterus, further behind the vagina that had just broken the membrane.


"Phew! Phew! Whoa, whoa... Ahhh, I'm out."

to Berna, who shudders and cries with the heat she feels in the back of her belly and the fear that she can end up in pain,

"Good for you, Mr. Berna. Kimochi."

That's how I kiss my salivated mouth.

"Okay? Because this is what happens, you can't just hold a guy lightly.

I drooled my sermon.

It is the superior of words and deeds a man should not do after sex.

"Higgu higgu!" and Berna cries, hiding her face with her forearm.

That figure excited Keith in the usual gap with her, but she decided to pull it out once because it wouldn't easily harden after a second ejaculation on the boulder.

Evidence of a tear flows from a lukewarm, fallen vaginal hole mixed with cloudiness.

Keith takes his dirty penis to Berna's face,

"Mr. Berna. Just now, Fella, please."

Say happily with a sweaty face.

Berna with a moist face looked up at Keith.

"Clean it up and when it grows another time, I'll give it another full shite"

I should hate that very much.

You don't want to go through this again.

Berna's whole body gets goosebumps on Keith's words, his mouth lets him poke his tongue at him alone and starts caressing his raw, dirty penis.

Keith picked Berna's nipples gleefully as she snuggled into the comfort of cleaning Fella.


Keith was washing Berna's body in the bathroom.

In the end, Berna took a massive leak when she reached her second peak.

Berna the boulder is relieved to say that she leaked her pee while squirting because of painful blame.

Wash her up like that, put her in a hot tub and warm her up.

Keith, who fixed the pee all over the bed while she was putting Berna on the hot water, makes sure her body warms up enough to get her out of the hot water, wipe her body and put her to bed.

Berna's body was light so it was easy to do.

to Berna, who stares facelessly at Keith's behaviour like that,

"I'm going to apply the medicine, and the swelling will be removed tomorrow."

Nipples and crisps that became bright red as a result of repeated rashes, and apply medicine to the vagina.

My buttocks are swollen, so I also used healing magic in addition to the medicine.

When it was all over, Keith slept beside Berna herself and held her softly.

"... the Wizard likes to abuse women."

It took such words in a powerless voice.

"No, I like to watch women gasp like they feel good"

"I... must have hated it."

"You must have been happy, right?

"... it's a lie"

"So next time, why don't you try being nice?

"... I don't like it anymore. I will no longer be a magician."

The stubborn voice was strangely cute and Keith held Berna tight.

A healthy elf who wants the man he was dating to feel better and self-train Fella.

Yet an elf with a body that can only feel better with a strong blame.

"Uh-oh, Mr. Berna's cute."

"... if you say that, I won't do it again."

"Yes, sir. But why don't we sleep together today?

"... if that's about it"

That's how they fell asleep.

Did Keith forget anything when he fell into the abyss of sleep? I thought, well, no, I let myself sleep.

The next morning, when Keith woke up, there was nobody in the room but himself.

I thought you'd gone home and looked over at the room and the room was clean and tidy.

I guess I cleaned it up without waking Keith up.

"I knew it was ninja... duh m ninja"

Keith sneered and laughed, falling asleep again.

At the same time, in front of Nia's room.

When Berna followed him in front of the door with Nia's morning support set, Aisha stood there as usual.

"Good Morning"


When the two of us looked at each other,

"... Were you crying last night?

Aisha's eyelids were badly swollen.

I can hear the signs of crying.

"Cry? Me? Stupid! You have no reason!... Is that what Berna cried for?

Berna's eyelids were swollen badly with blame and crying.

My voice is also rubbing with too much wheeze.

"No, last night was a consolation party, so it must be because of the alcohol"


That's how the two of us stood without words, and Krone came.


After exchanging words, this samurai elf stepped on as many mines as she could think of.

"Berna, did you send me a proper magician last night? Didn't something weird happen?"

Pissy! and something broke.